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Stila Stay All Day Water Proof Brow Colour

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Stila Stay All Day Water Proof Brow Colour Zoom
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5 ia
Very good colour Medium for my brunette eyebrows. When it comes to eyebrows you can't be too subtle. You don't want to go too dark. 'Normal' brown always looks too reddish. This colour however is so neutral, it's the colour of the shadow. It makes my eyebrows look denser and better shaped without them looking made-up. It makes my eyebrows my own.
3 barbara
I very much like the application and the staying power BUT the light is a very golden colour and looks a bit strange also it does have a bit of a sheen ! I am going to have another look at the colours when next in M & S maybe i just got it wrong as i do find it easy to apply.
5 Amy
Love this for adding in individual brow hairs. It makes my brows look naturally fuller. It stays out all day. I use the colour medium and it's a great colour as it isn't too red against my darker blonde hair. It can sometimes look a bit green at first, but once it dries down, it looks great
4 Maisie
Great product, but runs with the slightest amount of water. Eyebrows look natural but you can go a bit over board especially with the darkest colour. Sometimes it shows up a greeny shade but does dry darker
5 Josefine
I can really recommend this product. It's really easy and quick to put on and the result is really natural yet defined. The color is not bold but sheer (I use the dark shade), which gives you the priviledge to decide just how defined your brows should be. Great product and I will definately purchase again.
3 Julie
Love the fact that it's very natural looking but takes a while to apply and colour is not quite bold enough (maybe I bought the wrong colour). Waterproof not fantastic either.
5 Katties
Bought this in the darker medium shade for my dark brown hair. If you like to fill your brows in heavily, this is NOT for you. I have thin brows that need to rather be shaped than darkened much. This goes on really light (translucent is maybe a better description), but it's easy to build up the intensity without making my brows look fake at all. The colour is perfect for me: ashy. I have never achieved a look that is as natural as with this, so I love it :) The price is... as it is though, and I don't know how long one of these will last, but if it's a descent time, I will definitely repurchase! Don't know about waterproofness (haven't tested during beach season) but this doesn't fade during the day
4 Lingzi
The tip of the pen is precise and easy to control, even for someone like me who has never tried a liquid eye brow pen before. It is very long lasting as long it gets dried on my face. However, it would be great if Stila could come up with more shades that match asian black hair colour.
5 Gemma
LOVE this pen! The shade Dark is perfect, and it's not too warm like a lot of brow pens tend to be. It's so quick and easy, and it gives a lovely yet natural finish!
1 Brooke
I was a little disappointed on this product as i am a HUGE stila fan. I bought the darkest and does not compare to a brow powder at all. the only thing i would use it for is a definitive shape and then shade in brow powder it (for me) does not work on its lonesome unfortunately.
5 Dzemilje Sadiki
3 Emma
I bought this because I absolutely love Stila's waterproof liquid eyeliner. Initially, it came out really well...except it made my eyebrows look sort of ginger and not very natural. I have really light brown eyebrows and was using the light shade. I had to wipe some of it off. It also clings to some of the brow hairs and appears thicker than on others. Also, I was horrified to discover at the end of the day, part of my eyebrow had smudged and I had been walking around for hours not noticing!! So I don't know how "waterproof" it actually is. I'm going to keep trying it though and seeing if I can perfect using it! Also seems like it might run out very quickly as it's a very small tube.
5 Kat
After years of over-plucking when I was younger I have been left with patches in my eyebrows that simply won't grow back. The dark brown is amazing on my nearly back eyebrows. It looks natural, and I can draw them precisely without making them appear more bushy, unlike cakey pencils that build up with application and smear and wear off as the day goes on. It stays on all day and night without any need for re-application. Excellent product.
5 Anna
So glad I discovered this! Have always used pencils which are the biggest nightmare and smudge everywhere, this product has completely changed things! It does not smudge at all and does not fade - I have slept in it and my eyebrows still look the same in the morning. (although it is not sweat proof!) but apart from that it is amazing! The tip is nice and fine so you can create a really natural look. I have black eyebrows and bought the darkest colour which is a dark brown but you can build up the colour simply by doing more applications so it looks absolutely fine. Regarding the amount of product - I haven't had it that long and yes I do seem to be requiring more applications to get more product out but its definitely worth buying if you're fed up of smudgy pencil brows.
3 Kim
Lasts long on your skin but not long in the packaging. Very accurate colour on the picture vs reality. Very good in general but not worth the money considering the product vanish inside the case so quickly.
3 Lin
At first I loved this pen. On application, it filled in and defined my brows so easily with a really natural finish which I loved. However, after only a few weeks of use, the colour intensity has reduced dramatically and I have to go over and over the brow to see a very gradual (too gradual) build up of colour. I don't know if it is running out already but I always store the pen either horizontal or tip down. I tried shaking the pen to see if it had finished and the ink sprayed everywhere. But then the pen went back to being very weak in colour. Also after an hours workout at the gym I wiped my face and it came off. So maybe it doesn't uphold to sweat, just water. That said, it does hold up very well throughout my working day - doesn't fade once on.
5 Roxy
My eyebrows are a dark blonde and the light colour matches them really well. I love that it's waterproof and looks very natural.
5 Ingrid
A really good eyebrow product! Stays on all day, and easy to use.
1 Oldiebutgoodie
Bought one each for my daughter and I for our holiday. Waterproof yes. I had quite a severe allergic reaction to it (I know this as this was the only different product used) resulting in swollen face (not good on holiday) and my daughter just didn't like the shiny eyebrows it created. Very disappointing
5 karen S
This is the best eyebrow product you will find on the market, doesn`t budge all day, looks like hairs due to the fine brush aplicator.

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