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RMS Beauty 'Un' Cover Up

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RMS Beauty 'Un' Cover Up Zoom
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4 Veronica
I'm not sure if my RMS products got hot in transit or it's just how they are but the pot had settled to one side and looks sort of separated. I've tried mixing it back together and it's ok but not great. It is a small pot but coverage is fair although I feel it doesn't like to mix with other products on me. I mostly use this on casual days as it's good around my eyes and doesn't excentuate fine lines.
5 Steph
HG foundation/concealer. Don't use anything under. Just straight on and light dust of powder. Fab stuff.
5 Veronica
I really like this product. The package is small, and the product has settles to one side in transit but I think this indicates how light the product is. I use a little colour correction as well as this concealer for around my eyes and it's great for not settling into or accentuating the fine lines like other products can. Although it seems like a small pot it has good coverage and I'm confident it will last a long time.
5 Chels
Absolutely in love with this little pot of goodness!. It doesn't crease at all during the day. Very easy to apply, has a very natural look once applied and I'll definitely be purchasing this concealer again. Love Love Love
5 Lin
This is just lovely! It is so easy to apply (just with your fingertips) and it doesn't look as though I have concealer on! The best thing is that it doesn't crease! In love with this product!
5 Susu
I love love love this product. I am a blond scandinavian but my skin gets quite easily tanned, and number 22 was very good for me as I use it only to cover some imperfections and redness. I would also need a darker shade to use in darker parts of my face (also something to use in the summer), but this shade is good to use under my eyes and under my nose. I love the way this feels because I hate using heavy make up. As I have noticed before that RMS products don't last on the skin for very long, I was actually surprised how well this resisted. Still you would need to re apply it during the day if you want to keep the make up look all day. Not for someone who wants to paint their face with products that last forever. I love how it gives a nice healthy look on my face without looking like i have a lot of make up.
5 Aikhanh
Excellent product: organic, easy to use for busy people, light to medium coverage with undetectable texture. Ideal for winter skin, red noses, sensitive skins. Love it.
5 Andrijana
This little pot is amazing - great ingredients,last really long & covers perfectly! I love it under eyes because it does not crease and it looks really natural.
5 Miranda
I tossed out all my makeup RMS is the ONLY brand I use!! Love this as an all over face foundation just apply more to where you need more of a cover up.
5 Yuliya
Best for me!
5 Marta
I cannot fault this product, it's so light and it doesn't cake , it covers all imperfections . Best of all, the ingredients. Amazing
4 Isabella
I love this foundation: great for pale and dry complexions, it is super soft and does not cake. It does not contain any nasty chemical ingredients. I use it both as a concealer and as a foundation (just a little dab of product goes a long way). It is very luminous and has a good lasting power during the day (you may have to retouch after about 8 hours). I like it is light to medium coverage (if you are looking for something full coverage this is not the product for that purpose). Even if the pot is small it lasts a long time as you need just a bit. The undertone of n. 00 and 11 is yellow and it works perfectly with my skin. I have found my HG foundation!
5 Ai Lee
Love it! makes my skin look so healthy...xoxo
4 Svetlana Ivanova
5 Sidse
Love it! I use the 0 (zero) variation, and it is so easy to use! I tap it underneath my eyes, around my nose (a bit goes a long way) and set it with a bit of powder (Think the rms powder will be my next One.) I look fresh, highlighted around my eyes and it stays throughout the day - if you use too much product it will cake a bit. I love the line allready and will switch out the rest of my makeup over time. I avsolutely love the ingredience list, and the fact that it is as pure as it can get! I'm a a huge fan (and compared to other natural brands og regular quality makeup it is not expensive at all - as Said before, a little goes a long way)
5 Capital Four Management Sviatlana
5 eva
This is probably the best cosmetic brand I have ever come across! The quality of the products is superb, they are all super organic and they actually deliver what they promise to do! I am using the un-cover up as a foundation and concealer. It melts seamlessly into the skin which makes it possible to apply only where needed. My skin feels nourished, pampered and it has a healthy glow. I most defo recommend this!
5 Ebba
Great product! Covers beautifully blemishes and dark circles - and the color match is brilliant! I have an oily t-zone, so it goes away after a few hours in those areas, but powder and it is fine. I would say that I love the fact that it is a vegan, organic and raw product. Has not broken me out and is great for my sensitive skin :)

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