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5 15 October 2014 Alessia
The pack is in good condition and the product it's original. I will re order from Beauty Bay with any doubt!
5 01 September 2014 Anastasia Eleni
No problem with delivery- product in excellent state. Thanks!
5 11 August 2014 Rubbini Kaur
5 11 August 2014 Imogen
Such a great wand! I've struggled previously to get a lovely soft wave, as i end up with a tight curl or something that doesn't last long at all. But this wand gives me beautiful curls without damaging the hair as it has heat settings for specific hair types and with some hairspray will stay in all day! Definitely recommend this product for any hair enthusiast :).
4 13 July 2014 Oxana Sorokina
5 02 July 2014 Savahna
I liked this wand, so easy to use (I'm useless with doing my hair) and heats up super quickly. Amaaaaazing product and my curls last well throughout the second day and more.
5 06 June 2014 Joanne
I've used this 25-13 mm wand a couple of times and I'm very pleased with the results. Heats up quickly, easy to use and curls last! I'm absolutely rubbish at styling my hair but if I can use this, anyone can!
5 16 May 2014 Oxana
creates faultless waves! must have!
5 16 May 2014 Oxana
creates faultless waves! must have!
5 16 April 2014 Eva
Really nice wand, affordable price. Bought adapter for around 1€. Took about a week to get to Hungary, so prompt shipping. Definitely recommend.
5 16 April 2014 Eva
Really nice wand, affordable price. Bought adapter for around 1€. Took about a week to get to Hungary, so prompt shipping. Definitely recommend.
5 07 April 2014 Rose
wonderful and easy to us! and best of all, so affordable!
5 01 April 2014 IVONA
Love it!! And for great price since in Croatia I'd pay double. I bought an adapter, which was less than 3 euro, and was good to go!
5 31 March 2014 Theodora
It does excellent work in a couple of minutes.
5 21 February 2014 Maria
I love it! The best curling wand i've used so far. Perfect results in minutes. I've bought two of them already, one for me and one for a friend who loves it as well.
5 31 January 2014 raquel
Love it! 100x100 recommended, perfect curls in minutes and very good price in BEAUTYBAY. Me encanta!!!100x100 recomendable,rizos perfectos en unos pocos minutos y a muy buen precio en BEAUTYBAY.
5 05 December 2013 Regina
I bought the 32-19mm Conical Wand and I love it! It makes amazing curls and it comes with heat-protecting gloves and a mat. As I live in Germany, I only needed an adapter to use it, but I got one for less than 2€. All in all it was much cheaper buying the wand on beautybay and an additional adapter, than buying a wand like this in a German store.
5 27 November 2013 Melanie G.
A great curling for a very affordable price. Although it took a few more days to arrive than I had expected, It came very well packaged. I will definitely be shopping here again!
5 10 November 2013 Venus
Love it!! Amazing curler, It's my first curling wand and it is sooooooo easy to use. Plus it is sooooooo much cheaper to buy on BeautyBay than in other website or salons Australia.
5 12 October 2013 Adilah
Omagad! This wand is a bomb.com! Its amazing.I used to curl my hair with GHD straightener and I thought that was enough for me, though the curl only lasted for 1 day..(I have fine and straight hair) however using this wand my curl lasted 3 days..Even on the second day my curl is still gorgeous! I received a lot of compliment..Its really worth it! I bought the 19mm and my next purchase is the smaller wand..But if you have long hair invest on the 19mm wand..Im telling you, you will not regret buying it! Its cheap here compare to the price they are selling in my own country ( Malaysia) Oh beautybay, I am so happy with your service and will continue purchasing here many years to come! Im indeed a very much happy lady!
5 03 October 2013 Lilian
This is a beautiful curler, easy to use! I have long hair and it was perfect to me!
5 27 September 2013 Nadia
I received mine fairly late, but definitely happy with the product itself! it heats fast, and it is actually sooooo easy to curl my hair with, i've always had trouble curling it with a straightener! great product, and such a good price! Bargain! compared to the prices in Australia!
5 18 September 2013 Sanja
-The delivery took one week to sweden.. -Packing was very good everything came in good condition. -I have not had time to test the product yet because I got home with UK adapter and I can not had it in my sockets because I'm from EU.
5 18 September 2013 Sanja
-The delivery took one week to sweden.. -Packing was very good everything came in good condition. -I have not had time to test the product yet because I got home with UK adapter and I can not had it in my sockets because I'm from EU.
5 11 September 2013 Tash
Fantastic curler, easy to use - even for the beginner. So much cheaper on BeautyBay then anywhere too!
5 07 September 2013 Nat
Wow this is awesome I have thick long hair and it curled perfect the waves look natural and its very easy to use! I love it!! only thing was im from New Zealand and had to buy a converter plug that was $20 but I guess its worth it!
5 05 September 2013 Racheljit Kaur
I am so glad I bought this curler. It gives me effortless curls so quickly! Gives me more time to spend on my make up! haha
5 29 August 2013 Fay
It's really pretty and came with heat mat and gloves. Very easy to operate and heats up rather quickly. Gives you much more control than the curling iron.
5 20 August 2013 Anna
Hair curler really liked, heats up quickly, with it you can curl your beautiful curls. I'm so glad that comes with mat and gloves for straightening irons. I have a pink made very accurately, take pleasure and satisfied with this purchase.
5 20 August 2013 katerina
So happy with this purchase so much cheaper than locally and I love using it. I already have the black one and its perfect for bridal upstyling!
5 18 August 2013 Tamara Allen
Creates gorgeous curls, so simple to use, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an amazing curler. :)
5 01 August 2013 Nadya
I just got this as a gift from my best friend and I absolutely love it. It heats up very quickly and I was able to curl my hair easily even though my hair was short.
5 20 July 2013 Rhiannon
I have been desperate to create soft, loose curls for ages but have just not been able to do it. I tried using straightners (ghd's) but couldn't master it - even after a demo from my lovely hairdresser. So, I invested in a curling wand from another well known manufacturer but that was sent back as it just did nothing. This Babyliss wand was my last shot and........ It's great. I've only played about with a couple of times but so far it's wonderful. I have quite thick, medium length hair and I get the loose curls I wanted. Heats up very quickly ( I use setting 15) and wrap my hair around for approx 10 seconds and its perfect. I would recommend this to anyone. Very happy.
5 20 July 2013 julie
Received mine in the mail this week ... definitely highly recommend this wand! I purchased the 32-19mm wand and it is extremely easy to use, with great results! I find it easier than curling with a ghd! If ordering for Australia, it did take 4 weeks for delivery so that was a bit annoying.
5 04 July 2013 Emily
This curling wand is great! I purchased the 32-19mm to create soft, wavy curls rather than small, tight curls. My hair is quite thick so bigger curls suit me best. For those of you who are worried about delivery to Australia, mine came in about two weeks which is pretty reasonable. You'll have to buy an adaptor which costs around 10 bucks. Overall, it's a beauty gem :)
5 03 July 2013 Chris
I cut my hair short recently and I was sad not to be using my Babyliss Pro Porcelain Conical Wand any more but no, I can and my hair looks great!!! Small soft fluffy waves. I love the look. Don't be afraid to try it on your short hair.
5 03 July 2013 Nia Venetsanos
This is great ! The curling wand is so simple to use and leaves great long lasting curls due to its high temperature ! I would really recommend it, especially for the great price. Great item !
5 25 June 2013 Alicia
I really like it, works great, just wish I had got the bigger barrell to get loser curls.
4 22 June 2013 Rebecca Verbeek
A little disapointed I didn't read that this didn't support australian power points or at least warn me with the fact I was sending it AUS. None the less even after buying the adapter it's still cheaper that buying in Australia. The gloves are really nifty too
5 20 February 2013 suzanne
ITS AMAZING... I wanted a curling wand because I needed something easy to create curls with as I have never been able to curl with ghd's (after many attempts). I was sceptical about this product due to the cheap price and thought the product might reflect that however I was completely wrong. it's really quick and easy to use, creates gorgeous curls and to top it off ITS PINK!
5 11 February 2013 Sara
Best wand I've tried! It is easy to use and doesn't give you nasty kinks on the ends like normal tongs. The instructions clearly show the recommended temp depending on your hair type, which is very helpful. I've got the 32 and it gives my shoulder lengths hair lots of volume with waves that last all day. Amazing!
5 25 January 2013 Irene
I love my new 32mm-19mm curling wand!! This product is really easy and versatily! I'm so happy with my free delivery also here in Spain! That?s fantastic! I?m so in love with BeautyBay and i'll probably purchase nail polish from Mavala soon because is cheaper than in Spain! Great web!
5 12 December 2012 Baiba
I love this curling wand,my curls lasts for days.
5 31 October 2012 Ashley
Curling wand is great. Easy to use, heats up fast. I purchased the 25mm-13mm curling wand in pink. Happy I could get a pink one as my hairs black and I wouldn't be able to see where the wand is with my hair. I have really straight hair and now thanks to this device I get curls or waves really easy.Website said it takes 5-7 days to arrive in Australia but it took 4 weeks to arrive. Last time I ordered makeup on here it took 5 weeks to arrive, so if u need it for a certain event then order it way before you need it.Other than that, it's definitely worth buying.
5 07 October 2012 Rossella
5 22 August 2012 Roxy
I love the freedom the conical wand gives and that there is no clip for my hair to get snagged on. Babyliss really do offer great value for money and I'll definitely repurchase this in another size!
5 13 August 2012 Ophelia
I purchased the 25mm-13mm curling wand. This product is absolutely amazing, fantastic versatility. I can create tight curls with this wand and also loose waves by varying heat levels and/or brushing through the curls. They last all day! Will probably purchase this in the larger size soon! Great product!
5 18 April 2012 alex
Hello, I am a hairstylist and I purchased this device a few weeks ago, I can say that this excellent device does its job properly, I highly recommend it.
5 21 March 2012 joanna kelly
I am simply speechless!! Amazing product, amazing price, and only 7 working days delivery to new zealand! Absolutely gobamacked and so happy!! Thank you!
5 05 December 2011 Demi Yuill
I'm amazed my this!, It leaves long lasting curls, i usually curl my hair tightly one day and leave my hair over night to create a soft loose wave, plus there are no clamp marks!
5 19 November 2011 Yuliana
amazing thing for making your hair sexy!
5 01 November 2011 kayla
I really love this curling wand... but i read some of the other reviews and not washing your hair within a four day period . Kinda gross !
5 11 September 2011 Rebecka
I have a hard time getting my curls to last throughout the day because of my heavy hair but this curling wand gives me great curls that lasts. Love it!
4 21 August 2011 Emily
I was using my friend's one and thought it was great. Unfortunately, the curls dropped out during the day and my hair was horrid the next morning. Even so i would still recommend it
5 17 August 2011 Nina
Wonderful small tongs for my fine thin volumous hair! Excellent price too.
5 29 July 2011 Jennifer
I didn´t think about this product having a UK plug. I live in Sweden so if you are from a other country you have to buy a converter. Its easy to use and the curls looks good but i found it hard to make the curls last..
5 27 May 2011 Artemis Michael
This product is amazing!!I'm loving it,i bought the 25-13mm in pink and it's just gorgeous!It's perfect for soft curls for a romantic look which i love.It heats really fast and it's light so it's really easy to use.I truly recommend this,it's totally worth the money. xoxo
5 09 May 2011 Carmen
I bought the medium one.I have to say that I felt in love with it! It gives me tighter curls that last 4 days!!! really love it! A must have for hair fans!
5 20 March 2011 Alexandra Norcliffe
Wow after reading the reviews I thought id try this one as my hair never holds a style! especially a curl. These are amazing and so easy to use!!! I would recommend these to everyone and am in love with my pink curling wand. A fantastic buy and great value for money x
5 01 February 2011 Carmen
Best curling wand I've ever used! I've been using it for styling my hair since i've purchased it. Really easy to use, it heats up fast and works perfect with any kind of hair... Looking forward to buy another one in a smaller size to have a few choices to style my hair
5 01 February 2011 Emma Tattersall
My friend wanted a curling wand as a birthday present and after much reviewing on the internet came up with this one, Beauty Bay had the best price, super fast delivery and my friend said how easy and how much she loves this, even her friends commented on her glam hair!!!!
5 01 February 2011 Marie Tipsmark
I recieved this product a couple a days ago, and I am really satisfied. I ordered the 32-19mm pink and it's really girly. It handles my big hair better than other curling tools I have tried. I just ordered one for my cousin too :-)
5 11 July 2010 shelly herzman
great seller!!! fast shipping to israel, great item thank you so much

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