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5 28 February 2013 Emma
One of my favourite primers! And I've tried all the expensive ones...
5 06 February 2013 Priscila Maiara Bartarin
Comprei,chegou rápidoproduto excelente para quem quer ter os poros fechados deixa a make impecavelpode comprar e é ótimo para peles oleosas I bought came quick excellent product for those who want to leave the closed pores make Impeccable can buy and is great for oily skin
4 19 January 2013 Line
I used to use the regular Primed
4 28 October 2012 ana
works great! very smoth
2 22 October 2012 camilla
I was soo excited when i waited for this little baby to arrive! But then when i tried it on for a week or so, i was so dissapointed! It maked my make up last lesser then without the primer, and it maked the dry areas look even dryer.. I dont know if I maybe have the wrong skintype for this product, but it didnt work very good on me..Cute package though..
4 10 September 2012 Sara
Ideal for skin with enlarged pores and for dry skin zones. I use it especially on my T-zone and in cold days for my sryer zones. It works perfectly for a smooth skin.

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