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Urban Decay Lush Lash Mascara 10ml

4.5 11 Reviews
Urban Decay Lush Lash Mascara Zoom
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3 Sunny
It is a good mascara if you like natural look (it doesn't volumize or thicken my lashes) , but doesn't have resistance to water at all. Even for few tear drops or enjoying sauna.
4 Selma Hakuni
I was hoping it would be a little more wateerproof, as the description said. It's really not. But otherwise a good mascara.
4 Kiki
I quite like that mascara as the wand is pretty good at seperating my lashes. Some of the other reviewers feel that it's good enough for a day time look, but it's not for me and my thin, short lashes. And I don't even go for a heavy look. Haven't noticed my lashes getting any different but maybe I will notice some in time.
3 Siri
Yes, this separates and lengthens lashes, but me, I like me an all-rounder and this doesn't do a good enough job at that. In addition I find it doesn't hold up well in a drizzle, and while I might be asking too much , I do expect to get on the bus wth my mascara still intact.
5 Veronica
My favorite everyday mascara! Separates and lengthen my lashes, doesn't clump and it doesn't make my lashes feel stiff.
5 Karoline
A really good mascara, one of my all-time favorite! It is light, not at all gooey, and lengthens and volumizes my lashes without any clumps. Love it!
4 Jenny
This mascara separates and extends your eyelashes. The result: long, clump-free and natural looking lashes. The formula is nice and works great with the wand. I give the mascara 4 stars. The con with the hourglass shaped wand is that I can't reach the inner and outer lashes properly with the rounded tip.
5 Irina
Love it, absolutely what i need! Feels 'light' on my lashes and at the same time gives a volume(well at least for me) and in fact I wouldn't call this product expensive ^_^
5 Kim
Love this for the day. It doesn't have enough volume for me at night but thats fine. It feels comfortable for me enough to wear for the whole day unlike other ones that feel stiff and starts to flake off after a few hours. Feels like your lashes grew nice and long but its the mascara. :)
5 Lina
This just might be the one! Is my endless search for the best mascara ever finally over? The formula is practilcally smudge proof and my lashes look full and long. The lashes doesn't feel stiff (I hate when they do), it does'nt clump and you can easily layer it. I love the hourglass shaped brush, it makes it easy to reach every single lash.
5 Samantha Wong
It's one of the best mascaras I've tried so far. It is light and extends my lashes well. It looks so lush and natural! I particularly like the fact that it does not have those disgusting clumps like most mascaras do. Also, it does not smudge easily (and I have oily skin) so I think it's great for long time wear. Whether my lashes grow... well, we'll see.

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