Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

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Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Zoom
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5 Carla
I cannot get any other eyeliner to stay on my eyes! I was so happy to discover this eyeliner. OK, so it's not entirely waterproof - you can't exactly swim in it, but it stands the test of my eyes and believe me, if it stays on me it should stay on ANYONE. I love the thin brush applicator as it allows for discrete line application as well as catseye flicks that the late Amy Winehouse would have been proud of. Love it
5 Nete
this is the only eyeliner i can get a PERFECT line with! it is so easy to apply, and doesn't budge at all. The only thing i don't like about this liner, is how hard it is to come of. And i also prefer a matte finish, and this doesn't have that. But i can live with that
4 Nicole
When I use a normal eyeliner it normally smudges within an hour, so I'm really happy that this one actually stays on throughout the day! The only problem is that within a week the product already started to clog, leaving annoying small (dried-ish?) pieces on the brush that I first have to try to remove before applying, so I'm a bit worried that it's not going to last very long... other than that I'm really happy with it!
3 Gaia
I like the liner, but it has two major flaws: 1) it's not compoleteley waterproof. In a couple of occasions I found myself with a vertical streak on my eyelid, because I had caught a drop of rain a few minutes after I had applied the liner. very bad. 2) the case is unreliable. A small piece meant to stay on the inside stuck to the wand, resulting with the wand being dirty with colour and the colour drying out very quickly. Other than that I liked the formula and the precision you can achieve with this. Also, apart from those occasions I mentioned, was rather happy with the staying power.
2 Linda Schoszarzek
The eyeliner stayed in like promised, but the result when putting it on wasn't as good as I hoped. It was really hard getting it even. Also, removing it was a pain (yes I know it's waterproof, but I did use a remover for that purpose).
5 Hanne
Best eyeliner yet. Easy to apply, beautiful finish. I haven't had any smudging, when it finally comes off, it's due to flaking, but it lasts several hours. The only problem I've had is, that if it gets on the lashes and sets, I can't apply mascara properly before it's been removed. Still better than anything else I've tried.
4 Ace
Love the liner, truest black, easy to apply, but it is not as waterproof as one would wish. I have a problem with runny eyes, and the ends of my lining never survives the whole day.
3 osh
5 stars to high pigment black color 5 stars to the brilliant brush - you can control it very easy 3 stars - the liquid quality. You have to shake it very very well! shake it around 30 sec to get high pigment color. Also when you take out the brush you will get clumbs! The liquid doesnt hold very well so you need a primer to extra hold. Also if you are going to apple mascara dont brush very near to liner otherwise it will remove :(!
5 Emily
I recently got this in black, amazing! Really really good staying power! Doesn't transfer onto the lid if you like to do a nice thick line. Only teeny tiny issue is that I have lash extensions and so removal was difficult, but love it and LOVE UD!
3 Michelle
I am a great fan of urban decay products but I actually dont know what to say about this product .. Yes it is a great liner and you can easily apply it to your eyes but the only problem i have with it is that the color fades away through the day. . I got this liner in perversion and demolition and the black one was really good but the brow one looks like its loosing his color during the day .. The pencil liners are much better if you want your eye liner to last all day !
4 Karoline
Love it!! One of the best eyeliners I've had! The black is really black and it stays on the whole day, even after sad movie. If I'm gonna be picky, the only negative thing is the somewhat unstable bottle that have a tendency to tip over if you're not careful.
5 Juliana pinheiro nemer
It is the best eyeliner I have ever used. It does not come out with water, and lasts all day without smudging.I LOVEDDDDDD
5 Elena
I bought El Dorado and it's beautiful! Really pretty and shimmery, with great staying power.
5 Gaby
I bought woodstock and I absolutely love it! It stays all day, it wont budge :)
5 cosmicgirl
I love this eyeliner. I match siren and perversion, it's gorgeous! I would like try eldorado!
5 Vanessa Straioto
I loved the eyeliner, retrograde....i liked the precise line....very good product.... I really loved the eyeliner!!!
4 Michelle
This is a very good performer! I am always trying to find the 'perfect eyeliner' for my everyday cats eye look. I bought 'Smog' as a more 'natural' colour for weekends when I don't feel like wearing heavy makeup, and it is perfect! Little bit of wear towards the end of the day, but otherwise excellent. I'm looking forward to trying other colours :)
5 Fernanda
I have this one in Woodstock and I love it! the color is beautiful, and it doesn't smudge.
4 Veronica
I got this in 'Perversion' and it is a very richly pigmented glossy black colour. The brush that is used to apply the liner is very thin and small, so if you're looking to draw a very precise line, then this liner would do a very good job of doing so. What I would say however, is that although it claims to be waterproof, I find it does flake and rub off easily if your eyes have a tendency to water.
5 Aishwariya
I usually use gel liner when it comes to lining my upper lid, but after discovering how much precision the small brush of this eyeliner gives, and the color pay off too, I love it! At first I stuck with perversion, but I was so drawn in by all the pretty colors, and when I saw retrograde and one of my favorite eyeshadows, radium, in liquid liner with fantastic pay off, I was starstruck, it adds a great little punch to neutral make up, or pairing a winged retrograde liner with radium eyeshadow really makes a pop!
5 Elena
I bought in color Perversion. Waterproof, saturated color. Easily applied. The quality of the product! I liked!
5 Bianca
My favorite eyeliner ever! The brush is thin (wich I think is the best for delineate), the color is strong and don't smudge! Water resistant but easy to clean off the eyes.I have two colors, Perversion and Retrograde, and I hope to buy more soon!
5 Marie
I've tried pretty much all the eyeliners on the market, both drugstore and high end brands and these are hands down the best - they're easy to use, the colour payoff is amazing, and they don't smudge (and I've tested them while swimming). Perversion is also the blackest black I've found.
3 Priscilla
PROS: The colours are rich and opaque and the applicator is a long thing brush ideal for precision. CONS: Sometimes I find the product starts to flake overtime on my eyelid (mono lid) and doesn't work that great with layering. The bottle also seems to get clogged up with product overtime as well. Majority of the time it won't budge so still a good product
5 Wenda
Im hopeless at using eyeliners - but this is foolproof!! Have tried most of the rest but Im going to stick with this one. Amazingly easy & lasts all day.
5 Mrs T
Best liquid liner I ever used!!Love this product?
5 Mimi
This is the best liquid eye liner out there! i have been trying all different sorts and brands but this here is the best in my opinion. I only have Demolition but i am planning to buy more colours in the future.
4 Ulrika Aspling
Love the colour and the texture, will use this alot!
5 a Finn-woman
Oh my god I abso-freakin-lutely love this product. I got my own Demolition today and this is love at the first sight. It is very easy to use with the amazingly fine brush tip ( I love it) and you get the perfect lining for 100 percently :) And the lining lasts all day. I'm going to buy these more :) Worth of buying. THANK YOU UD for this eyeliner!
5 Purple
Amazing product. Siren is a really beautiful color and the eyeliner is very precise and waterproof.

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