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Alterna Bamboo Shine Mist 100ml

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Alterna Bamboo Shine Mist Zoom
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5 cgc
Fantastic, the best shine spray I have ever used. I've tried a lot of pricey spray on shine products over the years; I don't buy anything with parabens or chemicals in & I have used a product in the Alterna caviar range a long time ago, It wasn't anywhere near as good as this. The product smells really fresh clean, the spray is fine and it doesn't weigh your hair down and make it look limp. The effect lasts all day, I find that if I spray my hair in the morning concentrating on the ends & then brush it with my ionic hair brush, the effect is brilliant.
5 Alison
This conditioner is the best I have found for dry, flyaway, fine hair. Untaggles all those knots after washing so your comb goes through your hair smoothly. Smells great aswell. I have always bought it in Sephora in the US but discovering it on BeautyBay.com has been an epiphany as Sephora have stopped stocking this range. I will definitely be buying it regularly from here now.

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