Stila One Step Correct 30ml

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Stila One Step Correct 30ml

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5 Charlotte Williams
AMAZING!! Reduces redness and brightens your face, one of the most used products is glycerin making your makeup last longer, it fills in pores and fine lines and is super hydrating yet keeps oils at bay!!!!
5 Elisabeth Terenyi
I use it every day, it hydrates very well. And it is so good when in a hurry.
5 Claire
Tha you beauty bay,I ordered on Friday and received Monday on standard delivery. This primer is beautiful it gave a lovely glow to my face,makeup when on very smooth and flawless and lasted all day. Highly recommended!!!
4 Ellie
Was recommended this product and really liked it. I have dark circles under my eye and found this camouflaged this nicely.
5 Michelle
I love this. I decided to purchase after seeing a lot of bloggers using it and praising it, but I think its worth the hype! I get a little bit of redness in my skin, especially over the winter, and find when I use this that's the redness is less visible under whatever makeup I use. I say that, because I have used this under full coverage foundations, lighter coverage foundations, bb creams, liquid to powder foundations, you name it, even just under a light dusting of a powder to remove shine from my face, and it works every time!! Always looks great and helps makeup to last also.
5 Carla
I bought this while on a flight to Mexico for my holidays thinking it would be the perfect thing to control my sunburned nose I knew would happen! It is the best product I have bought in ages, you need to use less foundation as it will make your existing foundation go further. but it will last you all day and night with no problems! I have worn this on its own when I was on holiday to reduce the redness or blemishes. It has reduced my blemishes over time and my skin tone is much better. As are my fine lines! I totally recommend this :)
5 Leanne
After owning this product for a while and using it frequently I can confidently say that it is brilliant! I would mostly recommend it to people with dry skin mainly because of the moisturising properties but I'm sure in small amounts in the areas of the face that need it most, those with oily skin will benefit from it the most. I personally have normal to dehydrated/dry skin with redness in my cheeks, around my nose and on my chin, as well as from the occasional blemish. I also suffer from dark under eye circles and I can honestly say this primer easily evens out all those problem areas due to the green in the formula which counteracts the red, and the lilac and pink which work together to get rid of the dark circles and over all brighten my complexion. It really helps me to achieve a dewy finish and it works as a good base as it brightens, smooths and moisturises the skin. It doesn't quite dry which makes it a perfect primer for foundation. The foundation can easily stick to the primer and stay put all day long. I've used the Stila one step correct primer under different brands and formulas of foundation and it hasn't failed me yet. Definitely don't regret buying. A little also goes a long way so it's lasted me a while, no where near needing to repurchase but I know I will when the time comes.
4 Sofia
Was satisfied with this primer. My skin type is slightly dry and this product really helps! Although it doesn't correct pigmentation at all the formula is moisturizing and makes the skin so much smoother and healthier looking. But because it really doesn't correct anything like they say I can't give 5 stars. If the tube lasts I will buy this again definitely!
5 Katie lawlor
I ordered this after hearing raving reviews from beauty bloggers alike about this product and while a tad pricey it really has exceeded my expectations. Up until now I always thought primers were a bit of a gimmick as never felt they made that much difference to my makeup. This product reduces redness, keeps my makeup on all day (no primers including much more expensive have done this) and just makes my skin look way nicer. Definitely something I will be investing in again.
4 Carina
Pretty good primer. Keeps my makeup on all day/night, keeps my T-zone oil free at bay and doesn't clog my pores. However, it doesn't really help correct my skin pigmentation.
5 Julia
Great primer! Evens out the skin and minimises the pores. Keeps the foundation in place. Love it!
5 Hannah
My number one primer! I have dry skin and this works wonders for evening out skin tone and holding foundation. A must have!
4 Amy
Small but mighty! Lasted me 7 months as a little goes a long way. Great for my combination skin :)
4 Jess
This is a great product! I feel like it does even out my skin complexion so I can wear it just on its own. It is also a great primer when I do wear make up, I feel my foundation lasts longer when I wear this. It spreads really well so I don't need to use a lot of it. How ever the bottle is not very big and seems as it won't last to long. I have combination to oily skin, I have found that this product hasn't effected it anyway which is great. I would definitely recommend this product!
5 Ella
This primer really evened out any blemishes on my skin loved it and has lasted over 6 months
4 Emma
An awesome primer for moisturising and brightening the complexion but it didn't do much for my redness. It does seem to extend the life of anything applied on top of it though.
2 Sophie
This did nothing for correcting redness and is does not help oily skin. If anything, it made it oilier. I did find that it made foundation application better but it was useless for my skin type. Would not recommend for oily skin type
4 Ellanora
Feels great in my skin ! I think it would be good for dry skin like mine. Bottle is a little small but shall see how long it lasts :)
5 Ana Catarina
Great primer!
5 Julie
Feels great on skin
4 Yulia
This is not the corrector. Beautiful bottle. Cream on the skin becomes transparent. Plus: good moisturizing and quickly absorbed.
2 Poy
Didn't do anything for my skin. I was very disappointed because many had told me it was good product. My face was still red and oily.
5 Elisse
HG primer. I read a few average reviews about this product but decided to buy it anyway and WOW. I love it!! It goes on so well and evens out my redness, and makeup goes on like a breeze.
5 Nina
I have mild acne since teenage years but I'm 36 now and found this primer brilliant. I wore a lot of foundation to cover my skin but this primer is light and less noticeable.i love to wear this primer as a type of this brand.i have sensitive skin and found it fine on my skin.
5 Rachel
I have a couple of red patches and a bit of psoriasis on my cheeks and this works wonders.
2 Rita
honestly I did not like this product very much at all. It does nothing to conceal or correct any discolouration on my face and it feels like it does nothing for my makeup either. It also broke me out and caused a reaction with my skin, so sensitive skin people be aware! The packaging is cute and so are the colours but I've been told that the colour pigments in this product are what causes individuals to have a reaction to it. I love Stila and their products but this was a hit and miss for me sorry
5 Anne-Lot
I have been using this primer for about 6 months now, and I have to say that this is the best one I have used so far! It does everything it says, it minimizes rednes, illuminates and brightens and lightens up the tone of my skin. Some days I wear it without foundation and my skin has never looked better! I have combination skin, some pachtes are very dry while others are rather normal to oily. But this works really well on my skin. My make up also lasts way longer with this primer. My new holy grail primer, and will repurchase!
5 Brylie
I bought this in July, and have just used it all up today with regular use. I love this primer. It fixes all my redness, evens out my skin tone beautifully. It is very moisturising as well. It is my go-to when I am having a blergh skin day.
5 Laura
To be honest, first time I bought this was just for the packaging itself. Three-colour spiral... Looked so cool!! BUT... since then I've repurchased twice and recommended it to... well... anyone close enough to hear me. I have combination to oily skin, with large pores in some areas, dry patches in other areas, very pale with discolouration here and there, so... if this works for me...
5 A
Holy grail primer. Very moisturising and corrects all redness.
2 Jessica
I didn't actually like this product very much, it honestly didn't correct anything for me and my make-up did not last as long as it does with my other primers. The up side is it did feel quite nice on the skin, but that was all. Unfortunately this is a product I will be giving to someone else.
4 Emma
This is one of my favourite primers. I really like the way it feels on my skin and I find it moisturising enough to not need a cream underneath. It covers my redness well, especially when paired with the powder version. I usually wear this when I don't feel like putting on any foundation!
5 Amanda
I love this primer, it's my holy grail! This primer gives your face a flawless base to work on. Definitely worked with reducing redness and appearance of lines, wrinkles and pores for me. I use it with Stila's stay all day foundation which is amazing too!
5 Monica Sotomarino
5 Sandra Persson
5 Holly
Not exactly what i was expecting, when rubbed in it applies to your skin clear so the green and pink colours are just for show in the bottle, BUT this is an amazing primer and gives your skin a lovely dewy finish, nice for dry skin, lightweight gel formula.
3 Joanne
I really wanted this to work - it looks great in the bottle! It was pleasant to use and was absorbed by my skin really easily - didn't interfere with makeup either. Unfortunately it did nothing for my skin tone. And I mean NOTHING. I applied it to one half of my face only and didn't apply any makeup. When I asked my family if they noticed any difference they couldn't tell!
5 Sarah J Mclaughlin
5 Paige
This is the first primer I've owned because I didn't think it was a need. I can see a massive difference and it has solved every problem I had when applying foundation. It applies smoothly and keeps the makeup on very well. I saw the difference in redness (my redness to start off with wasn't that bad). So I totally recommend as a primer but wouldn't get it for the things it says it can do. Beautifully packaged too.
5 Luisa
I've been using this product for years. Lovely base that you can actually build up as you need- I use it most for redness around my nose and bags under the eyes. Non greasy. lightweight. lovely.
5 Bridget Hennessy
5 Elisabeth Hellberg
3 Stephanie
I got this as I wanted a product to dull down the redness on my cheeks, however I have found that this does not really do that. It's a good foundation base and the bottle is pretty though :)
5 Alessandra
Fantastic! the best primer I've ever had. Skin silky soft and extremely smooth and shiny! a discovery! Fantastico!il miglior primer che abbia mai avuto.Pelle morbida setosa ed estremamente uniforme e brillante!una scoperta!
5 marzia
I bought this product on confidence, that is truly valid reduces blemishes and redness of my face ... now for me is a must!! ho comprato questo prodotto sulla fiducia8in italia non si trova)...che dire è veramente valido attenua le imperfezioni e il rossore del mio viso...adesso per me è indispensabile!!!!
3 Despo
Not impressed. I expected more from this product.
5 Donna chambers
Excellent primer, can use on its own without foundation. A little goes a long way. Since wearing people tell me what lovely skin I have
5 Sandra
Love this!!! Makes my skin look flawless and evens the skin tone aswell , wouldnt change for anything!
5 Ane
My skin is dry, and this is perfect for me!
4 Sofie
I use this product when I'm having a lazy day and want to look radiant and relaxed without having much make up on. I doesn't make my skin flawless, but it does give a nice even and natural look, so it makes me feel pretty and confident about my skin when I go out without make up or when I'm at my boyfriend's at night and don't want him to notice my blemishes. It's a very good product all in all!
5 Annie
I love this product! I use it everyday over my moisturiser, just before putting my makeup on! You can use under liquid or powder. Plus, it dries pretty instantly so you don't have to wait around for a few minutes before putting your makeup. Don't think about buying it anymore, do it!
3 Iveta
Not impressed. Not for my reddish cheeks. It corrects something, but not what I expected.
2 Gianna
It is moisturising, not greasy, but as far as correcting imperfections it didn' t do much for me. I didn' t do much for my pores... I have acne scarring and red marks from the healed blemishes and in the end I didn' t see any difference. I used it underneath my foundation and nothing changed. I would suggest it to people with slight skin problems, but not to those with large pores and acne scarring.
3 Liz
This primer does make my skin look more radiant however I don't think it does much for oily skin, my t zone is very oily and this didn't make my make up last any longer at all so not quite worth the price tag!
5 Mindy
I love this product. I use it everyday and find that it makes my skin look even and bright. It covers my blemishes as well as the slight pigmentation I developed in pregnancy. I use this on its own and don't even bother with foundation on a day to day basis. Best of all it comes up beautifully and natural in photos. I love love love it!
5 Ellen
I love what this product does! It smooths my skin well before foundation, its not too drying or too moisturizing. however i don't think it does that much for the redness in my cheeks :]
5 Mandy Prefol
This is far and away one of the best product I have used in my 30 years!! I have very pink skin and it not only fixes my complexion but means I don?t really need to wear makeup during the day! I big 5 for me!
5 Sarah
I love this - I've tried colour correcting creams and powders before, but the balance is never right. This somehow mixes the right amount of the colours, and doesn't leave a greasy film.
5 Sodababe
This product is AH MAZING! I have never come across a primer/corrector which does what this promises to do. My make up lasts a lot longer and evens out skin tone (I'm usually combination skin with olive undertone and red patches). This stuff makes my skin flawless , non sticky/greasy and makes applying foundation a breeze. I am 31 and am starting to get a few fine lines and this helps to fill the pores and doesn't let my setting powder settle in my fine lines. Perfect stuff definitely worth it I am so glad I found it.
5 Raysa
Just love it! I use it every day so my make up lasts all day long and my skin looks less oily.
2 Gaelle
I found the colors of the priver much duller than on the picture: it all looked kind of grey. Unfotunately, it didn't do anything for me.
5 Blaire
Love this product! I can see a difference with my various problem areas (red skin mostly) and works great as a primer!
5 Fiona Cameron
Its great i use it everyday and it makes my make up go on lovely i dont even need to use moisturiser much when i use it. Definately recommend.
4 Miki
Love It!! It doesn't make a big change of skin tone but it gives the skin moisten instantly and keep the make up for whole day long.
4 Grete
It does what it promises, for sure ;-) My complexion is more even after using the product. However the product is less effective if I use heavy day cream like Dr. Hauschka Rose cream, in winter days when there temperature is below zero outside.
5 H.K.
I love this product. I use it to look less oily. It makes a big difference when I skip it during my makeup routine.
5 Michelle Carroll
i LOVE this product.I bought it for myself and my sister. we are both addicted. when you apply it to the skin you can feel it cooling instantly. it also holds the make up on for longer and without caking. i use it everyday.

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