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Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Nylon Lash Extension System

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Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Nylon Lash Extension System Zoom
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2 Camilla
The mascara is great it self, but how ever when you use the fibers it gets all clumpy and weird looking. I would not recommend.
4 K
Love this product. It lengths my lashes but can tend to plump. The best way to avoid clumping is to only use a thin layer of mascara to secure the lash fibres.
2 Lydia Webb
I was really excited to try this product. However I was greatly disappointed because all my lashes do are feel heavy and also stick together. Although this provides great length and volume it is not worth the money at all. Will definitely not be repurchasing.
5 Adriana
Tried it for the first time today. Loved it!!! Went to work and my friend asked me if I had false eye lashes put on. When I got home from work my daughter asked me the same question. Had no problems all day while wearing it. Yes a little expensive but I definitely think it's worth it.
5 Gail
This is expensive! But I like using it!!! My lashes are so short and I have mono lids this have made my eyes-makeup look so much better! Its does what it supposed to do, but hey if I can find something as good as this but cheaper I would, otherwise I have to keep buying this again!
4 tzina
Very good results! Much longer lashes,but if we talk about thickness you have to put a lot of coats until you are satisfied! The only "bad" thing about this mascara is that you need much more time to apply it than a usual one,so i won't recommend it for those who have little time for their daily makeup! It's more like a mascara for special occasions than daily use.
3 Aishling O'Doherty
Pretty good mascara once you get the hang of applying it properly so you don't get the spider legs affect at the end of your lashes. Definitely longer lashes when using it although they don't appear too much thicker. Also the white tube, step 2 doesn't last too long so I wouldn't say it was worth €39. Maybe €20 would be a fairer price. Won't repurchase unless its on sale
1 Anne-Sofie
I was really excited about this product, because it sounded so cool! I received it this week and tried it out. I don't like it! It make my lashes clump together and they look disgusting... After I applied the mascara and the nylon fibers, my lashes were SO heavy and the product started to irritate my eyes.. I think it's an expensive product, and I wish I had used my money on a different product. Too Faced usually make amazing products, but this one is a fail.

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