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Babyliss Pro Ceramic Dial A Heat Tong

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Babyliss Pro Ceramic Dial A Heat Tong Zoom
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5 Phooi San
Just purchased and received the 38mm curling tong, it's work well on my hair, curl is natural and pretty, and the curl can last for 2 days. Beside this, the heat up time also fast.
4 Elissavet Vogiatzi
4 Helen M
5 Vanessa Nicholls
Excellent service, speedy and efficient with a great range of products :-)
4 Eva
Just purchased and received the 32mm barrel curling tong, I didn't realise that the voltage was not suitable for Australia but luckily I had an adapter handy but that aside I love how fast it heats up and the sleek black packaging is very nice too.
5 Cassie
Excellent curler for the price. Long cord, fast heat up time. Makes lovely curls, just what I was looking for and super fast delivery.
3 Charlotte
I bought the 38mm curling iron. I have long very sleek hair and wanted just a little bit of swung in my hair. It doesn't work for me at all, but worked perfectly on my mother. I couldn't get any curl in my hair though I smelled my hair burning. It's a mystery.
4 davina
Have been using the 32mm since quite a few years ago and love it. Lightweight, versatile and most importantly, it WORKS! I love that it leaves my hair nicely curled and glossy as well, not exactly salon finish as I never like to curl it heated for too many seconds but it certainly helps me to achieve a hairdo that has a good shape, volume and character - definitely beats the dull, messy bedhair that I would otherwise have. Cannot live without. Always repurchase when one spoils due to well...natural, old age?
4 Elsa Dahlgren
Really good curling iron. Bought 32 mm barrel and it works great on my hair. I have pretty long and thick hair and it lasted almost a hole day but if you take hairspray it'll last ALL day!
3 Maria
I'm disappointed that I bought 38 mm, it is not cranking my hair (length just below the shoulders). But the quality of the product is great, heats in seconds! Perhaps this radius is not good just for my hair...
4 Laura
I bought the 24cm curler and it was great- especially for the price. It has many different heat settings so is suitable for all hair types/thicknesses. Heats up quickly and creates lovely curls. The curls are reasonably big with the 24cm tong, and is a good choice if you want big curls rather than waves, which I find larger curlers create. As mentioned in another review, it is not a problem using them in Australia as you can get UK to AUS power adapters very cheap.
4 Lisabeth Marie
I bought the 38mm, and it worked ok on my clip-on extensions, though the curls straightened out fast so I have to use a lot of hairspray to make them hold. But with patience and some hairspray you get big, beautiful, glamourous curls.
The 38mm tong was alright for my hair. I have pretty long, thick and straight asian hair. I rated the tong 2 because the curls didnt last long. The curls started straightening themselves almost as soon as I was finished doing my whole hair. I tried using hairspray, but that didnt make a noticeable difference. Nonetheless; the curls were very beautiful while they lasted. Now I only use this tong to curl my bangs. Id recommend buying a smaller tong. :)
4 Christine Quach
Love it! Easy to use. Doesn't heat up as fast as my cloud 9 curler. Metal stand gets a bit hot, I don't use the stand all together and use my a heat proof mat.
4 Emma
I bought the 32mm curling tong. I am not experienced with curling tongs but I found them easy to use. I did burn myself a few times on the metal stand though!
3 MissG
This is a fab curler for the price. Does the job well and I love the heat setting options. My only prob is the metal stand..why do they not get made in heat proof material? Would prevent burning yourself. Thanks beauty bay!
5 Hazel
The best you can buy and I have tried other makes. Having very short hair I purchased the 13mm but will be getting the 19mm for the top section.
5 JN
I was soooooo impatient when I was waiting for this to arrive to Australia but it was totally worth it! Took almost 2 weeks to arrive. Packaging was in top notch condition and I got the 38mm curling iron and it's great! A small problem, you'll need to purchase a UK to AUS adapter plug (can be purchased at officeworks). Overall, I'm happy. :)
2 Hannah
I purchased the 32mm & have hair a couple inches below my shoulders. Unfortunately, although this curler gave me a nice curl, I found that they fell out almost immediately (even with hair spray). By the time I arrived at work my hair looked like I just hadn't bothered to straighten it. I do wonder if it's because my hair isn't long enough for a 32mm curl.
5 TN
This is the best curling iron! It's reasonably priced and great quality! I have long and thin hair so the 32" was perfect. It heated fast and my curls lasted longer than usual.
5 Azusa
really love this! purchased 24mm but really should have got a 32 (because i love bigger waves) but i have so many people commented my waves using the 24mm, at this price i can afford to buy another! especially love the buttons and temp control, its really brilliant! now i wonder if i should get the 38 as well... hmmm.
5 Mimi
This is hands down one of the best purchases i;ve done! The quality for the price is AMAZING! I got the 19mm one cause i have naturally curly hair and i want to touch them up after sleeping or when it gets i found out that smaller ones are better for this purpose... i can't recommend this enough!
very easy to control! the quality is amazing!
4 Katie
Really good value for money :) Bought the 38" Takes a little time to get the hang of it, but leaves a really nice natural wave in the my hair. Really fast heat up and light indicators which are really handy. Would recommend this product!!
4 shahnaz
I purchasede de 38mm and its a great curling iron and fab price!!!
5 Carmen
I purchasede de 38mm and I LOVE it!!! It gives me soft curls that makes my hair voluminous! Thinking of buying another one in a smaller size, so I have different options to style my hair!
4 Si
The best curling iron ever. makes lovely curls and waves!(32") just remember heat protector:)
4 nikki
bought the 32" (took a month due to the snow which was a pain) but FAB product,great volouminous(??) curls and waves that hold and the hubbies loving my new curly look

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