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Stila Color Outside The Lines Smudge Stick 5 Piece Collection

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Stila Color Outside The Lines Smudge Stick 5 Piece Collection Zoom
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1 Zara
I did exactly the same as previous reviewer (Sarah) and found that they all don't twist up. Managed to twist one to get slightly more product but then it won't twist back down! Lovely colours and glide on smoothly. I am also way over the return period!
1 Sarah
I received this set a few months ago but have only just started using it as I wanted to use up some old products first. After two uses of the black one I tried to wind it up to get more product, and found it was broken. So I tried winding up the other four colours, which I had not yet used, and found they were also ALL broken. Not a single one works to twist up and get more product. I love the eyeliners, but they are a complete waste of money as I will only get a few uses out of them and I am obviously out of the 7 day return period now. Not happy.
5 PETA long staff
Fab, being a make-up artist I need to use only the best. There pencils are long lasting, easy to apply and actually good for your skin. Sold me.

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