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Too Faced Absolutely Invisible Powder Candlelight 9g

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Too Faced Absolutely Invisible Powder Candlelight Zoom
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5 Elvira
LOve it! It's a perfect finishing of my make up:) shining bright like a diamond (in a good way of course). Buying it for 2 years now and very glad to have it in my bag an on my face.
2 Pamela
I did not like this product because it was really invisible. I try to use this as a highlighter but with bad result. Would not recomend this a buy. Cute box dough.
5 Kristina
The Candlelight is a wonderful product, when used correct. I would highly recommend to use this only as a highlighter on the cheeks/ cupids bow etc. There it makes you look like a million dollars, dont buy this product if you want an all over face powder, it is simply to sparkly for it, and you wont like. I used it once, and my friend said I looked like a vampire from Twilight, not the look I was going for lol. Use this for a highlighter!
5 Debbie
OMG, i love it and yes very much worth the extra money. When used for the evening it really does give you that superstar glow. It made my make up look fantastic. I didn't need to apply it again and again as the one application lasted all night. If you do apply it too many times, or to thickly it will make you look as if your from a metal factory. Just the one application was perfect. I will definitely buy it again and i would recommend it to others.It beats all the glow creams and highlighting touch-ups which then makes you look as if you've plastered on the make up. So my final advice would be, apply a little just before you go out and its definitely What it says on the tin (EVENING WEAR ) . PS. with a slight tan and blonde hair > ITS A MUST HAVE. . Love it xxxxx Deborah x
5 Maja
When I first saw this product I was craving about it. And it was more because of the gorgeous package than for the product itself. Yes, this is a great product, but I'm first falling for a cute package, and I know I'm not the only one! ;)This product comes in a hard, round shaped box with a mirror and it weighs 9 grams.Purpose of this product is to bright up the face, like in those special occasion when you're at a romantic dinner while candles on the table enlighten you're face... Hm... Honestly, if you put this product on all over your face you will look more like a disco ball than like your face was enlightened by the candles. But... it is absolutely gorgeous for enhancing some parts of your face like top of the cheeks, under the eyebrows, top of the nose ... so I would definitely recommend this product but only for particular parts of the face, not the whole face!If you want a discreet shine on some parts of your face, than this is a great product for that use. And also, some interesting facts are that this product contains vitamins, pure gold particles and it is not tested on animals. I really love this product, and how it looks on my face. This is my first Too Faced product and I'm very happy with this purchase.
5 Zabzen
I simply love this one ! <3
1 Camilla Rasmussen
I don't like this powder! It makes you even more shiny because of the gold glitter that's in it. Sorry to say that I'm very disappointed with this product from Too Faced. It works fine as a highlighter, but that's it! I even think it has broken out my skin.. It's very sad because it sounded so good, and it was also really expensive :( not cool

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