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5 Jessica
I love these lipsticks from urban decay! The colour range is fantastic, they are long lasting and a beautiful finish!
5 Jess
This lipstick is perfect for those who want long wear without a drying feeling. I love this lipstick! I currently have two and one of the sheer versions! ?? The formula is creamy and leaves your lips in great condition, the product does slide due to this though. I would say the only problem which I do have with this lipstick is that a lip liner is needed, it can bleed. However I still feel this is a 5* product!
5 Salome
Such a beautiful lipstick - love the packaging. I bought the colour Fiend and I love it
4 Anna
Got this lipstick in Shame and I've been getting a ton of compliments for it. Doesn't dry my lips, the color of the product is the same as in the pictures, it changes a bit on the lips but I think the change is for the better. The color is creamy and doesn't wear off too much when drinking and eating. Still while wearing white/light colored clothes you must be careful not to smudge it on your clothes, that could be troublesome... Overall a great lipstick, I'm going to buy some other shades too...
5 Xiaodan
Color Venom is perfect for Autumn/Winter. Long lasting ,rich color, not too dry on your lips. I am satisfied with this effect for this price. Highly recommended.
5 Nicole
I absolutely love this lipstick, mainly because it stays on pretty long (which unfortunately I cannot say the same about many other brands..). I bought 69 and I actually really thought it would be a dark red, rather than a dark pink.. nonetheless the colour is still beautiful and I definitely don't regret buying it. I will definitely try out other colours in the future.
5 Maria
This is most amazing formula I've ever tried! I need to say that I'm a lipstick junkie and own lots of lipsticks from differents brands, eg Mac, too faced, lancome..but nothing beats this one! I have it in Fiend and Turn on and planning to buy as many as my wallet permits! If u have sensitive lips that dry out easily give it a try..at least for me it worked miracles!
5 Karla
Excellent !! the pigmentation and applied last long. The packaging is beautiful and nice smell. One of the best formulas I've tried.
5 Ashleigh
Love these! Super creamy and super pigmented.
5 Troo
Phenomenal. Absolutely tremendous. The quality of the Revolution lipsticks is just outstanding. I picked up Jilted and Rapture, and they're both well worth RRP, let alone the great sale price!
5 Amy lamb
I bought Shame and I absolutely love it. Perfect with pale skin and black hair. Gorgeous formula, highly pigmented. Looks super gorgeous layered with Smashbox Be Legendary black tied gloss. Definately recommend
5 Daniela Bolognesi
5 mariya
I absolutely love this lipstick. The casing feels cool and heavy and expensive and looks amazing. I bought Rapture;, a mauve-ish colour and i found it very flattering. The texture is creamy and just glides on, it's moisturising, it lasts ages, it doesn't feather or bleed... I can't think of a single thing I dislike about it.
5 Caitlin Anderson
5 Gry
I left one review before and I didn't give it a very high score then. But since then I've tried a couple of other shades and found some that I absolutely love and I've completely changed my mind about these lipsticks. They are so full of color and stay put for long periods of time (the darker the lipstick the longer it seems to last on me.) My favorites are Shame and Venom, but I recently got Rapture and I love that one too. Anarchy is fun and I'm waiting for F-bomb to come any day now. All in all I love the formula of these lipsticks. You could say I've gotten a little addicted.. I think my previous experience with them wasn't very good because I chose shades that were too meek for me. It took a while but now I know which kind of colors to go for.
5 Keren
I bought Anarchy. It's a beautiful deep fuschia pink. It applies smoothly and it's quite creamy. It lasts around 4 hours and it fades away quite evenly to a nice lip stain.
4 Emma
SO MUCH PIGMENT! I bought the "Catfight", which looks like a bright reddish pink on me. It feels a little bit dry on my lips after a while so I tend to add a little more lipstick to keep them feeling a bit more moisturized.
3 Gry
I got catfight, fiend, liar, streak, turn on and native but I have a difficult time loving these. Finding a shade that suits me is not easy and I think I prefer pencil/crayon type lipsticks anyway. But quality wise I have no complaints. If you're into lipsticks you should try these.
5 silvana
I am truly happy in all aspects possible. Every positive thing written and said about the Urban Decay lipsticks are true. I will be expanding from one shade to nearly everyone ;-) As a Beauty Therapist for more then 30 years and always using high quality makeup and skin care products, I am truly impressed and recommend Urban Decay to everyone who wants quality!
5 Kiki
I went for a lipstick that turned out to be way too dark for me, but I still love it. The formula is really smooth and it has okay staying power; it didn't last trough a coffee date without some touch-ups but maybe that's too much to expect.
5 Arian
BEST LIPSTICKS EVER. I was always a huge M.A.C fan but this blows most of my other lipsticks away. Amazing color payoff, super creamy and very long lasting. I have the colours BANG and F-Bomb and love them both :)
5 Maja
I am in love with this lipstick! I have it in shades Naked and Fiend and I love them both! They are so creamy and so opaque. Staying power is not great (around 2 hours without eating or drinking) but that is to be expected from such a creamy and moisturizing lipstick. Naked is my everyday color, Fined is more of a special occasion lipstick... and I plan on getting more shades in the near future. :D
5 Mai
My new favorite! Glides on beautifully and looks flawless after just one layer. Stays on for a really long time, even with eating and drinking. I bought Anarchy which is a very intense pink and looks amazing! Will by more shades.
5 laura
These lipsticks are so lovely and creamy, I got the colour Obsessed and its so pretty. Its a lovely shade of pink and Im so happy with it.
5 Hanna
I LOVE this lipstick. I got the shade Turn On and absolutely fell in love with it. Lasting power is awesome! As soon as I got it in the mail, I put it on, went to work and it was still there by the end of the day. It fades beautifully so you don't have to worry about patches of color on your lips. The consistency is awesome for my dry lips and pigment glides over so evenly. Love the slightly glossy finish this lip stick has. What more can I say? You HAVE to buy this and try it out.
5 Linn-Iren Høvik Kvaal
The Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick come in 22 amazing shades which are creamy and moisturising but still have an amazing colour payoff, they are long lasting lipsticks which have an Infusion System to give the Lipstick it`s amazing colour payoff and moisture. In Combination with the 22 Lip pencils which go with them are the Lipsticks even more longlasting. I can highly recomment thoose Lipsticks to everybody.
5 Linn-Iren Høvik Kvaal
Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick Delivers insane color payoff plus creamy shine. The Infusion SystemTM gives the formula its super creamy texture, insane pigmentation, superior color dispersion and extended wear. Maxi-LipTM defines and hydrates lips while making them look plumper and fuller. A nourishing blend of jojoba oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter and shea butter keeps lips super moisturized and cushiony soft. Our shade range includes everything from gorgeous nudes to bold brights.
5 Jules
This lipstick is absolutely divine. As soon as I purchased Shame, tried it on, I went back and purchased Venom. They are incredibly pigmented and very creamy. They have great lasting power. It's highly advisable to use a pencil - UD 24/7 glide on lip liner - with these darker tones. Helps with application and long life. The price is great for the quality - it's definitely cheaper than premium cosmetic brands but gives them a run for their money in terms of longevity and color pay off. Even after the lipstick had "worn off" (many hours and a meal later), there was still a pretty stain. I am definitely going to be buying more. Oh, and the plus is that there is no smell to these - so no overpowering scent hanging just under your nose all day! Bonus!
4 Holly
Streak: This one is a little more translucent than I had thought it would be. I find that in emphasizes the dryness in my lips. The colour description is accurate.
3 Jhaz Petersen
I purchased the Streak color Urban Decay revolution lipstick. I was excited about it as I watched a lot of reviews about it and most of the beauty vlogger prefered this color Streak. It is gorgeous on them. However, on my natural lip color as well on my skin color which is Asian skin color , it doesn't really suit me well. I was a little bit disappointed about that, as I really wanted to have a corally lip color but Streak is not for me. The consistency is not what I expected as well as it promised to have this creamy moisturizing effect to the lips but my lips remain choppy. Probably it is just my lips which I tend to have dry lips due to the cold weather here in the Nordic country. All in all I am still a huge fun of Urban Decay. I would most likely purchase the darker shade in the future, that would maybe suit me well.
5 Siri
Thus far I find colour descriptions to be very accurate. I've got two bright shades from this range - Catfight and Venom - and they're just what UD and BB says they are ,as well as being super-creamy, coloursaturated, moisturizing - they do drag somewhat, and they will bleed eventually, but less than you'd expect. The packaging feels very exclusive, reminds me a lot of Hourglass or YSL, but for half the price or less. Will definitely be getting more!
5 Emily
I love the colours this comes in and its really creamy. It doesn't dry my lips out either.
5 Juliet
*Cue the angels on harps singing* Oh my god. I do not know where to start. These lipsticks are just to die for ahhhh! They are so incrediby smooth and pigmented and ugh they are honestly so freaking amazing. Just look at all those colors! I have the shade lovelight and I decided to go for this color because it is a shade similar to my natural lip color. With this in mind I wanted something natural but also a bit BOLD. The best thing about these lipsticks is that they are so moisturising and smooth. I hate when lipsticks bunch up or make my lips look dry or rough it is not a good look. These lipsticks do not do that, They just glide over my lips so effortlessly. I can't even explain the love I have for these. Urban decay you did good! I definitely will be getting more and currently have my eyes on rush, naked and streak. Oh not to forget, how gorgoeus is that packaging?! So sleek and sexy
5 Niyati
I purchased the Naked2 shade from this range, and its absolutely stunning! Creamy and pigmented to the core. Team it up with the 24x7 Lip Glide in the same shade for an outstanding result. Liar and Strip are my next buys from this collection.
5 Christin
Absolutely adore this revolution lipstick.. Got the color Bang and Streak and they just make my day :o) Will definitely get my self more of this shades :D

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