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5 23 April 2014 Ariela
i have the cherry one. im in love with it and cant stop using it. be warned-highly addictive!
4 01 April 2014 Annie
Be warned, this product can be drying on your lips, bring a lip balm or ointment along with you to touch up any dry patches that may occur. Lasting stain is fabulous and the ranges are great. You get a nice metallic shimmer to the gloss before it settles into a stain.
4 13 October 2013 carla
loooove this product..... just be careful not to tint your teeth....... the product is very liquid and you need to wait for it to dry.....
4 18 August 2012 Thoa Luong
I bought the Cherry lip/cheek stain and I absolutely love this. I use it everyday on my lips along with a lipbalm. It stains to a deep red and last for hours but it does tend to feel dry on the lips when applied hence the lip balm but other than that, awesome stuff.
5 24 May 2012 Mrs T
Good summer product. I use it to my cheecks and lips. Most I like it in cheeks. It spreads out well. I bought color Mango. Love it!
2 31 March 2012 Emma C
I bought the coconut and while I like the subtle colour, I have stopped using it. The smell is so overpowering! I was hoping it would smell like coconut but it actually smells like a very strong smelling maple syrup or pancakes or something :-/
5 23 February 2012 Mimi
I like to use the 'Raspberry' just in the center part of the inner lip area, then a lighter shade on top with gloss to give the lollipop effect. Its a very popular look in Asia. I love this as a blush too, you only need a tiny bit to give a flush of color. Beautiful.
3 01 June 2011 Jeanine WALLACE
Very disappointing, does not come out of the tube and then comes out in great big blobs.It runs when applied and if you try to rub it out with your finger, no chance, and yet you end up with a very red-tipped digit! Plus I did not think it lasted very long as a lipstick. A little better as a blush but not as easy to use as Benetint.
5 18 February 2011 Rachael Harding
I've tried them all except the coconut one now (and i love the look of the colour of that one but I hate the taste of coconut). Cherry = nice cherry red stain Pomegranate = berry shade between red and dark pink Yumberry = pale girly pink Raspberry = very bright pink Mango = orange shimmer Acai = very dark dramatic berry colour
5 24 December 2010 Rachael Harding
I bought the cherry crush about three years ago and loved it, it gave a deep cherry colour to my lips and had a great taste. It colours the lips well and sinks in with no stickiness. The colour lasts a few hours and althought it can also be used on cheeks make sure you blend in quickly or you will be left with a stained line.

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