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  • ABC Gum
  • Blackout
  • Buck
  • Foxy
  • Naked
  • Peace
  • Secret Service
  • Tease
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5 31 March 2014 Irene O'sullivan
Lovely product, fast delivery. Thanks
5 23 July 2013 Anna
I bought Secret Service. The perfect eyeshadow for the eyebrows as well as for the eyelid. Simply great!
5 23 July 2013 Anna
I bought blackout. It's simply great.
5 04 July 2013 Sophia
I bought 'cobra' and I'm really glad I did! Great color, shimmering between brown and deep green. Just perfect, used dry or wet for a more intense/ eye-liner effect. I can wear it at work as it is sophisticated
5 03 July 2013 Cristina Costa
I love this eye shadow for brown eyes. I couldn't live without.
5 22 May 2013 Alena
I have no complaints about the quality. But these are definitely worth every penny.
5 09 April 2013 Gabrielle
I bought ABC gum and the Naked 2 palette (which has Tease and Foxy) from Beauty Bay - the delivery was quick and everything was packaged well. I've had the colours for a good 6 months now and ABSOLUTELY love them. Smooth and blendable, great to transition shimmery colours or create a look on their own. Totally worth it! Will buy more colours in the future.
5 18 January 2013 Juliana Kamada
I bought the secret service eyeshadow and it's perfect to correct the eyebrows (if you have black hair) and also, if you want an every day smokey eye, it works very well

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