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5 16 December 2014 Liliya
Very good liners, when i feel that black is too dramatic/boring for my make up, I draw duble line with one of these perfect pencils.
5 19 October 2014 Gaia
A good deal, especially if you've tried one and want more!
4 18 October 2014 Jenny
Great combination of colours, in a neat travel size but not too small either so are great for several months of use. Colours are bold and bright and also blendable.
5 08 September 2014 Manuele
A great way to try a variety of colors of these UD must-have.
3 21 August 2014 Esther
Those are good liners, but not the best. They are really smooth and silky, but not long-lasting at all, at least on my eye. And I'm not even used them on a waterline. Again, they are fine and the colors are beautiful, and I'm not regretting buying them, because the price is reasonable, but I wouldn't buy them again.
5 20 August 2014 Karen
Beautiful colors, good quality, I love !!!
5 18 August 2014 Belinda
I love these liners, stunning colors, great formula and a long-lasting finish. Plus, if you were lucky enough to snap up the limited edition Theodora palette the West liner is the perfect partner for it.
5 17 August 2014 Deborah Keogh
Great eye-liners and a good way to try out a few different colours without having to buy them all in the full sizes.
5 07 August 2014 natasa
So happy I bought these! I've received my package today and I'm already excited. They are so creamy and they go on so smoothly.... Excellent quality and beautiful colours. Value for money ;)
5 06 August 2014 Charie Vergara
5 17 July 2014 Nina Rahikainen
The quality of these eye pencils is great: colors are mostly opaque. All in all it's a really valuable set.
5 26 June 2014 Efy
Intense colours that effortlessly apply. They are great for smoky eye look - they smudge well, as well as remove easily. Recommended for beginners and pros
5 25 June 2014 Stella
These eyeliner pencils are absolutely gorgeous, and they glide on when you apply the eyeliner. Normally I'm really fussy with eye makeup but these are sensational and the colour selection is fantastic!
5 26 May 2014 Jackie
I only bought the travel sized size, to test them out first as well as I am travelling overseas soon and thought they would be the perfect size for travelling. These are fantastic, they last all day and are so creamy and easy to smudge. I have tried all the colours and love them all :)
5 15 May 2014 Daria
Really awesome product! Stays on whole day, does not smudge or fade, absolutely stunning colors, just love it
4 11 May 2014 Anna
Gorgeous shades, good colour pay-off but their staying power is quite overrated. If you have oily skin - they won't last for more than a couple of hours unless you use a primer (and a good one!)
5 07 May 2014 Helena
The size is perfect for my bag, or even an evning purse... I was a bit dissapointet in the green color. But the quality is very good, and is easy to blend/smudge, and will last a looong time without getting it all over the place :)
5 06 May 2014 Ivona Brizar
Very good quality, smooth, very pigmented and stays put for hours. It's quite expensive to buy the pencils individually but this pack of 6 pencils is a great, affordable way to test various colors.
4 29 April 2014 Christine
These are nice but I find that the caps come off sometimes, especially if I'm carrying them around in my makeup bag. They are smooth though, but I find that after a few hours they can smudge off (however I have oily lids)
5 16 April 2014 Olesja
Really pleased with those pencils, really soft ones, easy to apply, but a bit hard to sharpen and almost impossible to make a thin line. Liked the colours, have the same green eye colour, so green pencil makes my eyes even more bright. Suitable for allergic people.
5 04 April 2014 Noora
Excellent collection of quality eye pencils. Love these! <3
5 27 March 2014 Patrakeeva Nina
5 22 March 2014 Liezl
I love every single shade of this... best eyeliners ever! Once you set ~ they will last all day! Youll never worry that it will smudge :) will surely buy again
4 18 March 2014 Liliana
Amazing color payoff! Bit disappointed in the black though, not the best I've tried
4 23 February 2014 Andrea Delaney
Nice collection, good quality and range of colours
5 21 February 2014 Maria Teresa
Amazing colours! Very nice!
5 03 February 2014 JVMM
These pencils are my first product from Urban Decay and I'm very happy with them! They're very soft and the colours are amazing! They're really waterproof, I just can take them off with a biphasic eye makeup remover, which is good, because they stay all day in my eyes, even without primer... And, of course, the value of this pack is great!
5 10 January 2014 Shermaine
I really love these, and they are travel sized! Use them EVERYDAY without fail. I think its really affordable esp if you get them now on BeautyBay. Thank you for having urban decay products on your website, BB!
5 07 January 2014 JING
these pencils are one of my favorite products in UD, they are softy and they can stay for a long time (more than 10hours) on my eyes(have no eye primer!!!!)
5 03 January 2014 ElineVdS
These are amazing! The colours are soooooooo nice! :D It's great quality and really not expensive considering you get 6 shades and if you look at the size it compares to three full size pencils, which is a total bargain! :)
5 30 November 2013 Maya
Just received these babies yesterday and i already can't live without them!Theses pencils are really good quality, the shades are beautiful, very versatile, and considering the price, it's a good value product.

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