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Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Make Up Setting Spray 118ml

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Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Make Up Setting Spray Zoom
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5 Liraz
Easy to use, very effective. I'm using it on ALL of my clients and the makeup stay perfect until they remove it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
4 Rachael
Pro-longed my makeup for so long, and i feel like it helped decrease the transfer of my makeup as well which i love. However i am slightly oil-ly still so i might need to invest in the oil-ly alternative.
5 Michelle Summers
I love it! Well worth the money! I am living in a tropical environment, working outdoors and even went to a crossfit class and still perfect. So happy with this product. My eye makeup did not budge.
3 Brenna
I have been using this for several months and I have not noticed a big difference in the length of my makeup wear. It tends to make my face feel stiff.
5 Louise
The BEST setting spray to ever exist
5 Rebekah
This product is AMAZING. Better than I thought it would even be. Buy this!
5 Chewbacca
Works perfectly! flawless makeup throughout the whole day!
5 Marnee
I bought this awhile ago and have been using it for a few months... I have never owned a makeup setting spray before and decided to just go all out and try the one everyone raves about first up. I noticed the difference immediately. If I got out nightclubbing and I use this my makeup wont even budge. It will get a little shiny though but that is kind of to be expected when you are in an environment where its hot and sweaty. However on a normal day-to-day without the excessive amount of heat and sweaty-ness it stays put and looks fabulous all day! Would buy again.
4 Pauliina
This makes my make up look much smoother and gives my skin a nice glow and does what it promises as in make up lasts longer looking fresh. After a few hours my skin starts to look kinda oily and shine a bit too much though.
5 Ashleigh
5 Lula
The best setting spray! Purchased it twice and will continue buying it. I have oily/combination skin and this product makes my makeup last longer.
5 Kathleen
I've used this product a couple of times in conjunction with the Urban Decay B6 Vitamin Infused Complexion Prep Spray!
4 Olesya Artisevich
5 Michaela
I LOVE this product, I have started using it before I apply my foundation and as I have oily skin with large pores I can definitely see a difference in my skins texture. It looks smoother and the pores actually looks a LOT smaller.
5 Mart
Can't say that it makes a really big difference, but I think that it does the job well. I still shine like a disco ball but my makeup last longer and looks beautiful. I have extremely oily skin so maybe the de slick one is better for me!
5 Hanna
Really good setting spray that keeps my makeup looking fresh much longer and I love that the mist is fine and does not leave my skin feeling wet.
5 Heather Iles
I have been using this product for a couple of years and can recommend it.
5 flora
a good setting spray, doesn't break me out, helps with my makeup throughout the day. the spray itself is very good and it diffuses the product very well.
5 Indyana
AMAZING!! I have always had a problem with my make up no lasting and this has fixed that! It will keep my entire face looking the same as it was applied, all day! Amazing product so happy! Finally something works!
5 Bianca
I only used this spray once but I can already say that it increases the lasting of the makeup. I wore the makeup for about 16 hours and I didn't need to use blotting paper for my T-zone.
4 Jade
Honestly I've used this product a few times and my makeup still looks the same 10 hours later. It feels refreshing and calming but for the price I'm sure you could find something else.
5 Cupelada
I used this product several times... but can't tell if it makes any difference. Just to mention that I don't have oily skin and my make up usually last whole day, so...
5 Emma
I love this product. I am a beauty therapist and use it when I do wedding make-up on my clients. I Also use it on myself too, it is so nice not having to worry about reapplying your makeup.
5 Chantal
I used this just once so far but I am already sold! cannot rave enough about this product! it kept my make up fresh and smooth all night long, And it didnt look harsh or artificial, I received compliments all night on hoe good I looked.
5 chan po yi
it is very comfortable after i used this spay. it helps to keep my make up too be more long lasting. i like this product so much. i cannot find another high quality spay like this one in hong kong.
5 Kamila
This is amazing! I use it everyday from school to going out. It makes my make up last so long and I hardly ever have to retouch.
5 Lucy
This is a great setting spray, for me, I apply it before going out for the night, as I know I will be dancing and it can get quite humid and hot. My makeup lasts all night, and it looks the same before and after leaving the house. I would recommend it to anyone!
5 Monica
This setting spray is amazing! I wish they hadn't raised the price so much, but I would probably still get it again. Makes my makeup last all day.
4 Kelly
Very good product. Does what it says. However, I will not be using it every day because my skin breaks out with daily use.
5 Natasha
This stuff is amazing! Saves my make up from melting off my face in humid weather, and great for everyday use. Even for my sensitive skin :)
5 nika
Great product very happy with the purchase of this spray.
4 gracia
It's a great product, but I am giving it 4 stars because it didn't really meet my expectations. I was expecting great oil control, and after using for a week or so already, I can say that it doesn't last the 16 hours - my nose got oily within 3 hours. However, my makeup didn't melt off and my face wasn't so oily overall. So far, it is the best makeup setting product for controlling the oil that I’ve tried. I have a bit of difficulty using it though, as spraying in a T and then X did not quite cover my face completely. I also use more than recommended to cover the areas that couldn’t be reached in a quick once-over and in the end, my face would end up quite wet. It does dry quickly though, so that was a plus. It’s not a miracle for me, but it does help quite a bit.
5 Lisa
This spray is refreshing and really helps to make my makeup last longer. I can't believe that I lived without it for so long. Just take care to not get it in your mouth! (Not tasty)
5 Vanessa
The best setting spray ever! Make up lasts all day and gives it a flawless look, as well.
5 Vanessa
Kicking myself for not purchasing this long ago, it is so amazing!! Headed to the clubs last night and applied this after I finished my makeup. It didn't feel heavy or anything, and it just made my makeup look better (took away that powdery look.) As always, I dance for hours and sweated, including my face as usual. When I got home and looked in the mirror, my makeup still look amazing! I was so pleased. As I was way too tired to wash my face (I know, big no no) I went to sleep. When I woke up to go have a shower, my face still looked really good! Ofcourse not as flawless, but my makeup was still together and didn't look blotchy or anything, I had my makeup on for 16-17 hours at this point. Did I mention I have pretty oily skin?! I hate myself for not buying this ages ago, it would've saved my face countless times! I HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT LADIES!! Just an incredible product and I will continue to buy this for as long as I wear makeup! LOVE
5 Kim
Every girl needs this!! This made such a huge difference :D! Went out and check the mirror and it looked like I just applied my makeup on ,no touch ups needed. Definitely going to be repurchasing when I run out. An essential for all women who love makeup
5 Marie
This is a holy grail product for me. I can't live without it. I have oily/combination skin, and acne-prone, so I do wear quite a bit of make-up, but this spray just melts all the layers together flawlessly and helps it last all day with a natural look. I've tried the 'de-slick' version, and I like the 'all-nighter' way better! A must have!
5 KatieT
This stuff is amazing! I spray it before I apply any make up and also again at the end and my make up will last all day or all night! It is expensive but 100% worth it and you don't need a lot of product so it will last you a while! They also do smaller sizes and ones for oily skin too!
5 halldora
I love this setting spray. It does the job, my make up stays on longer and i do not have to retouch all the time.
5 Madeline
Perfect for when going out on the town! Make up stays on noticeably better
5 Ingvild
This is a great product! I use it everyday and together with the de-slick it really helps my oily t-zone, in addition to making my make up last all day. Every girl should have this!
5 Helena Davies
This makeup setting spray is extremely refreshing and perfect for a night out. It lasts a long time too so it's worth the expense.
5 Anna
I went on a forty minute bike ride in hot and humid weather, and when I came back my makeup still looked perfect! Even my cat eye, which usually gets smudged by hooded eyelids. Great stuff!
4 Rica
Works great!! And does exactly what it says it does!! however it does nothing for oil control.
5 Rebecca verbeek
Does the job. I felt like a couple of sprays wouldn't quite do the job but what do you know, it did!
5 Christina Eibakk
Great for my oily/combination skin. Makes my makeup last all day, and let the skin look fresh and dewy, without it looking oily.
5 Cat
Great for oily skin. It really makes your make up last longer.
5 Rachael
I am in love and so glad i bought this product! It's great for using after powder as it leaves you looking fresh and glowey rather than all matte and cakey from powder. Definitely a must have and is very versatile - can be used day or night/natural or heavier make up :)
5 Margrethe
This actually works! I used it the day I went to a concert, and my makeup lasted pretty well the whole day! I recommend this product for long days when you want your makeup to stay on for longer :)
4 Asa
A great product that makes your make up stay on your face and not transfer to other places. It takes away that dusty feeling you can get from powder/mineralproducts and it makes cream products stay longer. One spray goes a long way. The only thing I do not like is the scent. Eventhough it is not strong I wish it to be fragrancefree.
5 Jessica
A beauty MUST have! I never noticed how much this works until I ran out, keeps makeup looking fresh! Highly recommend!
5 Cassandra
This is great doesn't leave the skin feeling oily and makes your make up last all day!
5 Mia
This is great! It actually works. A small amount goes a long way.
5 Emma
Bought the one in the old packaging, it's really great, use it every day!
4 Jen
this is a lovely setting spray. It has a fine mist so doesn't soak your face and keeps makeup in place. I do find it gives your makeup a bit of a sheen but this can be dulled with a touch of powder if you like a matte look. Highly recomend.

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