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5 30 April 2013 Cathy
I have always had trouble with eyeliner but these make it so easy. Soft and easy to apply they are highly pigmented and produce a great result. This set has everything you need for various smokey eye looks for day and night.
5 30 April 2013 Sunday
These are the best. Stays put all day. Six fun shades to play around with. Travel size means they are convenient to pop in your bag. Well worth the price. I'll be looking out for all of Urban Decays eyeliner sets from now on!
5 10 April 2013 Lauren
These eye liners are worth every single cent. Absolutely amazing pigment. Love them so much. Amazing for everyday use. They glide on so easily and last for ages (hense the 24/7). I haven't been able to find liners like these before. Its exactly what I wanted and more..5 stars!!
5 25 March 2013 Blandina De Iorio
le mie preferite!Scrivono benissimo e resistono a tutto. Anche i colori sono eccezionali....ma un pò cari però.... Translation: my favorite! They write well and resist all. Even the colors are great .... but a little expensive though ....
5 25 March 2013 Gail
love every colors! So soft. Thank you Beautybay.com for stocking Urban Decay!!!
5 24 March 2013 Laure
A 24/7 eye pencils is, on its own, quite expensive. This set allows your to get, for less that the price of two normal eye pencils, 6 different colours (and if, granted, these are travel-sized, who ever finishes an eye-pencil? it takes years!), all very wearable, beautiful and of high quality. I love those: I purchased the kit a few months back, and I use one of them almost everyday. Great if you don't have an enormous stash of eye pencils! (and even if you have)
5 23 March 2013 Ellen
So easy to wear and very pigmented. Love to use as an eyeliner or can be blended out for an easy eye look. Perfect addition to any make-up look. Plus a great way to get some fantastic shades!
5 14 December 2012 Thorunn Sif Thorarinsdottir
I love these, beautybay.com is the only place I can buy UD products so I was very happy when I saw that they would get this line from UD. The pencils are great, they go on smoothly and when they've dried they stay on all day long. They are also perfect for a smoky eye, hence the name ;)The colors are very vivid and great and the selection of pencils in this set is perfect for the winter.I found the packaging pretty good but I've thrown it away and put the pencils in my work-belt that carries my pencils and brushes, for easy access.A great product, I give it 4.5/5, the -0.5 is just because the pencils are travel sized :)
5 12 December 2012 Robert
My girlfriend loves urban decay product, and these pencils are a great to use, great colours, very nice seti give it 5 stars because you can not go any higher
5 11 December 2012 Priscila
Amooo a Beautybay. Preciso dos l&#225;pis da Urban Decay!!! S&#227;o perfeitos. <br><br> Love Beautybay. Love need pencils from Urban Decay!! They are perfect.
5 16 November 2012 Anastasia
Really easy to use, nice colours, stays on my eyes for all day - perfect for me!
5 13 November 2012 Tjaša Založnik
easy to use, great colors, stays on for hours.

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