Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

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Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

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5 Gemma
I ordered this because of the reviews and when I received the eyeliner I was not disappointed. I have worn it for the past 3 days and has not worn off all day! It is lovely to apply and I have also managed to do winged liner for the past 3 days on first attempt!!! Other eyeliners it's taken me millions of attempts and I've eventually given up so this is a breakthrough. Also very happy with delivery - ordered 2pm on a Sunday and was with me 12pm on the Monday. Would definitely recommend.
5 Luisa
This eyeliner is excellent! It stays on all day and does not smudge! I can get a very fine tip on my winged eyeliner with this but I can also very lightly line my eyelid with it to create a fuller lash effect. Unfortunately I accidentally left the lid off mine and it dried up, but I had already had atleast 2 months use out of it by then.
5 Megan
Amazing eyeliner! The best I have ever brought!! They last for ages and stay on all day!
5 Casey
Sharp tip gives a solid line even months after use. Dries quickly to a matte finish on me, which is good becuse I've got oily skin. With everyday use, one lasts me around 4 months, which is really rare for a liquid eyeliner pen! Highly recommend xx
5 Liana
My fave eyeliner by far. Super black from the start which is so hard to find.
The best for oily skins!
5 Marziya
The best eyeliner I ever had. I stays all day. I tried several different type of eyeliners: gel, liquid. Any of eyeliner smudges on me. This one not. I highly recommend it. The only thing I don't know how fast it dries because I started using it.
5 diana
This product is worth the hype! best one i used so far.
5 Kira
I am very impressed with this liner. Fine precise tip makes it easy to draw. Goes on smoothly. Very black, on me it looks matte, although i saw reviews about it being shiny. Stayed pretty same for the whole day. Thumbs up.
5 Jasmine
This is the best liquid liner I have used! So easy to apply and very liquidy! It lasts all day (unless you rub your eyes) and dries quickly once applied. I have been using this for years and only have to replace it every 6 months. Love!
5 Isabella
This is the best eyeliner ever. I've tried to many different ones but after I've found this, I almost don't wanna use anything else because nothing works as good as this! It stays on all day and is waterproof and its so easy to apply!
5 Jonelle
My favourite Eyeliner by far, it's easy to do thin and thick lines and it stays all day without smudging or rubbing off.
4 Anna
The fine tip makes it easy to apply and do cat eyes etc.
5 Susanna
I got this one in the shade Midnight. You can see a subtle difference from a regular black liner, I love it! It's dark enough to give your lashline depth but the blue makes it special. It's not waterproof at all though but that doesn't bother me.
5 Maggie
Best liquid eyeliner I've tried! Stays on around 8/10 h with minimal smudge. Easy application due to the thin tip. Amazing!
5 julmtv
It really works! I like it
5 Patricia
Ideal for carrying all for without being delete or blur.
3 Maja
Far from Waterproof, or All day. It is a good eyeliner, very black, easy to apply but NOT in any way waterproof. At least for me. Even a bit of moisture from eye drops will make it run.
5 rebecca
best felt tip liner that stays all day with no smudging!!!!! also great colour range!!!!!!
5 Hannah Wilton
Love this product!!! It glides on super easy and is really black! Great for beginners as it is a soft felt tip pen with a sharp skin point. Also it's at a very affordable price and the fact that beauty bay has free shipping completely seals the deal:) also this eyeliner seriously stays all day and is completely waterproof but it glides off easily with makeup remover :) love stila stay all day liquid Is cool that it comes in a variety of different colours so that you can switch up your look now and then;)
I've used this eyeliner for the past 2 years and have no plans on changing to another one :) ....i can guarantee this eyeliner wont budge once you've applied it. I don't like to scare people when i go to the gym, so i apply eyeliner to my top and bottom lid....after a good workout, it doesnt move, or smudge. It really does what it says :)
4 Teeh
I absolutely love this eyeliner and I recommend it to everyone I know. I'm giving it four stars though because it can start fading on the inner corner of your eyes although that might be because I have oily eyelids but that really isn't much of a problem and it isn't until the 4-6hr mark. But if you're looking for a good quality eyeliner that isn't as expensive as most then I advise you to BUY THIS ONE!!!
5 andreia
just perfect
5 Janaki
Totally in love with this eyeliner! It's easy to use, long lasting and highly pigmented.
4 Chewbacca
This eyeliner lets me draw perfect lines.However, it already started to fade out (the felt tip)..
3 Oshedhe
I have boght this over 5 times and now I want to tell you this! If you are using eyeshadow you need to apply twice if you have used over 4-8 times (and you have eyeshadow) the liner/sponge point will get damage so you need to cut little by little otherwise it will be hard to design a cat liner. If you have no eyeshadow just clear then you dont need to worry the sponge quality. I recommend you to buy 2 eyeliners. One for eyeshadows and one for clear eyes. Otherwise I looove I love this eyeliner becoz of the liquid is so strong! and I actually get the perfect wings (cat eyelinder)
5 Victoria
Love this liner! I have the Intense Black shade, and its so pigmented and super easy to use, its so hard to fault this liner. Highly recommend!!
5 Tina
I too have super oily skin and bobbi brown gel eyeliner smudges a lot on me but this doesnt. Ordered it five months ago and only now its starting to dry up so i am reordering. I really hope this is never discontnued its by far the most long lasting yet easy to remove eyeliner out there. Ive tried so many only mac liquidlast lasts better in water but is a nightmare to remove everyday so this is my everyday eyeliner
5 Nisa
This liner is amazing. I have a super oily lid so till now whatever liner I have tried they smuged on me even the famous bobbibrown gel liner got smuged but this liner stays there for the whole day without giving me the reccoon eye. And also it doesnt chip as the other waterproof eyeliner do. So, if have super oily lids like me I highly recommend this liner.
5 Oana
I love this liner. I have gone through countless of these. The color is very pigmented and lasts all day no mather of the weather. It performed amazing in summer. It was the only thing that would not budge all day. The finish is a bit shiny, so if you don't like that you might not like it as much
5 Amandine Jordan
This liner is excellent! Abselutely love it :D
3 Maria
I was expecting more. Waterproof lasts all day but not in the corners of the eye. The tip decisamnete long and flexible and bends preventing me from having a regular line and the net. You have to make at least 2 passes. I prefer the Blinc.
5 Lauren Carmody
4 Yan Wing To
it stays all right during the day but the pigmentation is not that great, i don't have regrets buying it but i wouldn't buy it again. sometimes i need to apply it a few time before the color is enough
5 Grete
I really like this liner. It is black, it is thin-pointed and it is waterproof! Usually eyeliners and pencils smudge on me, but this is great!
5 Vicky
Ordered this for my wedding coming up in august I have tried it out and it is the best eyeliner I've ever used it didn't budge at all but wished off easily at the end of the day. Really strong colour and glides on beautifully. Nice precision tip but can be layered on thicker using the brush at an angle would definitely recommend this product
5 Katerina
Best eyeliner I have had so far. Really stays on,no smudging at all, definitely recommended. Waiting for the shade Alloy to get back in stock
5 Caitlin
Best eyeliner I've ever used! It's truly black, never smudges and is very easy and quick to apply. I prefer this to any liquid, pencil or gel liner I've tried.
5 Anne-Mette
I LOVE this eyeliner! I've used it for a few months now and it is by far the best eyeliner I´ve ever tried. It does not smudge or go anywhere trough out the day and it is very easy to apply. If I were to recommend one eyeliner, this would be it.
3 Emma
I do like this eyeliner although I have noticed the tip gets a little flimsy after about a week of using it and I like to do my eyeliner very thin. I still manage to achieve my preferred liner look if I apply very carefully. I think this is a good liner for the price.
5 Grace
I love this product! It is so easy to apply - the thin tip is perfect for creating a winged out look. It requires a bit of effort to remove, like most waterproof products - but this doesn't bother me because I know it will never smudge!
5 Barbara
This is the best eyeliner I've tried. I only use this one, I've been using it for years now and I haven't found any eyeliner that beats this one. I must've repurchased this like... 15-20+ times now, this is the only eyeliner I can recommend. It doesn't smudge, the colour is absolutely 100% black and stunning, and the felt tip makes it extremely easy to work with. You need this eyeliner, it's a must!
5 Emma
I have a habit of buying really cheap makeup - including cheap liquid eyeliner. I was sick of having panda eyes after a night out or even a long working day. I decided to spend a bit more this time around, and Stila's eyeliner absolutely changed my life. I put it on in the morning (usually thick winged strokes) and it doesn't budge. It goes on so easy as well - I can easily correct any mistakes with a makeup remover towelette. I've even been asked how my eyeliner stays so perfect! Definitely a must have.
5 Oshedhe
THAT IS THE BEST EYELINER I EVER USED IN MY LIFE. You can balanse and correct perfectly cat eyeliner. After you applied eyeliner you do mascara right? it doesnt smuge or peel off! It stays forever :) ALSO very high pigment! I kissed this eyeliner everyday!
5 Puk Dam
AMAZING liquid liner. I have been using MAC's waterproof liquid gel eyeliner for a year now, but this is so much better! Its much easier to apply, and it stays put all day (and I have very oily skin). The time it takes to dry is perfect, as you have enough time to make mistakes and correct them, but it doesn't take too long which can cause smudge and transfer Best liquid eyeliner I have tried ! - And I have been using waterproof liquid eyeliner for over 10 years!
5 Uyen
I really liked this eye liner! First one that hasn't smudged on me and it was really easy to control, the tip is small so you can easily line your eyes. As for the waterproof part, I did not wash it off before I took a shower and it was still there when I finished my shower.
4 Kirsteen
I purchased this eyeliner to use on my young daughters for dancing concerts. It is an intense black and very easy to use on them as the tip is so thin. Very user friendly!
5 Ralu
This is a flawless product. I was looking for a long lasting eyeliner to wear at concerts and ever since I got this I've completely abandoned the idea of trying anything else. If you're looking for something that is easy to apply and will last throughout the day/night this is the one. I have it in Intense Black and Moss. They are easy to apply and very light, you almost forget it's there. The Moss color needs a little more work because I think the liquid is slightly thinner than the black. If you apply one layer the color won't be too intense and when you apply a second layer, the first layer tends to smudge. But once you get it right it will stay there all day.
5 Natasha
Works really well! Definitely worth buying. It is really easy to use for people who are not experienced much with eye liners.
5 Sarah
amazing, I have a facial tic in my right eye (basically just blinking a lot and hard) which I do have treatment for but the treatment wears off after a certain period of time. Because of my tic it is really hard for makeup to stay on during the day without either coming off completely or making me look like a panda. this eyeliner however is amazing. it's easy to apply (coming from someone who is hopeless at applying eyeliner!!) and does exactly what it says - stays all day. It has not come off once when I've used it. I love this eyeliner and will continue to repurchase it!
1 cn
I didnt like this product because of the texture of it. after applying it, it looks a bit shiny and has a plasticy look.
5 Danielle
I love this eyeliner. I have tried an pen eyeliner of Mac, Bourjois, Catrice, Essence and Hema. This eyeliner from stila is the best. It is so easy.
5 Katy
This eyeliner is perfect for beginners, so easy to handle!It is also waterproof(I tested while swimming) but at the same time you can take it off really easily with an oil-based product.
5 linda
This eye liner is the one I tried the most long-lasting product. After used this stila eye liner, I cant even use others to compare, because this is the best one and I love it sooo much
5 Bonnie
That is the best eyeliner I've used!!!
5 Jamie
Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner - This is a felt tip liner that is able to create both thin and thick lines with precision and ease. The colour Intense Black comes out as a true black colour and dries to a nice and polished looking gloss finish. Definitely the best long wearing liquid liner that I have ever tried as it stays put under all weather conditions till removed with makeup remover.
5 Annabel
I can't fault this liner, I have tried many in all price ranges and this is the best by far. The colour stays true and smudge-free all day. The pen is easy to use and the very fine brush makes it easy to produce accurate lines and flicks. I use it every day & it lasts about 3 months - just hope it isn't discontinued!
5 Eve
This is a really easy to use eye liner pen, its practically fool proof! At first it took me a bit to get use to but ive now perfected it and theres so many different styles you can create with this pen!
5 Michella
This eyeliner is amazing, it stays put and very pigmented. In term of price, it is probably the best compared to other high end brands
5 Roselle
This is my first liquid eyeliner and I am inloooove! I was originally wanting to get the Lancome Artliner but thought to myself that it was too expensive. I decided to get this one to practise and I am never looking back! Great value for money and it's really easy to use. I won't bother trying other liquid eyeliners.
3 Camille
i am somewhat disappointed with this product. Firstly,if I got slightly teary, it actually smudged and wrecked my eyeshadow. this isn't what i call waterproof liner, and i feel that my other eyeliner products (not waterproof) does a better job. Though, I love how the liner marker is very thin which makes it an easy application and like the colours.
5 Mimi
I really like this eye liner... the tip is very thin and it's basically like a marker making it very easy to apply. It also lasts all day and doesn't smudge
5 meng
best eyeliner ever! it's easy to use, the colour is great and it lasts forever!
5 Nim
Best eye liner I've ever had. Really does stay on all day (and night!). Very easy to apply. Gives a good thin or thickness of line and doesn't cake if you redefine a line. It's true that the tip frazzles a little after a few weeks but when it does I just trim it with scissors. It's lasted me about 3 months of everyday use. Delivery was very fast (Next day).
2 Kristel
I've been using it for several weeks now and I'm not THAT amazed. The felt tip is starting to break and there are threads coming from the end. The tip is too long in my opinion, escpecially if you have shaky hands :) It does stays all day, but smudges a bit. I honeslty expected more for that money and considering the amazing reviews...
4 Sammie Lowndes
This is the most waterproof eyeliner I have found! When swimming it comes off a little bit in the corners of the eye, but other than that stays put if you can avoid rubbing your eyes whilst in the pool. Would def recommend for swimmers and swimming teachers :)
5 els
I've tried a LOT of liquid liners and this is one of the best and cheaper than many. If you're a liquid fan, definitely worth the purchase.
4 Nayoung
Like this eye liner a lot for every day use, because it's so easy to apply! Stays put quite well, but have to say that in a hot and humid climate (I live in Sydney) it can start smudging a bit during the day.
4 Kathrine Løvstad
I like this eye liner alot!It is easy to apply and it lasts all day.
5 abi
This is the absolute MOTHER of all liquid eyeliners. It is really solid and flows really nicely, and it really does stay put like nothing ever known. I got my first one in america and then scoured the web to find somewhere to sell it to me at home in the UK because it really is that good!!
5 luisa mallia
Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eye Liner is absolutely fabulous. I can't imagine stay without. To all make-up lovers, try it and you'll be surprised. Long lasting and perfect to apply on. An amaizing stay all day liquid eye liner.

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