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Too Faced Shadow Insurance

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Too Faced Shadow Insurance Zoom
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5 Heidi
I'm so happy - the best primer ever. Now my eyeshadow last the whole day and night :-)
3 Katy
Have used this a few times, but unsure of the texture of the product and the effectiveness of it. If you like eyeshadow bases that cover up redness or veins, this is definitely not the best option as it is quite sheer.
5 Nikolette
May I know do you still sell Too Faced glitter bonding in black tube? If yes how do I go about it.
5 Johanne
I have this primer in original and it works wonders. You need the tiniest amount and then the shadows will stick to you and stay in place (even if you accidentally rub your eye, like I do all the time). With this primer it is 'less is better'. If you use too much it will crease, but that just makes this product very inexpensive :)
3 Lisa
I bought the shadow insurance in original to replace Mac painterlily. I am trying not to buy Mac now as they sell in China and are subject to animal testing. I find this a tad bit watery and does not have same consistency as painterlily so I'll have to keep looking. It didn't seem to stop my eyeshadow smudging at all. It is a nice colour though and looks nice on its own but I don't feel it's effective as a primer.
4 Amanda
I recieved a sample size of the original with the Return of Sexy palette, and will likely buy a full size when I've used it up. It applies easily and does seem to help my eye makeup last, it absorbs quickly as others have mentioned too. Compred to more expensive primers I really can't tell much difference so this is really good value for money.
5 Rebekah
I purchased the original and I love it, makes eye shadows last much longer and obsorbes quciky! Love it
5 N
Amazing product, makes eye shadow last and really shows the colour, got it on here for around so a bargain! Dupe to the urban decay primer but i rpefer this! Many thanks
5 Therese L
This IS the best primer ever. I tried a lot but this is the one I return to all the time. Very priceless and the eyeshadow stays all day long. And I have oily eyelids. The best, buy it and try it!
5 Anastasya
The best there is!!
5 Marina
4 Preetika
I used this a couple of times,sometimes the product separates like the oils separate. The Shadow insurance works like a charm though I am happy I got it.
5 Nidia Vergara
5 Therese Edin
LOVE IT! Helps the eyeshadow to last for hours and hours and hours and really brings out the pigments of the eyeshadow
4 Daya Henkel
Need to shake tube when first using this product as the product seems to separate slightly when in storage. After using for a few weeks, it's fine.
5 Jessie
I am in love with this product, I can't believe how amazing it is. This product got me through what could have been a disaster. I would definitely recommend that if you don't own one that you test it out what makes this product even more amazing is that it is Paraben free, lasts forever and has the cutest packaging!
5 Hannah
This product is AMAZING! I've tried urban decay but this is soooooo much better, love it!
5 Beth
I bought the primer in original. A little product goes a long way. I have found that if I use some on my brows before filling them in, the wax and powder go on so much better. When I use this primer my brows look the same 16 hours later! The same goes with my eye-shadow, no fading and no creasing! I love this product!
5 Nathalie
Excellent product, does what it suppose to do. Free world wide delivery from Beauty bay recommendable, carefully packed, great service.
4 Roisin Foley
5 Alison
I couldn't be without this. Best eyeshadow primer I've tried. Lasts forever because you only need a little each time. Improves any eyeshadow - even cheap ones! I have oily lids and if I don't use this even the best eyeshadows crease on me. I wear this even if I'm not wearing shadow to make my lids look nicer.
Great base that lasts over time. I would buy for sure! thank you BEAUTYBAY
3 Brooke
Good, but not good enough, if you have oily eyelids I do not recommend this product.
5 roshni
The best eye-shadow ever. I was torn between Urban Deay Primer Potion and this one but im glad i chose Too Faced Shadow Insurance. On New Year Eve, i primed my eyes with this and did and intense smokey eye. I danced and drank all night and after i came back home passed out without taking off my make-up. When i woke up in the morning i was surprised to see my smokey eye intact......... i knew this was for keeps. LOVE IT!! HOLY GRAIL MATERIAL!!
5 Margot
Just bought this eye shadow primer and i love they way it glides on - have had it on 1 hour and no creases yet....will let you ladies know within the next 24 hours if this product far so good!
5 Jacqui
Love this! I could never get eyeshadow to last until I discovered this product! It's now a must have for me!
5 Cupelada
MUST have!
5 Pernille Pedersen
LOVE this eyeshadow primer, it keeps my eyeshadow from smudging and stay in place all day. (A small recommendation is to not use too much, because then will the primer do the opposite.)
5 Lorna
Great product and bought at great price! I am a long time user of Urban Decay Primer Potion, but thought I'd give this whirl. So pleased I did - I think I might even like this more. Shadows stayed in place and looked vibrant and fresh.
5 Linnea
This is really amazing, makes the eyeshadows pop and adds great staying power!
5 Iro
This is the first eye primer I've ever used and I'm mightily impressed. I was torn between the Urban Decay Primer Potion and this one. I can't compare them, but I'm so glad of the quality of this one. I have hooded eyes and I used to have a huge problem with my eyeshadow gathering in the crease of my eyelids. Never again. This primer works miracles. It glides easily and smoothly and my eyeshadow stayed in place for 18hrs straight whilst it looked like I just applied it. It's like a pro's secret little trick in your makeup bag. Definitely a must-have!
5 Katherine Gould
I absolutely love the GLITTER GLUE. I have used it professionally and in some cases all over they eyelid. Not only did it lock-on the glitter but lasted for hours without dulling the brightness. Nor did it lift the eyeshadow/paint used as a base colour. Highly recommended. Also great for dancers, actors etc.
5 Anna
One of the best primers I ever used.
5 Gail
I love love love this. I have tried ARTDECO, UD and MAC THIS ONE IS THE BEST!!! Thanks to Beautybay for making this available.
5 Ida
This is definentely compareable to the 'famous' Urban Decay Primer Potion. It makes the eyeshadow last all day just as the Urban Decay one does, but I find that this 'glides on' a bit easier so I prefer this one!
5 Lisette
I love it. I was looking for a new eyeshadow primer. I heard good things of the too faced and the urban decay. I went for this one and I dont regret it. My eyeshadow stay in place all day long.
5 Monica
I used to have massive issue with my eye shadow, it simply was a mess after a few hours. With this product my eye shadow literally stays on for 24 hours straight, without any need to reapply. Buy it - that's all I have to say!
5 Nicky
long time fan of UDPP, too faced version works just fine, smooth, really help eyeshadows to stay on place. picked up the original version, which probably the best formula, one downfall is a bit expensive than urban decay
5 Daniela
Best primer ever! It fixed my eye shadow with perfection. The cracking begun to appear only after 12-13 hours. AMAZING!
5 Catarina
The original primer is the best primer I ever tried. You put it on in the morning and your eye makeup looks the same all day long. I have even, by mistake, showered and washed my hair and my eyeshadow stayed put :-) I think this must be the best primer in the world.
5 Kristine
I NEED this product, or else my eyeshadow will crease like crazy. I have very oily eyelids, even mac paint pots crease on me, but with this, the eyeshadow stay in place untill I remove it (if I fall asleep with eyeshadow on, it's still there the next day). Other primers does not work for me, this is the only one!!
5 Jatta
This is the best eye shadow primer I've used. There can be some creasing, but that has occurred well after 12 hours.I will most likely repurchase.
5 lórien
Too faced eyeshadow primer is simply the best! Apply this primer under a sticky base when working with glitters and you will look fabulous all night long. When I use this primer under my daily makeup, in the end of the day my eyeshadow still looks like I applied it five minutes ago. I really recommend this, and as a make up artist I always recommend this primer to my customers.
5 Priscilla
I can't apply eyeshadow without a primer and often I jump between the UD primer potion and TF shadow insurance. To me both work really well. Shadow insurance, initially when applied on the eyelid feels really "liquidy" but once you rub it onto the lid it starts to turn into a sticky matte texture ready for shadow to be applied.
5 Helene
I bought the Original Twin pack. I LOVE THIS PRIMER! the shadows last all day, even the darkest one. The eyeshadow also look brighter over this. It's a definitely a must have!
5 Christina
Amazing! I prefer this much more than UD Primer Potion. Makes my eyeshadows pop and stay so long - I have oily lids and am prone to creasing within an hour or two and this prolongs wear remarkably!
5 Camilla Lindskoug
Easy to apply, easy to remove. Wore my eye make-up for one day, AND slept in it (shame on me) and after that it still looked pretty decent:) This is super stuff! My only five given so far!
5 Sarah Head
Amazing product, I wouldn't ever wear eyeshadow without it now! Really is a must have product for everyone
5 Li
this is my favorite!!
5 Mimi
I just bought this in Lemon Drop, it is wonderful & smooth on my eyes thus making it easier for me to blend eye shadows. I was using Urban Decay, but I found it to be too difficult to create smokey eyes, as it was drying.
5 Elisa
Best primer I've ever tried! Makes my eyeshadows look great and stay all night.
5 Jasmine
Shadow Insurance is amazing! Before Shadow Insurance, I never bothered wearing eye shadow because it would rub off so quickly or get messy. Now, I wear it every day! I work night shift so I put my makeup on around midday and it's still perfect when I get home at 6:30am! It's a must have for every makeup lover!
5 Raquel Mesquita
Best eye primer ever... just PERFECT! The shadow gets more pigmented, and lasts ALL DAY LONG... amazing!!! nO CREASE, NO smudge... PERFECT! PERFECT! PERFECT! Can't live without!! :) 1st thing you should buy for your make up kit!!!!
5 Catherine Buckle
This is absolutely amazing. I actually can't live without it. It not only lasts forever on the lids but it also lasts forever in the bottle, you get so much in such a small bottle. I absolutely love it, best eye shadow primer ever.
5 Elin
This one is AMAZING!! my eyeshadow stays at place everyday, all day long! i just love it. if you want you're eyeshadow to stay in place you should by this one. it's just perfect!
5 Annukka
This is a must have. It's easy to apply, works great and does what it says. I have naturally greasy lids, which means my eye shadow used to be a mess. Not anymore! And, the tube packiging is so much more convinient than the Primer Potion (which also rocks), so that's why I choose the Too Faced one.
5 Flora Psarianos
I am on my 2nd tube of this product, one for myself and one for my kit. My makeup goes on from 7am to 11pm and the eyeshadow looks as fresh & vibrant in the evening as it does in the morning.
5 Yeter
This produck is great. I love the packaging and it is very easy to apply. Even in this heat it does not disappoint, and I have very oily lids, glad i bought it!!!
5 Aimee
I love this product so much. I heard alot of good things about it so decided to buy it. Did not disappoint! I used about the size of a grain of rice for BOTH lids and it lasted all day at work, then through the gym and also on a heavy night out, without having to reapply at any point!! PERFECT!
5 camilla
Recently I switched from solid eye shadows to mineral ones and have been having problems getting them to stick. With this little miracle product they do not only stick, they stay vibrant and fresh all day. I don't know what I would do without this, probably I would not even bother wearing eye shadow! So highly recommended.

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