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Urban Decay Naked Palette

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5 Zoe
staple in anyone's makeup collection i will get use out of every color so creamy and easy to blend ! A++++++ from me :)
5 Demet
I love this palette. Sometimes I use other palettes but at the end of my make up I want add one colour from this palette and I say ok perfect. Colours are very good for me every time and everywhere.
5 Chani
I am very very happy with the product. Their colours are very resistant and pigments. My delivery was delayed and Beauty Bay company was in touch with me and concern for me what to do if the shipment does not arrive. You gave me great attitude!
5 Jess
If you're stuck choosing between UD's infamous palettes, hands down, this one is the winner! I was in the deciding process for so long and also compared friends palettes. This one was my final choice and I don't regret a thing! The colours are so pigmented and combined with one of the four primers, they last me all night! I'm a makeup novice and am constantly getting complimented when I've been playing around with this palette. It's my go to and now my new holy grail palette. Definitely worth the money! x
5 Sviatlana
Very good palette. Musthave for every girls. I will advise my frends. Thanks beautybay.
5 Dijana
Really really lovin it and this is the second time that I by this product. The package is like the original and without any damages. The eyeshadow is very smooth and perfect to blend and the brush has a good high-quality compared to other makeup palettes.
5 Dhaifullah
best eyeshadow i ever have love it
3 Denosha
I have a dark skin tone (ethnicity South Asian). The colours are really nice and pigmented, blend really well, this is the biggest plus. The reason why I rated it a 3 is because its not a make up palette I can use everyday and in my opinion it isn't very versatile, especially for a women of my skin tone. I had watched many reviews before hand of the Naked pallete prior to purchase and I knew not all colours would suit my skin tone. 7 of the 12 colours from Half-baked to Gunmetal look great but Virgin to Buck are colours that are too ashy for my warm skin tone. I think the biggest let down was the colour Buck as i thought it would be a perfect nude eye shadow- but it was too ashy. Also in my opinion the colour and texture range is a bit too boring, this maybe because I couldn't use any of the nude matte colours and was left to only use the satin ones. So if you are a woman with lighter skin this would be the perfect palette because you would be able to use all the colours and get your moneys worth but if you are like me then try the Too Faced Chocolate palette. I bought this as well and and super happy with the color range and textures in the Chocolate palette.
5 Andrea
Love all of my NAKED palettes but you have a bit more darker shades here to play with and re create ur special look ! love it ...remember to prime and put the finish xox
5 Kseniya
Really like these shadows. color matched organically. use in most cases shades - sin, naked, half baked. showered with shades of Shimmer - sidecar, gunmetal
3 Siow Yune
There are not enough lighter colours for blending. Many of the colours are too dark so it's hard to mix the colours. the shimmery ones are also too shimmery. i still use it cuz i bought it. but i wish there were more natural, lighter tones and not so many dark, shimmery ones. colours stay on very well though and some colours look really good together.
5 Stella Damaskinidou
Probably the best premade eyeshadow palette I have ever bought.The colors are super wearable and it's very easy to come up with different combinations.Only downfall is that they do need a good base underneath if you want them to last all day long and sometimes there is a little fallout.Nonetheless,it's a great purchase and probably will buy it again if I run out!
5 Megan
I now own all three of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes. These palettes are gorgeous! The shadows are highly pigmented and the color payoff is amazing. These shadows have a creamy texture with rarely any fallout. This palette is versatile as it can be used for both natural and dramatic looks. I love it!
5 Marnee
I caved and decided to spend big money on this palette and I'm so glad I did. It's the perfect universal makeup palette and I literally use it everyday. I originally decided to choose from either this palette or the Naked 2 but because I suit warmer tones better I decided for this one. I'm definitely considering the Naked 3 palette as well. The colours are gorgeous, pigmented, smooth and creamy. They blend like a dream. I'm not to fussed on the brush but it's the best brush I've seen come with a make up palette before, so it's definitely a big plus if you don't own any eye brushes. You notice the difference between these eyeshadows compared to other cheaper ones almost immediately. I also like that they give you samples of there different primers so you can find one that suits you best. Definitely recommend for those wanting a versatile makeup look.
5 Sumitra
It is my favourite palette and it is amazing. Recommend this palette to everyone. Honestly, you can’t really go wrong with any of the naked palettes!
5 Melanie
This is one of my favorite palettes. Great colors for so many different looks, from daytime to nighttime. The eyeshadows are very pigmented and smooth. Definitley recommend this palette!
5 Jenny
The hype for this product are all true! Bought my first ever Urban Decay naked 1 palette after buying drug store brands all my life, and can see such a huge difference. Super pigmented, buttery smooth eyeshadow and easy to blend and apply with little fall out. This is one of the few items where you truly get what you pay for!
5 ???????
Ideal for natural makeup, the colors are all beautiful and strong.
5 Wendy
I really really like this palette. It has been my go-to palette for quite long time. Every colour is very wearable and so easy to wear. Recommend it to everyone!!
5 Ruby Anna
This palette is amazing.. Of all the naked palette this is my favourite! It is very pigmented and stays on and won't crease. For long lasting and vibrant colour effect use eyeshadow primer potion as base before applying.
4 Mariia Starovoit
5 Sharon
Silk on your eyes, great palette, a must have!
5 Anika Laws
This palette is amazing!! All colours are beautifully pigmented and they are good for natural looks and smokey looks! Totally recommend this palette for beginners and... Literally everyone!
4 Marielle
The color payoff is awesome, but I was a little disappointed that the eyeshadows were't creamier. I still love the palette tho, and I think it's a must have in everyones makeup collection!
5 Kristy Mittelstadt
Love love love this pallette! The only time I haven't used this pallette is when I swap to my other Naked Pallette. Delivery time was also quite fast. I was surprised to see it at my doorstep so quickly!
5 Darshana Patel
Love this to bits!!!
5 Kathrin Laschinski
5 Bonnie Priadko
5 Grete
Really pigmented and I loveloveLOVE the colours. Also primer samples are sent, which are good to try out and find suitable.
5 Alissa Kallert
5 Stacy
Was very worried buying this product and it being a fake or dodgy. I couldn't be happier with my product, 100% real. I was very surprised to receive my package today as I only ordered it two weeks ago and I am in Australia. Would recommend to everyone in Australia after urban decay products.
5 Leonie
Love this palette! Definitely a staple to anyone's makeup collection as it has nudes which everyone needs. Perfect for day to day wear and can also be used for a night out. Very excited to have this :)
5 Aiste
Cindy, I bough it at Sephora in Italy and it also has an eyeshadow primer samples. I guess UD want to promote different primers, that's why they changed it. Also, I think some of the NAKED palettes came with a pencil, and these new ones has a brush in it. So don't worry, I think you have an original..
5 Amanda Azzarini
I really want to buy this palette and the price is the lowest that I founded so far. But when I saw one comment saying that maybe it's a fake one makes me feel insecure.
5 Maryna Sadukha
5 Kathleen
I bought this palette over a year ago and I use it almost every day and I still got plenty of product left, it still looks pretty new! It has the perfect range of colours, my favorites being half baked, sidecar and toasted. It does smudge if you don't use the primer. A must have! GO BUY IT!
5 Claudia Leiter Knapp
Very good product, fast delivery and very happy customer! Thanks
1 Cindy
I just got Urban Decay 1 palette and it seems a little different with real one. As the back side of box is not same as real one and the inside of the box, palette's writing is different. It says that fake one is four line of sentences and first line says 'beauty with and edge'. On Youtube, if I can see that sentence, and more than 3 lines of sentences back side of the palette, this is FAKE. Also, front side NAKED is not straight, this tilted towards the right. Moreover, is anybody got a eyeshadow primer samples? Is that normally a tube one, right? Or I am the only one who can't get it?
5 Alicia
It's simply the most beautiful basic eyeshadow palette i've seen: the shadows are highly pigmented, the selection of shades is stunning, super versatile and not at all boring (like most neutral palettes in the market), and the staying power (over primer) is impressive. It's also great value if you consider that you get 12 full sized shadows for less than the price of three single ones. You'll only realize how much you needed this when it's finally in your hands.
5 Phillipa
Staple to anyones makeup collection! best range of eye shadow, with this you don't really need any other eyeshadows. My friends love it too and always ask me to bring it over when we go out! with a bit of practice you can have a professional eye look! definitely worth the money and it lasts
5 Anne Linde
Such a lovely palette with nice warm browns and glitters.
5 Aoife
MY FAVORITE PALETTE!!! never will this palette fail you, so good for every day use and for more fancy events too! So worth the money, lasts forever and I use mine every single day! Cant wait to buy the other 2, BeautyBay deliver well aswell, very good customer service :)
5 natasa
Top quality! Gorgeous pigmented colours, buttery texture , plus a wide range of shades. Also a very nice shadow brush. Thumbs up!
5 Chaun
really really lovin it! As i am living in germany and would have to pay waaay more on other sites, i'm so thankful to this site to offer it almost on the same price as the original with a very good and fast delivery! The package is like the original and without any damages. I received my delivery within 2 days (Express). The eyeshadow is very smooth and perfect to blend and the brush has a good high-quality compared to other makeup palettes. Only bad thing is that the eyeshadows crumbles on the brush.
5 Annette Schader
5 Nikky
I've had this palette for about a year now, and I still love it with all my heart! The shades are gorgeous and perfect for both everyday use and special occasions. I remember being a bit hesitant at first when buying it because it is a bit pricey, but it was truly worth every penny. :) Naked is my go-to palette, and definitely my favourite!
5 Anna
I just received this palette and it's beautiful. The colors are gorgeous and feel buttery. I was concerned about the packaging because I prefer the metal cases like on Naked 2 & 3 and I worried this one might be too flimsy but when I saw it in real life and touched the smooth velvety surface I realised it's just as lovely as the other Nakeds. Join the hype and pick it up. If you love makeup and eyeshadows these Naked palettes will be the gems in your collection.
4 Mart
I love it, it has beautiful natural shadows but with lots of fallout.. Maybe I use it wrong!
5 Lonny
Beautybay does ship to Belgium, Elle. I just placed an order last week and it worked! :-) I love all the naked palettes of Urban Decay. The colours are highly pigmented which makes the eye shadow last longer on your eyelids and gives an intense colour. If you're still doubting to buy to this product, just buy it! You certainly won't regret it!
5 Hanna
My first UD palette and I LOVE IT! It's an everyday palette with colours that blends beautiiful and is very versatile and I can create so many different looks with it.
5 Elle
Why can't it ship to Belgium??? I thought that this website had worldwide shipping... :( ( a little disappointing )
5 Bridie
This is my first Urban Decay product and I love it!! By having 12 colours, this palette offers so much versatility in the number of looks that you can create! Great product!
5 Maria
If you are even 'umming' and 'ah-ing' about whether you should invest (let's face it, its not exactly a 'cheap' palette), then ABSOLUTELY buy it! In all seriousness, these shadows are such amazing quality. They are well pigmented, last ages, are easily blendable and the array of colours is excellent for both beginners and professionals alike. Plus, i had never tried the UD Primer Potion before, which comes with this palette, and it definitely lives up to the hype. No creasing, here, ladies! My favorite shade is half-baked. This sparkling bronze would suit any complexion and it just makes the eye look so so pretty! The Good Karma brush it comes with it also quite nifty for packing on the colour in the middle of the lid. No wonder there is so much hype about this product. These shadows will last forever and there are so many good Youtube tutorials on how to use it, so you can go wrong! Would highly recommend :)
5 Sara
I really love this! It's perfect. Please get it back in stock. It's out of stock everywhere.
5 Alice
When do you get it back in stock? I live in Sweden and this is the only shop online I can find, that has free shipping and has the naked palettes.
5 Halima
This palette is great! The colors contain a lot of pigment, so it's easy to work with. There's not much matte colors in but you can definitely create a shimmery party look with it!
5 Susie
I'm new to the naked palettes and purchased them all at once. And i've to say this was a great decision! I love wearing makeup and work with colors! These shades are perfectly pigmentated and smooth. No smudgy eyeshadow anymore! I think it definitly worth the hype! Really love to purchase from beautybay, fast shipment to germany!
5 Kerry
When will this be coming back in stock????
5 Bianca
My first product from Urban Decay! The colors are so beautiful! I can't stop looking at it! The eyeshadow is perfect! I'm absolutely in love with this palette!
5 Micaela
This palette is good for an everyday look or to create an amazing night-out-with-the-girls look. The primer is beyond this world, love it! There is quite a lot of fallout but that's easily fixed. I feel happy and fresh everytime I wear this makeup, so go on and buy it! Smog and Darkhorse are the best! And the brush is a big plus!
5 Nisrin
Super I'm thrilled TOP Super ware bin begeistert TOPP
5 Rea
I finally got my palette and I am so excited. Best palette ever... I love it!
5 Hana
obviously, it's amazing.
4 Alexandra
I love this palette. Very pigmented.
5 Ana Carolina
It is really a must-have item makeup! Lovely all the colors. I was very pleased. And I recomend.
5 Michelle
What a great Pallette! Creamy, pigmented and long lasting eye shadow ! It s perfect !
5 Leika
The colors are to die for- they last all day and the shade range is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G
5 kim
I am really happy with this palette. The colours are amazing quality with being buildable and highly pigmented. I love the shimmer in the colours and they blend perfectly. This palette is a must for everyone!
5 Trista Ma
It is a great palette, I use it everyday. The colours are amazing. As everyone says,girl should have 1 as it suits to everyone with any skin tone and eyes tone. Also, I will purchase the Naked Palette 2 as well. Yes , I love it so much<3 and would definitely recommend to my friends
5 Jess Dallas
I love this palette, it really is as good as everyone says, the shadows are awesome and the colours are so wearable! Unless you are into really bright eye shadow this palette is all you need to create beautiful eye looks.
5 Pernille Pedersen
I don't have anything bad to say about this eyeshadow palette. It's amazing! Super pigmented eyeshadows, beautiful packaging and great colors.!
5 Ruth
Everyone should own this pallette! most days I use at least one colour from it and its my go to travel choice!
5 carla
this palette deserves all the fame it gets...... i loooooooooove it.... great for creating neutral and smokey eyes it blends very well...... i recommend it to every one that loves makeup
5 Alison
I am really impressed with this palette. The quality and range of colours is amazing. Primer is also great and you only need a tiny bit so should last awhile.
5 Veronica
Have nothing bad to say about this palette. One of the best ones I own.
5 Kells
I love this palette! It has great colors and good pigmentation. The only downside of this palette is that the price is a little much, but you're getting great quality makeup.
5 Jade Taylor
I love love love this product so much i own so much different brands of make-up but nothing can compare to this. It has such good pigment i will defo be buying more eye shadows from urban decay :)
5 Natasha
This palette is amazing. The colours are really beautiful and the colours match well with each other. Definitely a palette to buy!
5 Miriam
Had this for a year, and i'm in so love with this palette! Perfect for day-and nighttime:)
5 Amra Boric
i love this palette. I watched so many youtubers talk about it and I finally had a chance to order mine and did not regret it. On the contrary-i love the naked palette. The shades are amazing and I know that I will make a lot great looks with it! If you don't have one, you need it, it is a bit pricier, but you do get 12 amazingly pigmented eyeshadows. Awesome palette.
5 Dani
The perfect product to start a makeup collection with. Very high quality and definitely worth the price.
5 Esther Perez Quirantes
Al final me he decidido y he comprado la Paleta Urban Decay y es coqueta, preciosos colores. Me ha tardado 10 diez dias laborables en llegar. Yo vivo en Granada. Estoy muy satisfecha con el embalaje. Ha sido mi primera compra en Beautybay. Una locura tener esta paleta de sombras. Un Saludo para Beautybay. Y os animo a comprar la paleta. In the end I decided and bought the Urban Decay palette and flirty, beautiful colors. It's taken 10 working days to arrive. I live in Granada. I am very pleased with the packaging. It was my first purchase on Beautybay. This palette has stunning shadows. A Salute to Beautybay. And I encourage you to buy the palette.
5 Gaynor Knowles
I am very impressed with this pallet set, with most Beautiful colours. I would definitely buy this again.
5 Jina
I adore this palette because every colour is beautiful with rich pigments and the texture is divine. I usually have dark circles so tend to avoid neutrals but these colours lift the eye so much that I don't think I can ever go back to normal eye colours. Efficient service and n much cheaper than the stores.
5 Rose
I love it..nice colors and good quality..I like price..and delivery it was very quick..I would recommend..Thank you..
5 Bonnie
Great product I've ever tried!!!! Must Buy Item!! And the deliver service is rapid,even though I'm in Asia area, great service! ^^
5 Svetlana
The most versatile palette suit everyone. If you have the NAKED, then you have nothing else)) Great Case! Gorgeous eyeshadow! An indispensable primer!
5 Victoria
This palette is so amazing! You can get a dozen of looks using Naked palette. I can go with simple everyday look to fabolous going out look. And the quality and pigmentation are perfect, and I love the brush that comes with it, it's really great for putting on such a pigmented eyeshadows as Naked pallete eyeshadows are!!! Love it!
5 Kristy-Leigh
The Naked Palette is honestly one of the nicest palettes I've ever purchased. The colors are pigmented and perfect. I'm not one for a heavy smokey eye but I tried it with this palette and honestly I do a smokey eye every time I leave the house! You won't be disappointed with this purchase!! I take it everywhere!!
3 Rebecca
I had been eyeing off this palette for a while. The eyeshadows are very soft and creamy but not all the eyeshadows are as pigmented as I thought theyd be. The shimmer ones definitely have the most colour pay off. They are all beautiful colours though. Also wanted to get the naked 2 palette but now Im questioning that. I may try something else.
5 L R Wade
I was actually looking for Naked 2, but it wasn't available so I decided to try this one because the price on here was so good. I was so impressed when I tried it out. The shade range is on the warm side (think amber rather than latte) and while I usually go for cool browns I think they really suit me. They apply evenly and blend easily. It's simple to make looks with multiple shades and the shades go well together. The palette is sturdy with a good magnetic close and I adore the brush that comes with it. If Naked 2 is as good as this one I will be over the moon.
5 Christina
Absolutely beautiful colors, would suit everyone! Texture is amazing, color payoff brilliant! If used along with the Eyeshadow Primer potion that comes with the palette, duration is amazing! This is my everyday use palette and also my first choice for a much appreciated gift. Excellent value too! 12 x full size eyeshadows.
5 kate
Best eye shadow palette ever! The pigmentation is incredible and just like a butter, AMAZING !! Love it so much! a must-have palette! But the price is rising later..a bit expensive anyway...
5 Rachael
The delivery couldve been a little better but it was so worth it!!! This palette is AMAZING! i just opened it about 30 minutes ago and im already wearing it out! Its the perfect neutral/shimmery colours. I recommend it to everyone! Its deffinately a must have. THANKYOU BEAUTYBAY
5 Veronica
I love this palette! It is with me everywhere I go :)
5 Emily
I recently persuaded myself that I must have and try this makeup palette, and I'm so glad I did! I have never been one for wearing heavy makeup, but I wanted something that could enhance during the day, but could be versatile enough to create some beautiful evening looks too. This palette is perfect!!! It blends so well and you can create so many looks from it that I never get bored with it - I just find a different combination voila!
5 Momo
My close girl friend's birthday was around the corner and she'd been raving about how nice the Naked palette is, thus I decided to get this for her. The palette arrived in perfect condition (though the delivery man irresponsibly left my parcel on the shoe shelf outside my house for probably the whole day; but that's another matter) and is so pretty when I opened it to check for any defects before giving it as a present. It was a great surprise for her and this palette kept her happy for an entire week; and I'm glad it did. Probably time to get one for myself soon!
5 Heidy
I have owned this for years and have used it over and over to create so many versatile looks so naturally this was a fabulous gift for my good friend's birthday needless to say she was in love! Excellent pigmentation and easy to travel with!
5 Judith
This palette is the best eyeshadow palette I know of! It has super pretty and super pigmented colours. One word: LOVE
5 Phoebe lowis
I spent a while deciding on whether to buy this palette or not...I'm so glad I bought it. Truly beautiful colours that last all day and blend beautifully. I highly recommend to everybody. Also the sample primer potion is fantastic.
5 Nat
After reading many reviews I decided to buy one and its well worth it love all the colours and I am Makeup artist I think it works better than the $100 department store designer palettes colour goes on nice and stays on even without using the primer potion very highly pigmented will be buying more from their range.
5 Rachel
Absolutely love this palette! Super pigmented eye shadows and great quality too.
5 pricila
Best investment I have made in makeup! Recommend
5 Azhar
I'm so glad I got it! My favorite ever eye shadow palette!!! Great product!
5 Romina Orozco
Hi I am from Argentina. I loved the order I received, it takes me exactly 1 month to arrive and the package arrived in perfect condition! I would add tracking to know where the package. But they are EXCELLENT! Hola soy de Argentina. Me encanto el pedido que recib&amp;amp;#237;, tardo exactamente 1 mes en llegar y llego en perfectas condiciones el paquete! Le agregaria tracking para poder saber donde esta el paquete. Pero son EXELENTES!!!
4 Tammy
Good value for the money. Colour payoff is amazing but I found that sidecar had glitter fallouts which was annoying. This palette is very warm. I wish there was more variations and cool tone colours such as taupes or silver. Also it needs more mattes like matte blacks/deep brown. Overall I do like it but I prefer naked 2 because it gives me more options in colours
5 Sarah
The perfect nude palette, if you like shimmery colors. I really love it. Really good value too, you get alot of eyeshadow.
5 nami
Amazing colour , highly pigmented. Love it!
5 Yana
I absolutely love this palette! It's amazing, great choice for every eye color.
4 Sarah
First of all, the eyeshadows are great! The colours are super pigmented, and look just as nice in person as in the picture. Although I never thought the eye primer would be worth the hype, it turned out to work really nicely :) Great value for money, I use it everyday!
5 vesna mateša
Hi .. I bought the naked palette for more than two months but only now give opinion .. Pallet is perfect, the colors are absolutely beautiful, lasts all day, easy to apply and brush that I got along with them great .. so I also preimer you bought supercharge .. congratulations urban decay in this product!
5 Leah
I've tried this palette off a friend and it was AMAZING! Easy to use as well! I decided to buy it from this website. Firstly, because its a decent price (especially getting it sent to Australia), secondly you don't have to worry if the product will be fake like the ones on ebay. Thirdly, free shipping to Australia. So worth it!
I love the palette just like the rest of you, but I think it's a shame we cannot buy NAked 2 from beautybay. It has been sold out forever.
5 Suzana
This is love shaped like make up.
5 Tea
Since I bought this palette I use it almost every day. I was so excited about naked 2, but i must say that I love this palette better, very amazing quality and very pigmented:)
5 Kirstin
Fantastic palette - a great choice of shades, many of them shimmery. I highly recommend!
5 Nataliya
This awesome palette easily can become a substitution of all of eye shadows you used before! You have all in the Urban Decay Naked - from clear light to deep dark and all kinds of mixed colors! The price is quite low considering the highest quality!
5 Elvira
I think this palette is great. Eyeshadows are very beautiful, good pigmentation, good quality and very cheap. I highly recommend it!
4 Carlee
What great colour combinations and pigmentation! Love this palette. Some fall out from some colours but very manageable. This palette will do most looks!
5 Ashley
Amazing! I use it for work and nights out
5 Amogan
Awesome pallete, so different to naked 2 if you re wondering weather its worth they can create such different looks, I love them both, best money ever spent on eyeshadow palettes :)
5 Dri
Good quality I love it
5 ifah ismail
The palette was just so great. Shadows are pigmented and the primer potion was a plus. The brush was great too. No shedding yet. How great is that.
5 Jodie
I have this palette along with the naked 2 palette and I love them both. Awesome staying power, nice choice of colours & good pigmentation.
4 Paula
I found this palette good value for its money and the eyeshadows are mainly of good quality except some like buck are hard to blend and the shade dark horse is a bit chalky but otherwise good buy :) I would recommend this for people with lighter eye colours however and the naked2 palette for brown eyes like mine so that's a bit disappointing
5 Bianca
Best palette ever. To me is even better than Naked2. Totally must have.
3 Manuela Wenkmann
Ich habe mir die Palette wegen der guten Bewertungen gekauft. Die Lidschatten sind auch wirklich klasse. Jedoch finde ich, enth&#228;lt die Palette viel zu viele Nude T&#246;ne, bzw. &#228;hnliche T&#246;ne. Ich f&#228;nde es gut, wenn die Palette farblich mehr Auswahl zu bieten h&#228;tte. Translation: I bought the palette because of the good reviews. The eyeshadows are also really great. However, I think the palette contains too many nude tones, or similar colours. I think it would be good if the range would have to offer more color choice.
5 Kylie
This is the most awesome palette ever! Each eyeshadow is super pigmented even without primer. Great value for the brush and primer included :)
5 Amy
OMG I'm so in love with this !! I love all the shades I just cant get enough of all the pretty colours you can use and the pigmentation is awesome. I have so many other high end brand shadows but this one last very very long and the pigmentation is one of the best I have. I totally recommend this to people who are wondering whether to buy or not cause you will never regret and this one pallet has EVERY colour you will need!!!
5 Roxana Toma
I was very delighted, Urban Decay is THE BEST. Thanks.
5 Carmen Chan
Great color and texture. very creamy and easy to use for whatever functions. Highly Recommended!
5 Anika
5 Sara Tae Yamazaki
Very handy palette. Neutral and shimmery, so it's good for every type of event. Really sticks to skin, even without primer (though the primer makes it last longer and in shape. Definitely worth its price.
5 Ebru
I LOVE IT!!! It is my first palette from Urban Decay and I don't regret nothing! Every Girl should have one!
5 Caitlin Peterson
I absolutely love this palette, it's great for everyday use whether that's in the office or at school. The mixture of lighter and darker colours is perfect for day and night looks. This is honestly my go to palette. And don't forget the primer which is equally as amazing!! You should go for it and buy the palette, thanks so much beauty bay for the great shipping and cheap prices. :)
3 alisa
The color selection is ok (I think the gunmetal is unnecessary and I wish there was a matte dark brown and/or a matte black)also most of these colors are just not colors I would have bough individually... I think most of these eyeshadows have quiet heavy fallouts, nonetheless they are smooth and pretty good quality... if you like the colors (look up swatches) I would really recommend you this palette...if you have another taste and like other shades/other finishes, you should search for another palette :) xxx
5 Kathy
Great palette of colours, rich in pigment, long lasting. Quick delivery from too. Thanks!
5 Vanessa
What an amazing shades and perfect pigmentation. I've found my new friend!
5 Vani Agarwal
This product is definitely worth all the hype. You can create both subtle and dramatic looks and the eye shadows are really pigmented.
5 halldora
beautifull colors :) love it
5 lee pandi fudong
I was dying to get my hands on this beauty and sadly it was not available in India. Then I found about beautybay and finally it made my dream come true. The Naked Palette, there's nothing compared to this. It's a must in every every beauty junkies collection. The shade of colours to pigmentation to texture, it is It's a must buy.
5 Christine
Now I know what everbody is talking about. These colors stay on for hours, Naked is the perfect gift for my 16 year old. Quick and easy payment and shipping also outside of the UK. Tell your friend BeautyBay is the Best!!!!
5 Erika
I loved this product. Been trying to get this since its hard to find in Australia. The eyeshadows are very good quality. Very happy with this product
5 Narine
Oh, yes! This palette is all I need, appropriate word for this palette is perfect!
5 Maddie
Amazing product! So worth the price. The quality is incredible and the shadows are really pigmented. I was worried the colours would be too shimmery (only 4 'matte' shadows) but they are all amazing and really versatile. Could not recomment this enough! Shipping was also pretty quick to Australia - about 10 working days. Thankyou beauty bay!!! :)
5 jam
Easy to handle and carry for makeup beginner. Can keep the color whole day!
5 Nicola
Gave this to a friend for a present, she loves it! Great idea for an easy present!
5 Bonnie
It contains all popular colors in one palette and very shiney on eyes! Wonderful!
5 Donna
Amazing palette that goes from day to night. Endless looks available, and very good quality. The fact that I chose the shadows in this palette to do my wedding makeup proves how it's totally worth the money!
5 Madeline
LOVE LOVE LOVE! Downloaded a picture of the internet that showed me where to put each colour on my eyes and it worked a treat! This is a MUST buy!
3 Jessica Hofkens
Bought the naked palette because of the excellent reviews on Beautybay. I like the colours and the structure of the eyeshadow. I can't say I'm in love with it. It stays in place all day, but some of my low range eyeshadows do as well. There are 2 colours I like very much, Smog and Toasted, maybe I'll purchase these colours again (as a mono shadow). Delivery from Beautybay was Excellent even though I live in the Netherlands!
5 Ma
I've been wanting to buy this Urban Decay Palette for a while now. But if your considering getting one, just buy it! I am absolutely in love with it. The colours are stunning and highly pigmented, they are super soft an easy to blend. I would highly recommend this product to everyone mainly because you can create different looks, from day to night. The palette is absolute perfection.
5 Cristina Costa
I love it. It's my favorite palette.
5 Lily
Love it!
5 Karoline
Wow! I absolutely LOVE this palette! The shades goes with every outfit, and they're so pigmented! If you're considering getting this palette, stop considering and just BUY IT! Five out of five stars! Good job Urban Decay!
5 Sarah
Great product! Great color pay off and long wearing. Primer is also fantastic!! Great buy, very happy with my purchase.
5 marina
5 Margaux
Absolutely PER-FECT ! Since I've got it, I use it every single day. The colors are ideal for me because they are quite neutral for an easy everyday look and they are also valuable for a sophisticated make-up for a night out. I definitely recommend this product !!! Also, I bought the Naked 2 for a complete make up 'routine' : when I want a tiny sparkly makeup for a night out, I mix the 2 palettes. For me, they complete each other and they became a basic for me
5 jay
5 Geertje
I absolutely love love love Urban Decay's Naked Palette! No longer sold in the Netherlands I'm thrilled to have it shipped by Beautybay so quickly!!
5 Lena
I bought this Palette 1 month ago - and I absolutely love it! I'm from Germany and the only way to get this Palette is to order it online. I found this website and bought it, after 1.5 weeks it finally arrived :) The colours are great and totally worth the price. I would definitely buy it again! And I'm thinking of purchasing the full size of the Primer Potion - it's just awesome!
5 Li
I absolutely love this eyeshadow palette. It contains all neutral colors for any event. Perfect for an everyday look or sexy smokey eyes. I can totally recommend this product.
5 Jordan
Fab palette! Definitely one every girl should have! The colours are very pigmented and I just love it!
5 Eleanor
This is by far the best palette I have ever used! Fantastic colours for everyday to work, school, weekend etc. whilst also able to create dramatic evening looks by creating a smokey eye look. Cannot fault this product from urban decay 10/10 a must have for every make up lover!
5 Soapy
This is the best make up I've ever used!! It stays on all day (or night) and the shades go with every outfit.
4 Kate
An excellent selection of colours although lacking in mattes. Highly pigmented and beautiful to use.
5 Daisy
I have used this UD palette every day since I bought it. Whether I am going to work, or heading out for the night, the colours are perfect for every occasion. The colours glide on smoothly, blend easily and are highly pigmented. The palette comes with a small flat shading brush and mini UD primer potion (which everyone should buy the full size of - it's amazing!). I have no faults to list for this palette, it's perfect and worth every cent.
5 Becky Cole
It seems like this palette is a lot of money but it is well worth it for 12 highly pigmented, long lasting eyeshadows, a soft and sturdy brush and the eyeshadow primer potion which really does seem to help them stay on longer! The only bad thing is that I will probably end up buying the full size primer potion haha! Very impressed :)
5 Gina
A great product and a fantastic colour pallete for everyday and special occasions..thank you Beauty Bay for wonderful service!!
5 Mary
If you're considering getting one of the UD Naked palettes, stop considering and just BUY IT! This was my first palette by a high end brand and it totally changed my view on eyeshadows. I use mine without fail every day and love it! It comes with a flat brush which is really handy and of great quality and a small UD Primer Potion which is also mind blowing. I love love love my Naked 1 Palette, worth every single cent!
5 Marta
I love this pallete. The colours are perfect, if your into neutral colours. I believe no girl can go wrong with warm neutral colours. Colours are very pigmented, want to colour to STAND out even more wet your brush and VOILA :)! Primer is great also, always keep in mind a little goes a long way.Thank you Urban Decay for such amazing pallets :) I'm definitely your number 1 fan!
5 Stephanie
LOVE IT! Every girl should have this palette in her collection. Extremely pigmented and long-lasting!
5 grace
This is one of my favourite pallets! The colour pay off is amazing! Also not only do the shadows really stand out there is a range of colours and you can create a really soft look or a dark sultry look! I love the primer potion! It really helps the shadows last! It may seem a lot of money but it is really worth it! I am so glad I bought this amazing palette!
5 Rebecca Verbeek
I'm so glad that this product is still available on BB. It's quiet hard to find. so pigmented and lasts a whole day
5 emilyb
I AM IN LOVE! This is THE most perfect palette. The colours are simply incredible; Virgin and Sin are my favourite inner corner highlighters ever, and Smog and Toasted compliment my blue eyes amazingly well (having said that, all of them in some way or another look nice with my eyes, and colouring actually, I have warm undertones and dark blonde hair). The pigmentation is like nothing else, they're buttery smooth in texture and super bendable (perfect for beginners). They last for forever with my Urban Decay Primer Potion on my oily eyelids. I've only used them with that primer though, so I can't say what they'd be like without.Do give in to the hype if you're thinking about it, it's extremely worth it :)
5 Rica
I LOVE !! LOVE !! LOVE!! The shades on the platte! The shadows feel so lovely and dont feel heavy on your eyes. The little primer it comes with keeps it on all day too. Definitely worth the money.
5 Christine
This was the first product I bought from Urban Decay and now I can't live without it. The colours are very blendable and last all day with the use of the primer. If you're looking for a neutral based palette then this is the one for u!!
4 Taryn
This was my first ever urban decay purchase and I am hooked. Urban decay palettes are the best eyeshadow palettes ever and they are so reasonably priced. This palette will probably suit someone with a lighter skin tone than me. I love this palette but would prefer a double sided brush like the naked 2 palette. And now I have tried some other urban decay palettes this is my least favourite but I still use it regularly and will restock when I'm out! Highly recommend you try an urban decay eyeshadow palette but this may not be the one for you depending on your skin tone. I have a golden skin tone with blue eyes and dark hair if that helps. This would probably suit a fairer person as some of the colours are non existent on me.
5 Elle Clark
Most favourite eye shadows ever ! Great range of choices, they stay on all day and I always get loads of compliments about my eye shadow/eyes when wearing :)
5 April
Love this palette! Such beautiful colours :) super happy with my purchase
5 Juul
What a beautiful colors! And it was sent to the Netherlands without problems.
5 Maisha Imran
I absolutely adore this palette! I would definitely recommend this palette to everyone as the colours are so versatile. It's perfect for a natural day time look as well as a smokey night time look. I think that it's worth the investment and it has never failed to disappoint me. Overall I love it and will last me ages as it is so pigmented but can be chalky at time if you press your eye shadow brush to hard :)
5 Mai
Love this product, it's a go to palette for every look I can think of! The colours are so pigmented and show up well on darker skin tones like mine! :) Good variety of shades and the mirror is very handy!
5 Nadia
I LOVE the palette, the colours are so so rich and pigmented. There are so many colour combos you can use as the colours are very versitile. Best makeup purchase EVER,
5 Georgie
Love this palette, is an amazing buy for someone who doesn't own a lot of eyeshadows and wants to start their collection. Multiple eye looks can be created and the price is incredibly reasonable considering the number of shadows you get, along with a primer and brush. Everyone needs this!
4 Anna
I bought the palette after reading a lot of positive reviews online. Where I live there are no products of Urban Decay so I had no previous experience with this brand, but I decided to give it a go because I wanted to have a variety of neutral eye shadows, and I wasn't disappointed.Pros – the shadows are well pigmented and there is a good variety of colors. I loved the attached UD primer (I'm definitely going to buy it separately). The attached brush is soft to the touch and does good job of applying and blending (and I appreciated that it is a real brush and not the 3cm joke of a brush with a sponge).Cons – most women have their own set of good brushes at home so I would have preferred to see the original attachment for this set, the 2 eye pencils they had. Also the eye shadows are rather powdery, so when applying, make sure to protect the area under the eyes – sometimes there is a lot of fallout.I didn't like that much the packaging – it feels fragile, the cardboard isn't secure enough (I carry it in my bag sometimes), and the velvet gets dirty fast when the palette is moved around a lot.The bottom line – it's a good quality product that won't disappoint. For that price you get your money's worth.
5 Hannah
Such an easy to use palette, you get every colour you could possibly need on an every day purchase! It's a priceless investment for your makeup collection!
5 Monira
I loooooove it its very handy!
5 Jayme
This palette is so beautiful! The colours are absolutely amazing and the palette itself is so slim! (which i love) i have wanted this palette for a long time now and I can safely say it was well worth the wait, better than any eyeshadows i have had before with really cute adorable names
4 Evian
The eyeshadows are so pigmented and 'buttery'. It is a must-have palette for both daily use and party makeup.
5 Annelies
Love this palette and the colors! You can do so much with it!!
5 Amy
Such a range of beautiful colours with amazing textures and pigmentation. I would definitely recommend this to a friend.
5 Fernanda
This is the best palette ever, the colors can be used in all kind of situations - you can you to go to work, to go to a wedding, to a night club - you can create really nice looks with this palette. All I have to say is: buy it now girls!
5 Diana
I was desperately looking for this palette in my country where it is not sold widely, thankfully beautybay offers a perfect price (plus free delivey) for this awesome palette! I begged my bf to give this for my bday and this is one of the best bday gifts ever! I use this every single day and they are just so versatile. You can create a soft to dramatic look using only one palette. Love it!
5 Sophie
I love this palette! I've had it for almost a year now and its still going strong despite the fact that I use it almost everyday. It is very versatile and all the shadows are very pigmented. As well as this, there isn't much fall-out which is great. My holy grail palette.
5 Mai
I've heard such great things about this palette and thought if finally give it a go. Why did I wait so long? This palette is amazing! I love the neutral eye look so this is perfect for me. Awesome for both daytime looks for work and night :)
5 Emily
Just received this and so far I love it! I love that it comes with the primer potion and a versatile brush. Im slowly replacing my makeup bag with all urban decay products
5 Kate
I love this eye shadow, I don't have one but it the best eye shadow ever !!
5 Annabel
Like everyone else, I think this is the most versatile palette, which can take you from a really natural no makeup look to a full on party look. Brilliant!
5 Frida W
Wow. I LOVE Naked. You can do anything with this palette, from a soft everyday look to a smoky party look. The lightest shade, Virgin, is a really good highlighter for the browbone or inner eyr corner. All of the colours are really saturated and almost creamy. I would recommend everyone to buy this palette!
5 Ashley
This is my first eyeshadows palette ever. I am in love with this palette. I don't really know how to use make up much but all the colours are all so beautiful and natural looking that no matter how I put them on my eyes they turned out great. I am started to use little more makeup now that I have this great eyeshadows palette to play with. Highly recommended this great product and Beauty Bay is so awesome and free shipping too. I am definitely coming back again.
5 Monica
I love this palette! Along with the Naked 2, I use it every day :) Beautiful and long lasting, especially over the UD eye primer.
5 Taylor
This is my first time trying urban decay eyeshadows, and I must say that they are of very high quality. Smooth application, rich pigmentation and strong staying power! My eyeshadow stayed put all night! It also comes with their famous primer potion, which is amazing. I love the included brush; it's also of high quality and blends like a dream.
5 Monay
This is by far the best investment I have made make-up wise. It seems like a lot of money for eyeshadow but the colours are beautiful and will last you forever!
5 Marina
Me ha encantado esta paleta, adem&#225;s de que llego en un tiempo razonable y en prefecto estado&#161;&#161;&#161; merece much&#237;simo la pena Translation: I loved this palette, plus it came in a reasonable time and in prefect condition really worth it.
5 Polina
Since I've got this palette people around me asked 'Why are you so happy?';. I did nothing but used my NAKED every morning. I love it!
5 Katie Cook
Love this palette ! It arrived today and it's fantastic the shadows are super pigmented and also the brush is high quality.
5 Samantha
Beautifulllll!! Great pigmentation, perfect colours, gorgeous feel and easy to apply! Will last a long time! :D as for the velvet case and people complaining that it gets dirty.. if you take care of it, you won't have the slightest problem!
5 Nila
I absolute love this palette, it has all the neutral you need. You could do a daytime look or a smokey look. Its a very versatile palette. This palette also has very pigmented and buttery eyeshadows.
5 Chermaine
This is my first ever Urban Decay product and I must say that I really love it! The eyeshadows are super pretty and pigmented. A little really goes a long way. (:
5 Jade
I definitely will repurchase this palette when I finish, they are super pigmented and the colours are awesome!
5 milena
Absolutely try it!! Exceptional writing effect and durability, beautiful colors! provatela assolutamente!!!! eccezionale scrivenza e durata, colori stupendi!!
5 Kelly
This really is as good as everyone says. The colours are beautiful and the eyeshadow stays put. Worth every penny in my opinion.
5 Morgan Nunan
Such an incredible eye shadow palette! The colours are very pigmented and it has a variety of different shades that can be mixed together to create a wonderful look. I also had very fast delivery to Victoria, Australia.
5 Ange
I love it! Amazing colours and great quality. Reasonably fast delivery too from bb
5 kim
When I put it on for the first time it looked like I had an facelift and I'm 21 and my skin is fine so this is a product everyone needs in their life. If you're insecure and you wanna be beautiful buy this it makes you look younger prettier and it last forever even over night the next morning the eyeshadows are still on. Its amazing.
5 Amanda
Love this palette of eye shadow
5 Anadege Olivei
I love this so much, the colors are so great and so beautiful! To me it is the best palette ever!
5 Maria
I love this palette and I can absolutely recommend it.
5 Katharina
A must-have if you're a makeup beginner or a pro!I use it nearly every single day and after years I'm still in love with it. The colors are amazing and the quality is fantastic. You can combine so many different colors and create so many different looks.It's also a nice present for someone who is new into makeup.
5 Rachael
LOVE the warmer shades of this palette and of course the middle shade 'Half Baked' this has become my holy grail eye shadow palette in my collection. So glad i bought this and the no.2 palette
5 Bel
Quality, long wearing eyeshadows and shipping to Sydney-Australia was great.
5 Alessandra Silva
These are the most pigmented shadows of all time. Love!
4 Beth
Best palette ever used! Plus the primer is a miracle worker! my eye makeup doesnt budge all day!! X
5 Emma
Beautiful pigmentation, the colour range is stunning and is perfect for an everyday neutral look or a smokey evening look! I am in love with this palette! Also the mini primer potion is really handy for travelling!
5 Michelle Figueoa
Love it! So happy with this purchase.
5 cosmicgirl
I love this palette, it's my favorite. I use this palette everyday!
4 Clara
This is amazing! Great pigmentation. The primer is amazing as well. Great for everyday use. The only thing i dont like is the brush. Its too big so i cant use it. But its ok, going to buy more ud in the future! :)
5 Sarah Lee
I really love this palette. The colors are longlasting and shimmery. Since I have this palette I don't use any other eyeshadows anymore!!
5 Lexie
I absolutely love this palette. The colours are so neutral and pigmented, and you can create many different looks with them. Great for travelling, and worth the price :)
4 Anna Tran
I love this palette! It is my go to everyday palette! It has all the colours that I need! So convenient! Comes with a brush too! Warm colours! Perfect for any occasion! :)
5 Sara
Another perfect palette from Urban decay, the colors are a bit darker compared to the Naked 2 which is perfect to create smokey eyes for a night out :)
5 Hanna Turpeinen
Really great palette. Good useable colours. I love the eyeshadow primer and the brush is also really good and soft. Looking forward to buying more of Urban Decays palettes. :)
5 Katharine.
OMG, love this...hope buy this very soon...
5 Julia
My favorite palette!! The colors are lovely!
5 Melissa Nicole
Amazing palette. Great pigment in the eyeshadows and much pretty colours for every occasion
5 Jane Oliveira
The best! Can not go wrong! I love it! For all occasions...simply essential.
5 Marie
I absolutely LOVE this palette! The colors are wonderful and pigmented, they're easy to apply and easy to blend in.I do not regret buying this at all! :) And I would definately recommend it to everyone.
5 Nostalgia
This is the perfect palette for every look. You will not find another website that offer this price and free delivery.
5 Nazrin
The colors are lovely! And i receive my product just on time!Loving it! No Regrets!!
5 Kelly
This palette is a must have the colors suit everyone at every age the quality is next to nun compared to other products. I have tried heaps of different natural looks to try and experiment with and you really cannot go wrong with these colors on any skin type.
4 Aileen
Great palette with pigmented colours and a good selection of shades. It's great for travel and reasonably priced. The only negatives about this palette is that there are only two matte shades, and there can be a lot of fallout.
5 Becki
This is my favourite eyeshadow palette of all times, I use it every day and when I go out at night. Great formula, highly pigmented, definitely recommend it for everyone.
5 Nathana Oliveira
Essa paleta &#233; magn&#237;fica. Se vc esta na duvida que estojo comprar esse com certeza nao ir&#225; se arrepender. Adoro. Transaltion: This palette is magnificent. If your in doubt buy that for sure will not regret it. I love it.
5 Karla
This product had been on my wish list for ages and a few weeks ago I took the plunge and ordered this along with some other Urban Decay products. I am so thrilled that I ordered this palette, it truly is amazing!! The quality of the shadows is excellent and I like the primer potion and brush that come with the palette. The only thing I don't really enjoy is the packaging - the felt-like material gets stained easily. But all in all I really love this so much!
5 Colleen
Lovely pigment rich shadows in a great selection of warm neutrals. Good value for money as all the colours will be useful and they coordinate with anything! So good I had to buy the Naked 2 pallette as well! Highly recommended!
5 Lauren
This palette is the best line of shadows I've ever had. It literally is something im going to be using everyday. Absolutely 100% the best I've ever used. Best pigment and beautiful shades. Extremely happy. 5 out of 5
5 Tiffany-Jade
I absolutely love it! Literally could not love it more, definitely 100% worth the price!
5 Sophie
This palette is amazing! Awesome neutral shades!
5 Shabana
One of the best buying for me .. I don't have to pack lots of makeup when I am going on a holiday .. This palette just does it for me .. I am glad that I bought this and now I am going to buy Naked 2
5 Kristy
No wonder this palette has cult status. I love it! The colours are awesome and so pigmented. And the price is great considering I've paid $30 for a single eye shadow.
5 Kylie
Love this palette! I brought the NAKED2 palette over a year ago and had been debating about whether I needed the NAKED1. I haven't put it down since I got it, it's fabulous!! So happy with my purchases!
5 Roberta
Beautiful and lovelly and wonderful palette!! I don't think anyone can buy this palette and regret. Naked 1 and Naked 2 are the most beautiful eyeshadow I've ever had. I don't have any complaints. I just recommend it so much!!
5 May Hansen
Love love loooove it. everything about it. will definately get the Naked 2 as well. I am so glad I came across this. well worth the money
5 Mathilde Nichele
I wanted this palette so badly for more than a year, and then I decided to purchase it. I was actually afraid to be disappointed. But I never had good quality eyeshadows before and I fell in love. The quality is so good, they are really pigmented. Only some glittery shadows have a little bit too much fallout, but except that, this palette is perfect. I use it on a daily basis, you can also do makeups for a night time, this is the perfect traveling palette, you have everything you need. I'm soo glad I bought it !
5 Rose
The colours are great for a natural look and the green and blue are great for going out, so it's every colour I need in a pallet.
5 Osnat
Heared about it and wanted it for so long... Got it today and i'm very excited, it's everything I excepted and much more. The colors are amazing!!! and of excellenet quality. The end of this week is my cousin's wedding and I can't wait to hear everyones complimentes!! Thank you beautybay thank you Urban Decay and thank you god for this perfect pallete...
5 Patricia
I have a light complexion (NC20) and I was afraid that those colours would be to dark or too shiny and only for night time look. However, I wanted this pallette soooo badly, It looks soo pretty, and finally I decided to buy it.I have never experienced such a great quality eyeshadows! They feel so creamy and blendable but still pigmented!!! They dont look too dramatic or dark for me and I use it for daily make up very often. With adding some more dark or beautiful matt black shadow included you can easily make a more dramatic evening look!!! Pallettes are also way more convinient and easier to use than single shadows in my opinion. I love it!!!
5 Hayley Mears
I convinced my fiance to buy this for my anniversary and I LOVE it! All the colours are so gorgeous and you can create so many different looks, from day to evening!I have my sisters wedding this weekend and I am the maid of honour, I will definately be using this palette for my makeup!
5 Denice
This is an amazing palette! You can easily create natural and smokey lookes. The shadows are well pigmented and still look great after a whole day of work. Definitely splurge on this! It is amazing! It's a must-have for any makeup-addict!
5 Saara Auvinen
This baby found it's way to my collection last fall and now i couldn't live without it ! Everyday essential and a great friend when creating smokey or darker looks ! Also my favorite palette to bring with me when I travel.
5 ida
love this like almost everyone who has tried the palette! cons are that some shadows have too much fallout (glitter).. easy to use and it was the palette that made me this make up geek that I'm nowdays
5 chrysoula
Perfect palette!!! Very pigmented shadows with variety of colours and looks (everyday and night make up). Great for travelling and your bag!!
5 Meagan Griggs
I really love this palette! The colours are just beautiful and are really pigmented. You can do so many different looks with this palette and the shadows are really long lasting. I think everyone should own this palette!
5 Amanda
I love this palette! It has amazing colour pay off with or without the eye primer (although the primer is AMAZING!). I love this pallette and use it every day.
5 Natalia Leguisamo
love the colors, the formula is amazing! perfect for every day make up! :)
5 Alysha
Amazing palette. I tend to only use the lighter colours on a daily basis but the dark colours are so pigmented and beautiful that I've been trying to branch out and try new looks. Although it's a lot for a normal person to spend on a eye shadow palette, it is so worth the money because you won't need anything else. The brush and primer are also brilliant!
5 Tahlia
Really love this palette! The colours are quite neutral, but most have a bit of shimmer which I love. All shadows are very pigmented, so not a lot of product is needed. Because of the 12 different shades, there are so many different combinations and looks that can be achieved with this one, amazing palette! Would definetely purchase again :)
5 Mari
A fantastic eyeshadow palette for daytime and nighttime! The colours are perfect for creating neutral looks. I bought this palette over a year ago, and I literally use it all the time; for everyday looks, for work, for clubbing.
5 Vania
I used it to make up a friend in the day of her marriage... she was a beautiful urban decay bride! I simply love this palette....
5 Blathnaid
loved it! 12 gorgeous colours and all last very long! totally worth the money , every girl should have this in their collection , great neutral colours!:)
5 Enrica
This palette is my favorite one! I can use it in every moment for every kind of make up, easy or dressy. If you have it, you can forget to buy other neutral palettes. Fantastic pigment, amazing colors, perfect for an allergic subject like me. The brush is very comfortable, and I can use it for the entire makeup if I'm not at home. Another fantastic part of this amazing palette is the primer, I cannot use anymore another primer! It's such a drug!Suggestion: buy this palette, the entire Naked, you can't regret!
5 Nat
LOVE this palette and am looking forward to purchasing the naked2 soon as well!
4 Diana
I hesitated a few times before buying it, because I found a little expensive. When I finally chose to buy it, I didn't regret it at all! I love the packaging (was one of my motivations to buy it) and the colours are so beautiful and pigmented! It's perfect to use in your everyday make up, but you can use it also for a night look, just perfect, very very useful.Would prefer another brush, but that's ok.Love this product and recomend it to anyone!
5 Fariza
This is really fantastic eyeshadow! I like it so much!!
5 Beth
Amazing product. The colours are amazing. They're very pigmented although they're very warm and I think they'd suit someone with a dark skin tone, they'd definitely look just as brilliant on anyone with a lighter skin colour. The mini eye primer is just brilliant! I'll definitely be buying it in the full size! The brush is more like a concealer brush but it's nothing that can't be sorted and it can still be used. It's so worth the money as well, it seems like its a palette that'll last for a good while! One of the best palettes I've ever used!
5 lolo82
i love love this pallete !!!
5 Diane
Who needs an other 5 rates to buy this wonderfull and amazing palette ?This product is amazing, I loved it !
5 Lisa
Thank-you Beautybay!! UK to Melbourne, Australia = One week exactly! Soooo super excited! Arrived in perfect condition. Cannot wait to play.
5 Ellen
I recieved my pallette in the mail, and was so excited to unwrap it, and it has definetley lived up to my expectations! Colours are awesome and easy to use, the pigmentation is amazing! Overall- amazing product- tempted to buy the Naked 2 pallette now! :)
5 Elina
I received my Naked Palette a couple of weeks ago and I have been using it pretty much everyday! I like the amount of shimmer the shimmery shadows have. It's not too much and perfectly fine for everyday use. But I must say I probably would've thought less of the product if the two matte colors Naked and Buck hadn't been in there!
5 Sanya
I love this palette so much!!!! The eye shadow is pigmented and long lasting. This palette has both matte color and sheer color. You can use the matte color to draw eyebrow and the dark color draw eyeline. The texture is very smooth. It become my favorite eye shadow palette.
5 Camila Andrade
I finally got mine and just loved it! Best palette ever!
5 Isabella
The best everyday eye shadow palette you can ever own if you're a natural make up kind of girl. I love neutral colours for a everyday look and this palette has just the right mix of neutrals for my skin tone. I got the older version with the double sided eye pencil, which is far better than the one with the brush. Love it!
It's a super full palette to who is more mild and is great for use on brides! It has since clarinhas shadows and illuminating, until golden / brown and dark. It kind of palette that goes super worth the investment. From all that I have, this is the most daily use.
5 Jacquelyn Cox
I tried dupes for this palette, but honestly nothing compares to the original Urban Decay Naked palette!The texture of the shadows and the pigmentation is beautiful! This was the best make up purchase I have ever made - I use this palette every day without fail!
5 Julie
I saw a lot of great reviews about this palette and wanted it for a long time. Now I finally got it and I absolutely can't live without it. I'm a neutrals kind of person, so I use this everyday. It's amazing how many different looks you can create using this palette. It is really pigmented, what I also like. The only 'negative' thing I can say about it, is that sometimes it might have some fallout. But if you tap your brush before you put it on, it isn't a problem. My favorite colors are: virgin, sin, sidecar, buck, smog
5 Sarah
I love this palette. Really beautiful and pigmented colours!!
5 Kanya Auvinen
I already bought this palette and MUA's undressed palette that's a dupe and franction of the cost (only £4), but in terms of pigmentation, this UDN palette is still way better than that.I'm going to keep on purchasing UDN or UDN2 from beautybay as it's impossible to order one free shipping to Finland :)
5 Maria
Best palette ever! What I love about it is that the colors are very natural. The packaging is super cute ! It's definitely my favorite palette !!!
5 Sarchie
The quality and pigmentation of these eye shadows is amazing, They blend well together or with other eye shadows.Use the primer pot to prep the eyelids for a more vibrant and long lasting finish.
5 Betti
I love !!!! The best eyemakeup palette !!! Beautiful ! Vedd meg &#233;s megl&#225;tod milyen fantasztikus term&#233;k! Csak aj&#225;nlom mindenkinek!!! Buy it and you'll see what a fantastic product! Can only recommend it to everyone!
5 Vaarin
Great pigmentation bautiful colours and i love the velvet packaging, it is great for travelling and has all the colours you need .
5 Olivia
the absolute best palette you can buy- amazing and practical colours to suit every skintone, easy to blend and very pigmented! The brush is very good and allows you to sweep the eyeshadow on easily! i love this product
5 Winnie
This is possibly one of the best investments I've made. I use these colors everyday for creating work and party looks. The color payoff is amazing, very buildable and easy to blend, you really don't need much on your brush. Note that the packaging can be somewhat fragile if handled roughly. I highly recommened it as a great starting palette.
5 Liz
Excellent and beautiful! Beautiful colors suitable both for the lovers of the makeup but also for the professional. Long lasting color and super writers. The best!
5 A.kha
BEST palatte ive come across!
5 Cindy
First impression: love the velvet packaging so much, it feels so expensive. although it will be dirty if I use it often but I don't mind :pthe shadows are all so pigmented and buttery, making it really easy to blend out. love all the neutral colors, although I don't really use all of them but I still love it. it's a really handy pallete that can be worn for every look, night or day!
5 Letizia
beautiful! i use it everyday and I love it!!
5 Priscila Maiara Bartarin
paleta maravilhosa quem tem sabe bem o qu estou dizendo super recomendo da para usar em qq ocasi&#227;o a wonderful palette I'd super recommend to use all occasions
5 joslyn
can't wait to try this all the colors...the last two colors looks bluish but they are black and it :) so happy with this product :)
5 connie
supernice ... i love it so much .. eyeliner also good..
5 Julie
I love this palette! The eyeshadows are soft and smooth, and applies like a dream. Great variety of colors, in both matte and shimmery finishes, so the palette can be used for many looks.
5 Svetlana
My favorites colours for every day!!!
5 Laura
WOW! I had never heard of Urban Decay, not sure if it is readily available in Australia so wasn't too sure about this palette. So glad I bought it though as the eyeshadows are divine, so smooth and easy to blend. I was worried about the shades being too glittery but they're not, they are really pretty and very little fall-out unlike the MAC eyeshadow I own. Beautiful neutrals which are gorgeous for both day and night. Only thing it's lacking is a really good matte vanilla/cream base colour, I just use another brand for this and then use the urban decay for the rest of my eyeshadow. I adore this product, can't say enough good things about it, could go on and on!
5 Alina
Everyone and their mother has raved about this palette, and for a very good reason! It is the perfect combination of neutrals, ranging from light day colours to smokey dark for the night time. All colours are buttery smooth and pigmented and blend so easily. You get exactly value as all the eyeshadows are full size. Urban Decay does not do boring neutrals, and you can create an infinite amount of looks with these shadows!
5 sue
best eyeshadow pallet that I have ever owned
5 Tiani
the texture is amazing as well as the wide variety of neutral and gold colours, for natural daytime looks and glamourous night time looks. The primer potion really helps to prevent creasing!
5 Seliverstova Ekaterina
this is the best shade in the world! I want to have only them! the best colors! they stay the whole day!!
5 Georgia
i use this palette daily! so good for day and night looks, but there's some serious fallout with the shade sidecar!
5 Carmen L.
A great all-round neutral palette!
4 Dagny
This palette is for everyone who likes shimmery eyeshadow! There is a great variety of colours and they are very pigmented. The only thing is that there aren't many matte colours. I think Naked and Buck are the only matte ones. If you like shimmery eyeshadows this one is great though!
5 Ako
I bought so many things in my life and I almost give up to make up with eyeshadow. But now I am looking forward to open this everyday!!
5 Andie
amazing palette! highly recommended!! The colours are amazing quality and are really pigmented!! The primer is great aswell! overall amazing product!!!! perfect for taking on a trip away!
5 Diana N
What can I say? It lives up to the expectations, a must have staple make up item. It's good for a soft look or add some darker colours for a night out. I chose Naked 1 because there was a sample size of the primer and I'm thankful for my decision because it is the greatest primer I've ever used. Overall, a fantastic product no regrets.
4 Lisa
Pigmented creamy shadows as always with Urban Decay, great every day colours, highly versatile given the amount of combinations of looks you can do, perfect for travelling. My only gripe is that I wish this palette had more matte colours and a mix of cool tone and warm tone shades. Still a great product.
5 Monique
Absolutly Amazing!! The colors and quality of this pallete are incredible. I received mine in 15 days; it was very well packaged. The included primer potion is spot on. Fabolous!!
5 erasmia
i love this palet...i want it so bad...bacause the colours are amazing and long lasting...and you have so many choices for adifferent makeup...
5 sandy
it's one of my favourite palette! the colors are amazing and they stay the whole day!!
5 Kim
As an Australian, Urban Decay is one of those nearly impossible to obtain brands. This was my first purchase from beautybay, and I couldn't be happier! The colours are gorgeous and so versatile, super pigmented and they don't fall out. The packaging is so gorgeous and the primer potion is amazing! This palette is definitely a must have for anyone interested in makeup!
5 Stefania
I can't say which palette i love more UD naked or naked 2. I keep reaching for both of em, Appropriate in the day and the night! Love love love
5 Amalie
I have had the Naked palette for a while now and i love it. It´s very pigmented and give a great glow to my eyes. The Primer Potion work so well, so i can only recommend the Naked palette. 5 stars from here.
5 Silvia
The number one pallet I go to everyday and night out. Everything in one I need. Therefore, the brush is very good quality.
5 Paula
Excellent pallete. A must have!
5 Isabelle H
Amazing colors, longlasting, no fallouts! love it!! Xx
5 helen zhou
being able to get my hand on this hot item while in australia is the best ! love this palette for everyday subtle but so gorgeous ! cant go a day without it or the primer potion ;)
5 vanessa tudy
i like this the colour..perfect eyeshadow..i love it,the best palette everr :)
5 Lydia
the colours in this palette are soooo pigmented and great quality. itsmy favourite palette and worth the money
5 Lisa aka lmohhhh
So being an australian its hard to get your sticky little fingers on the Naked Palette, but beautybay saved the day.Naked One is soooo much better than Naked 2 and I use this everyday without fail.Highly pigmented with great colour pay off. The primer sample utterly amazed me (i went to a unplanned trip to the beach and swam and my eyeshadow did not budge). Buck, Naked and Sinful are my ultimate fave go to colours. You would be insane not to buy this and not be 100% completely happy with it.
2 oana
It is bad quality, i don't like the product. the brush is verry good,
5 Paula
I really love this palette! Both day and night! The quality is at the best and I can't say anything bad about this palette!
5 Isabella
This palette is soooo amazing! i love the packaging, the colours which are soo pigmented and beautiful! The primer that you get with the palette is just lovley, it just locks the colours in and stays all day. This product is soo worth the money, so no need to think twice only add it to your bag! ;)
5 Monica
If I would have to choose one eyeshadow palette to live with the rest of my life,this woud be it!Love it!
5 Thaís Souza
This palette is amazing, the color range, the pigmentation, the longevity, even the packaging it's lovely!!I'm really loking forward to buy a lot more urban decay products!!! love, love, love!!!
5 Matilde
I L-O-V-E this palette! The colours are so beautiful and you can create lots of different looks with it. The colours are very pigmented and stays for a really long time, especially with the primer on first.
5 Anita
I don't know how to describe this palette... in one word I'll say gorgeous!!! I use it every day especially when I want a naturally and very fast make-up to go to work. I love it!!!
5 Mathilde
This truly is an amazing palette! All the colours are very well pigmented and i was able to do loads of different styles with the gorgeous colours! I also love the mini primer potion that comes with the palette, which makes all eyeshadows last so much longer! Definitely worth the money!
5 Renata
I simply adore this palette, because I don't need any other eyeshadow, I have every color I need to work or get out at night, the quality is amazing the eyeshadows are almost creamy and very pigmented too. I highly recommend you won't regret.
5 Ana Julia
Just love it. I'm on my second unit, the first one got stollen and I bought a new one as fast as I could!
5 Rachel
This palette definitely lives up to the hype :D velvety texture is just incredible ! however, one thing to note is that if you prefer matte colours then this palette may not be the one for you :)
5 Laura
Many colors to choose for a look, the eyeshadows last on the eyes with the primer potion. I use almost every colors, the matte shadows are my favourite with Hustle.
5 Marina Domingues
Perfect palette for neutral and smoked looks... I just love it so much! The shades are amazing, they?re creamy and very easy to blend. The brush that cames with it it good too and the primer portion original is fabulous :) Now, I?m wanting the Naked 2 ahahah
5 Julia
Beautiful colors, and a very handy pallette with all the colors of what u need to create à gorgeous eyelook! :)
5 Antonia
Using this palette almost every time I do my makeup, can't say anything bad about it. I love it!
5 Pippa Taylor
This palette has everything you need to create a natural day look or that sultry smoky evening/red carpet affair.The colours are gorgeously pigmented and smooth. They really do make your eyes pop. There are great shimmer shades and great matte shades for blending and highlighting.Buy with confidence and become hooked on the Naked Palette range!
5 Dee Wolfe
Love this palette!!!!! Read all the reviews and tutorials online and wanted to know if it was as gd as all 'the hype'. Yes yes yes it does!!!Colour lasts really well throughout the day and the combinations are limitless Recommend to everyone and have received numerous compliments while using this make up
5 Rosa
5/5! A must have palette for every girl, regardless of skin tone etc. Filled with neutrals and basics that all work well together. Heavily pigmented :)The primer potion included is also fantastic - helps colours look their best and ensures the eyeshadow stays put for as long as you need it to!
5 Gopika
There is a reason this palette is so hyped up and that's because it amazing, the primer is fabulous I need to get my hands on a full size! highly recommend investing in Naked 2 if you're in love with this palette :D
5 Melissa
I've been getting into more makeup other than eyeliner and mascara and , I decided to just go ahead on buying this, and when it first arrived in the mail, I was so EXCITED! This eyeshadow palette has not disappointed me, the colours pay off so well and all the colours are absolutely gorgeous. I love the primer potion that comes along with it and am looking forward to buying the full sized one, the brush that comes with it is also very soft and nice to use on my eyes. I would really recommend to anyone who's hesitant on getting this product to just go for it and get it!
5 Lucy Taylor
Love, love, love this palette. Bought it back in 2011, have been using it practically ever day since then. It gets much more love than any of the MAC palettes I've put together myself.The shadows are beautifully pigmented and have wonderful staying power. An excellent product I can't rave about enough :) Thanks Urban Decay for this wonderful palette.
5 Brooke
As a makeup artist I normally reserve the great quality products for my kit. Over christmas I decided to spoil myself for a channge and spoil I did. This one of the most amazing products I have EVER bought. I love the pigment the colours and the amazing staying power. I am glad I spoilt myself and now am contemplating a second one for my kit. Not only is this product amazing. Beauty Bay's prices and free shipping make it so much easier to spoil myself and my clients with the newest and latest products.
5 Grace
I absolutely love this palette! The colours are amazingly pigment and smooth. Totally worth the money and suitable to so many different types of skin tones!
the best palette ever!!!
5 Allana
My favorite product from Urban Decay, just in love with this pallet. Wondefull basic shadow colors, you can use in different occasions for day or night.No more words to describe the quality of this pallete. I really wish to buy NAKED2.
5 Helen
I just love this product! You can make tons of different looks with the eyeshadows. From an easy everyday makeup to a smokey eye! Great quality and pigmentation and it looks beautiful on all skintones and skintypes! :D
5 Jackie
This palette is amaaaazing because it is so versatile and has such pretty shades, plus the pigmentation is absolutely insane (like all Urban Decay shadows). The packaging is nice and slim so its easy to pack for travelling and its just convenient to have 12 eyeshadows in the one palette. The primer potion makes the eyeshadows vibrant and stay on all day, and you get so many uses from that little bottle. The only tiny tiny downside is that the palette only contains 2 matte shades versus 10 shimmer/glitter shades but it is nonetheless one of my favourite eyeshadow palettes of all time :)
5 Heather
I bought this palette a few months ago and use it everyday, this palette gives you a wide range of neutral colours that allow you to have a multitude of eye looks for everyday whether it be going to the office or going to a club. The eyeshadow are not gritty at all, give amazing pigmentation even if you don't use an eyeshadow base and they stay all day on the eye with no creasing. The packaging is okay not amazing, it looks very professional and classic but the packaging can easily get dirty because of the velvetine texture. All in all it is worth the money as I use it everyday and haven't even hit pan on any of them also especially if you only wear neutral eyeshadows.
5 Ivy
I received this aswell as the Naked 2 Palette for my birthday from my girlfriends and it is an absolute must have for your make-up collection! All the neutral colours you need for both everyday-wear and event-wear are available in both the Naked 1 and 2 palettes, but if you're on a budget, I would definitely recommend the Naked 1 over the Naked 2 as it contains a little more variety. The pigmentation with these shadows are amazing, making it so easy to work with!
5 Katie
I never usually use eye shadows daily in my routine and only ever really use it on special occasions or just whenever I feel like doing something extra. I'm not the best at doing my eye makeup but this palette makes it soo easy! It's hard to go wrong with these colours! They are very natural and you can make sooo many looks with them ranging from everyday neutral to a more dramatic night out look. The colours themselves are such great quality, really easy to apply and last such a long time. Love this palette!
5 Saskia
I received this palette as a christmas present and it is amazing! Great pigmentation. So many wearable looks. The primer that it comes with works great too. The shadows really do stay on all day. If you've been debating getting this palette I say go for it!
5 shahina
Amazing palette
5 Rachel
I love the naked palettes i have both Urban Decay is the only brand of eyeshadow i use cause the quality and pigmentation is amazing! great for neutral daytime looks and theres a few darker colours if you want to do a smokey eye =)
5 Sofia
I had saw tones of good reviews about this palette on utube. They were so right! The quality of those shadows are excellent!! I am so impressed and happy for ordering this product! :)
5 Katrine
First time trying a product from Urban Decay. It is amazing, the colors are amazing. You get what you see, and it stays on all day. I also loved the primer and the brush. I am definitely gonna try the Urban Decay naked palette 2. :-)
5 Natalie
i love this palette so much! its sit so perfect and pro!
5 Amanda
this palette is AMAZING! a great range of highly pigmented colours which blend easily and last all day! great for beginners and experts :) for a more in-depth review, check out x
5 Emilie
I'm so glad I bought this... The price is great for what you get! Very finely milled and so pretty and mixable colors! The only thing is, that the packaging isn't that great. But hell I can live with that!
5 symetricool
I like many others here ordered this set after seeing so many rave reviews online. The selection of shades is perfect for everything from the office to a big night out, the brush is excellent quality and really helps to blend the colours beautifully. The eyeshadow primer was an added bonus too. The packaging looks great on your dressing table, so glad I ordered this!
5 Truc
Bought this palette because of all the reviews and hype I had seen on online. And I'm glad I bought it! The colours are very pigmented and good for everyday use. What I love most is the packaging. The brown and gold goes well with my makeup table which is a bonus!
5 Anna Julie
My first product from Urban Decay. I love it! The eye shadows are so pigmented and they stay on all day. The little Primer Potion reminds me of Harry Potter every time I see it;)
5 Helena
Got a call from the post office that they have something for me.. My dad ordered the palette for me and I can't stop saying thanyou to him!I've searched this palette in every country I went this year and I just missed the last in Bar&#231;elona.. so he got it for me and I'm stunned.. I saw many pictures and videos about it but when you get it in your hands.. It's just amazing.. I used the sidecar and you can't see that I even touched it with the brush... it's amazing.. only negative point is that I had to pay adittional fees for the import but it was worth it!there is just one word for the palette...AMAZING (=
5 stefania
perfetta per lo smokey eye...bellissimo assortimento di colori.Acquisto consigliatissimo.
5 Hanna
I LOVE this palette!! ever since i got it i've been using it every single day :)!! these neutrals are far from being boring and with the little primer potion you get flawless application and very long wearing time:).the shadows are very good quality and versatile so you can pretty much do every look from a daytime work-look to a sparkly smokey eye for the evening out :)! the brush is also really good, it's now my favourite brush for all eyeshadow application and i didn't expect it to be anything special :D. this is one of those products that just DO live up to the hype :). i'm so glad i got this, now i want the Naked 2 :)!!!
5 Gabriellaz
I love this palette especially from autumn to winter season. It brings on a lot of warmth and glow to your face, though still neutral enough in working environment.
5 Tuija
I wanted a cruelty free, classy, versatile yet reasonably sized and priced palette with warm tones, and got just what I ordered and more. This is the best cosmetics purchase ever. Thanks for making it available! I am one happy customer.
5 sahar
Amazing palette
5 Emma
Amazinggggggg!!!!!!!!! i absolutely love this productttt. the colours are amazing and pigmented, the best netural pallette you can ever order, if you are reading this you must purchase this product because of high quality, amazing colours and its worth your money. And the brush included was actually really good and high quality, loveeee itttttt. You can achieve heaps of gorgeous and beautiful looks and just to finish it off the eye primer is beautiful and amazing.
5 mariana
You NEED to have one !Best palllete I EVER had
5 anne
I have bought the naked palette about two years ago and used it almost every day since then. And I did never buy another palette again, because I'm absolutely happy with it!
5 Gilda campbell
I am in love! This is the most gorgeous natural palette i have ever owned, shadows are long lasting, spread for miles and blend beautifully, i cant wait to do wedding makeup with it. A must have!
5 Bárbara Pires
I Just loveeeee thia pallete. The best ever.
5 Oshani
I absolutely loved this product. I never shop online but was forced to do so as this product isn't available in my country. great service from BB and glad to see a company which actually sells legit products. beautiful colours
5 Katie
Excellent palette - the colours are very vibrant and easy to blend. They look much better in real life than they did on the photo; my favourite is the gold "Half Baked". So glad I ordered it! :D
4 Martha Tsiatsiou
Great colours and pigmentation. You can create a lot of different looks. Careful with some eyeshadows because they fall out a lot while applying.
3 Mallu
Hmm, it's OK. Not best :( Colors don't suit for me.
5 Theresa
best pallette ever. enough said
5 Sylla
This palette is the best I ever had. Easy to get all kinds of looks from the most neutral to the most sophisticated one! A must have!
5 Lynda
I have both the Naked and the Naked2 Palettes and love both! These palettes will last a long time as the colours are very rich and stay on for very long- especially with the help of the Primer Potion!! The brush that comes with this palette is amazing and it's a plus that it's vegan!! Must buy!
5 Taylor
Amazing color pay off, great sized eyeshadows! You can create endless looks with this palette.Definitely a must have for any makeup enthusiasts collection!
5 natalia
Love it! My everyday go to palette
5 Liesel Hedderwick
I saw this palette on YouTube and became obsessed with getting it - I bought it a couples tga ago from beautybay and have never regretted it! The colours are georgous and highly pigmented with little to no fallout; with the primer the colour stays true for about three days (I don't have a makeup remover good enough to take it off!), And I get so many comments at work about his pretty my eyes are. At my advanced age (36) I'll take any compliment handed out. I now own 5 UD palettes and have ordered Naked2 and NakedBasics from beautybay. Can't wait!
5 Vicky
I had too many shadows and palettes and was very hesitated to order one more. But i am glad i did. No matter how many shadows you have this is the ULTIMATE palette. Everything you need from day to night highly pigmented and very flattering. Dont hesitate, just buy it..
5 Osiane
I really love this palette. The colors are fantastic and fixation is great.
5 Cíntia
NAKED is the best eyeshadow palette in the world!! the shadows are very pigmented .. are very beautiful .. and with this I can make up palette pro day to night .. the colors are neutral and match everything. It's simply perfect!
5 Ivana
Me ha encantado esta paleta, llevaba mucho tiempo intentando comprarla, y ahora que la tengo, no s&#233; c&#243;mo no me la compr&#233; antes. Es preciosa. <br><br>I loved this palette, had long been trying to buy it, and now that I have, I do not know how I bought before. It's beautiful.
5 Nayomi
The Urban Decay Naked Palette is probably the best palette there is. The colors are so pretty and versatile, one can achieve a flawless party eye-makeup or a pretty natural look, and with the included primer it last for hours. My fav color is "smog", so lovely. I Couldn't be more happy!
5 Sarah-Jane
Such amazing pigmentation and long lasting colour. I like to try a different combination every day and all shades bring out my grey-blue eyes perfectly. Would pay double, so satisfied!!
5 Aishwariya
I bought this palette for my sister, but after i found out she wasn't making too much use of it, I decided I was going to use it for myself. I've read and heard so much hype about this product, I can see why! Its the perfect set of warm neutrals for an everyday look, I have NC45 skin, and it really brings color into my face which sometimes gets washed out from the matteness of my setting powder! Virgin is now my new favorite inner eye highlight and if you blend it out on darker skin, it looks like there's nothing there and your skin is just naturally bright which i love! I can't wait to get a naked palette of my own! soon enough I hope!!
5 sara
love this product, beautiful colors and pigmentation, also fast dilivery, think everyone should have this palette;)
5 Gianfranca
&#232; semplicemente fantastica!!! i colori sono favolosi e permettono di ottenere un trucco molto sofisticato e che dura tantissimo <br><br> is simply fantastic! the colors are fabulous and allow you to get a very sophisticated trick and lasts a lot
5 Jelena
A great palette, with all the colors you absolutely need. With just one palette you can create everything from a neutral to glamourous or sexy look. Very pigmented and longlasting. Didn't regret buying it and I would definately recommend it!
5 shivani karwal
I wanted this palette for SO long but it was not available in my country. Finally I was able to order from BeautyBay and I have to say the wait was worth it. I give this palette 5/5. The colors are SUPER pigmented and very blendable. Out of 12 shades there are 10 shimmers and only 2 mattes so you may want to consider that. The fact that it comes with a primer potion and brush is a cherry on top!
5 leanne
Absolutely love love love this product ! i used it for my formal and omg it just looked amazing.
5 Christine Uy
I adore this palette so much, I've been wanting to get my hands on this for the longest time and i'm so glad BeautyBay have it! This will definitely be one of my go-to palettes for everyday use. :) Definitely a must-have from Urban Decay.Thank you so much BeautyBay for the super fast and safe delivery of this palette. Your prices and quality of service are top notch!! Definitely one of my favourite beauty online sites. :)
5 Ingyin Aung
this palette is a must have, all colors can mix and match so u can create different's worth to get this palette!!!
5 Elizabeth
Absolutely love love love this product ! the primer makes the eye shadows stay on all day, 'virgin' works really well for the inner corners of the eye. defo need it on your Christmas list !
5 Bianca
The eyeshadows have gorgeous neutral (but not "boring"!) colors that are very pigmented and, when they are applied after the primer that comes with the palette, they last for several hours. This is definitely one of my favorite palettes! As sombras têm cores neutras maravilhosas (não aquelas cores neutras sem graça de sempre) e são muitíssimo pigmentadas. E quando as sombras são aplicadas após o primer que vem na paleta, elas duram horas. Essa é definitivamente uma das minhas paletas favoritas!
5 Da Young Song
Absolutely loving it !!! very pigmented and no fall outs or flaking on the face.
5 georgie
love it really pigmented loves it
5 Klara
When this arrived in the mail, I was so excited. Ususally when I have really high expectations of something I get really dissapointed when it's not exactly how I pictured it.This was better.
5 Alex
This palette totally lives up to the hype. Great, pigmented eyeshadow in a variety of gorgeous shades that all complement each other perfectly, making it so versatile. The primer's great too. My only hangups would be that the included brush isn't the best, especially at blending, and the case sometimes closes by itself, but those are tiny problems compared to the utter brilliance of the shadows.
absolutely beautiful!!! i love this palette! beautiful colours
5 Amanda
This palette is amazing! The eyeshadows are really great quality and are nice and pigmented. They also are very versatile as you can create so many different looks with this palette. It is a must-have from Urban Decay.
4 Åshild
If I had to choose only one palette for the rest of my life, it would be this one. I love the colours, and halfbaked is my favourite. The blacks are maybe a littlebit too bluetoned for me, and the shadows do have some fallout. Like the brush that comes with it, but I think the primer is hypedup, coz' my shadow still streaks. But maybe i just have too oily eyelids. Overall a very good product.
5 sara
Ilovve this pallette!! Its got all the colors you need and the shadows are awsome quality!
5 Hayley
Absolutely in love with this palette! For the variety and high quality of the shadows it is a definite must have. I love using it everyday!
5 Olga
My holy grail eyeshadows and palette! I use it every day for work and nights out, so versatile!
5 Dee
Everything about this product is already said. It is one of the best palettes ever, pigmentation of eyeshadows is amazing, colors are beautiful, every woman should have this palette, it is great!
5 Meg Ellison
Great, great product! I love it! lovely price for such high quality products- I'm recommending it to everyone!
5 Rammy
I just got it today! :) super super excited to use it. First impression was that it feels amazing to my hand and the colours are sooo pigmented. It took 3 weeks and 2 days to ship it to Sydney, Australia. But honestly it was worth the wait. Totally recommend this to people who have just started with makeup. It is a must have no matter if your a make artist or an average high school teen :)
Amazing palette. Very pigmented and affordable.
5 Raluca Lenghel-Covaci
It was my biggest dream to have the Naked palette. I saved money and I bought it from Beauty Bay, for me it was a very good deal. Are there still any words to describe this product? This palette is pure and simple amazing, it has all my favorites eye shadows, great quality and very versatile. I highly recommend it to all the girls out there! This is a one time in life investment that won't fail. Thank you Beauty Bay!
5 Leanne
Amazing, I own a lot of palettes and I can definitely see why this particular palette is so popular!Amazingly pigmented, not-chalky, true-to-colour shadows. A great palette!
5 Elena
This is my favorite! Every girl's dream! Excellent quality!
5 Maria
Paleta perfeita! &#211;tima para looks do dia ou da noite. Pigmenta&#231;&#227;o incr&#237;vel, dura horas e horas. Embalagem pr&#225;tica para viagens, ela est&#225; sempre comigo. E se voc&#234; quiser arrasar em um presente... Sempre da certo! <br><br>Perfect Palette! Great looks for day or night. Pigmentation amazing, lasts for hours and hours. Practical for trips, this is always with me. And if you want to rock on this one ... Always the right!
5 Bianca
With this amazing palette, you can go to neutral looks to dramatic ones! Perfect colors and pigmentation, I use mine almost every day.
5 Camilla
This is great for both subtle and dramatic makeup. I have no idea how I went without it for so long. It arrived in perfect condition, I just couldn't be happier. The travel sized Primer Potion got me addicted, I already bought a full sized one. This palette definitely got me hooked on Urban Decay. AMAZING!
5 Mariann
Yes, it is as good as everyone is saying! If you are going to buy one palette from Urban Decay -this should be it. I bought this, tried it and went straight back for Naked2. The quality is great and it has so many uses.
5 Polly
I was very pleased with the naked palette! The colours are even more beautiful in person and the pigment is amazing! Amazing quality.
5 hasna
this palette is the only one am using since i got it . it is just the perfect makeup palette ,for the evryday use .i love it and i highly recommend it to evryone .
5 Christin
Love Urban Decay! The naked palettes are the best us of my money ever.. Recommend it for every use morning day night when ever the occasion comes, your eyes will pop!!
5 Ida
This palette is a holy grail product for me! The eyeshadows are nicely pigmented, rich and beautiful to work with, blends in to the skin lovely and each shade is unique. I find it hard to find a dupe for all these wonderful shades. Because it is so unique! The primer that comes with it is amazing! Thank U beauty bay, i will order from here again! ?
5 Claire
What an amazing palette.. I use both this and naked2 everyday and they last forever. Also it is such a good price, especially with the free shipping, If you are hesitating to buy this because of the price- don't! Amazing quality, lasts for ages, and a very reasonable price considering how much their single eyeshadows cost!
5 Cathrin
Very beautiful Palette! Perfect for does who want it natural and for dramatic looks! I would highly recommend this product for its diversity, high pigmentation, smooth application and the price is good too!
5 Thais Andrade
The Naked Palette is my favorite palette. I'm loving! I love Urban Decay! I love Beauty Bay! :)
5 Priscilla
When you use this palette you'll think to yourself, "how did I ever do my makeup before I bought this" A great palette, I use it everyday and I love it more than the Naked 2. Not so keen on the brush it comes with but still a great gift for yourself or any make up lover!
5 Kandice
If you're into neutral eye looks this id deffinately a must buy. You will need a blender brush though as this one doesnt come with one and it's hard to blend using the one provided. I loved that it came with a sample of the primer potion - I will definately be repurchasing a fill sized one! Beauty Bay is a great website to buy from!
5 Aline
Best eye shadow ever! The colors are amazing!! Thanks beautybay, the shipment was really fast. Great service!
5 Aline
Best eye shadow ever! The colors are amazing!! Thanks beautybay, the shipment was really fast. Great service!
5 Sarah
Totally lives up to the hype - so versatile and perfect for travelling.
5 Elsa
I will never need another pallet ever again. This is so amazing, pigmented and just awesome. Thank you beautybay, I'm so happy I got this!!
5 Audrey
Love this palette so much! Arrived in about two weeks to Australia and I've been using it ever since. Perfect palette for beginners or pros.
5 Nina
I have just received my palette and I can already tell that I'm going to love it. It took 8 working days to arrive to me in NZ. I love the packaging, and the mini primer potion is really cute. This palette is definitely worth the money- a great investment. The colours are so beautiful and wearable, I can't wait to use this.
4 Vicky
Love love love the palette! Pretty quick delivery too - 8 working days to Australia. Money well spent.
5 Annie
Love this palette so much! It took about 2 weeks to arrive in New Zealand which wasn't too bad. :)
5 Hannah Moeller
Must have eye shadow palette. Staple product for travel, beautiful shades that will go with anything. Applies well and comes with a nice application brush.
5 lhnguyen
A necessity that every girl should have, especially if you're a novice at perfecting eye makeup. It's an investment piece. Thankyou BeautyBay. ^__^
5 Scarlett Cendrik
Best palette i ever had. Beautiful colours, some matte some shimmery, and with an excellent colour payoff. So pigmented! At first i was like 'thats a lot of money for a palette', but when i researched and saw how much everyone liked this palette i just bought it. So worth the money!
5 Georgia
AMAZING PALETTE!! love it! beautiful colors! great for travelling!
5 Ceara Graham
I ordered this Wednesday the 6th and it arrived today Tuesday the 12th. So not bad I did receive a email when it was dispatched which I always like. The packaging was great. The actual pallete looks amazing, the shadows look great. I am so excited and cannot wait to use them. I was unsure spending that much, in case I was disappointed. But it was worth it. X
5 Elise
I love the naked palette! I recieved it in perfect condition in a cute Beauty Bay bag.The eyeshadow is very pigmented with no fall out and it comes with a bonus primer &amp; brush!
5 Dee
I received my Naked palette in perfect condition. It arrived in Sydney after 10 working days. Thanks so much Beauty Bay!! I love it so much =)
5 Casey
Beautiful packaging and colours! Took 18 days to get to Melbourne for me, but it was worth the wait!
5 Nay
Absolutely LOVE this palette... Love the packaging! The colours are perfect... and SOOO LOVE that I can get this to Australia!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!! xxxxx
5 Pernille Christensen
I love the Naked-palette. I think it is one of the best palettes on the market. Also the most pigmented eyeshadows I have tried.
5 SMKanhye
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this palette! Beautiful colors and blends real well too. I even had to order another one because my Mom loved it when I used this palette on her. And the fast & free shipping to Sydney, Australia makes it so much better. Thanks! :)
5 Nikki Houghton
LOVE this palette! can't stop staring and swatching the colours. I love shimmery colours, but there are enough matte colours for a nice neutral eye as well. The colours are nicely pigmented and the primer helps a lot too =] Fast delivery, wasn't expecting it to come for 7 days, turned up after just 3 days! will probably buy the naked 2 palette with beautybay
5 Ioana
Best eye shadows ever. Very pigmented and very pretty colors! You can easily go from e neutral look to a smokey one and the primer makes the colors pop even more!
5 shahnaz
Best palette ever!!! Its more shimmery than the Naked2 so if you more to neutral colours choose pick the Naked2:-)
5 Elina Toh
Pretty! Love the colours. Fast shipping, and received in good condition. Bought 2 at a go; one for me, one for my friend. Goods things have to share with friends!
5 Alice
Great pallet. Colours blend wonderfully. Shipping was also fast to Sydney.
5 Abigail
I love this palette! The colours are beautiful! And the pigmentation is amazing! The shipping was super fast! And the item was very well packaged. This is definitely my favourite palette! I can not wait to buy the Naked 2 palette! Thank you Beauty Bay!
4 Laura
I like the colors on this pallet, I just can't seem to figure out how to make a nice look with multiple colors! any tips?
5 Jayne
I have been pining over this palette for months. The trouble was finding a trustworthy site that ships to Australia. This is why I was so excited when I found Beauty Bay! Free shipping too! Amazing, amazing palette and lovely customer service. Beautiful shadows with excellent pigmentation. I loved this product so much that I bought another 2 for my friends.
5 Shannon Curreen
Loveeee this palette! every color is so beautiful, pigmented and lasts all day! definately worth the money. Palette was shipped in a box, with lots of protection to insure it wasnt damaged!
5 Mellissa
Thank you Beauty Bay! I received my palette yesterday and I'm sooo happy.I've been looking for this and now I have it!! It took only 1 week to get to Sweden.Love this product it's do gorgeous ...
5 Vicki
This is amazing!!! I put my eyeshadow on at 6 in the morning and it still looks great wen I go to take it off. The colours are lovely. This is my first urban decay purchase and I will def be making some more.
5 Joeey
Urban Decay never fails me. This is an amazing palette! There is already an huge collection of Urban Decay that I've got in my bedroom, but this is one is really the BEST. Now the Urban Decay 2 has arrived, I'm curious about the new palette which I already have purchased it a few minutes ago. Thank you Beauty Bay Team!
5 Annie
I could not be happier with this product! The colors are lovely and pigmented and what is not to like about the brush and primer that comes with it? The delivery was fast to Sweden just about a week, a happy surprise! Thank You!
5 Lizzie
I really love this naked palette! I've wanted it for so long and it was cheapest on beauty bay. The pigments in these eye shadows are really good and the primer helps a lot too. This package came quickly and it wasn't damaged or any thing. Brilliant!
5 Heidi
I'v had this palette for over a year now and i'm still not bored with it! I hope beautybay will start selling naked palette 2 soon too!
5 Meher
I have been wanting to buy this palette for SUCH a LONG time! I've heard all the rave reviews about it and finally i just bought it. I'm such a happy bunny! Its gorgeous and I'm excited to start using it :) Loved the wa BeautyBay packaged it - I was soo excited! It took 4 working days till I got it through the post today. So excited! Thanks Beauty Bay :)
5 Madde
I LOVE IT!!! It's a must-have!
5 Elisa
Amazing, wonderful!!! i waited for it 17 days, but now i have my Naked palette and i'm very very happy!!! Thank You!!!
5 Johanna
The most amazing eyeshadows I've ever owned!!
5 Yas
Why didn't I buy this sooner...
5 Trine
Absolutly amazing. The best looking shades of sparkely nude, gold and copper I've ever tried. It just lasts and lasts and lasts. No need for touch ups. And the included brush and Primer Potion is spot on. Fabolous Product!! :)
3 Karoline
Received mine today. OMG. Those colors are just amazing! Only bad thing is, that I had to 17 days for it :(
5 Elena
My palette arrived in Greece after 12 days, but I don't mind, cause a make-up palette is not really an emergency. It was very well packaged inside a cardboard box filled with foam and secured in a plastic bag, so you don't have to worry about it getting wet if it rains. The palette itself is amazing. The packaging and the quality is well worth the money.
5 Emma Knapp
Just received my Naked Palette in the post and I am so happy with it! The colours are beautiful and very pigmented, I can tell already that this is going to become a vital part of my beauty routine! This was my first purchase from Beautybay and I will definitely be buying from them again! Now I just have to wait for Beautybay to start selling the naked2! :D
5 Ida Christine Dalum
This has without a doubt become an essential part of every makeup freak's collection. And not without reason! These eyeshadows are soft like butter, very well pigmented and long lasting. This palette has beautiful colors suitable for lots of different makeup looks. My personal favorite eyeshadows in this palette include Virgin, Naked, Sidecar and Darkhorse.
5 devon
amazing worth the money. ive had mine or a year now,i use it everyday and it still looks brand new, un-used. neutral colours for a natural look and then as you get further across the shadows,they get darker!gunmetal and sin are my favourite shadows.i wouldn't use them together but you can.visit YouTube for tips and tutorials, very beautiful styles
5 Carmenlvsx
The shadows are beautiful and worked great. I never had a blurred shadows as well. It is the best buy I've made in a while. Now wait to go on sale the naked2! The extremely fast shipping. Only 12 days to arrive in Spain, taking into account the Christmas holidays. I'll not regret buying at Beautybay!! Thanks!!! **
5 Nati
Beautiful palette, the shadows are highly pigmented and you can create so many looks, its awesome!And i received my palette within two weeks, this was my first purchase from beautybay and i would definitely purchase products from this site again and again, thank you very much!
5 Katie Cha
This palette is so beautiful! It was very well-packaged as well to make sure that none of the eyeshadows would be damaged. The shadows are EXTREMELY buttery and wonderful! I'll be buying from Urban Decay - and Beautybay - again :D
5 Sanna
This palette is great and you can make lots of different looks! And it doesn't fade easily. This was my first purchase and I'm really pleased. Delivery was fast and the product was well packed.
5 Claire
This palette is fabulous! Was In Two minds about waiting a few days and just purchasing the Naked 2 palette! However decided to go with this one. Very fast delivery aswell. Can't wait to try it out!
5 SS
This is my first purchase and the product came on Christmas Eve so the company is well organised on delivery. I'm very happy with the colours, they are beautiful and so great for all sorts of occasions. Product was well packed in a box so the eyeshadows were fully secured. Will definitely purchase Urban Decay products with Beauty bay again!
5 Huda
Amazing highly pigmented palette, recommend to anyone as it suits all types of skin tones.
5 Michelle
Wowzers!!! This is the best palette ever! I don't even use any of my other shadows anymore as this palette is so versitile. The brush is fantastic too and I shall be investing in other Urban Decay brushes in the future. Thanks BeautyBay xx
5 Masha Ponukalova
One of the best palette I've ever owned. Very similar to the "too faced natural eye palette", but with more shadows.All of them very useful. I'll definitely recommend this one for everyone who wants a complete palette with bronzed and satiny finished colours.
5 Mishelle
This product is amazing, I am so glad I could import it as it's not available in my country!
4 Roz
Amazing palette! Bought it for a friend for her birthday and she was well happy with it even though it was a touch late. Might just hve to get one for myself too. Shame it took 4 weeks to get here, though, considering shipping is included on top and promises 5-7 working days international.
5 Malin
I got my palette today and it looks wonderful! I can't wait to try it out tomorrow. I'm surprised how fast delivery was. It took about 9 days and I live in the northern part of Sweden. Thank you Beauty Bay, I will order again!
5 Ilaria
This is the best palette I've ever tried! Amazing!! I love it.
5 Caterina
Fantastic palette, before buying I spent so much time looking on reviews on blogs and youtube, and now that I have it I am not a bit disapointed, it's perfect, the best selection of color that a palette should have. I would recommend buying if you like this kind of colors, it has so many possibilities! also very high quality, high pigmented eyeshadows!
5 Alina
It's such an amazing product!
5 Fan
What an amazing and valuable palette! Love it~
5 MG
Just received my palette, and it looks amazing. I can't wait to try it! Also came with a free gift and primer. Delivery was quite quick and it was packaged very well. Will definitely be using BeautyBay again.
5 Antonija
I got this as a gift form my mother. She bought it here on beautybay, and I'm so satisfied. The colors in the palette goes with ever color of the eyes you or your friends have. It's a must for every makeup-interested girl out there. THe packaging was GREAT, nothing broke or anything like that. And I live in Sweden, so that's pretty awesome. Thank you!:
4 Sorcha
I absolutely love this palette! Getting it here was a bit of a hassle as there were complications, but i'm very happy with the product. (:
5 andrea
Arrived on time, had product gift wrapped which was so lovely cant wait to use many many many thanks beauty bay :-)
5 Reika
I love it!
5 Christina
This palette is great!! Defenitely recommended!
5 sai
i love this palette :) colors are what i expected!shipping was really smoothe as well.thanks beauty bay.i think i shop here again :)
I LOVE this palette.It arrived within 9 working days to Greece :-) eytyxws!!!!!!
5 Véronique
Je viens de recevoir cette palette, c'est mon premier produit Urban Decay et franchement je ne regrette pas cet achat car elle est sublime cette palette !!! Je la recommande vivement, et moi je vais me commander la Dangerous palette ;-)
5 Robin
The colors are amazingly pigmented. The options with this palet are endless, And i think it is definetely worth the price. If you don't really like wearing really shimmery eyeshadows than i wouldn't buy this pallet because most of the eyeshadows are really shimmery.
5 Christa
I ordered this product last week and I was so happy when it arrived within 5 working days! The colors have a lot of pigment and they're so beautiful. It's a pleasure to use every single day, I'm in love with the palette! You can make basically every look with it, from very natural to smokey eyes. I'd recommend this palette and BeautyBay to everyone!
5 CJ
Shades are fantastic but the light ones are trickier to use on darker skin, this is perfect for novices and the experienced who like neutral, non loud colours. The primer potion is good and works but the free brush is not that useful for a novice. Can create dramatic smoky, edgy or muted looks. Versatile and perfect as a gift for a make up lover. Velvety!
5 Paula Baptista
I LOVED this palette! Really have reason to be the most desirable of the moment .. qualqer is perfect for the occasion. I also love the care of the site: by sending and great customer service! They were super careful with me! I refer to all!
5 feli
I am so happy with the shipping..only took exactly 14 days to Melbourne :D
5 Samira
Really great pallet! I was surprised on its size, its bigger than I thought... It took a while to arrive on Brazil, but it worth every waiting day! Loved!!
5 Miki
Absolutely fantastic! A fantastic range of colours that are highly pigmented and last all day when using the eye primer. The shadow sizes are also better than expected for a set. Very very good value for money!
5 Rebecca
Every time I wanted to order this it had sold out, i had to wait quite a while to order it and then a few weeks to ship to australia, but it was completely worth the wait. I have yet to come across another palette with as many good colours that you can use day in day out - real must have and excellent value, cult status is deserved!!
5 Laura
I loved it! Its great and have wonderful quality! It's a "must have" palette! :) I'm really satisfied!
5 Yara Lobo
Amazing palette! The product arrived perfect, well packaged, fast shipping, even international shipping. It was my first purchase in beautybay, now i'm sure that i'll buy a lot of other times. Thanks
5 Marta
Probably there's anything to add, as this item has been reviewed so many times. It is anyway simply amazing. The perfect colours range for any look. It comes in a beautiful packaging, too.
5 Larissa Albuquerque
Great product. Beautiful shadows with huge quality. Just loved it and think that anyone who loves makeup should buy one.
5 Miropi
I love this palette
5 Malin Helen Blindheim
Its the best eyeshadow set i ever had! I really recomend it! The colors Are fantastic :)
5 Isabella
I love this product! It works perfectly, very wearable colours for day and nigth look.
5 Bianca D'Alessio
Hy, i just want to tell how much i love this palette... its perfect!!! im so in love!! AND, BRAZILIAN GIRLS: I SO RECOMMENDED BEAUTYBAY.COM, THE DELIVERY WAS SO FAST, AWESOME!!!
5 Sandy
Hi! I bought this palette 3 weeks ago and I'm from Melbourne. Does anyone knows how much longer i'll have to wait to fot it to get here? Delivery is taking ages! I can't wait to get it! :)
5 Pornprapa
I have been waiting for this product like crazy after it got lost in space for almost a month..just to ship to sydney due to delay delivery by post, until i almost claim for a lost parcel. Finally it now on my hand and its worth to wait! The palette is disappoint :) Also thank to customer service, they r nice and prompt response always!
5 Karen Bramble
The most beautiful eye shadow palette I've seen & used in a long time!! And most of all, long wearing!! A must buy for eye shadow or Urban Decay lovers!
5 Diana
Best eyeshadow combination ever, perfect for my blue eyes, you can mix them, you can use them day, night, work, fun. Just perfect anytime for anybody, I adore it.
5 Rebecka
I love this palette! It works for every occasion, daytime and nighttime. And as usual the quality of UDs products are amazing.
5 Simone
This product WAW. i felt like a princess when i got it, totally worth the money, super nice quality and great pigmentation. I have nothing bad to say about it at all + you can use it ALL year round. Love it, so glad a bought it <3
5 Mette
Best make-up palette ever! I really love this, the pigmentation is amazing, and your money is very well paid. Well done Urban Decay!
5 Ha
This is a must if you are an eyeshadow user! We don't have Urban Decay in Australia but this palette is well worth it's money, delivery and wait! Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring; day or night; in the office or out partying - This palette is sure to be used all the time, all year round! The pigments are great, don't need alot for the colours to pop out! <3
5 Irene
I can now put all my other neutral eyeshadows aside because this is all I'll be needing daytime & night time!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Fast delivery too!
5 Irene
I can now put all my other neutral eyeshadows aside because this is all I'll be needing daytime & night time!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Fast delivery too!
5 Marian
Love this palette! The colours are beautifully pigmented and goes well with every skin tone! Will definitely repurchase later on :)
4 Tara
The product is perfect! I'm so excited to use it, the colours are so nicely pigmented. The delivery took far too long, though.
5 Carolina Mancini
I love this palette! All colors are very useful, I really recommend! A great investment! (Delivery is very fast)
5 Kari
my everyday go to palette good for day time and night time. The shadow's color payoff are great it's all very vibrant like what it looks like in the palette. I also use it with other shadows I got they blend well. A must have if you're in need some neutral color or just for your collection.
5 lee
I need to buy them soon <3
5 tova
Love this! It feels like you dont need any eyeshadow except this! (love the box design too, look expensive) Fast shipping too, live in sweden, took 3 working days.
5 Taylor Thurman
these colours work on every skin tone! i highly recommend! (The brush that comes with is also a steal!) *for a great golden dramatic look, i use half baked on my lid, smog above and in my crease i put dark horse. it looks HOT!*
4 Jenny
Really slow delivery! It took me a month to get mine Colours are what I expected and are a little bit too shimmery for my liking Nevertheless it's a worthy investment
5 Erika
This is the best eyeshadow palette for a natural look and even for a dramatic look. The colors are perfect. I do reccomend!
5 Charlotte Collins
I received the palette this morning, and she is just GORGEOUS. Thanks Beautybay ! I have ordered it the 23th augustus and it is mine after just a week, it was packed carefully,
5 Ella
Just received it in the mail and am in love!! I'm not a big makeup person and this is absolutely perfect, all the natural hues you need in one convenient palette. BUY IT!!
5 Charlotte
Hi! I just recieved the Naked Palette from Urban Decay, and the colours are just so pretty, even my mother wants one now!
each and every colour is beautiful!!! very useful palette. received it in excellent condition!!
5 Gina Latimer
I live in Australia and have been looking for the Naked palette for months!! Finally I have found it, and for such a great price, best price I could find and I know it is the genuine product!!! Beautiful eyeshadows as always from Urban Decay; Thank-you so much I am forever grateful:)
5 Elisa Hahl
I had heard so many good reviewes on this and had been looking for this, everywhere! I finally found on BeautyBay and immediately ordered it. The next day it was out of stock! :P I love this palette! I'm generally not good at doing my eye make-up, but using this it looks good every time! :)
5 Donna
I received my palette today and I'm very happy with the shipping and product- it took me forever to find it anywhere who had it in stock.. Thankyou BEAUTYBAY :)
5 Mimi
I looked all over on-line for 1 year trying to buy this until I found your wonderful web-shop! Love all the colors, its simply the best!
5 Anna
This palette is the best palette I own! The colours are pigmented and easy to create either a day-time look or a night-time look.
4 Suzanne
Beautiful palette, really beautifully made with a luxe feel to it. Loses a star because the plastic case it comes in feels very flimsy and cheap, and seems completely at odds with the palette itself.
5 Torbjorn Gunnarsson
Im not a big user of this kind of product but i must say my girlfriend looks verry nice when she puts it on , and she verry happy with the product. I must allso say it was a realy quick delivery of the product , so we are verry pleased with everything :-)
5 orny
simply the best naked palette i've ever used!!!i received it in very short time here in italy.absolutely love UD
5 Dawn
I love this pallette! I'm not a fan of bright eyeshadows so it contains all the eyeshadow I need. Perfect for day and night looks. The brush is great too.
5 Melissa J
I got this today and I absolutely love it. All the eyeshadows I'll ever need in one palette!
5 Kamilla
This perfect must-have palette is amazing! The colors are sooo beautiful, and you can do any look. You can create anything from a sexy night-out-look to a wearable office-look with these lovley shades. The shipping was fast and very good! I really love my palette and!! :D
5 Jess
This palette is amazing! Love it. Great pigmentation, so worth the price.
5 Rebecca W
Thanks so much beautybay! Now I'm the envy of all my friends here in Sydney.. I've wanted this palette for yonks, because of all the hype surrounding it. And It's definitely worth the wait. All 12 shades are so gorgeous and really really pigmented. I can't see how I'll ever need to buy any more eyeshadows.. this is all I could ever need. LOVE IT!
5 Saira
I love this palette! I use this palette almost every day. Highly recommended!
5 Daisy
The palette took around 2 weeks to get to Sydney, Australia. I used some of the eyeshadows and left them on whilst I exercised for a whole HOUR (sweat and the whole deal)- I went to the bathroom after, expecting a disaster. I was so surprised- the eyeshadows had not even moved! They didn't crease OR smudge! I didn't even have primer underneath! Amazing!
5 cecilie jensen
This is a perfect pallette for someone whos just starting out with makeup. The neutral colors also makes it great to wear around the office, but still there is enough dark colors to wear it out for a night in town ;)!! Great palette, great primer, and an okay brush, all in all great value!!!
5 Celia
I love this palette! The colors are very beautiful! Tks Beautybay!
4 Danielle
I<3 This Palette Im 14 and i dont like bright purples or blacks so i was looking for nice netruel colours and the naked palette really was the thing for me the shipping wasent too long at all and it came very nicely wrapped nothing was broken the colours are great and very pigminted i wud recommened this palette too every1 and its really worth the money xx
5 Sasja de Boer
I am so happy with this palette, thank you! I wanted it for a long time. It was very expensive in the Netherlands but not with you! The colours are absolutely amazing and the brush is also great! So so happy! :)
5 Kristiane
I love this palette!!! The eyeshadows are very goog pigmented. <3
5 Inbar A
as a begginer with makeup- this is my very first palette- and it really is as amazing as all the reviews, and i can see why they sell out so fast. the primer potion is great as well, very happy with my purchase (and BeautyBay's service is phenomenal)
5 Art Michael
I just received my Naked palette,one word for it A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! The colors are really pigmented that an eyeshadow base is not even needed.This palette is a MUST i really recommend it! It has neutral colors appropriate for a subtle everyday look but also for a glamorous smokey make up for night!It can't get any better ^^
5 Hilal
This palette is superb!!! I love it. The colours are great and highly pigmented.It is a musthave for all beauty-junkies. The delivery was very quick, even though it was international. Thank you so much Beautybay!!!!
5 Christie x
I lovee this product the colours are so gorgeous i must say this has actually changed the way i look i get so many complements on my eyes i lovee it please if you havent all reddy tried this i recommed it <3
4 Tiffany
The eyeshadows are so smooth, creamy and pigmented! I'm amazed by its versatility! I am a little disappointed about shipping, it took almost a month to get to Sydney (especially when i paid for shipping and found another site which sells this palette for cheaper and with free shipping!)No complaints with the actual palette itself though!
5 Zoe
I'm so happy I finally got this pallette, I've been debating with my self whether to get it or not for absolutely ages, I don't know why I even questioned buying it! The colours are so pretty and so pigmented. And if that wasnt even enough you get the famous urban decay primer potion, which is also amazing - Defo buying the full size when it runs out.
5 Gilly Allen
This is a brilliant palette, its so workable and blendable, you can go as natural as you want or as dark and smokey as you want, I love it! Every woman should have this palette!!
5 Claudia
I love this palette! The shipping from BeautyBay to Australia was also super quick! It's a great product to have for travelling (Since it's got so many great colours to dress up and down) and really good for every day as well! An absolute must have!
5 Olivia
Such a great palette!! The colours are all gorgeous and very high pigmented. I love it! And the Karma Brush is so fabulous!!!
5 Cecile
This palette is amazing. Bright and matte colours, all neutral. Shipping was perfect and wrapped up nicely, thanks Beautybay!
5 Giulia
Wonderful palette and wonderful colours, so easy to blend!! It's great that it also comes with a brush and a sample of the UDPP, you won't need anything else!! So happy for having bought it!! :)
5 Elisabeth Tasiana
I received my palette today!!! the naked palette is great and a must have for all girls. My sister wants one too.IT'S AMAZING. Thank you .
5 Nina
I received my palette today!! I love the colours, there even better in real life. I live in the Netherlands, and the delivery was pretty fast, only 8 days!
5 Danielle
This palette has every colour you need if you, like me, are in to neutral shades. It's simply gorgeous with great pigmentation and the shadows don't crease with or without primer. The packaging is kind of in a fuzzy fabric which was suprising for me but not a problem. Don't hesitate, the hype is true!
4 Nadene
i was soo happy when i recieved this product today! it literaly took 27 days to come to me (i live in melbourne, australia.) if it takes ages to get to you don't fuss too much, though i got really worried after 2 weeks had past and i still hadn't recieved it. but anyway i finally got it and this palette stands for its reputation, IT'S AMAZING. thankss
5 Mary
i got it yesterday on the mail,i was hyper when i've opened it :) This naked palette is a must have for all the girls, if you see the palette in stock girls, go for it, u wont regret it! :)
5 Kristine
I Love this pallet. You can do everything with it. From easy everyday looks, to something more dramatic. And it so good to travel with, because you have all the colors you need. Every girls "must have". No wonder why it always is out of stock.
5 Ines
I got mine today. I was soooo excited because I'd been wanting it for so long! It did take a while to arrive (2 weeks) and I was getting worried but it was well worth the wait. The colors are amazing and you can use for almost any occasion! Perfect and absolute must-have :)
5 Michelle
I was so excited when I got this. It took 13 working days arrive in Sydney instead of the said 5-7 working days. I was growing frustrated after the 5th day because I just wanted it already! The shadows are so velvety and smooth, like touching a satin ribbon. They're blendable and super pigmented and it looks more glamorous and luxurious in real life.
5 A
5 stars for the palette! I looove it! But 1 star for the delivery. Shipping to Denmark took more than 5-7 days, it took 12 days........ So I think you have to edit your shipping infomation. But the palette is so stunning, so it would only be fair to rate 5 stars ;-)
5 Ga&#235;lle
Finally! I'm so glad I got my palette today in the mail. For those of you living in EUROPE (Belgium), it took 11 working days to arrive... so be patient =) Really nice packaging, nothing was broken: perfect!
5 Felicity
The combination of colours in this palette are just gorgeous! Absolutely did not disappoint when I finally got mine. Totally would recommend this palette to all make up lovers. Cannot wait to start experimenting with looks.
5 Klaudia
the eyeshadows are super soft, and very easy to blend. the colors are very natruel, but far from boring since that almost every color in this palette are shimmery. so would not buy it if i didn't like shimmer, but i do !! And the 2 matte colors are so creamy.
5 Minja
Absolutely fabulous! This has become my favorite palette number 1. The pigmentation is unbelievable and it stays perfectly on eyelid all day long. I can say that this (and UD palettes in general) beats more pricey eyeshadows with flying colors :) This is a must-have product with reasonable price.
5 Karina
There is nothing else to say than it is perfect, I love it :)))
5 Katie
This palette is perfection! Honestly, every woman must have this in their make-up kits. The pigmentation is excellent, the range of nude colours which you can use for an look; should be enough for everyone to purchase this! Love love love :)
5 Tridevi
I have seen a million pictures of this palette yet I was so surprised by how beautiful the colours were. The pigmentation and texture is of really high quality, blends effortlessly, and you could do so many different looks with it. I'll be wearing a different look everyday using this palette :):)
5 Jessie
I don't think I can be without this palette I love it so much and I've only had it for a day! Shipping to Australia took more than the said 5-7 days ... took 15. Worth it for this though!
5 helene
Im in love with this palette, the coulours are stunning, the pigmentation is AWESOME! Once you go naked you will stay naked!
5 ellen
You need this in your life! This palette has made it so much more easier to get ready and has great pigmentation. All the colors you need for everyday are in this palette!
5 roberta
good gift idea, colors very writers, you can create different looks, eye pencils are also excellent, very good value for money
5 Ingvild
At first I was a little disappointed because the colours looked a little dull and boring. Needless to say I was BLOWN away by the amazing pigmentation and beautiful colours! I simply can't get over "Virgin", it's the best highlighter I've ever come across. This palette is a must have for every girl and woman! Colours are great for simple and dramatic looks.
5 Kate
Beautiful! Total Must-Have... Shipping took quite long :(
5 Dorte
5 Sippy
I love this palette. I have never had any Eyeshadow like this. It so pigmented, and you can make so many looks with it. Everyone girl/Woman should have this.
5 Melanie
I must have this Naked Palette from Urban Decay! It´s so gorgeous ?

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