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Too Faced 3 Way Lash Lining Tool

4.5 15 Reviews
Too Faced 3 Way Lash Lining Tool Zoom
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1 Jessica
Grey colour, not true black. Watery, smudgy as hell. Hated it!
5 Cath
Love it! So easy to apply and stays on all day & night. I mainly use it as an eyelash enhancer (although it's brilliant at eye lining too) and the difference it makes is astounding. Excellent product.
5 Anja
Love this. Is real black, and easy to apply. I use it mostly for an evening look and not so much on everyday basis.
5 marilyn
Love. It took a bit of time to get used to it. This is my fave now.
2 Lior
On the plus side, it's really fun and easy to use, and creates a really strong and dark line. On the down side, which makes it basically unusable for me, it smears like crazy after only a short while.
5 Priyanka
My first review ever has to be for the Too Faced lash lining tool.This product has to be the superhero of liners.. I wear it on at 6 in the morning ,it dries up in less than 10 seconds and it stays on for a good 16 hours without any smudging or dark lines, the precision is beautiful .. Definitely a must buy for women find of eye makeup. Definitely not an over-seller of products , but this one's worth all the attention and love.
5 Fabiana
Perfect ! Easy to use and a real dark black.
5 sarah
I always find eyeliner pens to be a bit disappointing, hard to use and messy. This is a dream come true, it's so versatile, you can get a really natural look by doting inside the lashes or a full cat eye - easy as pie, fantastic!
5 Lee
I personally found this pen quite difficult to use at first, however once I quickly got used to the three tips. It is solid black and quite long lasting even after a working for a hectic six hours straight, I found that it hadn’t faded or smudged one bit! Very happy with the product.
5 Tonia
Looking to do a perfect cat eye? Want some more precise definition to your eyes but have never quite managed to get it 'just right?' Then.... look no further!!! This is the perfect tool for an easy eyeliner application whether it be a cat eye or just a more precise definition around the eye, this product is truly amazing and so easy to apply! Will purchase again!
5 Caroline
My favourite eyeliner yet. Accidentally forgot to cap this after a night out and it dried out but i purchased another one and it just arrived today : )
5 Anna
I love this eyeliner! I think it's great when using it inside the line because it really looks like u have longer lashes. This tool is great if you think it's hard to get that perfect line. Love!
5 Lynda
So glad I found this! This Too Faced lash lining tool is amazing and very versatile- my new favourite product! You can easily draw a tight fine line or a thicker one just as easily. Dries well and stays on all day!! Will be sure to repurchase again!
5 Rickie
This little gem really is foolproof and easy to use. I love it on days when I couldn't be bothered with mascara. This is much quicker and you get a lovely fine line that keeps the look more natural.Really pleased I've discovered this, and would highly recommend!
5 Nicole
I really like this lash lining tool. I have trouble tightlining because of my bad eyesight in one eye and this makes the job a lot quicker and easier. I prefer this over other products like Laura Mercier cake eyeliner as i dont have to hold my eyelid. The three prongs make it really versatile. Wouldnt use this on waterline though. I would definately buy again!

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