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Too Faced Lip Color Bomb

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5 Gabriella
My absolute favourite on the go lipcolour! I have two colours, Coral Pop, and Bigger Berry. I keep one in my handbag at all times. They go on smoothly and the colour grows. They are very vibrant and make your lips pop. Beautiful colour and feeling. 5 Stars
5 Mariela
One of my favorite
5 shazia
This product arrived this morning. Couldn't wait to try it on. Tbh, IT WORKS, IT WORKS, IT WORKS. My lips are all plumbed up. The downfall this product is, the burning sensation I get for 2 mins and after that the burning is gone. Overall, I am happy with this product.
3 Brylie
I have Nude, and I don't really like it. You have to apply it before any other make up because if it gets on your skin, your skin goes red and it spreads out. A semi-effective plumper, the colour does not last very long.
5 Ophelia
5****Saw it on youtube used by my favourite make up tutorial girl..wanted it so bad..ordered and I love it!!!!!
5 Martine
Having tried different lip plumpers (LipFusion, Urban Decay, Smashbox and anything i could get my hands on) I have to say this is my #1 from now on! Ordered it in Never Enough Nude (which is a flattering shade, even for me who hasn't been able to find any nude that matched me before). It tingles a bit, it smells lovely, tastes nothing and it PLUMPS. IT really delivered what it claims to do, so I just ordered Bigger Berry. :D
3 ???????
Lipstick pigmented, rich. After applying a little lip tingling, they get bigger, but I always have it spreads beyond the lips.
3 Liz
I brought Never Enough Nude and I have to admit it is a lot pinker than I originally thought It would be going by the picture above. Its also a plumper which was a nice bonus but it doesn't seem to actually plump the lips just tingle them. So overall it is a nice product just wish the colour swatch above was better and it did actually plump the lips
5 Gemma
I purchased Never Enough Nude it is gorgeous! There is a tingling feeling for a fe minutes but it soon passes and gives you amazing plumped lips. This product also smells amazing! Love love love. Will definitely be purchasing more!
5 Vera
My lips got really red and irritated the first 2-3 times I used it, but after that it's been perfect. An absolute must-have in my purse.
4 Valerie
I bought it in coral pop, and I don't like the color , i'm red haired with fair skin ... but i love the texture, the effect, the lips are moisturised for a long time. It tickle a little bit, but it's not very uncomfortable ... I will buy it in light pink or in a pink brown if they release that one day !
5 Meri
This product really does large my lips :) Love it and I have now Coral shade and it's an intense color. Next one will be that nude shade. Really recommend!
5 Paula
Love the packaging. Love the colour. Love the way it feels on your lips. Definitely plums ur lips.. just wanna get them in all shades ha. Xo
5 Nikki
Absolutely LOVE this! I purchased in 'Coral Pop' and now want all of the shades. So pigmented and long lasting and I definitely noticed that my lips plumped up. I really like the tingling sensation as it shows that something is actually happening. Definitely recommend this it's a must have!
5 Johanna
I LOVE these! I've got all the colours except for "Never Enough Nude". They are so creamy, moisturising and pigmented, stays on amazingly well and the colours are gorgeous! I get a slight tingeling sensation a couple of minutes after applying, but it doesn't bother me at all. They do plump my lips a little bit. I highly recommend them!

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