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Stila In The Light Palette

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5 Julia
I really really love this palette , the colors are beautiful and amazingly pigmented, although some are a bit stiff and have to be layered. My absolute favorite shade was kitten, but it was so creamy that after I accidentally dropped in on the floor it completely shattered so be careful!
5 Ellen
This palette is really beautiful!! The pigmentation is great en the colors go really wel togheter. This is a palette you can use on its own and its very travel friendly. The package is slim and it comes with a good brown eyeliner.
4 weronika
beautiful palette, a good basis of daily and evening makeup, shadow kitten deserve its fame
5 Amber
This has definitely become my new favorite palette, the colours are beautiful (I can see why kitten is such a raved about shade). Compared to my Naked 2 Palette from Urban Decay the colour payoff of Stila's is absolutely amazing, you hardly need to use any product. I would definitely recommend this palette to a friend.
5 Courtney
I bought this palette as an impulse purchase and haven't looked back. The quality of these shadows are great. The palette offers colours great for everyday wear but also makes it easy to transition into a more dramatic look. Very easy to apply and I've never had fallout. The smudge stick is also amazing and a massive bonus. So creamy and easy to smoke out. Definitely one of my favourite palettes.
5 Ellen
Wow. I've tried a lot of eyeshadow products over the years but this one is now my absolute favourite. It is simply beautiful with universally flattering, easy-to-apply shades with no fallout and great pigmentation. I'm 33 years old and have 4 children. My eyelids just ain't what they used to be ladies. Sad but true. Much to my dismay, they tend to go crepey and eyeshadow can often make them look worse. Enter the Stila in the Light palette, which makes them young again. The matte shadows are gorgeous and the shimmers aware so wearable. I have read complaints from some who've said the packaging is cheap. Whilst it might not be great for travelling, I see no problem with it. This is an extremely well-priced and great value palette. The way I see it - I'd rather be spending my money on product than fancy packaging. Great delivery service and proving by - I couldn't be happier. I will be back!!!
5 paris renae
I am so excited that I received my stila in the light palette it is so beautiful n the pigmentation is amazing omg the colours r gorg love em plus i got my delivery very quick and it was packaged very good to keep my palette safe.... I will definitely be purchasing more makeup from beauty bay.
5 Laurence
It is the first Stila palette I have. After a first try I can say the pigmentation is very very good. Texture can be compared to eyeshadows of Too faced and Urban decay, the 2 brands I am fan with. A nice everyday palette, colours are well arranged. It arrived in 2 days to Brussels, nicely and securely packaged. Thank you Beautibay
5 Vera
really nice the color selection and application of the shadows!
4 Mari
Lovely palette, but one of the shades is really hard to get any color out.
5 Micks
Amazing palette!! So beautiful colors and you can create many different looks with this one.
5 Jenna
I love this palette so much! I will be definitely buying of this site again, very prompt shipping considering I'm in New Zealand! :)
5 Danielle
Absolutely obsessed with this eyeshadow palette! The colours are so amazing, so pigmented and buttery! Highly recommend getting this
5 Brooke
This palette is amazing! Along with all of stilas eyeshadows, very pigmented, stays all day, doesn't flake away or fall. Great quality and easy to blend. Highly recommended product along with all still eyeshadows!!
5 DebiGee
This is lovely palette and the colours are very long wearing. I think this is the perfect palette to have in your collection , especially with the great eyeliner that is included.
5 Gabriele
I'm in love with this product. It's amazing!!! The pigmentation is perfect
5 Isabelle
I adore this product, it stays in place, is incredibly good quality and is easy to use. The colours are beautiful I highly recommend.
5 Victoria
Such an amazing and versatile palette!! The colours are so buttery and the pigmentation is on point! It's a staple in my collection
5 Tatum
This is by far my favourite palette of all time, especially for the price and quality. The shadow colours are exceedingly beautiful - buttery soft, very pigmented, easy to blend and able to create any look whether it be day/night or warm/cool. The shades are all neutral, so they suit most and work together well. There is a nice balance of matte and shimmer shades, some being more shimmery than others (such as Kitten - holy grail eyeshadow right there). The eyeliner is an amazing brown and extraordinarily smooth. It literally glides on like butter. The packaging is also great - simple, cute and sturdy regardless of the fact it is cardboard. I carry this palette in my handbag on a daily basis. I have no complaints. All in all, you HAVE to have this in your life.
5 Bee
Love this palette, the colours are highly pigmented and have great colour payoff.
5 Blanca
I am in love with this palette!! Fantastic pigmentation, gorgeous colors and with a prebase they last hours and hours!!
great palette for daily use
5 Esther
Love this palette. The colours are creamy and glide on beautifully and the eyeliner is really good too.
5 sara
all of this palette draws (Stila in the light palette) is the best its colors are very beautiful and give light to our face without too much weight a lot with a look I love it and my absolute favorite. tra tutte le palette questa della stila (Stila nella palette Luce) è la migliore i suoi colori sono molto belli e danno luce al nostro volto senza appesantirci molto con un look la adoro e in assoluto la mia preferita.
5 Adeline
an amazing natural palette. more positive notes for me: + good color pigmentation + long wearing + no glitter fall down + perfect natural look with the eyeliner + there is mirror in new packaging + price is more affordable compared other high-end palettes negative note in my opinion: - packaging is magnetic cardboard box, not so good for travelling. solution: there is an extra box for this palette. so if you keep with this box, you can bring during travelling.
5 Mikyla
i absolutely love this palette !!
5 Petra
An amazing palette! The shadows are a good mix of matt and shimmer, the color payoff is great and they apply beautifully. An absolute must have!!
4 Rylee
My favourite eyeshadow palette hands down! Much more pigmented and easier to blend than the urban decay 2 pallet. Great natural colours that look good on any skin tone. Packaging is really cute and functional.
5 Meri
This is my FAVORITE palette! I think it's even better than naked palettes because of the creamines of these eyeshadow. So easy to apply and so pigmented, wow. :)
4 Inna
A great neutral palette and a good alternative for UD's Naked for those looking for a versatile neutral palette with a smaller price tag without compromising the quality. The color quality ranges from very good to amazing, the shades are on the warm side, and have different finishes so you can go with a nude, light, matte look one day or a smoky, glittery look the next. I do wish, however, that there were a few more lighter shade since these are the shades I use most, but I still reach for this palette daily.
5 Ellie
This palette is amazing. Perfect for an everyday neutral look or a more dramatic night time look. The shadows are amazingly pigmented and fantastic quality.
5 katelynn
My favourite pallets of the moment. It can be used for both day and night looks and is perfect for travel. I LOVE the eyeliner that's included, it's so pigmented and creamy. Another benefit of this pallets is I can use the matte brown shade sandstone to fill my brows. The eye shadows themselves are very smooth with little fallout and long lasting. The shimmery shades are of a more buttery texture than the matte ones, but they are still quite smooth.
5 Towa
I really like this makeup palette! The colors are great and really pigmented and you can do both daytime looks and nighttime looks. I bought another one for my mom a couple of days ago and I hope she is going to love it like I do! :)
5 Stasha R
Awesome palette!! Such pretty colours and fantastic quality. Definitely a must-have!!
5 Erika
I've been using Too faced, Clinique and Dior's eyeshadow. This is my first Stila. I ordered this because I have dry skin and all the glitter and shimmer in the eyeshadows started to show my wrinkles and fine lines. The shadows have a good color pay off and the liner is the best I used so far. It's cheaper than the brands above, but has a very good quality. I'm asian, 36 y. and have fair golden skin. I colors are suitable.
5 Rebecca
The perfect palette!! You can complete a whole look with this one palette - it's perfect for travelling and makeup on the go :) Every shade is beautiful and flattering and so so so pigmented! love the liner that came with it and having a mirror is handy. Go stila!
5 Ruth
Beautiful colours! very smooth application and long lasting colours with no creasing. The eyeliner that comes with this is however my favourite thing about this purchase! it is now my holy grail eyeliner!
5 Amra Boric
The best thing you could buy. I love this palette. I bought it just recently and cannot get enough of this palette. The shades are great to create both a natural look and a dramatic look. I am amazed by the pigmentation and the lasting power of the shadows, even without a primer. I would recommend it to everyone.
5 April
Love this palette, super pretty. I'd say the texture is nicer than urban decay however I wouldn't say you'd need both the naked palette and this palette. Both are beautiful but you only need one or the other not both. A lot of similar colours but I still LOVE this palette!
5 Emma Sanelli
Fantasic palette!! Great for bridal look or an everyday look with a hint of shimmer. Lasts all day - definately worth having one in every kit!
5 Tania
I received this palette last week, and I'm impressed with the colours being so pigmented. I think this is my new favourite. I haven't used my naked palette since received this one. Love love love!
5 Paula Akemi
Lovely palette! People just say wonderfull things abou UD Naked...but that stila palette is amazing.
5 Phoebe
All of the colours in this palette are so pigmented, creamy and blendable. I was never a huge fan of shimmery eyeshadows until I used this palette.
5 Ellenore
Amazing palette! So much cheaper than in stores in Aus. The colours are highly pigmented and extremely versatile. There's loads of great tutorials and reviews on YouTube which helped me ensure my well-earnt money went to something worthwhile! Will definitely purchase again from beautybay as well as an extra 'kitten' shadow as I went through it like water (wear it every single day to work and use it in night looks too!!) This palette is a must buy!!
5 Polina
My favourite neutral palette at the moment. Eyeshadows are very pigmented, soft and blend well. Amazing quality!!!
3 Joyce
I got it today but havent try it yet. It makes me quite unsad about the eyeshadow inside the palette. Pros: The packageing is quite nice, and it comes with a free eyeliner, for that i m happy. But the problem is, the eyeshadow are kind of damage a little bit and not looking smooth. And they dont fit the retangle shape thing. They have a strong scent, which i am not happy about. I will see how it goes when i put that onto my eyes.
5 Jessica
This is a beautiful palette, highly recommended and beautybay is one of the most affordable places to buy it. Very pigmented. I would recommend this product.
5 Dee
I love this palette, all super blendable and very versatile colours! Kitten is my most used shade, an amazing lid, highlight and inner corner colour. The only colour I don't get on with is the black but black is in every other palette I own so not an issue. Try try try
5 Carlee
Great colours in this palette and definitely one for the collection. Comes with a very nice eyeliner. Would recommend
5 Devon
I loveeee this palette. Kitten is not just the only beautiful colour they all are! The eyeliner is completely waterproof and lasted on the skin in the sea.
5 Kylie
I LOVE this palette. It is so versatile and the consistency of the shadows are super smooth! This has replaced both of my naked palettes as my 'everyday go to palette'. Just buy it!
5 talita
Stila brand and a great super pigmented excellent duration I use to work and lasts all day! super recommend!
5 Sarah
Amazing palette! The colors are so creamy and have great pigmentation. The shadow kitten is very versatile and can also be used as a highlight. Would highly recommend this palette to add to anyone's makeup collection.
5 Saskia
Love this palate! It has a good mixture of matte and satin shadows. Perfect for a neutral look or smoky eye. The pigmentation is great. Some of the shadows do have a little fall out though. Overall I am in love with this. Definitely recommend trying this out!
5 Lfcgirl
Excellent palette with gorgeous colours. The colours are very pigmented but can have some fall out. I love it and would reccomend it. Kitten is a beautiful colour in particular.
5 aimee
This is deffo my go to palette atm! Very natural . You can make so many looks with it!. Glad I b ought this. Very pigmented, worth the money!
5 Chloe
AMAZING PALETTE!!! Great range of colours that all look amazing. It's so cheap there is no reason not to buy it. Just be careful when applying the eyeshadow only lightly touch the colour as it leaves alot of product on your brush. Also super pigmented which is wonderful!!!
5 Evie
I absolutely love this palette!!The four matte colours are frequently used in my everyday makeup because they are so easy to wear. All of the more shimmery colours are stunning for more dramatic looks, because they offer a lot of sparkle! The pigment is amazing I find and I think this palette would suit any skin tone :)
5 Lydia
Love this palette so much! It's got all the neutral shadows I will ever need. The only drawback I have about the palette is the fact that bare is not as pigmented as the other shadows, but other than that it's great!
5 silvia
Very fast shipping, pigmented colors and lot size is perfect for carrying in your purse, definitely a 10 good price.
5 Lulu
OHEMGEE!!! I absolutely love this palette! The colours are awesome! It has the perfect nude and brown colours for any kind of look! I purchased the new Urban Decay Naked Basics palette and honestly I did not like it at all so I bought this one and I AM IN LOVE! I also love the Smudge Stick that comes with it, it is absolutely amazing! I ditched all my other eyeliners for this bad boy!! It is the bomb!
5 Joelle
I loooove this palette!! When i bought it, I also got the Naked2 and in my opinion this one is much better when it comes to texture. It's so pigmented! You literally just need to lightly touch it and you get a huge amount of product on your finger. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is thinking about buying an eyeshadow palette cause it's perfect for everyday- and more dramatic looks!
5 Jessie
The eyeshadows feel like velvet! It is an amazing pallet and I find myself reaching for it almost everyday. You won't regret buying it. It would look great on lots of skin tones!
5 Sara
I used to swear by matte eyeshadows for everything with the exception on the high light colour, until this palette! It's shimmery colours are so beautiful! And they don't make you look cheap or like a shining beacon of light. Very very flattering!
5 Corinne
amazing product! would recommend this over any of the naked palettes. Some of my favourite shades from the palette are kitten (of course) and champayne which i use as lid colours, bare (which i use as a brow highlight) bliss (which i use as in crease) and sandstone (which i use in the outer corner) this is basically my go to look! so easy and quick and the colours blend so easily. Not to mention the shadows are so buttery and you don't seem to have much fall out.The smudge stick water proof eyeliner in damsel is lovely as well, it stays on very well and is a great option compared to a black liner. Price wise this is awesome value! The smudge stick waterproof eyeliner is around $18.50 (aus currency) on beauty bay alone and the single shadows are around $18 (aus currency again) so its a good way to try out stila if you haven't already!
5 Samara
I couldn't ask for more from a palette.the shades are absolutely beautiful,perfect mix of matte and shimmer shades. Very versatile,easily creates natural and more dramatic it!
5 Alix
This palette is amazing! Their very vibrant and the textures are beautiful! Definitely recommend this palette!
5 Stefanie
This palette is amazing! The shades are great and the liner is super pigmentend and doesn't move at all! Get it!
5 emmanuelle
A must-have. I have both naked palettes as well as the too faced natural eye palette, STILL, I feel like this one adds something more. The consistency is great and the pigmentation perfect.
5 Mercy
I really LOVE in capital letters this pallet. I though it was just the hype but is AMAZING but how amazing is this palette?!!, I can do different looks and it is so pigmented that the colors that gives to my eyes its just!!! divine
4 Lucy Taylor
Beautiful palette, and wonderful pigmentation.A little fallout with the glittery shades, but nothing that can't be fixed by using a primer.
5 Alison
i bought both naked palettes after this and to be honest stila has done a better job. It is like having endless combinations of make-up looks . product of the year by far!!
5 Ellie
I love this palette - the colours are gorgeous and there is a nice mix of satin and shimmer colours. I am a fan of Stila and was going to buy some of the shadows in this palette individually so its great to have them together, especially for short stays around Christmas and New Year. This palette really complements my brunette/tan skin tone and I am obsessed with Kitten and Sunset. the blue and black are great for evening looks, and although some of the shadows have a bit of fallout they are all gorgeous!
5 Sue
An absolutely amazing palette of beautiful,wearable shades. You can achieve lots of different looks with this palette, excellent value for money and I would encourage you to buy.
5 Lisa L.
A very nice palette - beautyful neutral colours, perfect for autumn! There might be a little bit of fallout with the glittery shade and 'ebony' (a dark, matte brown) might be a little bit patchy, but it's an overall great palette. I also love the eyeliner - and I usually don't wear any, so that's saying something... :) Highly recommend it for fall!
5 Marjo
I really like this palette and I've been using it almost every day for the past couple of months. I also was inspired to try every look in the leaflet that comes with the palette: You can create many different styles with it, for work and to party.
5 Joana
I love this palette. Great combination of matte and shimmery shades that are very smooth and have little to no fall out. I would highly recommend it to someone that finds the naked palettes a bit too shimmery but still wants a palette that can give both natural and dramatic neutral looks. Amazing!
5 Claudia
I am a brunette, with brown hair with a copper tone and dark brown eyes with a slight copper tone and pretty fair skin with yellow tone. Bought this palette and Naked2. Bare is a fantastic light/natural base soooo usable- Champagne is a perfect shimmery higlighter, I prefer it over Kitten. Complements my naked2, with usabla mattes in this good palette.
5 MaMaMiaya
The palette is very nice, colours are very beautiful and I love the look book that comes along with the palette ! worth of money for sure and highly recommend for a beginner ^^

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