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Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

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Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Zoom
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5 Hannah
THIS IS AMAZING. No creasing, long wearing- my eyeshadow didn't even come off in the shower!! Incredibly happy <3
5 Caitlin x
I bought the Eden primer which is a skin toned base. This eyeshadow primer is awesome. If you have any discolouration to your lids this primer will be perfect for creating an even base for your eyeshadows or just for an everyday colour corrector for your lids. It increases the wear of your shadows significantly with no creasing. The eyeshadows stick right on to the primer and don't budge. Your eyeshadows will still blend nicely over the primer but will hold a nice placement to where you want the to go ie: they won't blend all over the place. Great buy you get sooooo much product it will last forever and the packaging is ver hygienic. Squeeze tube means the product in the tube won't come in to contact with bacteria making it last longer.
5 Megan
Of all the eye primers I have tried, URBAN DECAY is by far my favourite! Beautiful crease free formula creates a perfect canvas to apply your eye makeup up. Helps shadows to blend smoother and gives them lasting power. Helps shadow colors. I love using eden under neutral tones, original is AMAZING under more vibrant colors and sin works beautifully with any sultry, smoky, shimmery look. I just love this product
5 Ellinor
This acts exactly like MAC paintpot in soft ochre. I am amazed! You get a LOT of product for the prize, it's like an investment.
4 Lea
The tube is actually huge, I thought it would be much smaller. The price really isn't a bad one for a primer that will last a whole year definitely. Eden has a lot of pigment and it's very light and yellow, actually too light for my skin tone but if I don't use much of it and blend it well it's not noticeable, however I might buy this in original someday because of that. It does make eyeshadows stay! I usually haven't used eyeshadows much since I have oily lids and they're gone by 2 hours, yesterday I was so surprised when my shadows were still pretty intact after 5 hours of school including a gym lesson. However it hasn't kept my eyeliner in place which is a bummer, then again it could be that my eyeliner sucks (it's very smudgy). Still a very promising product and became part of my everyday makeup!
5 Eleanor
This product is a life saver - now my eye shadow doesn't crease or disappear when before, this was a problem I faced often.
5 ???????
This is my savior. Only with him now my shadows stay all day. Previously, it was for me a big problem.Very cool tool. I recommend to all!
5 sophie
This primer really makes your eyeshadow more bold and last longer! This primer would be a good base for going out eyeshadow as it is very bold and brightens up your eyes. I would recommend the anti-aging primer for everyday use as it is a very creamy and creates a very soft and subtle look to then start applying eyeshadow, I am still in my teens but I like the texture and softness of it more if i am comparing it to the original primer.
5 Ariela
a-m-a-z-i-n-g can't go a day without it it can keep my makeup in place for over 24 hours, even if i accidently went to bed with it
5 Amy Miller
I know they make oil control for your Tzone but I haven't always had the best luck with those. I have the wrinkle control lid primer and I tried a thin coat over my nose and it worked awesome to control the shine and gave my makeup an awesome smooth look I don't use it every single day but on long days or weekends out I for sure do. love it!!
5 Ekaterina
I`m make-up artist and working only with this product - can`t imagine my work without it. Also I advice it to my customers and they like it! Eyeshadow are more bright ang longlasting with this primer.
5 Izabela Blazinska
Now I cannot imagine my life without this product. Thanks to this primer eyeshadows persist all day on my eyelids. Eden gives a natural colour for my eyelids.
4 Yan Wing To
it's a winner for sure, the sin color is not for everyday though, it's a little too shimmery in my daily make up. But the quality is great, i'm planning to buy the original
5 Tanja Mannisto
Excellent for upper lids, holds eyeshadow in place all day, no grease at all. Tried it on undereye area, to primer the area before concealer, didn't work with me.
5 Egle
This eye primer is really great, the best thing about it that it really doesn't let eyeshadow to crease, unlike other primers, keeps the eyeshadow in place. Also the size of it is just wow, wasn't expecting to get so much product, so it's going to last for AGES! A very good investment, I would highly recommend it to anyone. Thank you for amazing service the products arrived very fast!
4 Gloria Lee Tsz Yan
5 Sandra Persson
5 Vanessa
By far the best eyeshadow primer I have ever used. I use the colour-way and its amazing - not only does it hold my eyeshadow in place all day but it really makes them pop with its highlighting colour. Please never discontinue this Urban Decay, its a staple.
5 Johanna Varmo
Great product.
5 Katerina
I have tried other eye primers (Nars, Makeup forever...). This one in shade Eden is definitely the best I have. It stabilizes the eyeshadow and has the right color for my eyelid. Will certainly buy again. Highly recommended.
5 Anne
I have this in the original color, and it's fantastic. Eyeshadows stay in place all day long. Will repurchase.
5 Camilla Vinther
I bought the color sin and it is the most beautiful shiny color. I love wearing this on its own. Also great when using eyeshadow over.
5 Madeline Deakin
This is my absolute favourite eyeshadow primer, my shadows last all day when I pair them with this product xx
5 Emma
I love this! I comes in a much bigger tube than my regular primer and you need only an itty bitty bit so it'll last you forever. I'm definitely going to try Sin as well, definitely.
5 flora
The best primer for my oily eyelids and since it last a long long time and you use a tiny portion each time, I would say it is definitely worth the price and in the end, not so expensive. To recommend !
5 Irish Kristine
this is awesome! definitely my favorite! <3
5 Sofia
I think this is the best eye primer! My makeup stays on for many hours and it is easy to use. LOVE IT!
5 Dasnia
Amazing product, no creasing and great colour pay off! So happy for this buy
5 Mapu
I seriously don't know how I lived without this product before! It makes your eye makeup stay all day and the eyeshadows you're using will look much more opaque and beautiful. Nowadays I feel like there's no point to even bother putting on makeup without this, it's a must have!
5 Susie
I bought the original one and it's really worth the hype! Hightly recommend it!
5 Sarah
Such a great primer. I have it in Sin and it gives the perfect amount of shine while holding the eyeshadows!
5 Osh
ONE OF THE BEST PRIMERS I EVER USED IN MY LIFE. You just take tiny tiny bit - apply, wait around 30sec , then apply any shadows you want DONE! it will stay over 1 day :D You can save this one more than 4-8months ;)
5 Eva
Bought the original - perfekt! Minimising the redness on my eyelids so that I dont need to put on any eye shadow.
5 Lydia
I've got really oily skin. My eyelids aren't so oily, though, they keep eyeshadows for about 6 hours or so. When I started applying Eden, any shadows last perfectly for at least ten hours. It's funny that when other face products need to be renewed, the eyes look really fresh and attractive. I wish I had something similar for my face!
5 Marina
I bought the neutral primer, it's great! It really brings out the eye shadow, and keeps it on all day. The tube lasts a long time too!
5 Phoebe
Eden is my favourite out of all the primers, such a good colour neutralizing primer. I use it sometimes just on it's own just because it's like concealer and primer in one.
5 Lilian
I bought the original one, I think it's one of the bests creamy eyeshadow primer I ever used.
5 Kamila
I own the original one and I seriously can't believe that my eye make up lasted all night. I was so shocked when I looked in the mirror and everything was still in tack. I used it with my Naked 2 palette.
5 niamh
cant live without tis product best iv tried. im always recommending it to friends.
5 Iryna
The best eyeshadow primer ever!!! It does not dry out the skin, but helps make-up to stay on the whole day (and night). It is super-economical, using it for a year and still have a lot!
5 Audrey
I have it in original and it is great! My eyeshadow never creases or fades and the product amount is pretty decent! Ive only had to buy 1 bottle so far! The only problem with the squeeze tube is that sometimes more product then needed comes out. Otherwise its a great longlasting product!
5 Monica
I own all four of these! All of them intensify eyeshadows amazingly well and make them last so much longer through the day. Being clear, the original is still the one I reach for the most, although Sin provides a nice silvery translucent shimmery effect. Eden provides the best level of intensity, but leaves a bit of a yellowish tint/base.
5 Maria
I have quite oily eye lids and this eyeshadow primer really helps my eyeshadow stay on for hours. I usually apply my eyeshadows early in the morning and when I wash my makeup of in the evening it looks like I just applied it. This is by far the best I have tried and I will continue to purchase this one!
5 Kelly
I'm very happy with this product. I use the original one. Just one piece of advice: only a tiny amount is required.
5 Chelsey
I have the bronze shade which is great as a highlighter or use it alone. It's very high pigmented and works amazing I love all urban decay products, also this lasts ages I would recommend!
5 Jeanette Wood
I don't use eyeshadow but I have extremely oily skin and by mid morning even my eyelids are so oily that it runs into my eyes. I use the primer potion and my eyelids remain oil free all day. Works like a charm. You only need a tiny amount. I have been using the same tube for nine months now and there is still plenty left. Excellent product!
5 Paula Akemi Oku
Its a kind of primer that you feel natural using it...but you miss it alot when you dont use. Its a product on my 'must have' list.
5 Josie Rowland
This primer really does work. It keeps eyeshadow looking fresh all day and stops it from creasing. I have tried many primers over the years but done have been anywhere near as good as this one.
5 Alison Colvill
I have used the original for about 2 years now, and it is my 'can't live without product'! Love the new packaging and it lasts for ages. I couldn't find the original recently when I re-purchased so I bought the anti age formula. Not sure how I will find that. It gives a neutral base so your colour is true to palette. Wonderful product.
5 Sarah
Best eye primer I have tried. I never use eyeshadow without it.
5 Claire
I'm really delighted with this product. It's the only eyeshadow primer I've ever tried that really works. Even after 15 hours, my eyeshadow looks as good as it did freshly applied. Absolutely no creasing, and I don't need to put a lot of it on to get results. I'm getting so much more value out of my eyeshadows now - it doesn't matter what brand I wear, it stays put all day. I absolutely recommend this product. I've only been using it for a month or so, but now I wouldn't be without it in my makeup bag.
5 Mira
Loooveeee how it made my eye makeup stays on for quite a long time. An amazing primer and I love it soo much xx
5 vesna
Hi .. I am of course delighted with the primer potion and I have other products from Urban Decay and I will definitely use them ubuduce.primer is excellent and shadows applied to last all day and does not collect on the eyelids .. anyone recommend..
5 Caroline
Great primer. Lasts all day. Once you put in on, it's on untill you take it off.
5 Lisa
After reading so many good things about this primer, I had high expectations. And I wasn't disappointed! The primer makes a perfect surface to do a good eye makeup and makes it last a whole night of dancing and sweating! Will definitely repurchase.
5 Elisa
The best eyes primer that I been used! It's excellent!
5 Anna
An amazing eyeshadow primer. The eyeshadows hold without problems from morning until late in the night.
5 Dri
Good quality, I love it
5 Claudia
I have oily eyelids and I was looking for a good eye primer. I've tried a few, but i didn't like them. This primer is the best one ever! I'm so glad I bought this product!
5 Maija
This is the best primer I have used. Eyeshadow stays on all day long.
5 Marketa Sedlakova
This eyeshadow primer is really amazing! I can use very cheap eyeshadows and they hold on my eyelid all day and sometimes even all night ;-)
5 Kannis
This primer is just amazing, it really helps my make up last all day long. LOVE!!!
5 Edith
Hands down, the BEST eye primer I have ever tried. I have extremely oily eyelids, and it's not a good combination with the humid Asian climate here! This primer does the trick and everything just stays put!
5 Emma
This is the best eye primer one can ever get! It works seriously great and your eye make up will stay on all night. I have really oily eye lids, but it doesn't matter because with this eye primer, it stays on anyway.. I can only say: if you are looking for an eye primer that is guaranteed working, buy this
5 Amanda
I have bought this primer after a good review from a dutch beauty blogger who I follow. The delivery to Holland was very fast and when I first tried the primer: Wow! It definitely makes a huge difference! My eye shadow stays on perfectly and doesn't smudge throughout the day. My eyelids instantly feel silky smooth after applying the primer potion. I love it!!!
5 Claire
This primer is amazing and really is worth the hype! I have extremely oily eyelids and this prevents any creasing from happening. Definitely would recommend to anyone wanting long lasting, vibrant eye makeup!
5 Natalia
I got my UD PP in Eden 2 days ago, it's matte and you only need a tiny amount for both lids, I love it, it holds my eye makeup entire day without creasing or smudging. HG for me.
5 Elin
I love this! Keeps the colors vibrant and on there throughout the day!
5 mermaid
best eye shadow primer for my oily eyelids!
5 Linda
I bought the eyeshadow primer potion and I loved it. Eyeshadow really stays longer.I tryed 24 hours and it was looking great just a little touch up and I could carry it again that day.
5 Celina
This primer works very well. It's the perfect size for my travel bag.
5 Mayani Thais Lopes
Estou impressionada com a qualidade desse primer, &#233; maravilhoso, alta durabilidade, al&#233;m de valorizar a maquiagem dura o dia inteiro.. ou a noite inteira! Estou usando a vers&#227;o original e casa com todas as cores poss&#237;veis de sombra. Super recomendo!!! Translation : I'm impressed with the quality of this primer is wonderful, high durability, and value the makeup lasts all day .. or night! I'm using the original version at home with every possible color shade. Super recommend!!
5 Helena
This eye shadow primer glides perfectly onto the eyelid and it's a beautiful colour. You do not need to use a huge amount of it each time, so it's worth the money :)
3 Shahnaz Rahman
I have the original. Its a Very good primer, but it could be a little more moisturising in terms of applying a concealer after using the primer. I use the mac studio fix concealer which is abit dry (but does the job) and the primer is also dry which makes it difficult to apply the concealer. This is my only downfall but other than that its great! Eyeshadow stays in place for hours!
5 Freya
This is the best eyeshadow primer in the world. The eyeshadow will just stay and wont smudge at all!!!!!!!!!!LOVE IT
5 Eilish
I have this in Eden and its just amazing. It covers any redness of your eyelid and gives it a smooth natural base colour. My eyeshadows last all day when I use this, no fading, creasing or wearing at all!
4 Ipek Gultekin
I have the original primer potion and its just amazing. Eye shadow stays all day long especially when I make shadow. Also I love the packaging but it could be much more bigger according to the price.
5 Olga
I have in Original. It's the best eyeshadow primer. My eyeshadow stays all day long and doesn't crease with my oily eyelid.
5 Katharina
I used several eyeshadow primers... and after years I can say that Urban Decays Primer Potion is the best eyeshadow primer I used so far. It's perfect if you have super oily eyelids like I have.I use it every single day and I only need to buy a new primer every year.
5 Lucy Harrison
So amazing, will carry on buying, makes my eyeshadow stay put all day, I have oily eyelids and this still keeps my eyeshadows from budging!
5 Bethan
Have the original! So easy to apply and eyeshadow lasts so much longer and looks great. Thanks Urban Decay :D
5 Galina
I have the original. Best eyeshadow primer I ever had. My eyeshadow stayed 12 hours. 100% recommend.
5 katie
I have this primer in a few of the colours and i love them. I have problems with eyeshadow creasing and i struggle with having oily eyelids but this keeps my makeup on for hours. 100% reccomend this espeicially in eden.
5 Natalia Leguisamo
i looove this product. Ive tried a lot of eyeshadow primers and this is one of my favourites. The texture is so light but it sticks the shadow very well. I highly recommend it! :)
5 Dany
Primer occhi ottimo, aiuta a far durare l'ombretto per ore senza che si formino quelle bruttissime pieghe. Translation: Eye Primer great, helps to make the eyeshadow last for hours without creating those ugly wrinkles.
5 Shivania
I really like this primer. I think this one is the best there is. Have bought a second one already :)
5 melanie
100% would buy this again
5 Holly
5 Olivia
This is a very well known product and there is a reason for it, it's amazing! it creates and smooth, flawless base for any eye shadows, it has a really great consistency. this product is amazing and highly recommended!
5 Mary
Bought the original, it does the job for hours!!!
5 Ingvild B G
I have this in both the original one and in sin. I LOVE the original one, it's been my savior for such a long time. I have really oily lids, and the primer potion makes sure there is NO creasing and makes the colours last longer and they are much more vibrant. Hands down the best primer for eyes out there! (It'll hold up against pretty much anything, crazy night out, hot summer's day and rainy days,)Sin is pretty much the same as the original one, only more shimmer, perfect for a night out or if you just want a quick fix to make your eyes seem brighter :)
5 Jaime
This is the single best cosmetic product I have ever purchased. I'm considering buying a lifetime supply so I never run out! I bought "sin" - fantastic colour, can be used all by itself or as a base for other colours. This stuff STAYS ON, doesn't move, and keeps other eye shadow on too, and really does bring out the colour in other products. SO amazing!
5 simonetta
this is the best primer I ve ever tried :D
5 Katie
I love this primer, even with my oily skin it makes my eyeshadow stay put all day, with no creases, and shadow stays true to its colour. The original one is my fav, i also like to wear the primer on its own for a super natural look!
5 marti
It really is an amzing product! I have super oily eyelids, and I have been skeptical about this product for a long time. Finally I decided to give it a try when even my favorite cream shadows (which are supposed to last longer) creased after a couple of hours and now I'm in love with it!
3 Sanna
I have this in Eden. I like the shade of the formula, it covers veins and brightens my eyelids quite nicely. Unfortunately it stays on nicely only for few hours and sometimes it makes my eyelids feel really dry.
5 Diana
Love it! Bought the original and sin,been using it every time I wear my eye makeup,life saver,no creasing whatsoever!
5 Fernanda
they are great, my eyeshadows stay flawless all day, and I have super oily lids!
5 sara
Awesome product! the eyeshadows last for 12 hours and more, depends on the the season, recomend it!
5 Caitlin
I love Urban Decay's Primer Potions. They make sure my eye shadow doesn't crease, stays true to colour and lasts all day. My favorite is the Original version, although Greed is quickly becoming a favorite too.
5 EmilieHG
So glad I got a sample of this with my Nude palette!!! No creasing for the first time in my life! I'll be coming back for more ;)
5 Aishwariya
I love this primer!! especially because it comes in a variety of shades, sin and greed are my favorites, sin makes my eyeshadows seem cooler toned while greed brings a goldeny warmth too them which I love, and when I'm in the mood for a smoky eye, I stick with the original! They last all day, and when paired with a setting spray will not budge at all! With my current ones almost over, I'm saving up for new ones! Hopefully i'll be able to buy them off of beautybay soon!! :D
5 Jessica
So, Finally Its here .I purchased this in eden and I Will defenatly get sin also.I have sensitive skin and thats why I only order this in Eden.It works great on me anyway,I havent had any primer before thats get in close to UDPP.This rocks...just pick your favorite shade and you will surely be as I - soo glad :-) thanks.
4 ana
Helps my eyeshadow stay all day, it´s very good.
5 Camilla
I'm so addicted to the original primer potion. Easy to apply and dries fast. Been thinking about trying out the Eden Primer Potion, but right now the original is all that I need. I definitely recommend this!
5 Adriana
Have this in Eden and its super. Great base colour and texture for eyeshadows and it certainly makes a huge difference in the lasting abilities and setting of eye makeup for big nights! A must have for every girl xx
5 Belinda
Got this in original and i'm in love! Helps my eyeshadow stay all day and creates a smooth base for them to go on to :)
5 Thais Lins de Andrade
This product is excellent! To fix the eyeshadow very well and dries very fast. Just a little to cover the whole eyelid. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion is a must-have!
2 Hannah
I bought this because of the reviews and I thought it could compete with Too Faced Shadow Insurance. It can't. I bought eden and maybe the original is better, it was sticky and lasted not so long, when this is out I'm going back to Too Faced. ;(
5 Aida
There isn't a primer in the world that can hold my eye shadows from creasing besides from UDPP. It's fabulous and I couldn't be doing any make up without it!
5 Becca
AMAZING! I LOVE this product! :)
5 Lívia
Best eyeshadow primer base ever! I have the primer Sin, it's very good. The eyeshadow stays like forever and the primer itself can be used as eyeshadow. Love it!
5 Priscilla
I can never apply makeup without my primer potion! My all time favourite eye primer and the new packaging makes it so much more easier to use all the product! You only need a small amount and it dries to a matte slightly sticky texture ready for shadows to be applied. Doesn't budge and doesn't crease. LOVE
5 Elma
Perfect! No crease and every eyeshadows will stay ALL day!
5 Barbara
Irreplaceable, the best primer absolutly, uniform color and the eye shadow is fixed and does not move. Makes colors brighter
5 Franca
This does exactly what they say it does, meets all expectations, no creases!
5 Martina
This is a true "Can´t-live-without-product"!
5 Erin Wilson
This product is fantastic - my eye makeup constantly wore off without it, but now it stays put. I do find I have to be careful with blending as this product is so great it will really grab whatever colour you lay down, but the extra care when applying colour is worth the staying power in the end.
5 Guia
This product is incredible, my make-up lasts hours and hours and the colours are far more bright if I apply primer potion before eyeshodow. I tried both original and sin and the difference is very little, they both are amazing, sin is just a little shimmering.
5 Carol
The best eyeshadow primer! I can not live without this product!
5 Ioana
Best primer ever for your eyeshadow!
5 Elin
this is the best primer i've ever used, it keeps the eyeshadow on until you remove it at night. it has a very nice formula and applies really good. other primer i've used has glided around on the lid and you really have to work it in, but not with this one. i absolutely love this primer! recommend it to everyone!
5 Leonie
The best make up product that I have ever used. No more need to spend money on expensive eye shadows that claim to be long wearing, with this product any shadow will stay on all day. Love it!Can't live without it! You will not be disappointed.
5 Irada
Great product! I have a double eyelid eye but with hardly any crease almost like asian eyes, eyeshadow normally builds up on the crease but after using this it doesn't builds up anymore. Recommened
5 Mel
This primer really works. I have tried other "crease-proof" eye primers, but thanks to my hooded eyes they always crease. These stay wear you put them. My favourite for an all-over eye primer is Eden, the yellow-tinted matte version. This really gives you a good base to work on. Sin is really nice just to use on the eyelid for a pop of colour.
5 Cynthia
People say the world will end this year but to me, I think the world will end if this product ever discontinues....
5 Laura
i have been using this product for 3 years and its by far one of the best make up products i own. i keeps my eyeshadow on all day long and crease free too!
5 SR
With this primer I have learnt how it feels not to get panda-eyes while the eye makeup is still brilliantly on.
5 Iidaliisa
Works like a charm.
5 Ithfifi
I've been using the original for years and stuck by it. Your eyeshadow will stay on all day without creasing, the colours are applied more vivid and smoothly. The tubes are brilliant because it means you get get all the product out so there's very little wastage. Another bonus is you only need a very small amount, it will last you a very long time. Worth it!
2 Jane
I feel guilty writing this, but i have had no such dramatic results, found my eyeshadow lasted tiny bit longer but did still crease. That's what happened in my experience, sorry
5 Laura
This one works so good! it stays ALL day, looked fabulous. I have the original one by the way
5 Grete
There is nothing like this product, perfect. How did I ever live without it? Well, I had to check my eyeshadow couple of times a day and remove smudges and lashes, I never got my shadow to be as bright as I wanted, especially the pinks and purples. But now I can :-)
5 Zipporah Okoye
I bought this as I wanted to extent my eye-shadow usage time, without having to keep popping off to the bathroom for a touch up. Let me just say it works! After what I can only recall as 'the' wildest night out. I came home to find that my eye-makeup had stayed. I absolutely swear by this. Every beauty basic kits needs this product.
5 Soph
A really great primer. It enhances the colour of your eyeshadow and keeps it in place all day/night.
5 Madde
This product is amazing! I have the Original and it's invisible and incredible! Your eyeshadow stays on for the whole day without creasing!
5 amber
Love the new packaging! works well . its a must have . xoxoxoxoxo
5 Tracey Murphy
Simply the BEST
5 justina
love it cant live without it mu eyeshadow stays on all day love it xxx
5 Emma
This stuff is amazing!I've just bought a replacement tube from beauty bay but it's about my 4th tube of it. It really does make your eye make up last all day and all night! Love the new packaging too-the squeezy tube means I'll be able to get every last bit out!
5 Rebecca
I have used the original in the genie bottle in the past, but find the new packaging so much better - I bought both the original colour and sin, and have actually used sin about 90% of the time as it is great on its own and lasts so well without creasing. worth the hype
5 Dasa
Very good even for my extremly oily lids!
5 Ivy Chau
I bought this product a while back for the first time and w.o.w. It's not like any other primer I've tried before and not only does it prevent creasing, it makes my eyeshadow look more vibrant but matte at the same time! It's amazing!
5 Miki
This product is amazing!! My eyeshadow stays on and true forever. I can't live without this now.
5 Hilda April
I have the urbandecay primer potions in original and in sin. You cant make a gorgeouse eyemakeup without the primer potion. It is the perfect base you cant live without. And whats the meaning of doing an eye makeup look without the primer potion if it creases? Best primer I have used!
2 Lily
I've been a user of the original eye primer potion for a long time and loved it. When the new versions came out I bought 'Eden' to try. I'm actually really disappointed with it (although the new tube is a vast improvement). Regardless of the amount I use, it still seems to crease unfortunately.
5 Meila
This product is AMAZING it has been a staple product in my make-up collection for years and it never gets Old! It keeps my shadow on all day long without it creasing or fading! I deffinetly Prefer it in the squeezy tube!
5 Pia
I truly love this eye primer which makes the eye make-up stay in place all day!
5 Chris
Excellent primer that means eye make-up lasts all day. A 'must-have'.
5 Madeleine
Since it's pretty much impossible to get urban decay-products where I live, I can't say how happy I was to find the brand on beautybay. After trying this primer, I know that I'll be lost without it. Before, I'd think twice before putting on dramatic eye make up, because I'd know it wouldn't hold. Now, I don't have to worry about that. I love this product.
3 Qijia
This eye primer is very good! But your delivery time is too long. I just can't believe why international delivery need more than 3 weeks with such high delivery fees. Hi Qijia, sorry your parcel was late. We endeavour to dispatch all orders quickly and orders are usually dispatched within 24 hours and normally arrive in around a week. However, if the parcel is held in customs, or delayed along the way, then it can take longer to arrive and unfortunately this is out of our control x
5 Stephanie
The original eye primer is the best I've ever used (and believe me I have tested a lot !)
5 Marie
I LOOOOVE this, it is perfect! It makes my eyeshadow last all day, flawlessly! It's perfect :)
5 chastine
The best eye primer ever!!
I bought this 2 months ago from your site and I'm sooooo satisfied from it. I tried to find it in stores here in Greece but I couldn't so you'll hear from me soon again!! I think the new package is better to carry on trips!!
5 Cat
Great product! Even when I dance (and sweat!) for hours, my smokey eyes are staying fresh!
5 Lydia
This has long been a staple in my make-up bag. An eyeshadow primer might not seem like a necessity but it really makes all the difference! I love that Urban Decay have listened to their customers and changed the packaging - a squeezy tube means less waste - no more chopping the tube up!
5 Elvire
Love the new packaging! So much easier with the squeezy tube you don't loose lots of product on the bottom. And of course it works as well as the old one, my make-up stays all day long and does'nt crease even with my super oily eyelid!

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