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5 Sophie
I have pretty fair skin. I use the milk chocolate soleil and it has the perfect undertone for making me look more tanned. I cannot contour with this, as it would look to orange, but for bronzer it's perfect cause it looks so natural. Easy to blend. I will repurchase this.
5 Jane-Mai
Perfect even for fair skin if you're light-handed.
3 Jess
I have warm olive skin. i have the chocolate shade... it goes on smoothly to begin with BUT by the end of the day it has rubbed off in patches I use primer, NARS foundation and then this product.. It smells delicious & adds a nice glow.. but you can probably buy a better bronzer for a cheaper price
4 Zuzana
I got the milk chocolate soleil, it warms up the face nicely, but be careful, I read everywhere that its perfect for pale skin but actually to me it seems on the edge of being too orange. It is nice but if you prefer more neutral or cool toned I don't think this one is for you.
5 vickie hollis
Milk chocolate soliel is my holy grail bronzer. I don't use it for contouring as it find the milk chocolate and chocolate ones to be a bit warm for contouring but the milk chocolate is perfect for bronzing the skin and giving it that sun kissed, bronzed goddess look if you have pale skin like mine. Blends beautifully and a little goes a long way so you do get value for money.
4 Lucinda
While I love this bronzer, it makes where ever I put it super oily. Have had a few breakouts with it. Nothing major, but something I wish wouldn't happen. As long as I use a primer and/or a foundation under it, I don't break out.
5 Chelsea
I bought the Milk Choc bronzer as I was worried that the Choc one would be too dark and come out muddy on my skin, I have fair to medium skin with olive tone and find that most powder bronzers come out too orange. I was pleasantly surprised that this bronzer not only compliments my skin to give me a very natural everyday glow with no shimmer in it, so that my skin looks sun kissed. The smell is absolutely amazing and the packaging is definitely a plus as it stands out among my makeup collection. I am now very keen to get my hands on the Chocolate one as I would like just a tinge darker for my bronzer in the summer when I have a tan, as I feel like the Milk Choc one won't show up on my skin. I would highly recommend the Milk Choc shade for all of those who are too pale in tone for MAC foundations (even NC15 is too orangey for me) as it doesn't come off orange or muddy at all and blends ridiculous well if you happen to be accidentally heavy handed. Definite fav in my collection and would repurchase if I hit pan!!
5 georgia
I got the chocolate soleil and its the perfect shade for contouring or use as a bronzer on medium skin. package it's awesome and amazing. I love this product
5 Tatum
This bronzer in the shade Milk Chocolate is heaven sent for pale skin! It isn't orange, blends beautifully, is pigmented and has a totally matte finish, yet doesn't look powdery/cakey. You get a ton of product. The packaging is gorgeous and of course, the chocolate scent is to die for. It is totally buildable and lasts all day long! I use it for both contouring and bronzing. Considering the price, I absolutely recommend this. Holy grail matte bronzer.
5 Louise
Best bronzer for pale skin by far
5 chen
amazing. best bronzer out there for pale skin!
5 Bella Hope Pedersen
Im SO in love with this bronzer! The best ive ever used, and it smells so amazing, its very lond lasting as well! We cant buy it in stores here in Norway... so i need to order it online or buy when i travel but its woth it, this is my absolute favourit!!! Have u never tried? TRY ;* u won't regret it.
5 Brylie
I bought this a fair while ago, and used it off and on for a while. Recently re-discovered it in the back of my make up drawers. I was instantly reminded how absolutely delightful this smells, along with the fact it is not orange nor muddy on my extremely pale (I mix all foundations with a white base, otherwise they are too dark) pink based skin tone. This bronzer works as a perfect contour as it is very blendable and definitely not cakey or muddy. I love, love, LOVE this! I've used it on my light/medium toned friend and it worked just as beautifully on her. Stays on all day. :)
5 Oana
I love this bronzer. Very pigmented and long lasting
5 sophie
By far my most favourite bronzer to use! It smells so good and its so highly pigmented even when you use a small bit you can really see results, also is very easily blended as I also use it for contouring the face.
5 Tina
The Milk Chocolate shade is perfect for fair skin tones. Not too orange, but not too ashy, meaning it can give your face a sunkissed look while contouring it subtly and naturally. It is also one of the few bronzers out there that is perfectly matte! The smell is also amazing!
5 Ashlee
I have pale skin (think MAC NW15) with cool undertones so finding a decent bronzer can be a bit of a mission for me as they tend to end up looking orange or all have shimmer. AMAZINGLY Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer works perfectly for me! it has beautiful pigmentation, a gorgeous finish free of shimmer with a DELICIOUS scent. It really does smell like chocolate! with a light hand I get a beautiful sunkissed glow, free of Oompa Loompas!
5 Ioanne Krumm
5 Pip
The yummiest smelling bronzer ever! It's great for contouring, not too harsh a shade either. I love it!
5 Hanna
Love the smell and the way it looks on my skin, the matt non orange color, it is the perfect bronzer and I will repurchase it.
4 Johanna Hjelm
It doesn't smell chocolate at all! More like a strange vanilla smell, and I don't like vanilla. Otherwise I like it.
5 Maja
I tried the 'original' Chocolate soleil about a year ago but as much as I wanted it to work for me, it was just too dark. Then I saw the lighter version - Milk Chocolate and I fell in love. It is the most wonderful bronzer I have ever used. It is totally matte and just the right shade for my light skin to look natural, not muddy or orange. The scent is also a big plus for me. I did however prefer the previous packaging, it seemed more sturdy and was just better looking in my opinion.
3 Helen
An ok matt bronzer. Be careful not to use too much because it does have the tendency to go a bit muddy. It smells lovely though.
5 Evian
It smells real chocolate! I feel so happy everytime i open the kit and use it! As a bronzer, It is smooth in texture and finished in matte. I ordered milk chocolate and it is a very very subtle bronzer for me (I am in fair skin with peachy tone). It's good for a beginner as it's super easy to use and you won't go wrong with it.
5 Jamie
Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer - Definitely one of my favourite matte bronzers. Great powder for contouring the face, especially for those with medium to darker skin tones. This is a very pigmented bronzer, so be sure to only use a small amount at a time and gradually build up to your desired depth of colour. Love the smell of this bronzer.. Mmm... Chocolate!
5 Nicky
It's such a huge rave about this bronzer, once actual tried, it's really nice pay off pigmentation and love the sweet chocolate smell.
5 Loli
One of a kind. It smells amazing and the result is so nice!
5 Margaret
This is perfect! It's matte and not orange at all! The milk chocolate is quite subtle. But it's perfect to even out the skin and create a sun kissed look. It is buildable as well! Very happy with this purchase. The cocoa smell just makes it that little bit better too!
5 jhonalee
just got this today!when i first open it smells chocolate yummy!the color is nice and i love it because its matte!this would be my favorite bronzer/contour's a little bit pricey but worth the money :)
5 Sandra
Absolute loove the powder, thou my boyfriend want rather to kiss my cheek than my mouth :(
5 Kristine
I'm a very fair person, so I bought the milk chocolate, based on the former reviews, and I'm very pleased with my purchase. It has a hint of chocolate smell, which is nice, but it's not as prominent as I though it would be. The color pay off is great, and all in all a very good bronzer!
5 Morgan
I got the Milk Chocolate bronzer a few weeks ago for my birthday
5 Louise
I bought the light one. Perfect bronzer! Smells amazing anf gives a lovely result. I am fair and milk chocolate isnt to dark or to light.
5 Sara
GORGEOUS bronzer. Looks very natural on the skin, and the matte texture makes it perfect for contouring! Will repurchase this forever. My mom loves it too, since there is no shimmer to set into her lines.
5 Maria
I bought the chocholate soleil bronzer, and i love it! It stays on your skin the whole day, and gives you a brown and natural look. Totally recomend it!
5 Sally
Just got this! I love it! But be warned the milk chocolate is probly abit light to be classified as a bronzer but I like the subtle highlight. I don't mind coz it's better to go in with few layers than to have to erase it! And the smell is nice!
5 Madelen
Is this the Milk Chocolate or the original Chocolate? If this is the Milk Chocolate, where can I find the original Chocolate Solei (the darker one) ?
5 Maite
It was hard for me to find a bronzer that suited my very pale skin but this one is lovely. It's matte so perfect for a natural look and contouring. The smell is SO nice, I love it. It's one of my favorite products and I use it every day. Worth the price!
5 Elena
I bought the Chocolate Soleil Chocolate bronzer. Smells like real chocolate. Excellent product! Bronzer a pleasant brown color without redness.
4 Hannah
I bought the "milk" and I really like it! I don't have crazy pale skin but in winter it does get quite light. It gives a subtle fresh color to use all over face. But i'll for sure by the original too! Almost regret buying the light one, it could have been a tad darker. And the chocolate smell.. am I really the only one who think it smells terrible?
4 Cheryl
I bought the milk chocolate one. a little lighter than the original. works well with pale people.the quality of the powder is quite nice. and i think it's really hard to hit pan, 10G, a lot of product! :)
5 Joana
I bought the milk chocolate bronzer. I am very pale and after trying out a lot of bronzers this is definitely my favorite. Great for contouring! It can also be used in the summer to deepen up your skin tone as it isn't orange at all. Excellent product with a delicious smell. Love it!
5 Martine
One ord: BEST!
5 Marte Flaathen
My fav bronzer:)
5 Hanne
I bought the original chocolate and it looked quite dark in the box, but once I started to build it up in light layers it wasnt at all too dark for my fair skin!Its completly matte and without orange tones so I use it to countour my face and it looks verry natural. The packaging is verry beautiful and the powder really smells like chocolate. Thumbs up!
5 Cara
This bronzer is fantastic!! Such a gorgeous colour, most bronzers are shimmery or too orange but this looks really natural. Im a religious fake tanner & girls who tan know that some days you are darker & some days paler & this is the perfect bronzer for adding just a veil of colour or building up to a really strong gorgeous glow without that 'dirty' effect.
5 Kat
This is so beautiful. My fav bronzer ever. It is so natural looking, does not look orange, and you can really control the depth of colour by building it up with light layers. It settles into the skin with a lovely 'glow' without looking shimmery at all. It's a brilliant product.
5 Roula
It's a very good bronzer. I'm from Greece and the product came to me at 12 days!!!!
5 Roula Vallianatou
It's the best bronzer ever!!!! I am from Greece and my order arrived to me at 12 days!!!!
5 Mimi
I would give this 100 star's! Hands down the best bronzer/sculpting powder EVER! Ladies use this and follow the 'Magic Line' tutorial by Gossmakeupartist on YouTube. You will get the 'wow' factor! I swear :D
5 Mali
It's a perfect bronzer, and it leaves you glam ;) It also smells and (taste) chocolate! I LOVE IT!
5 Joanna
This is the best bronzer I ever tried. It looks natural on my skin and it's also well worth the money because you don`t have to use much of the product to get a sunkissed look. It also smells fantastic; just like chocolate!
5 Pernille
My favourite bronzer ever! This is my second box, the other one lastet for over a year, so it's well worth the money. Smells amazing. Can be a bit hard to put on, but you'll get used to it. Recommended from the bottom of my heart.
5 Stine Sofie
The best bronzer I've ever tried. It doesn't get orange, and it looks so natural! The smell is amazing, but I also like that the smell doesn't "hang on" for ever. I can absolutely recommend this product!
4 Alexandra
It looks very natural. Not orange at all. It also smell soo good, I almos wanna eat it!
5 Mari
This is the best bronzer ever:D gives you a really healthy glow:D and so natural looking and non orange=);D
5 Emma
Very nice bronzer! Warm, subtle shade; it blends very easily.

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