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Urban Decay Cannonball Waterproof Mascara 11ml

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Urban Decay Cannonball Waterproof Mascara Zoom
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5 Alison
I'm asian and have short lashes, this is one of the best mascaras i have used! it curls up my lashes without clumps or flakes. Very build able and i get compliments whenever i use it! they always as if i'm wear falsies :D
5 Ashley
it is an amazingly long wear mascara, i use it as a topcoat everyday! doesn't flake or clump.
5 Gael
Best waterproof mascara there is! It's the only waterproof one that doesn't make my eyelashes fall out. Doesn't smudge and looks great the whole day! It's really hard to remove it all though.
5 Tiitta Rasanen
I love this product, it's by far the best waterproof, cruelty free mascara I've come up with. It doesn't flake during the day, it lasts in the rain and during the most sweaty work-outs.
5 Emma
Adding to the happy reviews with this! It's my new favorite mascara! I particularly love how easily it glides on and that I won't make a mess using the brush on my lower lashes.
5 Andrea
This mascara is perfect! Creates amazing length, and the formula is really smooth and easy to apply. There is no flaking, and no need to reapply during the day! Holds my asian eyelashes in a curl all day! Will definitely re purchase when i run out!
4 Lucy
This is definitely a great long-wear mascara, I have no problems with it throughout the day as it does not transfer product onto my skin. However, my search still continues for a water-proof mascara that I can wear in the summer to the beach or pools, as this mascara unfortunately smudges and transfers like other products. Overall a great long-wear mascara for the price but I would not be purchasing it for water-based recreational activities
5 Perry
This mascara is great! It holds curl for my stubborn, stick-straight Asian lashes, lengthens and doesn't clump, and doesn't smudge throughout a full day. It's a bit pricey, but worth it.
5 Anita
I love this Mascara, i have a slightly mono-lided eyes and this helps make my eyes look bigger and you can actually see my eyelashes. It holds a curl very well and can be easily removed at night or the end of the day. This will be constantly repurchased over and over again!
3 Rhiannon
This mascara is by far not my favourite mascara that I own, but it also isn't terrible. I need to try it out a few more times but I've had issues with the fibres in it, and going to o touch ups to the rest of my make up a few hours later to find that it's smudged up my lid and under my lashes. It's definitely waterproof, and it's been good to use on my clients (bride, mother of the bride etc) but for me personally I'm not a big fan.
5 Judy
Great for holding curls in short, flat eyelashes. I'll put it on in at 7am in the morning and my lashes will still look good when I get home from work at 6pm. Would definitely recommend this product to anyone with short, flat eyelashes who want a good waterproof formula that can hold curls all day without smudging.
5 Kelly Ferreira
This is a beautiful mascara, long lasting, no smudge, no you a great length. Very light but gives all the volume and length you need :-) Absolutly great!
5 Samantha Wong
There was a slight leakage of the mascara when I received it, but otherwise, I'm very satisfied with this waterproof mascara. Tried and tested - I washed my face with the mascara on and there was no smudging!
5 Monica
This mascara has been my go-to-mascara ever after several attempts of different waterproof formulas, I first tried it more than 1 year ago and I have not strayed from it since. Its' dry waterproof formula helps hold up the curled lashes throughout the entire day. I have straight Asian lashes, so getting a really "strong" mascara is a must for me. Aside to holding the curl, it also nicely lengthens and thickens my lashes without making them look "fake".
5 marje
This is a beautiful mascara, long lasting, no smudge, no you a great length..hope they'll never discontinue, great service beautybay..
5 Danique
I've tried so many mascara's but they were never the right one for me. They would leave smudges on my eyelids or just not stay on very well. This is the best waterproof mascara I've ever had! Very light but gives all the volume en length you need :-)
3 Katharina
As a fan of Urban Decay I had to try out the cannonball mascara.But after using it many many times I have to say that you shouldn't buy it if you have volumeless eye lashes. It's fantastic if you want a mascara with a lengthening effect, but it won't give a volume at all.I tried to combine it with different mascaras and it works pretty well.
5 Helena Katarina Lindell
I have tried many waterproof mascaras. This is my favourite! I stays on and easy to use.
5 Tae
This mascara has little strings that attach to natural lashes, extending them. You've got to be careful while applying so you won't make lumps, but once you got it, it'll give you long, eye-catching lashes. Perfect for asians like myself, since we tend to have shorter lashes.
5 Iina
By far the best mascara I've ever used. Just one layer is enough to make a huge difference but it builds really well too without your lashes climping together so you can use more layers as well. This is for sure gonna stay in my make up bag forever!
5 Sally
I have tried so many mascaras, and they all came with one problem - didn't give enough volume, didn't last etc. When I tried this the first time I was really amazed! It's fantastic, it lengthens my eyelashes and separates them, and can really last a whole day without smudging. I first had problem getting it off, but I'm using baby oil with some makeup-remover and then its gone for sure. I will never change mascara, this is the best I've ever tried! I would definitely recommend it!
2 Sally Dean
Decided to switch from my previous UD supercurl mascara to this as my eyes had started to water in the cold weather and I ended up looking like a panda. Doesn't seem to go on so easily and the result don't look as good especially on the lower lashes. Has a hard, brittle look to it particularly if you apply more than one coat which you certainly need to do to get any decent coverage. It's absolutely waterproof which is a good thing, but the major problem comes when you try to remove it. What on earth do you use? Have tried 3 different eye make up removers and they all leave lumps and smudges. Not sure I would buy again, have purchased much better waterproof mascara's in the past. My most disappointing UD purchase so far, a real let down from my favourite brand.
5 Emma
My absolute favourite mascara! The length is extraordinary! Holds curl well and is very waterproof.
5 Mary Navin
The only mascara you will ever need.What a difference- so pleased i changed brands and decided to give this a go, This mascara IS a girl's best friend!.
4 Aishwariya
I've always been really picky with the kinds of mascara's that I use, I look for one that volumizes and lengthens without giving me spider lashes when I use more than one coat. I love the effect of this mascara! two coats and I'm out the door, with lush lashes! I love the length, though the volume isn't too fantastic, its a lot better than most of the higher-end mascaras out there!
5 Lisa
The first mascara that was able to hold the curl of my stick-straight-pointing-down-short lashes! I finally purchased this after watching frmheadtotoe on youtube's recommendation. It's also extremely water and smudge proof so I never end up with annoying little black smudges below the lower lid. Would repurchase again for sure!
5 Elena
best mascara I've ever used! easy to apply, eyelashes are well defined, love it!
5 Katherine
By far the best mascara I have ever used! Ultra waterproof and lengthens really well.
5 Renae
I sooo love this mascara. I bought it for my wedding and it definitely is waterproof. Lasts all day too. I hope you always have this product. Best mascara ever!!

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