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Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush

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4 Shamzz
I received the blush in 3 weeks of placing the order (which isn't bad considering I live in India and it came from the UK). I called for *Something About Berry* and it's my first from the brand. Too Faced products are SO girly! I am in love with the packaging and impressed by the results. Coming to the blush, it's PINK with Gold and Silver Shimmer. It is HIGHLY Pigmented so if your application is overdone, you are going to end up with clown cheeks. The blush contains 3 beautiful shades which look best when mixed together. The wear-time is average (4 to 5 hours) but re-application is a no-no because it still leaves a beautiful pink tinge behind. Due to the quantity and pigmentation given, I don't think you'll need to repurchase it once you buy it (unless you're a MUA :P). The next one I'm eager to buy is Peach Beach! ;)
5 Madigan
I LOVE THIS BLUSH! I have ever been a huge fan of blush and have always found it difficult to master but this has changed my mind. Not only does it look SUPER CUTE in the little box but it also looks great on my skin. It blends easily and you only need the tiniest amount of product to achieve a beautiful look. This will last me ages and when I do finally run out I will definitely be repurchasing!
5 Filipa
I love it! I have it in peach beach and i'ts my favourite blush! I love the glow!
5 Tatiana
That's the one I wuold surely recommend. I own Cande Glow shade and It's perfect for everyday wearing. Love it!
5 Abbey
I now own all three colours and I LOVE them! I am super pale and they do not look too over the top - they give me the perfect glow. The blush looks very glittery in the box but it isn't too much when wearing it. I would highly recommend these!
5 Sam
I am so in LOVE with this blush. Adorable packaging (like seriously!) and then on top of that a premium product! Does wonders for my face! Too Faced products = never a let down
5 Nethmi
I bought this blush in Peach Beach and I'm absolutely in love with this product. I'm super happy about BeautyBay delivery too! I was a little sceptical about the shimmer content at first but it just melts into a perfect glow when you apply it on the cheeks...This is my everyday blush now!!
5 Jenske
Got the color Something about berry and I love it so much! Even on my super pale skintone, it works perfectly! It does seem that the first layer of product was more pigmented than it is now, but I really don't mind that because I thought the first layer was almost too pigmented! The product does have shimmers in it but they really don't bother me, once it's on the face, it looks gorgeous! Even girls with oily skin could get away with this!
5 Laurence
I have it in candy glow. So cute and lovely! Very good texture, very original. 5*
5 Roxanne
I just purchased Something about Berry product with a bit of doubt since I never purchased before such bright colours as a blush except browns and goldens. I am definitely not disappointed and actually impressed! It has a smooth touch and great packaging ! Great value for money!
5 Elsa
The most beautifull blush! The most beautifull package! I bought Something about berry and it looks gorgeous on my skin. Love it!
3 Courtney
I bought the Peach Beach shade, and while the colour was a beautiful shade on my pale complexion, I found the shimmer didn't sit quite right on my pores and emphasised them quite a bit. The light champagne segment to the blush makes a lovely highlight shade, a light hand is required to apply though.
5 Cezara Darie
5 sushoma
something about berry is the perfect colour for nights out! a little does go a long way! and the packaging! the packaging I have to say is the reason why I bought it! so cute and travel friendly!
5 sushoma
I have all the shades my favourite has to be peach beach, perfect for that summer beachy glow, just suits all skin tones, I have indian skin and this looks gorgeous! it may notseem like theres a lot of pproduct but a little goes a long way!
5 Hayley Mcnamara
5 Yvonne
I have this in Candy Glow and recently went back to purchase the berry shade! I adore the packaging (seriously, how could you not?!) and the colour gives a gorgeous flush to the cheeks. The blush isn't extremely pigmented so it's great for people who use brushes with a heavy hand or are new to make up :)
5 Miriam
I purchased the perfect flush blushin candy glow and I love it! the colours are vibrant and blendable, and the sparkle isn't too obvious, and offers a nice subtle glow. This is my new favourite blush and I'm already rationing my usage of it because I don't want to hit pan!
5 Mart
Very pretty blush! Gives a gorgeous natural color on your cheeks. Only downside is that it isn't very pigmented, but definitely my favorite blush
4 Anna Pietroboni
4 Louise Franks
This blush is so nice to have on the dressing table, the box & packaging is so sweet! The blush itself is amazing, it takes a few times to see how heavy-handed you need to be, but once you're comfortable with how much to use it is great. It has excellent staying power and it's easy to blend.
3 Elitsa
Candy glow is nice but not so pigmented. It gives a nice touch of shimmery glow(as per description) and have cute packaging but expected more heavy pigment out of it.
5 Charlene
Packaging is to die for. So are the lovely shades of pink! I have this in Candy Glow and Something About Berry. Candy Glow gives you a very natural burst of sweetness on your cheeks whilst Something About Berry infuses your cheeks with a subtle vampy glow =)
5 Elarner
Amazing blush!! Too faced have done it again with such a beautiful product! Super pigmented & blends so well! Oh and not to mention it looks stunning! I love love love it! ??????
5 Petra
This is the best blush I ever had - ever! I am planning on buying also the new shades Too Faced recently released.
5 Eleonora
This is the best blush ever - no joke. The color is a peachy/bubblegum pink mix, with a soft shimmery texture: it may look childish and maybe too sparkly, but I can assure you that it blends with any skin tone SO well it's almost magic! I'm a big fan of nude, natural makeup and I love it so don't worry, it's the most versatile product ever. It lasts a lot on your skin, I use it over my BB cream and without any fixing spray or powder or primer it stays on my cheeks 7-9 hours without disappearing. This is so high quality, and even cruelty free - totally worth the price.
5 Paula
My favourite blush of all times. Gorgeous. Xo
5 Veronica
Only blush I've used since I got it. Packaging is a bit too bulky for my taste, but I absolutely love the blush!
5 Christa
Very cute packaging, always a plus! Color is very buildable which is great, and very perfect for me as it doesn't make me look like a clown with my pale skin! Gorgeous!
5 Ace
Amazing blush, the best one I've ever had. I hope they make this one a regular, I don't want to live without it! Easy to layer, pretty colors, that work for all skin tones.
5 Alexandra
Very beautiful peach blush!
5 Annie
omg I love this blusher! It may look bright, but it actually is quite subtle when applied! I have been using this everyday since I bought it. Worth every cent. And the packaging is super cute too. Love it!
5 Sanna
Lovely blush. Universal shades. Works well together and as individuals. Love the shimmer. Needs a good blusher brush.
5 Chih Yang Tsai
This blush is great and lovely looking. The colors are very suitable for all girls who have a sweet heart :)
5 Cassandra
The prettiest blush i have ever used! highly recommend this product!
Nice product,although i don't like the paper packaging,i prefer it in a tin one!
5 Tibs
Great to have three choices of colour and the darkest peach has a lovely slight glitter/shimmer in it. Either blending the three or used individually each colour is gorgeous and I love the packaging.
4 JoJo
Cute blush with three shades side by side in the shape of a heart, in cardboard heart packaging. Product not very deep in the package, not sure if its really good value. Some very cute colours which can be custom blended or worn alone. Would need a good quality kabuki brush to aid application. Would recommend for pure cuteness value.
5 Elin
I'm totally in love with this blush! It's absolutely my favorite blush of all. Can't even describe how much I love it!

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