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Urban Decay De Slick Oil Control Make Up Setting Spray 118ml

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Urban Decay De Slick Oil Control Make Up Setting Spray Zoom
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5 vered
great product use it everyday it doing magic to my skin !
4 Emm
Ok so this is a little spray of miracle. Nothing moved even after i was sweating like a pig one day, Sweat was pouring down my face but the makeup stayed on. With that said I think its too drying for my skin so i will try the Chill Cooling Hydrating Make Up Setting Spray next time. But for summer this will be fab.
4 Kiki
I haven't used this for that long yet but I feel like it only slightly reduces my oil production. It definitely helps with a problem I have where my foundation and powder seem to melt on my skin and slide around my face. I'm considering buying it again when it's empty.
3 Dee
bought this on a whim and im afraid i wouldnt repurchase as even though it helped my makeup stay on it didnt control my oily skin more than usual and thats with a primer
5 Madeline Deakin
Such a lovely setting spray helps my makeup last and leaves a wonderful finish xx
5 Camill
I LOVE this setting spray. I use it almost everyday.
4 Sigurd Dalen
It setts my make up really well, and it lasts way longer! But it doesn't really do anything for me when it comes to oiliness(maybe I'm just SUPER oily). I love it, but I won't buy this again. I'll get the one for normal skin.
5 Nikky
I have a very oily t-zone, and makeup tended to break-up and leave me patchy throughout the day. I've found that this misted over my favourite foundation and powder keeps the shine down, my makeup on, and doesn't make me break out. A must in my makeup bag!
5 AlvisF
This is an amazing spray that help to keep my makeup prefectly all the time. I use it before the foundation and after the make up, it did help to prevent the foundation, eye shadow and blush from smudging, sliding or fading. Even it is oil control formular, I do not feel any dry on my face but my skin very soft instead! An excellent spray which is highly recommend!
5 nika
It really helps control the shine for a lot longer and doesn't make me break out. Amazing spray.
5 Azhar
Very good product! Do not regret buying it (^^)/
5 Patricia
This spray makes the difference on oily skin. I tried the all nighter and this one and I can see a huge difference on my face at the end of the day. I absolutly recommend it
3 laila
This doesnt really help keep my makeup on that much but its great for oil control, my face stayed oil free throughout the day.
3 pat
This product doesn't really work for any kind of the foundation. The higher the quality of the foundation, the more long lasting effect you gain. All together, the product helps to prevent shining.
5 Tracey
I have combination skin and am particularly oily on my T-zone. It really helps control the shine for a lot longer and doesn't make me break out like many primers do.
4 ana
Did not perform miracles on my oily skin, but managed a little oiliness. Good product.
5 Catherine
I suffer with very oily skin and am constantly looking for products which can improve my skin. I can honestly say that this is one of the best products I have used - my make-up stays all day and my skin looks no way near as oily as it used to. Really controls the shine.
5 Jessica
Wow, this product really helps my makeup last from early morning to late night.
5 Chantelle
Feels great. Makes my makeup stay shine free for twice as long as it normally does. It doesn't break me out. It doesn't dry you out. It's awesome, highly recommend if you have oily skin.
5 Ingvild
I have a oily t-sone and use this as a part of my daily rutine. Love it! I use it together with the all-nighter spray and would never be without any of them. Just remember to shake the bottle well before use!
5 Ragna
Great product! I have really oily skin, and this really helps my makeup from getting shiny throughout the day. I spritz it on after primer, and before I powder. I will definitely repurchase!
5 Anja
HG setting spray for me. Makes my makeup last much longer, even on a hot summer day.
2 Gaelle
I have very oily skin and this spray doesn't do anything for me. I don't think it makes my makeup last any longer and I don't look less oily when I wear it. All in all, I'm afraid it was a waste of money for me.
5 Lisa
I've tried some face primers and never really thought they helped much, but with this i really see a difference! I have oily skin, but I feel that at the end of the day my makeup still looks nice with this! :) I spray it on before and after I apply my makeup.
5 Erin
After years of having oily skin get in the way of having good, long lasting makeup I am happy to say that I have found something that really helps. Whether I am at uni or work my makeup will last all day without looking oily like it used to. I can't imagine going without it again.
5 rebecca
I have very oily skin and I find this really helps to control it. I use this after I have applied my moisturiser, and then again after I have used my foundation to set it. This really helps to control shine and it extends the wear time of your make up!
5 Sophie
Firstly I have very oily skin, I always have to blot throughout the day. However this product has helped me so much, I use it after I have moisturised and also after I have finished my make up, then I powder. This product has helped me stay shine free for so much longer, about 6-7 hours when I am at work (which is a miracle for me). But more importantly for me it really reduces any makeup settling into lines, around my eyes and mouth which is fantastic. I do still have to blot with this bit it feels amazing on your skin and just makes your makeup look so much better. Will re-purchase when I do eventually run out :)
5 Emma Walker
If you get at all shiny during the day, try this out. It may be slightly on the expensive side but you need so little; it will last forever! It's lightweight and doesn't have a strong smell. I bought this for my wedding as I don't want to have to run to the bathroom every hour to 'powder my nose'. With this product I haven't had to touch up my makeup at all, even with 10 hours wear! It's now a holy grail product for me!

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