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Urban Decay Mariposa Palette

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Urban Decay Mariposa Palette Zoom
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4 Denna
I certainly love the palette. I expected it to be very small size, because one eyeshadow's weight is almost 3 times less than full size of normal eyeshadow, but... It is huge, and I will not take it with me in trip, I am not sure that it is save, there is half box space between eyeshadow surface and the cover, you can hear the brush when you walk.The palette itself is fantastic, I never had such a beautiful palette before, all the colors in place, nothing is missing or waste. I love different variations of bronze and gold, they are just designed for my hazel eyes. Unfortunately, they make fallouts a lot, so don't forget to tap on your hand before applying. Otherwise, I am very happy with the palette.
5 Liz
Beautiful! Beautiful colors very strong!the right mix of matte finish, shimmer and metal!Great for all the girls who do not want to go unnoticed!
4 Siri
As a make up junkie I had to have this. It's made from UD's old formula, and as such I have more fall-out with this palette than my other UD e/s. That being said, the formulation's still excellent, and superior to that of many other brands. The packaging is sturdy and great for travel, but I do miss a mirror. If you can't afford their book of shadows palettes or, like me, find them too large for travel, this is a great substitute. Also, if you want a combination of brights and neutrals or an introduction to UD, this is for you. Personally, I rarely use brights, making the comparatively small size of the pans a pro rather than a con, as it's perfect for experimenting until I get braver in my choice of colours. I'm taking off one star for the formulation being slightly below what I'm used to from UD (which really isn't bad at all) and for the lacking mirror.
5 Sunida
Love, love and love this palette. It's such a great palette for summer and every day look. It's long lasting and well-pigmented.
5 Maja
When I start to use Mariposa palette I noticed how soft and pigmented eyeshadows are, which I love, because they are easy to work with, but also, they have a huge fallouts. I always do my eyes first and after I'm done with the makeup on my eyes I'm going on the foundation. But in this case, it would be smarter if you do your eyes first, and foundation second, or you'll end up with the eyeshadows all over your face, no matter how hard you shake your brush before applying an eyeshadow on the lid. I used those eyeshadows with and without a base. They had almost the same effect on my non greasy lids, but the only difference was that the colors of the eyeshadows were a bit vibrant, than without a base. They lasted for 6 hours on my lids, when intensity of colors starts to fade, and finally they end up in my crease. I'm very happy with this purchase, if your into mix of darke and vibrant colors this one is a must
5 Charlotte
I bought this product for prom, and I absolutely love it. The colours lasted all night long(with a lot of dancing). Long lasting, highly pigmented colours. Love it!
4 H.K.
I bought this palette because I didn't want to spend too much money and took it with me for a trip. There I fell in love with the colors. They are perfect for everyday use. Only downside: it's hard to open. So 1 star off.

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