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Too Faced Lash Injection 15ml

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Too Faced Lash Injection Zoom
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4 Agnieszka Rogowiecka
4 Tania Bacon
very 'claggy' to start with, too many fibres got in my eyes, but improving now
5 Aimee
This is a great waterproof mascara! Last a really long time. However I do have small eye lashes and this brush is quite big so I would recommend this mascara to those who have fuller looking lashes. My curls held throughout the whole day and I got no clumps from this mascara. Overall really nice product.
2 Mindy Lucas
did not add volume to lashes. It went kind of flaky at end of the day. I usually use Diorshow Extace and Lash Injection has no comparison...
3 Carina
Really didnt care for this, a very sticky formula made my lashes look crazy.
5 Shermaine
This mascara is truly the best mascara I've tried. Girlfriends think I'm wearing false lashes when I've only just applied ONE coat. They last the whole day without flaking off. Sometimes, I forget that I'm even wearing any at all because it's so comfortable. Best part (for some lazy girls like me): Just some water and rubbing will remove them all! 100% purchase it again!
4 Osh
I like mascara. Its very easy to remove water or eyeremover. I like the brush but it doesnt gave me super volume, it gaved me only long lashes. After I have used mascara - the liquid turns to jelly liquid. sort of sticky and clumbs.. i recomment for you who wants long lashes!
5 Lee
This is a lovely mascara to use, although it can clump up quite easily when it’s still drying. Adds prefect length to lashes and doesn’t make your lashes feel dry and brittle
5 Marisa
I use this mascara after using a eyelash curler and it really lifts the eyelashes from the roots without clumping. It gives long, volumized and seperated lashes, which is awesome! The only downside is that I personally find large mascara brushes to be quite hard to maneuver. But that only has to do with my personal clumsiness and not the mascara, because it is truly a five star product!
5 Wendy
Quite simply this is the best mascara I have EVER used. Two coats for long thick lashes which stay put all day and very easily removed with a little oil on my finger at the end of the day.

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