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5 19 March 2014 Mindy Lucas
Is so silky. Smells amazing. Makes skin look so clear and even. Love this product. will get again.
4 16 January 2014 Ann
I am enjoying this product. Living in Australia I do wish it had an SPF. I know Stila has other versions that do, but I like the finish of the original the best. It smells great and goes on sheer. Not for those that like full coverage BBs like many of the Asian brands, but great for fair to medium complexions who desire a semi dewy, natural finish!
5 23 September 2013 Emerald
Seriously the best! Put it on if you want a natural look, you'll look much younger and fresher within seconds! Nice by itself without any make up, or apply under make up for flawless look. It's light and don't feel heavy at all, even in humid weather. Very small tube for the price, but worth every cent.
5 26 March 2013 Em
This is the best cream in the world!the skin looks and feels good. Nice smell as well. AND it's without paraben, which is a huge plus.
5 20 February 2013 Sara
Never used a balm before and wanted to go first with Stila. I absolutely love the product! Wonderful finish, my skin looks so natural and clean. And have a wonderful smell.
5 20 January 2013 Fernanda
Awesome balm for oily skin!
5 20 January 2013 Sarah
Great all in one for when you can't be bothered to spend more than a nano second on your face!
5 05 January 2013 Agnes
I love this balm so much, my skin is refreshed in 2 seconds after I put it on <3
5 19 October 2012 Markaz
I love this balm. It's not too thick and it goes on really smoothly. The colour gives you a really natural look. My skin feels good when I wear this and I bought it again recently!

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