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5 26 May 2014 Jackie
Love love love this product, I use it daily now especially for my highlighter. The packaging is gorgeous, a day does not go by where I don't use it. A must for any makeup fan :)
4 09 May 2014 Maialen
I just got this this morning and it's beautiful, really pigmented although the pink side not as mucho. Since I'm very pale this is perfect for me.
5 17 April 2014 Mart
Looks sooo gorgeous! I use it as a highlighter on the highest points of my cheeks, only thing I don't like is that is doesn't last all day. But gives an amazing glow!
5 19 February 2014 Camilla Vinther
Wow this is so beautiful on the skin. I use this almost everyday. I cant live without.
5 16 January 2014 Charlene
Lovely highlighter! Gorgeous packaging! It gives my face that healthy, light, shimmery glow with one sweep of a brush! Less is more with this product!
5 13 September 2013 Charrile
This products is so lovely!
5 05 September 2013 Racheljit Kaur
The packaging is gorgeous! The product is amazing. Gives me such a nice glow! Even when I accidentally sweep on too much, it doesn't show! Absolutely love it!
5 31 August 2013 Ang
This has sneakily become my go-to highlighter for cheekbones, cheeks, nose, eyebrows, everything! Somehow I seem to choose it over and over again ahead of my Larenim mineral highlighters. There's no denying the amazingly soft, yet apparent glow it creates throughout the day or night. The almost ambient highlight both colours create makes it seem like your face is forever in a beautifully lit, technicolour movie of old. LOVE IT.
5 29 May 2013 Jayme
This highlighter is so beautiful, when it says candlelight glow, they really are not joking! It gives a delicate glow to my face. Only a tiny amount goes a long way! I also use it on my brow bone to uplift the look of my eyeshadow and it really works wonders!
5 11 May 2013 Annie
Such a beautiful highlighter! I use this everyday. You only need a tiny amount so it will last for ages. I use it with a stila blusher and I just adore it. Great packaging as well. Go on, buy it!
5 08 May 2013 Sakina
My go-to highlighter! I have tanned skin and find it really works good on my skin tone. Just take a fan brush a dust over my high cheek area. Noticable highlighter, but in a good way!
5 03 April 2013 Jessie
Perfect powder highlighter! It's so easy to use and looks fabulous. I am very pale and I think it would suit a lot of skin tones.
5 21 March 2013 Liz
Heaven's have mercy! This is beautiful. i usually swirl both colors together but the pink alone is absolutely fabulous as well! It gives you a subtle pink with light golden glow. Gorgeous. This doesn't have chunky glitter in it either, something i like, just delivers the perfect healthy glow on all the right places.
5 20 March 2013 odelya
I have waited a long time to buy this product and I'm glad to say that I'm really happy with it the both colors are beautiful on me . I have medium to dark skin tone.
5 28 February 2013 Emma
Lasts forever and is a great product! And sooooo cute..
5 06 December 2012 Arna
This is the best highlighter I have come across so far! Beautiful sheen and a little goes a long way so it will last ages! Always love a product in cute packaging :)Totally worth the hype x
5 08 November 2012 SB
Loved it, gives the checks a real glow!!
5 07 November 2012 Dee
This product is great! Nice shimmer, nice colors, packaging is very cute and this will last for years, i love it!
4 11 September 2012 Martina
Gives you that perfect glow for the sunny summerdays. Really cute on your cheekbones, nose and chin.
5 10 September 2012 Sara
Delicious packaging and excellent product! One of the best product I bought in 2012 so far!

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