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5 11 November 2014 Anastasiya
The BEST foundation ever! It's naked skin indeed!! Skin looks sooo natural, no heavy or cakey coverage, but my blemish scars concealed! I have oily skin but product quite drying itself so it stays in place for a long time! my skin improves because of that( when i don't see pimples i don't pick at them. and the less sebum the less pinples). Love this stuff,will repurchase as soon as i'm ouy of my botle!
5 03 November 2014 Shannon
Absolutely love this foundation. So lightweight and has a good coverage, it doesn't look like I am wearing a lot of makeup. Perfect match for my skin. Does have a bit of a strange scent but overall a great product, this is definitely my new foundation of choice.
5 25 October 2014 Anna
Bought this in the color 2, which fits me perfectly! I love to use this foundation, it looks so natural on the skin! and it doesn't feel heavy on the skin AT ALL! It is not full coverage, i still have to use a concealer to cover up my spots. However you can get a medium-almost full coverage if you use 2 layers of this foundation. It has a kind of weird smell, maybe its the alcohol i can smell. But i actually like that it has that smell, because it means that they haven't putted some extra ingredients in to drown the smell.
3 14 June 2014 Caitlin
This foundation is fantastic except for the fact that it gives me really bad breakouts! I couldn't figure out why my skin suddenly had so many blemishes and so I stopped using this for a while and waited for it to clear up. Sure enough, after I resumed using this foundation it started again. I've never had that with any product before. It's a shame because it's a really beautiful foundation (looks very natural) and it's quite pricey too!
4 21 May 2014 Rachel
I would say median-full coverage, very lightweight~ but i can smell the alcohol. overall its pretty good.
5 08 April 2014 Rae
This is the best foundation I've found yet and I've tried a lot of brands! I have really pale and oily skin and I finally found my closest colour, with enough buildable coverage without causing me to break out. Makes my skin look really good, it covers all the redness and acne, and it looks natural!
5 28 March 2014 Barbara
I just received the replacement package of my lost orde, with this great foundation in it... Great customer service! Thank you for solving the problem so quickly Beautybay!
5 24 January 2014 Erin
This foundation is everything it claims to be. It feels weightless and gives a flawless finish every time. I have pale skin and 0.5 was almost a perfect match, I will definitely be re-purchasing this!
5 03 December 2013 Kim
This is the One. I used to wear only concealer on my dark circles and leave the rest of the skin bare simply because I have never found a foundation that looks good on my skin. I'm on the light side of NC25 for reference(shade 2.0!) and I have got a few veins showing through around my mouth and eyes, and that can make me look kinda sick -especially in pictures- even if I have got good, clear skin. This foundation by Urban Decay is perfect, doesn't give me this "yeah, I've got tons of makeup on" look every other foundation give me, instead, it looks exactly like skin, NAKED skin. Looks and feels soft to the touch, lasted all day and looked amazing all day. My favorite way of applying it is with a BeautyBlender. Super recommended!
5 01 December 2013 Cris
Perfect for those with oily skin-loved Perfeita para quem tem pele oleosa-adorei
4 24 October 2013 Ekaterina Sivash
This foundation give me enough coverage but it has insufficient durability for me.
3 17 October 2013 Caroline
I have acne redness and scars. This foundation doesn't give me enough coverage. I would compare this to a tinted moisturizer. It gives streaks when you put it on. It doesn't dry quick. But when it dries it has a velvety mat touch. If you are looking for light coverage this is a nice product. I also needed a tint darker than i tought after checking the 'Find your shade' on the urban decay website. 3,5 is too light for me.
5 17 October 2013 Polina
Girlssss, I have this amazing Foundation in Shade 3.5. It's great, not heavy, covers well, a musthave. Realy glad I bought it.
5 08 October 2013 Caroline
This is hands down THE best foundation I have ever used. It makes your skin look amazing..it covers well, but doesn't mask at all.. I'm nc30 in mac and got shade 4.0 in this one and 5.0 for when I am tanned.
5 25 September 2013 MaggieMQ
I love this! Doesn't give the heavy mask feeling foundations often do, good range of colors and easy to use. Unfortunatly there is one negativ thing about it! The smell!! Smells like paint when you pump it out of the bottle! I will definatly buy this again! I have a oily/combination skin and it stays on my skin all day.
5 16 September 2013 Ellie Yule
The best foundation I've ever purchased, was worried about colour match but perfectly matched! So good for blending into the skin and no patchiness at all, can't think of a better foundation than this! X
4 11 September 2013 MM
I have very pale skin with cool undertones and it's hard to get foundation shades that work well for me. 0.5 is pretty good, it blends pretty well into my skin tone if used with a light touch. This does feel very comfortable on the skin, by far the best liquid foundation I have used on that score. One pump is more than I need to do my whole face, this product will last ages.
5 05 September 2013 Chelsey
My mum gave me this as it was too light for her, but its fab. Great coverage and gives a radiant glow I got so many compliments when using this! It feels like bb cream/moisturiser love it!
5 14 August 2013 Christin
Alright this foundation is the LOVE OF MY LIFE! The absolute best foundation ever I have bought.. Feels all day everyday like wearing nothing on your skin except for your daily skin cream... And the area you`ve got a bit extra problems with just get some more on that area ;o) And on rainy days it`s water prof :D AMAZING
5 14 August 2013 Sussex lady
Urban decay naked foundation. Was worried that no. 12 looked reddish when squeezed on the back of my hand. But applied it on and it blended in really well. I'd say it was medium coverage. Last well. Had to apply face powder 4 hours later. Which isn't bad for my 44 year old combination skin. Compared to Laura Mercier skin teint and Mac sculpt I prefer the urban decay for my summer makeup because A) feels weightless B) good colour match C) good price
5 08 August 2013 Paris
This foundation is so light with great coverage. I will need to purchase a slightly darker shade for Summer, as I think 3.0 will become too light for my MAC NC25-30 summer-skin. However, I love it so much, and I am very glad I invested in this amazing product. I would choose this over MAC foundations any day!
5 05 August 2013 Sarah
Really light foundation but gives fantastic coverage. I love the fact that you don't feel like you are wearing make up but it lasts really well. Would definitely buy it again, however as a little goes a long way it will be a while before I need to order more!
5 01 August 2013 Tea
This foundation is amazing, medium to full coverage and is not heavy at all. I am really impressed.
5 24 July 2013 Ashley
Amazing foundation! Great coverage. And doesn't feel heavy. It also lasts for ages!
5 19 July 2013 Amanda
For someone who has oily and sensitive skin this foundation is a life saver!! I never found any product even similar to this with so may colour shades. I cant leave my house without it. My new favourite.
5 03 July 2013 Ma
This foundation is my favourite by far. it feels very lightweight on the skin and looks very natural with an amazing coverage. Compared to most brands this is by far the best and has long lasting performance, you will not regret buying it.
5 27 April 2013 Claire
I bought this foundation a few months ago and it is by far my favourite foundation. I am shade 4.0 and it is the only foundation I have ever found that matches my colour exactly. The finish is so natural, but I can still build it up in the areas i need to. Love it.
5 16 April 2013 Clai
I really love this foundation! The shade 4.0 is perfect for me. It's feels like you're not wearing foundation: it's perfect for people who love natural foundation, with light to medium coverage. The only flaw is that it hasn't spf. I'll buy it again!
5 03 April 2013 ana carolina
I love this!! *-* I feel like not even wearing any foundation in my skin, its very natural! perfect foundation. this foundation is awesome in my oily skin.
5 03 April 2013 ana carolina
I love this!! *-* I feel like not even wearing any foundation in my skin, its very natural! perfect foundation. this foundation is awesome in my oily skin.
5 08 December 2012 Aishwariya
I've been using this for a few weeks now, and I love how weightless it feels, and being a fan of matte foundation only, it came as quite a surprise that I ended up loving the dewy more, natural finish of this foundation. I use the color 7.0 and I'm an NC45, it runs a tad darker, but it still works
5 03 December 2012 Dominique
I LOVE this foundation. It feels like you're not wearing anything at all, but gives excellent light to medium coverage, depending on whether or not you build it up. The brush is a must buy, as it applies the foundation flawlessly. This is my new no.1 foundation, whereas before I wore MAC. However this is definitely better!
5 18 November 2012 Jess
Fabulous high definition foundation!!! It's lightweight and gives amazing coverage which is easily build-able but feels like your not wearing anything at all.. Love the easy colour system LOVE
5 14 November 2012 Amanda
This foundation is amazing! It is super light weight and glides on your skin giving you a flawless look and you feel like your not even wearing make up. It is also very suitable for pale skin as the shades run light enough. Overall an amazing foundation!
5 20 September 2012 Rachel
I really really love this foundation , i have the colour 0.3 and its the most flattering colour ive ever used in a foundation ! I did find it tricky to apply at first and tried lots of methods ! Fingers , beauty blender , the best was my sigma f80 to pat it in ! Looks airbrushed ! I will be repurchasing x no breakouts either , you must try it x
5 18 September 2012 Diana
Got his in 4.0 (I'm Asian fair with yellow skintone). The color does look light so choose carefully. And I love this alot! I have RMK liquid fdn, I love it too and both seems to hv similar consistency. Runny and buildable which means it gives light coverage upon first application. This goes on bit matte when dry but shows nice dewiness after that.
5 14 September 2012 Sue
I so love this weightless, natural foundation, I got this in the colour 4.0 and it is a perfect match.It looks like I have beautiful skin, would thoroughly recommend this if you want a natural light to medium coverage.
5 06 September 2012 Brooke
I have really fair skin so finding foundations and concealers are a nightmare especially as makeup is expensive. This foundation is amazing! It's so light on your skin and lasts all day even when you're running around here and there. It doesn't look cakey or feel disgusting and you can even use it as a concealer. Thankyou sooo much Urban Decay you're a dream
5 02 September 2012 Vicki
Very good natural coverage. Shade selection is great. I'm really fair and find it very hard to find the perfect shade. 0.5 is ideal!! I have combination skin. This controls my oily t zone but keeps rest of my face moist. Won't be changing foundation again.

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