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  • Abyss
  • Asphyxia
  • Bourbon
  • Chaos
  • Corrupt
  • Cuff
  • Deep End
  • Deliquent
  • Demolition
  • Desperation
  • Electric
  • Empire
  • Ether
  • Freak
  • Goldmine
  • Hustle
  • Invasion
  • Junkie
  • Loaded
  • LSD
  • Mainline
  • Mildew
  • Mushroom
  • Oil Slick
  • Perversion
  • Psychdelic Sister
  • Roach
  • Rockstar
  • Sabbath
  • Scortch
  • Smog
  • Smoke
  • Stash
  • Underground
  • Uzi
  • Vice
  • Whiskey
  • Woodstock
  • Yeyo
  • Zero
  • Zero
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4 19 October 2014 Gaia
I have a few of these, and I like them a lot. They are very soft and glide on easily, you can smudge, but the colour sets in less than a minute, and then it stays there, with very little, if any, smudging during the day. I'm only giving them 4 out of 5 because some of the more shimmery colours don't look that great if you try ans smudge/soften the line a little. The mattes, however... oh the mattes! ...and because they need to be sharpened rather often, which is the only downside of their being soft.
4 08 July 2014 Tatyana Makarova
5 08 July 2014 Valã©Rie D'agosto
the best pencil I've ever tried!
4 31 May 2014 Anita
It's really easy to apply, but after a while it does smudge a little and it comes down to my bottom lashes, maybe because i'm monolided but other eyeliners i have don't have this problem.
5 05 May 2014 Karen Ogg
5 30 April 2014 Leanne Powell
5 25 March 2014 Sara
I love this product! it's creamy, very long lasting and have wonderful colors. a must have.
5 18 March 2014 Liliana
Mushroom blew me away, makes my blue eyes pop!
5 04 February 2014 flora
I own several of them and don't regret ever buying them. My fav : perversion, the darkest of blacks and midnight cowboy for the inner conner of my eyelids (discontinued).
5 09 December 2013 Martina
Really long lasting and intense. I use t with an angled brush to make winged look and it's better than liquid liner and MUCH easier to apply.
4 14 October 2013 Ruth
Demolition is a nice dark brown perfect for well defined eyes but not as harsh as black can be at times. Does not last as long on my water line as I would like but I have fairly watery eyes so this is often the case for me.
4 13 October 2013 Jules
This is a soft, glide on pencil with excellent color payoff. I'm not giving it 5 starts only because it needs to be sharpened quite often and doesn't stay put too long on the waterline, but rather travels a bit. This can be remedied but I wish it would have slightly more holding power in that area. As for the eyelid, it really is fab.
5 11 October 2013 Eline
I bought psychedelic sister and I really like it on the lid, it's nice and bright although it's a dark colour! On the waterline it doesn't pop as much but it stays on and that's what I like! ;)
5 10 October 2013 Nina
A great eyeliner, glides on well, extremely pigmented and last for ages.
5 02 September 2013 Paula Akemi Oku
Long lasting and nice color. Ive got the Demolition and im loving it.
5 28 August 2013 Natalia
I love these pencils! The colors are amazing and the best they last all day. Absolutely recommended!
5 18 August 2013 suwimol
I love invasion!
5 11 August 2013 vesna mateša
hi .. I'm so thrilled this eyeliner, and I bought a color perversion that I will never use any other pen than just urban decay, because it is simply perfect. Extraordinarily easy to apply, soft and lasts all day .. maybe you still buy some more another shade .. between me and urban decay bore with great love .. love
5 10 August 2013 Veronica
Only tried a few shades, but they all work great. Will definitely buy more!
5 05 August 2013 Megan Leigh
The pigmentation of all the 24/7 liners are amazing! Such a variety of beautiful shades. They apply smoothly without dragging along the eye & are very long lasting.
5 31 July 2013 Camila B.
What an aquisition! I really love these pencils. Have almost all the colors. I find them waterproof but not that so for the waterline. Yet, haven't used any other better. I find Mainline a problematic shade: it stains a bit along the day. But this one seems to be the only I have problem with. Not my favorite color also (it came in the Smoked pack). As for the variety of browns I find it allucinating! They're beautiful, versatile and fit nude day gleam to glamour nightlight. Soft to apply but be careful with tropical weather like Brazil. They can become too soft. Few minutes in the refrigerator does the trick! Bought Scortch and my second Underground recently. Love them! Waiting to grab Roach and Loaded!
5 30 July 2013 Kelly Ferreira
I bought perversion pencil and it's simply the best. In one way you have a perfect black. It's a very creamy pencil so you have to adapt when you do your make up!
4 26 July 2013 Marilyn De la Cruz
I have deep set eyes and find that all eyeshadows applied to the outer corner of my eyes seem to smudge just above my eye looking really messy. Now I just use the Urban Decay eyeliner and, although I was a little nervous at first that I would end up wearing no eye makeup at all due to smudging (not an option for me) I find this eyeliner creates just the right effect and stays on beautifully. My only criticism would be that it is actually difficult to remove! However, please don't discontinue it.
5 23 July 2013 Anna
Great product!!!
5 11 July 2013 Marv
I bought Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil in Demolition. It's a rich, chocolatey, bronzey dark brown. I love the shade, which is kinder than black on my very fair complexion. The formula is creamy enough to glide on and smudge in, but not so creamy that it slips during the day. I routinely wear this all day, including through a lunch-time run, or during long nights out and long-haul flights. I've had no problems with it wearing off or smudging onto other parts of my face. And my eyes have a mysterious knack for causing almost any eyeliner to smudge onto the under eye area, but this one doesn't.
5 05 July 2013 Emmily
Really great eyeliner lasts all day glides on nicely.
4 04 July 2013 Silke
Bought these in Freak and Junkie. The colours are beautiful, but they don't last all day. After six hours I can see a little bit of colour left, but not much. Since they cost quite a lot I don't know if I'm going to buy other ones.
4 04 July 2013 Silke
Bought these in Freak and Junkie. The colours are beautiful, but they don't last all day. After six hours I can see a little bit of colour left, but not much. Since they cost quite a lot I don't know if I'm going to buy other ones.
2 04 July 2013 Jessica
This review is for Yeyo (white) - otherwise I love these pencils. I bought Yeyo specifically to line my lower waterline to brighten it up. I have to drag it across several times to get any colour off at all, and all it seems to do is stick to my lower eyelashes. Disappointed. They are great to line the upper lashline but maybe are just too creamy to do the waterline.
5 04 July 2013 Masha
I've bought the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil. Colour: Deep End.I'm completely in love with it! The colour is gorgeous and it stays on without fading or staining! Love love love it!
3 04 July 2013 Astrid
I bought the famous perversion. It is a gorgeous deep, black color. Very intense. However, its does not last well on my skin. It is very creamy, which for some is good. For me its to slippery and smudges too much with time. I prefer a dryer texture. Perheps oil slick would suit me better.
5 03 July 2013 tania
I bought perversion. Very intense colour. Easy to apply. Excellent eyeliner!
5 01 July 2013 Elena
I bought Goldmine and Scortch. Goldmine is a light gold with a pretty sheen that's lovely for daywear as there isn't any glitter in it. I expectd Scortch to be more bronze than it was, but as it is it's a middle brown with a copper sheen, and it's nice for a very subtle look.
5 29 June 2013 Kerry
I have this in Zero and I love it. I chose this over Perversion as I am very pale so wanted a more toned down black. This eyeliner is lovely and creamy and lasts longer than any other brand I have used.
5 28 June 2013 Lotte
Best eyeliners I know. Purchased Oil Slick, Perversion and Zero, all very good variations of black liner. Oil Slick is a bit less smoothly applied, probably due to the glitter, but last in my experience even longer on the eye than the other blacks, whose creamy formula can smudge on my monolid eyes.
5 25 June 2013 Alicia
Purchased this pencil in 'electric' and I love it. I put it on my water line and it is incredibly soft and pigmented! got so many compliments on the bold colour. Will be purchasing other colours!
5 26 May 2013 Jin
The one I purchased is Yeyo, which is a silver white cast color. It's so nice to put on the lower lash line. It can brighten the eyes instantly, which still look natural. Highly recommended!
5 22 May 2013 Alena
Truly gliding like a dream! No issues with application (I have 2012 New Year stash of these) and colors are sooo vibrant and juicy! And plenty of colors right here - just get what you want every time you want :)My fav. by now is Electric and Perversion.
5 18 May 2013 Michelle
I have this in El Dorado and I love it for any bronzy goldy look. (a staple for the summer and any night out!) I also like these in the inner corner of the eyes and under the lashline. Pros: Soft and doesn't tug on the lashline Pigmented and El Dorado is a nice true gold colou rGood staying power and stays on even after a night out!Doesn't smudge after the initial 5 secs Cons: Expensive A lot of product wasted when sharpening (unavoidable)If you want to smudge out the eyeliner, you have to work quickly after applying (before it sets!)
4 19 April 2013 Aileen
These pencils have great staying power, a must have for sun holidays! They are creamy to apply, and pigmented.
5 07 February 2013 Jessika
Absolutely perfect. It has a very delicate touch. Glides smoothly on water line, it does not smudge. It has a matte effect, the color is intense and lasting, strong as should be. I have white skin and difficulty of fixing colors in the eyes, as much lacrimation, but this pencil solved the problem. Will buy again with much certainty. I have no words to define. Only recommend.
4 27 January 2013 Emma
I purchased this pencil in Zero, perfect for tight lining but not great for precision application
5 26 January 2013 Anabela
These eyeliners are perfect, the best I have had until now! I recommend them.
5 25 January 2013 Chelsea
Love this eyeliner! goes on so easy, I use zero and it lasts all day! Would definitely recommend!!
4 18 January 2013 Phoebe
Absolutely love these eyeliners. They have wonderful pigmentation and last all day. Only problem I have is that when wearing the colour oil slick on my waterline (other colours like this normally are fine) it feels grainy on my eyeball and throughout the day my eye gets sorer and sorer
5 06 January 2013 Esmeralda
This is the first eyeliner pencil for me that does not smudge or leave stains under my eyes during the day. The staying power is great, yet they apply so easy and smooth. I definitely recommend buying one or more.
5 08 December 2012 Aishwariya
I've been using zero for two years now, and I love it! It lasts all day without irritating my eyes and lasts all day and the only time it comes off is with make up remover at the end of the day, it does smudge, but once its set, it wont budge for a while. Other than zero, perversion, demolition and bourbon are my favorites! I really want to get my hands on one of the brighter colored ones to see if the pay off is as good as the blacks and browns!
5 24 October 2012 Zina
LOVE these eyeliners! I originally bought the super stash set and full size Zero but i think i will now be buying the whole range of colours. I have been using these eyeliners for a while now and they go on so easy. Great colour selection and pigment and i find they stay on all day. Definitely recommend!
5 03 October 2012 annie
I have these pencils in underground, burboun, yeyo and perversion. Great pencils that tend to stay on for a long time. They can smudge a little during the day if you have oily skin. I would especially recommend perversion for a classic look with a read lip. The underground one is also a beautiful colour!
5 26 September 2012 Lily
Awesome eyeliners. They stay on all day without primer, great color choice.
4 14 September 2012 Priscilla
I've been searching everywhere for a black liner that I can water my top and bottom water line. These literally GLIDE ON like cream. I bought mine in perversion and it's so easy to smudge out! Having mono lids I don't really use this to line my eyes on my lid unless I was planning to smoke and smudge it out. It will crease it you just line your lid.
5 14 September 2012 Sue
Love these pencils so much, such dense pigment with long lasting effect, every time I put an order I also include 1 of these, now have bourbon, demolition and crash, would definitely recommend.
2 11 September 2012 Christina
Totally overrated. Didn't perform any differently to other eyeliners that I have (which are much, much cheaper). Smudged within a short period of time and faded after an hour or so. The only redeeming quality would be the great colour selection!
5 11 September 2012 Sarah
These pencils are amazing! I got Binge and Flipside, and I love to use the Naked Palette for a neutral look and then add the coloured eyeliner - looks fab and stays put all day. Can't wait for the holiday set to come out so I can buy more.
5 16 August 2012 M
Super smooth, goes on really nicely. When dry it's smudge-proof but there is a good amount of time to play with it and get it nice and smokey before it sets.
5 02 June 2012 Lucy
Best eyeliner I have ever used, I've tried a lot of different kinds of eyeliners but always come back to this one, it stays put all day, doesn't smudge easily and it comes in a huge variety of colours, my current favourite is Underground :)
5 16 February 2012 Kerry
I have always used liquid liner in the past but then discovered this. Glides on with ease and stays on all day on my top and bottom lids and comes of easily with makeup remover
5 29 January 2012 Felicia
These Eyeliners are amazing. It's so smooth and long wearing. I use "Zero" a lot on my upper lash line to make my lashes look fuller and it's the perfect liner for that. You can smudge it if you want to but when it sets, it really sets. Especially if you use it on your lid near your lash line and wearing a primer underneath.
3 26 January 2012 Madde
I like this eyeliner, but it's not waterproof at all as it says it should be. I've searched high and low for a liner that would stay put when applied on my waterline and really had my hopes up for this one, so I was disappointed when it came off pretty fast... But if you're going to use it on lashline the eyeliner is pretty good :) I bought it in zero.
5 08 January 2012 Paula D.
Zero is the best!Great!
4 20 December 2011 Victoria
I've used this before but had been struggling to find anywhere that sold it. 'Stash' is a great colour for green-eyed blondes as you get definition without the harshness of darker colours. Was surprised to see it advertised as waterproof as I've also had the smudging mentioned by others but not serious enough for me to buy something else.
5 30 October 2011 Purple
Lots of colors. So creamy So tenacious The best !
5 21 September 2011 Carmen
Zero is currently my holy grail eyeliner, it's great for tight-lining (you need to let it dry after application and it'll stay on all day and not smudge). And for the lower lash line I find that if you have mascara on your lower lashes then put the eyeliner, the liner tends to stay on longer and not smudge.
4 28 August 2011 Anna
Have ZERO from the palettes. I think it's pretty good, stays long time on the eye, but I think it's too expensive. 4 points because of the price.
5 26 August 2011 Angie
amazing eyeliner.. glides on sooo easy... was gutted when local shop stopped selling..but soo glad i found this site..
5 15 August 2011 Elaine
I am probably 40 years older than most of your users but still like to wear bold eye makeup. Trouble is of course the eyes become crepey with age and makes it difficult to apply neat eyeliner BUT not so with yours - it just glides on and stays put all day -Just love it, thanks Elaine (63 years!!!)
3 11 August 2011 Anne C.
Its an ok eyeliner when using it on the upper lash line. It is easy to apply, and glides on smoothly. But it dont last all day, and its not waterproof. If I wear it on the waterline, it comes off pretty quickly. The staying power is somewhat greater when you apply it along the lower lash line, but even then it smugdes a bit and eventually comes off.
5 27 July 2011 Renae
These eye liners are the best I've ever had. I've bought a couple of colours and they look awesome and they really do last all day!! Will definitely buy again!!
4 18 June 2011 Laura
Love it, stays on all day, expensive. Although I found that zero had amazing staying power was dissapointed with other colours.
5 21 February 2011 Anita
Excellent eyeliner! Glides on supersmooth and lasts all day, got this in Baked - beautiful bronze/gold colour.
5 03 February 2011 christine
lovely bright colour, easy to apply soft, goes on very easily

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