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3 09 November 2014 Iweta
Packaging is lovely and looks very solid. Shadow colours are just amazing...but they seem to be not really permanent. I mean they have good pigmentation indeed, they blend soooo easily but after moreless 4 hours they just tend to fade... Maybe it's because my eyeshadow base.
5 25 September 2014 Laura G.
Got it yesterday and tried it on immediately ,got it just in time for winter perfect for winter night outs :3
5 25 August 2014 Maike
I LOVE this palette! I use it every time i go out and I like the color mushroom all over the lid and in the crease! I totally love it!
5 16 August 2014 andrina
Great palette I didn't even have to use much the colors were so intense and glided on effortlessly. Great selection of colors and the packaging looks so stylish and it zips shut, its perfect to take on travel. So impressed I have come back to buy a whole lot more palettes
5 17 February 2014 Helle Jensen
I got this palette for christmas two years ago. I love it!!! I use it for both day and night looks. The shadows are creamy smooth, very well pigmented and blends beautifully.
5 28 January 2014 Veronica
Very strong pigmentation! Great color selection, it's quite versatile.
5 27 January 2014 Ana
For me it's the best palette ever!
5 23 December 2013 Julia
Very intense colours. Beautiful smoky eyes. Love it
5 07 December 2013 Renee
This palette is great for night time looks. Perfect for creating sultry and sexy smokey eyes. I find myself reaching for other palettes though when doing my own makeup. But use it a bunch on other people and can create so many different looks. The packaging is great, sturdy and great for travel. Overall, a great product, and a deserved five star vote from me.
5 04 December 2013 Denice
Beautiful, beautiful colors. Great pigment, blends beautifully, and works for both natural and smokey looks. And the fact that you get a full size eye liner pencil is frea*ing awesome!!
5 06 October 2013 Rhiannon
A lovely palette of colours. The booklet is really handy and easy for beginners to follow (like myself). Any person wanting to help get a child/friend/ etc get started in make up should get one of these to play with.
5 15 September 2013 Siri
Urban Decay's reinvented the smokey eye. As always with UD the texture and colour pay-off is excellent, I'd be more surprsed if they weren't. The packaging is practical, the colours versatile and the liner goes on super smooth. Also, I find the included leaflet to be quite useful, with simple instructions and suggestions both beginners and experts at the smokey eye might find helpful. I consider myself quite adept at the smokey look, however this is great for inspiration.
5 05 September 2013 Racheljit Kaur
My boyfriend got me this palette. I'm a sucker for smokey eyes and this palette helps me achieve it. Love that the set included a booklet which has helped me create some gorgeous looks. Thumps up!
5 02 September 2013 Lesliê Chiaratti
This palette is fantastic! Besides making a perfect smokey eye with it, it is possible to make more elaborate make-up with colors that comes sexy, absolutely perfect, well pigmented and pencil and primer are too! Urban decay is the best!
5 30 August 2013 KAUHANY
Uma das paletas mais lindas do mundo!!! Ótima pigmentação. Translation: One of the world's most beautiful palettes!! Great pigmentation.
5 24 August 2013 Maan Coletti
Great palette, free shipping, nice smokey colors with a great eyeliner. This is really truly recommended.
5 23 August 2013 Elizabeth
This is delightful and unique palette. I loved her! Shadows of excellent quality, well pigmented, persistent. Also, I love the design of this palette, very attractive and unusual. I'm so happy with purchase!
5 22 August 2013 Polina
Perfect Palette for a Smokey Eyes Look. Great quality and pigmentation. I am very satisfied.
5 13 August 2013 Rosselle
Adorei a paleta, as cores são lindas e muito bem pigmentadas. O lápis também é maravilhoso. Translation: Loved the palette, the colors are beautiful and very pigmented. The pencil is also wonderful.
5 08 August 2013 Angela
Great palette, with awesome colors and very good pigmentation. You can create both neutral and dramatic looks. The pencil is also very very good.
5 06 August 2013 Krutika
I am so happy with my purchase with free shipping to Australia or any other country for the matter of fact means the prices are fair.. and as for the palette I LOVE IT! it also comes with a book which helps me perfect the look. :D would definately purchase again! Deliverd on time as well in a week or 10 days. I also opted for the sample and got 3 things not bad for and extra 2.50$
5 01 August 2013 Olga
This reticulation shadow became my favorite! Shadow well pigmented and good quality. UD make the best of the shadow. It also comes with a small base under the shade, a pencil and a large mirror, therefore, is a profitable investment of money. I am very happy with my purchase.
5 23 July 2013 Svetlana
A wonderful palette! Very beautiful colors, combined with each other. Well, that is a primer. Like the design of the pallet - zipped)) The shadows are well pigmented, suitable for day and evening make-up. Super-pencil 24/7! I am pleased to take this palette and all its advise!
5 20 July 2013 lyndall
Usual great quality eyeshadow pallete that urban decay are famous for, great depth to colours, with the dark shades I can use on their own, no eyeliner needed on my eyelid great pigment, just love it. Also great size for travel or handbag no too small no oversized like the original palettes.
5 12 July 2013 Evian
I LoVe this palette!! I was struggled for weeks before I made my order to the UD smoked palette. It may be with too much darkish shades and with limited use for me... But, I LOVE it!! The colour is not as dark as I thought and their jewel tone are still gorgeous on my lids (but must be with your eye primer, I've to say!). I use it not only for my evening smokey eyes but also for my daily office makeup with a ligher hand. Highly recommended!
3 11 July 2013 Stacey
This pallette has really nice, rich colours. I love the eyeshadow primer and 24/7 pencil that comes with it. However, the fallout of the eyeshadow is almost laughable. When using this palette, I would recomend applying concealer/foundation last because you'd end up having to do it all again.
5 05 July 2013 Cassandra
Very nice palette, rich pigmentation, easy to apply and suitable for day and night look. Comes with complimentary makeup tips booklet and eye liner. Superb quality, highly recommended.
5 05 July 2013 Kaisa
I just bought this palette, and I love it! The primer is very very good and you only need a little bit. It's easiest to apply with a small brush. I also love the colours in this palette.
5 04 July 2013 Samara
Essa paleta é ótima! A qualidade das sombras é incrível, super pigmentada até mesmo sem primer. E compensa muito porque vem acompanhada de um lápis perversion e de um mini primer potion. Recomendo demais a compra pela Beauty Bay! Translation: This palette is great! The quality of the shadows is amazing, super pigmented even without primer. And because it pays too comes with a pencil perversion and a mini primer potion. Recommend others to purchase the Beauty Bay!
5 03 July 2013 Caroline
The great thing about this palette is that you can do so many different looks with it. You can easily do a neutral eye, but you can also do a very dramatic eye with almost any color you want. This makes it perfect for those people who doesn't want to go out and buy a lot of single eyeshadows. Overall an amazing palette! Love it.
5 28 June 2013 Ana
What a versatile palette! Buttery, high pigmented shades. Color choice couldn't be more perfect. It gives you a wide choice from neutrals to the darkest black I've ever seen (Blackout. It comes along with a mini primer potion and a FULL SIZE 24/7 in Perversion, which is the best pencil eyeliner I've ever had: long lasting, deep dark black, water proof and ultra creamy. For all that, price is a bargain. Super recommended!
5 28 June 2013 Toni
Beautiful palette with wide variety of colors. You can do a natural neutral day time look to a dark smokey night time look. The palette comes with a full sized black eye liner in Perversian and a mini Primer Potion. Overall a great palette.
5 08 June 2013 Lily
Very nice palette! Great quality and shades, rich pigmentation! Very good not only for evening makeup but for day makeup. Love it very much!
5 03 June 2013 Tereza
Great color pay-off and nice texture like all UD eyeshadows. Freestyle is nice 'my skin but better' kind of color, works nice all over the lid before you start shading. All the colors are very nice and easy to blend. Lovely packaging. The Perversion pencil is the best black pencil I've ever had! So smooth and the blackest black color!
5 01 June 2013 christine
OMG where have you been all my life? This palette is amazing. you can get a variety of looks with this and the colours are beyond gorgeous! I like it more than the naked palettes which I have. Must buy!!
5 28 May 2013 S.M.K
I love this palette! I've always been a fan of dark eyeshadows and this has the perfect blue, purple and green colors. So many looks you could do with just one palette. The texture is like butter and very pigmented.
5 27 May 2013 Adriana
I have the Naked, the Naked 2 and the Naked Basics. And I love them all. But for me, THIS is the best eyeshadow palette. Everyone says 'There's not enough neutrals!' But It's just so perfect for an everyday look ! BECAUSE you don't have 15 neutral eyeshadows, it's MUCH easier to choose, and you won't stay in front of your palette like hmmm. no, I already used this one. You can do everyday looks, and SO MANY LOOKS for clubbing and dinners and parties ! You even have a little book, that gives you some looks ! It comes with a FULL size Perversion eyeliner, and I absolutely LOVE this eyeliner ! It's so black, so creamy, so pigmented! It's a MUST HAVE !And, even better, it comes with a primer too ! :D
5 17 May 2013 Valeria
Wonderful pallet. Amazing colors and texture of the shadows. The rich pigmentation .. Now it's one of my favorite and most used palettes. It's love at first touch.
5 01 May 2013 Ana Krum
Great palette! Awesome packaging, great colours and awesome pigmentation and duration. Now I want all of them!
5 17 April 2013 Nathana Oliveira
A Urban Decay é uma das minhas marcas preferidas e mais uma vez arrasaram nessa paleta. A sombra preta e o lápis são simplesmente perfeitos e as outras cores são realmente diferente de qualquer outro estojo. Muito bom Translation: Urban Decay is one of my favorite brands and once again rocked this palette. The black shadow and pencil are just perfect and the other colors are really different from any other case. very good
5 14 April 2013 Francesca
This palette is gorgeous! the colours are fantastic and with them you can create hypnotic looks! I had already the Naked 2 and the Basics, but for me the Smoked palette is even better. with it you can create really different make-up: from more natural to rock style!!! the quality of the eyeshadows is great, they seem as 'buttery' and very easy to apply. Then Perversion is a very black and easy to apply eyeliner. And what else? oh yes, primer potion is always one of the best eye primers... A great palette!!!
5 04 April 2013 Debora
Hello, today I received my Urban Decay Palette Smoked, I'm in love with it!!... I love UD products, the colors are beautiful and super pigmented palette and very practical ... Thank beautybay ...
5 28 March 2013 Ana Maria Luiza
One of the best palettes I've ever tried, if not the best!I have the Naked palette from UD, but Smoked is definitely my number one. The shades are so beautiful and pigmented, you can create a wide range of looks for different occasions. You can have nude looks, colored smokey looks and well, everything else that comes into your imagination. To compare it with Naked, it seems to me that the colors in Smoked are more buttery and they are not as dusty, so less fallout than the shades in Naked. Also, love the add-ons, full sized Glide-on eyeliner in Perversion, blackest of them all and mini deluxe of UDPP. Worth every penny! A great item in anyone's makeup collection!
5 26 March 2013 Ida
lovely!! I hadn't really even tried smoky eyes before, but since I love UDs eyeshadows I had to buy this. And haven't had any regret.
5 26 March 2013 debbie
I love smokey eye makeup and urban decay smokey palette is just great,shadows are pigmented and i love that there are 2 matte light shadows that can be used for blending,love the packaging too.
5 25 March 2013 jessica
very very beautiful palette..intenses eyeshadows..easy to blend..intense black pencil..very high quality!!!!
4 25 March 2013 subhawee suwaprichapas
good quality even for the light matte shades. like the name suggested, great for dark smoky eye look. the pencil is very pigmented and creamy but smudges on my lower lash line.
5 09 March 2013 DutchBalLover
Nothing but UD eyeshadows for me! The quality and pigmentation is superb. Even the darkest shades blend really well, and are really intense. The booklet is helpful too. Good, really creamy soft but intense black pencil and a mini primer potion, both also perfect products. I toss out all my other eyeshadows and will replace with Urban Decay!!!
5 04 March 2013 Nanna
Classic Urban Decay quality! Very nice colors, very pigmented. I love this palette. You can do easily very natural make up or do full colourful smokey, just as you like.. :)
5 26 February 2013 Noorul
I simply loveeee this products.. I actually bought it for my friend.. Now am gonna purchase one for myself.. And the service of beautybay.com is simply simply awesome!!!
5 21 February 2013 Teti
I love them!!! Super colours with super quality.
5 19 February 2013 Reeni
I love this palette! This is my second palette from UD. It's a very complete palette for a smokey eye because you can do a very natural day smokey with the neutral colours or glam it up for a night out. All colours are creamy, easy to blend and very pigmented! Beauty bay has the BEST price for this palette I recommending it to everyone I know!
5 10 February 2013 Liz
Beautiful palette, perfect and essential for all lovers of smokie eyes, especially if you do not want to go unnoticed.The colors are beautiful, all are combined and the result is always glamorous. Color long-lasting, beautiful!The packaging is nice and also convenient to carry with you.
5 04 February 2013 Svetlana
Love it!!!
5 01 February 2013 Svetlana
that is my first shade from Urban Decay,I much long waited while she will come to me,and here is she,this simply happiness! The amazing quality,splendid colour,saturated and much pigmentation. Great site that gives us possibility to buy Urban Decay!!
5 31 January 2013 Charmaine
I own the naked 2 and this palette already and I love this palette so much more than the naked 2. I love the matte neutral shades paired with the dark smoky colors. Super nice
5 27 January 2013 Monica
Great palette for a night out!Very pigmented and buttery texture.Love UD eyeshadows!
5 26 January 2013 Giulia
I LOVE this palette. Well, actually I love Urban decay's palettes in general, but this one is pretty amazing. Some colors are just perfect for colorful smokey eyes, for something different than usual but still really sexy and good. It's worth the money :)
5 25 January 2013 Ana Julia
Simply in love with the colors! Very pigmented! Love it!
4 25 January 2013 BANTI THEODOTA
Beautiful colours for a night out look!
5 24 January 2013 Carmen
I really loved this palette since the first time I saw it!! I order this on beautybay.com to save a lot of money and I'm very happy for that because I use a lot this palette and I couldn't do a better choise!! I think Urban Decay is the best :)))) thank's beauty bay!
5 23 January 2013 Raissa
Pigmentação muito boa, duram bastante e elas são bem macias!! Pigmentation very good, lasts quite well and they are soft!
5 19 January 2013 Sally
This is my new travel companion. First time trying out an UD palette and I couldn't be more excited! The pigment on these eyeshadows is crazy. Mind you, I think you really need the necessary brushes to play with these eyeshadows. A blending brush is a must. I love the packaging and the color selection. The perversion eyeliner is the creamiest most black eyeliner I have owned. It is not good for the waterline but it's perfect to smudge out and create the smokey effect. This palette can be used for both daytime and night time looks and that is why I highly recommend it.
5 18 January 2013 Nadia
Beautiful colors very pigmented, I love this palette, I recommend it to all!
5 17 January 2013 Juliana Kamada
I loooooove this palette, the shades are amazing!!
5 07 January 2013 Christine
I'm madly in love with this palette! Another fave from Urban Decay. :) I cannot ask for a better palette for smokey looks, the possibilities are endless! This palette is definitely perfect for any parties and for clubbing/night time looks. I love carrying it with me all the time, especially when I go out of town, it's just so perfect in every way!Thank you so much BeautyBay!!
5 06 January 2013 Heidi Jay
The quality of the eyeshadows are excellent. They are very pigmented although as a result of this have a little fall out.10 shades for £30 if good value for money especially for Urban Decay although I find I use this less frequently compared to the Naked Palettes as i use it more for evening looks.The packaging is cute and different and it also comes with a how to book with lots of ideas how to apply and wear the shadows in the palette; such a good idea!
5 02 January 2013 Annukka Vastela
I love, love, love this palette! The shades are amazing, the durability is great and the booklet that comes in the box is informative, even to a make-up enthusiast like myself. Love the whole package, especially the Perversion eyeliner, can't get any blacker than that!
5 23 December 2012 Jaqueline
Eu estou "in love" com esta paleta de sombras. As cores são lindas, e ainda vem com o lápis preto e primer de sombras. E acompanha 1 pequeno livro com tutorial para usar a paleta. E comprei pelo método "International Saver" , moro no Japão e chegou em 2 semanas. Muito rápido. É um produto de qualidade! Amei! Translation: I'm "in love" with this palette of shadows. The colors are beautiful, and even comes with black pencil and shadow primer. And one small book with accompanying tutorial for using the palette. And bought by the "International Saver", I live in Japan and arrived in 2 weeks. Very fast. It is a quality product! Loved!
5 08 December 2012 Aishwariya
with the number of neutral palettes Urban Decay has come up with, I enjoyed thoroughly seeing a palette for only smokey eyes! Using the neutrals from the NAKED palette (the neutrals in this palette were too washing out for my complextion - NC 45) and opting out of the normal black shadow for some color, really just reinvents the look of a smokey eye. There is quite some fall out, so i suggest doing your eye make up before you do the rest of your face! since my mac dark indulgence limited edition eyeshadow ran out, loaded has really been a perfect replacement!
5 07 December 2012 cherryl
i just got mine today and i am soooooooo loving it! the colors are indeed lovely, and i also got the look book which will help a beginner like me on how will i make my eyes smoky day
5 29 November 2012 Jo S
UD always get it just right. This palette is my favourite at the moment - it has the fabulous range of colours that the Black palette has, with a couple of essential neutrals thrown in! I went away for a long w/end last week and this palette covered me the whole stay from daytime through to evening! Can't understand some of the comments about durability - I've never had a UD eyeshadow crease on me yet! You did it again UD! Keep them coming....
4 22 November 2012 May
Absolutely looooveee these colours ; definitely not as good as my too faced palette in terms of durability but still holds extremely well. The primer is wonderful ! You don't actually need all that much so it's going to last ages. Cannot wait to experiment on everything
5 19 November 2012 Nora
It's a lovely palette! The colors are amazing, they last for a long time and the look book is fun to play around with. Very much worth the price.
5 11 October 2012 Gail
LOVE IT!!! Fantastic palette. The booklet is great! Please BeautyBay keeps stocking all UD products! You can see how popular it is! I am so glad to be able to get it , otherwise I cannot get excess to it in New Zealand - Thank you so much :)
5 27 September 2012 Theresa
This by far has to be my favourite palette from Urban decay. I have both the Naked palettes but the smokey palette has been my go to palette no matter what. I love that it has a mixture of neutrals and colours that are very wearable for day or night and the look book is very useful for makeup beginners or for those wanting to mix up their make up routine from time to time. Thank you beauty bay for stocking make up brands that are unavailable in Australia and at prices that are on par with the rest of the world and what's even better is the free shipping!!
5 22 September 2012 Michelle
The colours are great and the look book has great ideas in it.
5 19 September 2012 Cathrin
I`m in love with this palette! UD did it again! Very beautiful colors. Nice packaging! Love the booklet that comes with the palette. Will highly recommend this product!
5 14 September 2012 Valentina
beauty bay is fantastic and has allowed me to own this fantastic palette before all my friends. I love it. There are all the colors that I love and I like to wear. the quality is perfect as all urban decay products. best purchase ever!!!
5 08 September 2012 Ioana
Gorgeous colors! And as always great quality.
3 07 September 2012 Emanuela
the colours are gorgeous, but I have pretty disappointed in their lasting, though I always used a primer they tend to crease badly. No way i can make them last more than 4 or 5 hours. Which didn't happen with any eyeshadow of the naked palette.
5 28 August 2012 Leonie Kennedy
The colors are great in quality and range and the how to booklet is terrific. Extremely wearable and great value. The packaging is very cute and easy to pack for travel.
5 16 August 2012 Johanna M.
Love it! Compliments great variety of skin tones end eye colors. The shadows in the palette are very well chosen for doing smokey eye, but other looks are possible as well. The shadows are also smooth, pigmented and blend easily. The eye pencil and primer makes it a complete set and the look book is very detailed and inspirational. Great looking and handy!

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