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ZOEVA Cocoa Blend Palette

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5 Ciara
The palette itself is gorgeous and all of the colours are very pigmented and easy to blend. A great buy for only £18 and I will definitely buy more zoeva palettes in the future.
5 Leah
My favourite colour. With a tan, the brown/ orange shades make any eyes pop. Blend well with good pigment. I reach for it every day. Also the first shade is amazing for setting concealer under the brow
4 Cadhla
This was one of my favourite palette, it makes subtle and dramatic looks effortless with its pigmented, blendable shadows. My only warning is that the packaging, while beautiful, is not very protective- My damp student accommodation meant that some nasty mould started growing in it, it broke my heart to bin it.
4 Cynthia
Love this pallete the matts are amazing the only thing is that the metallics need a little fix spray then they are wonderfull
5 Megan
Zoeva's eyeshadow palettes are definitely my favourite formula of eyeshadow, I think this palette is absolutely beautiful. So pigmented, so easy to blend, so in love!
4 olivia
This palette is amazing it has beautiful packaging and the colours are highly pigmented the colour range is stunning with a range of mattes and shimmers this is the best palette i have used in a long time
4 sarah
Great pallet, on par with my Anastasia palettes, if not better than them as they have much less fallout. Would love to see them release more palettes similar to this one colour wise. Only thing it's missing is a matte black eyeshadow
5 Maarika
Very beautiful palette. Colours are stunning and very pigmented.
5 fateha
OMG!! This whole signature case came in the post today...Craving is satisfied. ?? love the product colour, consistency and packaging!! Can't wait to beat my face and try out new looks! My new baby added to the collection! Can't wait to shop again, a very excited customer. ??
5 Hannah
Astonishing! Fell in love with this pallete at first sight, amazing colours and unreal pigmentation, colours blend beautifully. If you are thinking about getting this pallete, GET IT I promise you won't regret it!
5 Sonia
Love this Palette totally worth the money the pigmentation is amazing deffo trying more zoeva products thank you to beauty bay for selling this brand :)
5 Emm
My Mum bought me this palette for Christmas and it is lovely! I haven't had that much time to play around with it because I don't wear eye makeup very often but I am impressed of the quality. I love all Zoeva products but is it just me or should this Cocoa Blends palette maybe smell like chocolate? I don't know, would have actually made it that bit more special in my opinion..
3 Shannon Hubbard
The mattes aren't so good but the foils are lovely
5 Aroobah
This palette is amazing, it has the perfect shades ever, it's so pigmented and buttery. The shades are trendy. It's absolutely a reasonable price. This palette is so underrated, I wish more people talked about it! Definitely, would recommend and buy again.
5 Taylor
This palette is gorgeous. I received as a gift and fell in love. The shades are all warm toned and have a nice mixture of mattes and shimmers. The shimmers work incredibly wet and all of these shades blend like a dream. The packaging is gorgeous and the only downside is that it doesn't contain a mirror. Definitely worth the money, I cannot wait to try out some more!
5 Kamila
This palette is so nice and pigmented!! This is my first eyeshadow palette from zoeva so I was incredibly impressed and I would definitely recommend this one!
3 Melissa
Was super excited that these were back in stock and promptly ordered one after having heard so many people swear by it - however, maybe I received a dud, but the pigmentation isn't great. Colors that I was really excited for, like sweeter end or infusion, barely give off any color and the shadows are very glittery. Delicate Acidity blends into a grey and loses the interesting purple shimmer it has in the pan.Much prefer the quality of the Zoeva 'naturally yours' palette.
5 Pojoga
Love this palette! Is very beautiful!
5 Danielle
This is amazing, the colours are gorgeous and blend so well, amazing buy! X
5 Jen
Simply gorgeous. Greatly pigmented everyday shades with great variety for any occasion. Gretna price point highly reccomend.
5 Megan
Love it! Great for day AND night looks. The shadows are a good balance of creamy/powdery and blend very well. Pigmentation is perfect; not too much, not too little. Team it with the Zoeva eye primer!
5 Alana
This palette is amazing!! The eyeshadows are creamy and REALLY pigmented and delivery was so fast!
5 Sonata
I can see this becoming very used eyeshadow palette! The matte shades are pretty good to blend, the shimmery shades look amazing with some Mac fix +! However two shades I am not to keen on are sweeter end which is a lovely colour but the pigmentation is poor even with a wet brush, and it comes off more as a sheen. Also infusion has an odd formula as it feels matte however has chunks of glitter so I cannot see how I would ever use it. But besides them it's lovely! You can create many full looks with this palette alone! I reccomend if you enjoy warm eyeshadows.
5 Janice
honestly this is my new favorite palette. the colours blend themselves and the colour selection is great! although for the price the amount of product you get is truly a lot, this palette will last me for a long time without a doubt!
5 Holly
Such a beautiful palette, easy to blend, highly pigmented colours. I would really recommend it & it came the next day which was amazing!
5 Marcie
Beautiful palette, colours are all pigmented. Apply great with a brush or fingers. Would definitely recommend especially for this price.
5 Michelle
I ordered this palette two weeks ago and I got it one week (I'm from Belgium). I really love the fast delivery.The palette is amazing, pigmentation is really good and it's the perfect palette for every day use! It's not expensive but the quality is really good so that's why I love it so much. The colors all fit together and they are very easy to blend.
5 Chloe
I've had this palette a good few months but I've just been sat doing my makeup using this and I'm so pleased with the quality and colours I thought I had to write a review. I have just recently spent on a heftier and Anastasia pallets and I would honestly pick this zoeva pallete over the both of them. Definitely sticking with zoeva for eyeshadow pallets
5 Liz
Took almost a month to get to Aussie but I did order over the christmas period, so not too bad really. Arrived well!It sucks that there's shipping restrictions now (something to do with Sephora Australia probs) Mine arrived fine :) Btw the cranberry shade is a gorgeous shimmery orangey-purple. Like a sunset! Didn't think Id use Delicate Acidity but it actually really suits my grey eyes xxx
5 Eleri x
In love with this! Quality and pigmentation is insane and for such an affordable price!
5 Yasmine
Absolutely beautiful colours. Perfect mix of transition colours, lid colours and crease colours. The packaging is very slim and has a beautiful shiny design on it (very aesthetically pleasing!) Will definitely be buying more!
5 Sonia
I brought this zoeva palette a few weeks ago and I am absolutely in love with it! The eyeshadows are very buttery and they blend really well on the eye. The colour selection is also amazing as it has the perfect amount of matte and shimmer shade for the crease and lid. Overall I think it is an amazing palette and would definitely recommend it to other beauty lovers!
5 Grace
favourite palette I own (and probably the cheapest) love the colours and application deffo a must have!!!!
5 G
Speedy delivery! Ordered it on Saturday morning and it arrived on Sunday afternoon. Amazing palette so pigmented in every single colours I'm glad I've ordered it and can't wait to properly put it on my face!
5 Lois
This palette is sooo good. Pigment is amazing, the shadows are so buttery and they are super blendable. The price is great for the quality. I love the packaging, it's super light and the design is really cute. Deffo recommend
5 nabina
for the price and a free delivery, I cannot fault this palette... Consists of a beautiful transition shade and good mixture of matte and shimmer shades. It feels very luxurious and blends like a dream. Might I add, very pigmented too. I have tons of other eye shadow palette but I can tell I'll be using this one more!
5 Rose
IN LOVE! This palette is so so good for such a reasonable price, the colours are all beaut and easily blended, plus the shimmers come out so well and look amazing. So creamy & pigmented, was not expecting it to be such good quality considering the palette's price!! BUY IT X
5 Natalia
Best eyeshadow palette that I ever bought! Love the colours, pigment is amazing, my go 2 everyday eyeshadows!
5 Sasha
In love with this palette. The colours blend really well and the shadows are really pigmented. The matte shades show up better on the brush to the lid whereas I find the metallic shades are easier to put directly on the lid from your finger. Great palette, especially for the price.
4 Soph
This palette is beautiful. However, the colours are not really pigmented, especially the shimmery shades.
5 Emily
Amazing!! Such a high quality palette the sheer pigmentation is just simply my new fave formula as well as how adorable the packaging is would definitely recommend to everyone! Will defo be purchasing more of Zoeva's palettes x
5 Sarah Burchett
Stunning Palette, perfect for Autumn / Winter. Delivery was super fast and the pigments OH MY GOD! so buttery smooth, such opaque colours and so easy to blend!
5 Kirsty
This is my favourite palette which is always my go to! Brilliant pigmentation and range of colours!
5 Amy
This is the best palette I've ever bought and I use it everyday love ittt xx
5 Julie walker
Gorgeous colours I love it . And great delivery as always
5 Fariha
Really impressed with this palette :) love the packaging and the shadows are really pigmented:)
5 Rachael
Such a gorgeous palette the shimmer shows up beautifully !
5 bonnie
LOVE this palette. favourite palette the eye shadows are creamy and pigmented and at a reasonable price.
5 Caylee
Amazing! One of the best of palettes, will be buying many more, beautiful colours.
5 Danielle
Gorgeous palette! Beautiful, pigmented, buttery eyeshadows.
2 Louise
the packaging is beautiful and the shades are on point, BUT the eyeshadows do not have a good color payoff at all! so disappointed especially on the mattes, they really suck.
5 Selina
I bought this the other day, and it's absolutely amazing. The colours are super pigmented and blend so well. definitely one of my favourite palettes, and for a very affordable price!
5 Jade Van Eeden
This palette is gorgeous! Perfect to create a gold smokey eye! I am of dark/tanned skin and my eyelids are quite oily. I have to use a good eyeshadow primer for the results to stay put. Great value for money.
5 Clodagh
Best eyeshadow palette I've ever used
5 Noa
This is such a great palette!!!I'm absolutly inlove with its colors, it blends SO well, and no fall-outs. Beautiful colors. Very high quality and great price.
5 Hannah Kate
This palette is amazing!! I absolutely love it and the colours are so pigmented!!
5 marie
Stunning stunning stunning!Colors,pigmentation,quality,price!Nothing negative!
5 Viktorija
I have it for couple of moths now and it is my favorite from all. Super affordable, super pigmented, colors are just perfect
5 becca
such a good palette! I can create several looks that blend with each other from the palette. great pigment too!
5 Lisa
Beyond thrilled with this gorgeous pallette! Excellent pigment, easy to blend and build on, little to no fall out and many different looks can be created. I get so many compliments when I use this! Excellent value for money is a bonus!
5 Jem
Absolutely gorgeous palette. So many colours that work amazing together. Definitely worth the money and looks a look more high-end. Would highly recommend! I love Zoeva brushes and this is the first palette that I've bought but will definitely be buying more in the future.
5 Jessica
Now my favourite eyeshadow palette - the shades are super pigmented, especially the foiled/glitter shades which I absolutely love. I find it's also very versatile as I've created numerous looks with just this one palette!
5 Loren
This is my new favourite eyeshadow palette!! The colours are beautiful and so pigmented, I use it literally every day and you can make so many different looks. I love it so much!
2 Gemma mc
The colours are absolutely gorgeous but they aren't very pigmented or blendable.
5 Lauren
Ohhhh myyy dayyyyssss!!! Pigment is on point!! Colours are on point!! Packaging on point!! Such a beautiful palette! A such good value for money!
5 Signe
Soooo good!! This palette deserves more attention. I was nervous buying this, but it is so pigmented, easy to work with and easy to blend. Feels high end.
5 Julieta
Such a great quality palette. The colours are highly pigmented and they are so easy to blend. These are my favourite eyeshadows ever, and I have tried quads from Charlotte Tilbury and other high-end brands. Both the make-up and make-up brushes from ZOEVA are extremely good value for money!
5 Natalie
These eyeshadows are amazing! It's the first thing I've purchased from zoeva and has definitely made me want to buy more things from this brand. For the price the eyeshadows are really pigmented.
5 Vânia
Great product! Highly pigmented, lasts all day! Amazing!
5 Soph
The colours in this palette are amaaaziiing!! Super pigmented and easy to blend. Definately recommend!!
5 Georgia
The pigmentation in this palette is INSANE for the price point. I reach for this more than any other palette! Works so well for every day looks but has enough darker shades to create smokier night time looks. The shimmer shades are especially buttery, and if you wet your brush before using them they're super metallic. Can't recommend this palette enough if you're a fan of warm neutrals.
5 Dru
Love this palette perfect for a warm look and inexpensive too. Shimmers are very creamy like butter. Suitable for love is a bit of a dud in my opinion not much pigment but if you have the patience to work with it, it can be very pretty. Overall i think this palette is a great price for what you get.
5 MacDee
OMG!! This is a gorgeous palette!! pigmented, smooth and blends like a dream. With high end palettes costing the earth this is a bloody bargain and some of the colours can be used as dupes for popular eye shadows. Buying more!
5 Agata
Love this palette! Love the colours and the pigmentation of the eyeshadows, they blend so easily. Also the packaging looks so luxurious and beautiful. Thank you beautybay for this amazing palette and such a quick delivery!
5 Katie
Love this palette, packaging is gorgeous, got it so quickly! Pigmentation in the lighter colours was a bit of a let down but still very creamy. The glitter shades are to die for, well worth the money
5 Anastasia
Never even heard about the Zoeva brand, however after I researched more than 10 bloggers from different countries,who said lots of positive comments about not just the brand, but particularly about this palette, I thought why not?! And nowadays most of my friends and other people keep asking me several times about where where did I buy such a gorgeous palette!!! It has specific colour for every day, also each colour has got the best pigment! Next, it will be perfect for every girl(!!!), doesn't matter do you have light or dark hair colour. Last but not least, I definatly gonna buy this pallete again for a present ))) So, I recommend this special palette!
5 Alex
This pallette is amazing! It looks beautiful and the packaging is so pretty! The colours are very pigmented and it has fair share of shimmers and mattes, very good pallette for everyday use.
3 Sophia
When I saw this pallet it caught my eye immediately and I was so excited to receive it. I've never used zoeva before so I was pretty sceptical. The packaging is beautiful and very convenient to just pop into your makeup bag and go, however, the quality of the shadows is very inconsistent, the mattes are standard at quite pigmented, but the shimmers were very disappointing, to fet any kind of pigmentation you have to wet the brush otherwise they are nearly completely transparent. For the price the pallet is ok, but definitely not my favourite. I did also purchase a brush set and the brushes are gorgeous, the detail is very impressive and I will be ordering brushes from zoeva again, in short it's not a waste of money as the mattes are great and once you wet your brush the shimmers are stunning. I would say there are much better quality pallets on the market in this price range x
5 Meagan
It's my second Zoeva palette and it will not be the last; the palettes have so much pigmentation and the colours are so pretty and great for every skin tone.
5 Rhiannon
With the high quality of the zooeva brushes I had high expectations for this palette, I was not disappointed got her within 2 days of dispatch, well protected and packaged to ensure it didn't get damaged, the colours are GORGEOUS so beautiful and pigmented. Blend well and come exactly as u would expect them to, the actual palette packaging is just as gorgeous and is so shiny and well made, couldn't recommend this palette more. can't wait to try more looks with it
5 Syeda
The colours are highly pigmented! Love it!
5 Clara
YASS THIS PALETTE! Ok can we just appreciate the beautiful colours of this palette. The shadows are very pigmented and they blend like smores in a campfire. It's so versatile you can make both natural and bold looks. Also the shipping was quick and well sealed. If I was to live on a deserted island and I had to take just one of my palettes, I would take this one.
5 Emmanuella
I had never used Zoeva before, having used higher end eyeshadow I wasn't expecting much for this price point but I was blown away... great matte transition colours... beautiful soft shimmers... both make blending effortless... I am truly converted and will definitely be purchasing more palettes in the future and be trying the brushes out too. FANTASTIC! 5 stars from me...
5 L
By far the best pallet I own it's incredible all the colours and so pigmented and creamy and blend so well would recommend to anyone!!!
5 Luisa
Adore this palette! The colours are gorgeous and so pigmented!
5 Amy
I absolutely love this palette! It has excellent pigmentation and a perfect balance of matte and shimmer. The shades are beautiful, making this palette one of my top 3
5 @Paulapiranhaaa
From the very first moment I saw this palette I fell in love with it. Every shade is stunning and blends like a dream, such a great quality palette at a bargain price!! Free super speedy delivery as well. Happy :D
5 Alivia kerr
My new favourite brand! Bought this last week and since then it's been my go to, there's a good combo of mattes and shimmers and the shadows are so buttery and pigmented, can't wait to try more zoeva products. Just ordered the zoeva spectrum palette. Delivery was fast and the product was packaged well.
5 Natalie
Literally MY FAVOURITE warm toned eyeshadow palette. In love with it so much.
5 Sarah
An amazing palette. It has a good mixture of basic mattes and interesting shimmers. Everything i need, therefore great for travelling.
5 Rose
OMG!!!! This palette is literally the best thing I've tried. The eyeshadows are so creamy and buttery and soooooo easy to blend. The pigmentation is also amazing. Seriously this palette beats the urban decay and too faced ones and for half the price. If you're debating to get this then GET ITTT because it's 100% worth it and I'm in love with it ;)
5 Kayleigh
This product is incredible! The colours are so pigmented and blend out so well!!! Best buy upto yet
5 Emily
Omg this palette is amazballs its like butter such good quality shadows for a brilliant price defo need to buy more
5 Laura M
I am really impressed with this palette the colours are so pigmented and it is very easy to create many different looks for any occasion! I would definitely recommend this palette.
5 maria
Beautiful shades , very Pigmented, a brilliant palette to have
5 Farzana
So easy to apply the finish is so beautiful and colour payoff is wow
5 Swati
My first purchase from beauty bay and have to say good service and this palette is amazing ,I need all palette in my life now.
3 carrie
Love the colours in this pallete however they startto fade at the the end of the day which i have never had before with a shadows before! good value for money though
5 Reyhan
This palette exceeded all my expectations! There isn't a single shade that I am unhappy with and they're all super pigmented and buttery. I'm in love!
5 Sarah
The palette came within two days of ordering, which shocked me as it was free delivery. The colours are even prettier in person, have great pigmentation and don't rub off easily
5 Tunrayo Akinlude
It's seriously really great, I saw reviews and comments about this palette all over the internet and decided to buy this for myself as a birthday gift. It was worth it, they last for a very long time and Its black girl friendly
5 miche
Love the packaging. As I was unpacking it, my flatmate asked if it was chocolate - which I guess was the desired effect! The shades in this are fantastic, Zoeva shadows have really good colour payoff and the shimmers can be packed on like a foil without too much fall out which is another big tick. The colour Bitter Start is a good dupe for UD's limited edition Righteous which is my holy grail base shade.
4 Sarah J
Arrived quick enough and everything was in good condition, no issues at all and the palette is also very good :)
5 Mae
Just got this in the post today and swatches the colours. They are SUPER pigmented!! The colours are absolutely lovely for summer since they're mainly warm tones. Will definitely be purchasing the rose golden next c:
5 Laura
Bought this for a present for my sister who loves make up. She swears by the whole Zovea range and she wears these eyeshadows all the time. For the price it is a fantastic product.
5 Natalia Smith
Firstly id just like to say that beautybay provide such a briliant service, i could not believe this i ordered this pallet along with a couple of other products and it came under 24 hours of me purchasing them, how crazy is that AND next day delivery was free which you really don't get very often! This eye shadow pallet is TO DIE FOR!!! it is so pigmented and the colours just all work so well together, the pricing of the pallet is so affordable for what you get and this product will be so handy for traveling with as it has every colour you need. Defo a must need if you love your warm toned eyeshadows. A real must have!
5 Elizabeth Morrison
such a great pallete, so pigmented, and perfect warm colours for day and night, been using this everyday of the week.
5 Amie
This palette is so beautiful, i cant get over the packaging and design. All shadows are so beautiful and earthy, im really into burgundy brown orange shades recently and this palette really delivers. The shadows are insanely pigmented and buttery. I love this more than my Naked 3 palette and that's saying something :)
5 Tara Bissett
This palette is a must for every eyeshadow lover ever! At the low cost price that BeautyBay offer, this palette is super pigmented. They have a soft velvet texture which is a must have. Can not recommend this product enough!
5 Jena
Just received this and I am in loooove! it arrived so quickly and I must say it was packaged very well! The colours and the consistency of the shadows are just perfect, amazing value for money. Honestly don't know why I didn't purchase this sooner!
5 Rachel
AMAZING PALETTE!! ok so i bought this after seeing a tutorial on youtube and finding out the company was cruelty free. I wasn't expecting too much from it as it was so inexpensive but was shocked by the amazing quality! its honestly beautiful and all of the colour are wearable! If i could only ever have one eyeshadow palette for life it would be this one now!
5 Jessica
Fantastic product, well worth the money!
5 Michaela
Absolutely love this palette! Colours are gorgeous, pigmented and show up beautifully on dark skin! The shadows are buttery and blend so well. Definitely worth checking out!
5 Geraldine
This palette is beautiful. I received it today and the packaging was brilliant, no broken eyeshadows. So pleased and would recommend this site. I will be buying more from here.
4 Daisy
I must admit that I was surprised at the quality of these shadows; for the price, I wasn't expecting much but it quickly worked itself into my everyday rotation. The shadows are very pigmented and creamy, although at times, if you over blend, the colour can buff away into nothing. Nevertheless, it has become one of my most used and favoured palettes, above Urban Decay, Stila, Lorac and their ilk. I would 100% recommend purchasing this if you enjoy warm toned shadows - for the price, it is phenomenal.
The best color
5 rachael winspear
Absolutely love this palette! Gorgeous pigmentation in all colours, just copied a fortune tutorial for a cut crease using just three colours and irs amazing. Off to pick another !
5 Katie
Love this!!!! One of my favourite palettes now
5 Kanisha
I saw this palette and fell in love with it instantly. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. I just wished it came with a Zoeva brush. I love Zoeva products and would recommend the palette. X
5 M
This is my favourite palette of all time. The colours are beautiful on my dark skin. I usually only use one or two colours in palettes but with this one they're all very wearable. Excellent pigmentation too. If you're pondering - just buy it! It's well worth the money.
5 Katie
This is AMAZING!!!!! So pigmented and blends so well, honestly the best palette I've ever got and its well priced too!
5 Naz
Stunning palette with an array of gorgeous colours, ideal for creating a range of different eye looks. Im so impressed with the buttery formula and pigmentation of these shadows, and the pricetag is a bonus!. I definately feel that the formula and texture is way better than my naked palette.
5 Lynda
This was the first of the Zoeva palettes that I purchased and it's true to say that I'm well and truly hooked. I've since bought another four and they are all amazing. Zoeva palettes are a thing of beauty and they feel so luxurious. I love everything about them- the packaging is to die for, the shades are beea-U-tiful and pigmentation is top quality. I am in love with the Warm Notes shade, the main reason I bought the palette in the first place (it looked identical to Mac's Cranberry but I would rather spend €23.50 and get ten fabulous shades than spend €10 on one Mac shadow). I can't recommend this palette enough.
5 Kelsey Cox
Brought this beauty on here a while ago and literally have not stopped using it ! The shadows are such beautiful colours and the pigmentation is a dream ! ?? Not to mention the amazing price ! Couldn't recommend anything more
5 Emma
Such a stunning palette. Every shade is super pigmented. I was shocked at how big the eye shadows were.
2 Khrystina
After reading all the positive reviews on this particular product I decided to give it a try.The order took as stated only two days to arrive and was well and safety packed but to be totally honest I'm not over the moon with the eyeshadow palette, I really don't understand what is all the fuss about it.It's just a tacky cheap cardboard pan, with no mirror and pretty poorly made, the little powder pots look like they've been just randomly dropped inside, you can see the edges on some of them.I've seen much better quality on a lot of the drugstore products, for example NYX, GOSH etcI gave the product 2 stars because the colours are pigmented, not sure yet about how long will last. I'll come back for an update.If you want to buy something from the brand, try the make up brushes, are truly great.
5 Clarisse
What a beautiful palette!! Blends beautifully and is cute and compact! Lovely packaging and such good value.
5 Molly Townsend
Came quickly and was packaged brilliantly. The product is very pigmented and great value for what u get. They feel as good as eye shadows that u get from palettes that a £30-40. I would definitely recommend this palette for people that love warm toned eyeshadow. I also plan on purchasing more eyeshadows from Zoeva in the future.
5 Hannah R
This palette is gorgeous! I just received it today and I love it! My sister who is a makeup artist tried it out and wants one for her kit now. :)
5 Deedster
This palette is freakin' bomb! I finally bit the bullet and bought this after wanting it forever and I don't think I'll ever use anything else. The cranberry shade alone is worth buying the palette for, a total dupe for Mac cranberry.. Like butter, the formula is soft and creamy and pigmentation is spot on! I got my parcel the next day and it was wrapped well. So if your reading this just buy the palette and experience how amazing it is for yourself :)
5 Geri
My first purchase from beauty bay! I thought it after reading all the reviews and I must agree that this is an excellent palette. Good pigmentation, product is buttery soft. Almost comparable with urban decay at a fraction of cost. I bough this and the metallics palette, both are beautiful. And with free shipping, it is such a good deal!
5 Julie
Over the moon with this palette! Fantastic range of colours, amazing colour payoff and too top it off - the most reasonable price! Couldnt be any happier, well done zoeva!
5 Zoe
This palette is a god send! Amazing blends, colours are unreal and easy to apply, love love love!
5 Ali
This palette is GORGEOUS! The colours are so stunning, I love the warm tones as they compliment my eyes and skin tone. It's so lightweight and thin, so for traveling it's perfect! I can't wait to buy more zoeva palettes as i was so impressed with this one!
5 Chelsea
Such a beautiful palette well worth the price can't wait to use it fab shipping.
5 Louisa
I love every single colour in this palette which is rare for me so this is great and every colour is pigmented. So easy to apply and the price is great compared to other palettes and the quality is just as good. I'm planning on buying more Zoeva palettes!
5 Debby
Amazing palette.had seen so many reviews and they're all right. Tt's fab.
5 Natalie
So glad that I bought this palette! Offers a variety of colours which would be good for a natural look or a harsh smokey as all of the shades are highly pigmented and are easy to blend. Will be buying more :) well done Zoeva.
5 JJ
I bought this palette because I heard so many good things about Zoeva. I'm so glad I bought this palette, words can't describe how amazing the texture of these shadows are, they almost feel creamy and the pigmentation is equally as good. These shades look really good against tanned and dark skin tones and there's such a large variety from pinks to golds. I can't express how amazing this palette is and it is so worth the money.
5 Gem
Never really heard of Zoeva before until now, I'd heard good reviews and thought I'd try it, it's safe to say I'm desperate to start a collection of Zoeva palettes now! Such a high quality product with so much pigment and for such a great price; I honestly haven't found anything this good for the same price! I am in LOVE!
5 Ellie
This palette is amazinnggg, so pretty and such good quality for the price, love the shade warm notes , they're all so pigmented as well.
4 Emma Foran
Beautiful palette all round. Packaging is super neat and inviting, shadows are really pigmented and so soft. Only downpoint is there is a rather large amount of fall down from these shadows, but overall I love it.
5 Skye
This palette is amazing! Such great quality eyeshadows they can be compared to the quality of Urban Decay Naked eyeshadows.
5 Fiona
I bought this palette a few weeks ago on recommendation from the YouTuber KathleenLights and it is honestly the best palette I have ever used. People on YouTube are always saying eyeshadows are buttery and I always thought that was exaggeration but this palette is SO BUTTERY. I tried on all the colours after I bought it and they are amazing. The gold colour is beautiful, especially when used wet. The colours look like they do in the pan, with the black colour keeping its flecks which is very rare. I've been using this palette every single day since I got it, and I have a lot of palettes. 100% recommend - my make up game has never been this strong.
5 Zee
Amaziiiiiiiinggggggggggggggg!!!!!! So pigmented and the price is just WOW!!!!
5 Farhana
I can't believe the quality of this amazing palette! Such highly pigmented shades!! I'm smitten- already placing my order for my next Zoeva palette.
5 Chloe
Amazing palette! Can't put it down!
5 Scarlett
Love this palette and use it all the time. Gorgeous colours, very highly pigmented, easy to use and blend and super flattering! Really good value for money, I'd definitely recommend this!
5 Maria
So so pleased! The shadows are all very pigmented and easy to blend with little fall out & with a great colour selection! Great for creating many different looks, pure ganache is my favourite shade! Highly recommend! x
5 Justina
Amazing product! Lovely colours and very pigmented too. 10/10 would recommend :)
5 Sasha
Absolutely love this palette! The pigmentation and the quality of the eye-shadows is amazing for the price and the shadows are so easy to blend. I will definitely be purchasing more Zoeva palettes from Beauty Bay. You can create so many looks with this palette, both natural and dramatic. Definitely a good investment!
5 Lauren
Great product for the price!! I love how it has a mixture of both matte and shimmery shades. Colour pay off is definitely better than pricier palettes I have purchased and each shade is super easy to blend!
5 Shayma
Omg just in love with this palette already, I tried it out today using a eyeshadow base underneath and wow the colour just stayed on all day! Amazing pigmentation & the packaging is so sleek and stunning!!
5 Charlotte
Utterly beautiful- perfect palette. Highly recommended to all my friends x
5 Amber
I have never been so pleased with an eyeshadow palette. Smooth and super pigmented, easy to blend and every colour just stand out. I will use every single shadow which is rare. All this for a great price.
5 Laura
This palette is amazing for the price. Beautiful colours to create a ton of different looks. Pigmentation of colours is amazing. Love it.
5 Aoibheann
I bought two of these palettes recently, one as a gift and one for myself to 'test out the quality' before I gave my friend hers. As a huge shadow junkie, I'm really hard to impress and I figured that a palette for this price wouldn't cut it. However, I was mistaken because OH MY GOD these shadows are just as good as any others I have tried (MAC, Make Up Geek, Urban Decay) and the colours are stunning. The shadows are so pigmented. I even tested their pigmentation against my Make Up Geek Foiled shadows and the quality of shades like Warm Notes and Pure Ganache was almost identical to the MUG shadows. Pure Ganache is my perfect gold shadow and I choose it over my UD Half Baked shadow now. The delivery by Beauty Bay was also pretty quick and most importantly hassle free. I highly recommend you pick up one of these palettes right now!
5 Shannon Johnson
Just received this palette in the mail this morning and I'm so impressed by it and the fast delivery by Beauty Bay! Will definitely be back again as there is so many great products from this site!
5 Danielle
Love, love, love this palette (and all ZOEVA palettes in fact). This was my first ZOEVA purchase, and now I'm addicted and have gone ahead and purchased more from the range. Highly pigmented and great colour pay off - and not to mention at a great affordable price.
5 Sheilagh
This palette is beautiful! The colours are lovely tones, and they are also pigmented, and long lasting. Most have very little fallout, and I would recommend it before both the Urban Decay Naked palettes, and the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palettes. This is my second Zoeva palette and both of them are my most used palettes now. The quality is outstanding for the price, and I would recommend this palette and the Mixed Metals to anyone who enjoys eyeshadow that are true to pan and long-lasting.
4 Alice Georgiana
These eyeshadows are very powdery which is not necessarily my favourite texture, as they can lose pigment while transferred from the brush onto the skin. However, they are easily blendable and once you build them up they look flawless. I recommend using fix plus for the shimmery shades though. In this price range these and the Morphe palettes are definitely the best quality.
5 Janelle
All the shadows in this palette are to die for. The mattes are incredibly pigmented and blend so well, and the shimmery shades are so buttery and smooth. I'm definitely buying more Zoeva palettes!
5 Eve
Lovely palette! Great pigmentation and amazing warm tones that will be perfect for the summer and autumn time! I'm also really pleased with how fast this was delivered as it was delivered within one day despite having chosen the 2-day delivery option! Will be buying from here again! :)
5 Soph
Most amazing palette I've ever bought. Colours are amazing and so pigmented! Never have I been let down my Zoeva! Plus amazing delivery from Beauty Bay!
5 Jenny
Literally one of my all time favourite palettes!!!! First time purchasing a Zoeva palette and I fell in love as soon as I received it :D Delivery took longer than the last time I purchased off Beauty Bay, but it was soooo worth the wait. Highly recommend this palette 100000/100000.
5 Minisha
Got this as a gift and absolutely loved it ! Colors are amazing for all skin tones and the pay off is amazing !
5 Jodie
Absolutely gorgeous palette. I have never ordered from Zoeva before so was a bit worried but the colours are all beautiful and so rich in pigment. Would consider this better than any top make up brands and will be ordering from this brand again! Five stars x
5 VR
Simply amazing.
5 Sophie G
I love this palette! Honestly, I reach for it more than my Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette! The shadows are so pigmented and buttery - they're so high quality! They last all day, I put them on my lids in the early hours of the morning and at night they're still there! I swatched them on my arm, as well as the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette on the other arm. I tried running water over both of them, and the Cocoa Blend shadows wouldn't budge at all! I'm honestly so impressed with this palette, I use it everyday and it's the best palette that I own. Get this, you won't regret it!
5 Jen
LOVE this palette- great dupe for the Too Faced Chocolate palette and at just a fraction of the price too. Smooth, buttery and super pigmented, with minimal fall out, this palette is just gorgeous! Already own 3 of their other palettes, and this is just another to add to my collection. Great for creating autumn looks and for bronzed summer look.
5 Chloe
Amazing palette great colour pay-off on each shadow and a steal.
5 Kathy
I am so glad I got this palette the quality certainly is not reflected in the price tag. These shadows blow some of my high end palettes out of the water. I have three of the Zoeva palettes and they are all of this exceptional standard. I highly recommend this palette!
5 Catherine Mayes
I am so pleased with this product! Each eyeshadow is so pigmented! From the quality of the eyeshadows you would really expect to pay more! So worth it. You can do a day to night eyeshadow look amazingly with this palette! 10/10 x
5 Bex
Incredible I can not believe how amazing this pallete is I love it so much and I'd highly recommend x
5 P
Sooooo gorgeous and so smooth! The warm brown/orange tones are nothing like I own and I couldn't be happier. Would definitely recommend!
5 Abby
I received my palette today & I love it. Was so happy when I see that it had come back in stock. I can't wait to try out different eye looks with it :)
5 Lisa
Love this Palette! Get so many compliments when I wear it! Beautiful shades, excellent quality and substitute for love is a dupe for peanut butter from too faced's semi sweet palette! You get so much product for 15.50 quid! Felt like I stole it! Fab palette! Buy it now!
5 Bethany
If you are makeup obsessed you need this palette, if you're not, you still need this palette. The shadows are sooo creamy and smooth. There's a mix of shimmers (which are like foiled shadows) and mattes, every single one is so pigmented and just ahh-maze-ing! All of the zoeva palettes are great too! Great for a makeup collector. Like me!
5 Caitlin suleski
Just received this palette in Australia and it's so good the colours are beautiful and pigmented definitely worth the 2 week wait
5 Rachel
I absolutely love this eye shadow palette. It is thin and packaged beautifully which makes it great for travel. Eye shadow colours are gorgeous and highly pigmented. I would use every shade in this palette - which is rare for me, usually there are one or two shades in most palettes that I wouldn't use - not this one. I would highly recommend.
5 Ula
I'm a make up junkie but that palette change my life for better that can't get any better !! I was so impressed that I've order another one just after 1h!! Love love love
5 Natia
The best eyeshadow palette. Very pigmented.
5 Sian
This palette is honestly sooo worth the money! For 15.50 the TEN eye shadows are beautifully pigmented and are so easy to blend! Hands down prefer these eye shadows to MAC as they're ALOT CHEAPER and the same quality, if not BETTER!! This is an absolute MUST HAVE for your collection and I definitely will be purchasing more of these palettes, Zoeva done good.:)
5 Aimee
This product is amazing!! A high quality product and the pigmentation of the shadows is just incredible for the price, only 15.50 for 10 shadows? That's a bargain! Not only that but the customer service was faultless, 10/10. Will be purchasing more from beauty bay!
4 Laura
I bought this one along with the Zoeva Rose Gold Palette I do prefer the colours in the Rose Gold palette but that's just personal preference- this one offers more matte colours that are great as a base or blend eyeshadow! Pure Ganache and Warm notes are my favourites and there's a great mix of colours. The packaging is great for travel very light but also looks stylish- however I wish there was a mirror and brush that came with it. The quality of the eyeshadows is really good for 15.50!! And I'd recommend these palettes to everyone. The scent of the palette is also really nice- smells clean and fragrant! Highly recommend Zoeva palettes- look at the Rose Gold palette too!
5 Joanne
Love this palette! I use this as much as my favourite Too Faced Natural Eyes palette. Beautiful colours, super pigmented and great price point.
5 Mah-Noor
This palette is beyonddd gorgeous! All the colours are sooo pigmented, soso beautiful, blend amazingly and there is hardly any fallout! The texture is so smooth and silky without it being chalky the packaging is very pretty. Highly recommend this product :)
5 Casey
Beautiful range of colours, affordable and pigmented. It's the cheapest prices available, ebay sellers try to sell it on for extortionate prices and at 15.50, you get a very versatile palette. I highly recommend this and Beauty Bay always handle shipping well, and everything came to me quickly and undamaged, as ever.
5 Kelly
I bought this palette because I read a few reviews and had to see what the fuss was all about and I have to state I was not disappointed. this palette is fab! The pigmentation is just as good as It is in Urban Decay products for a fraction of this cost. I actually prefer this palette to the Urban Decay Naked palette which I never thought I'd ever here myself say.. The colors are great, you don't need much of the color so only take a bit to start with so you can see how much you need to use to create your desired look. this is a must buy.. And a steal for the price, the other 7 palettes may have to be invested in.
5 Zebul-Neesa khan
This palate is a must have!!! The pigment is amazing, so blendable and for the price let's just say its a steal! The pigmentation is defintley comparable to urban decay. And the tones are very similar to the too faced chocolate palate. Love it!!! Also I am of a warm completion and I was worried about color payoff but honestly the pigement is so deep and strong in colour. I'm a very happy girl and will definitely look into more zoeva palates.
5 Patka
brilliant palette! lovely colours, very good quality, last all day! love it!!

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