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EGO Professional EGO Twist

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5 Lynne
I was initially hesitant about purchasing this product, as I have coloured, fine shoulder length hair which does not keep a curl very easily. After finding the beauty bay website selling this excellent product at such a FANTASTIC price and believe me I searched every website I could think of, after which I could not resist. After opening the box on impact I was very impressed, it is very well made and the cord on this product reminds me very much of the ones in the 1960s/70s a lot more substantial quality and the design on the cord than of the products of today. However, lets get to the process and outcome, it literally only took me 20 mins, please read the instructions if you have fine shoulder length hair like mine. Section the hair spray with hairspray then wind hair round the Ego twist using the temperature control accordingly. the curl is gorgeous. It has been the best curling product I have purchased however, like other reviews on other websites the curl did not last after a nights sleep, BUT I can believe for people with thicker hair it definitely would. Congratulations EGO for this most FANDABIDOSI PRODUCT.

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