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Alterna Bamboo UV+ Vibrant Color Conditioner 250ml

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Alterna Bamboo UV+ Vibrant Color Conditioner Zoom
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5 sian
AMAZING!!!!!! So worth the money! OK, so you might be thinking its quite pricey and i can just get the supermarket brands for cheaper (and i was the same), however you are wrong. The reason I purchased this was purely because i was getting my hair stripped and had been recommended by friends that i needed a decent shampoo and conditioner. So I spoke to my hair dresser and she recommended this. I thought it was expensive but initially thought i will get it for now and then when it runs out i will just switch back to the supermarket brands. Well i can say that i will not be doing that, i will be staying with this. FIRSTLY, i have had soooooo many compliments on how good my hair looks (even after having it striped) it looks and feels amazing! I will never be using supermarket brands again. I even have my mother and mother-in-law using it! I have, can and will recommend it to anyone if you are thinking about it then please please please do it. Read below if you need further convincing. You may think the bottle looks small, so did i. The bottle says keeps your colour for up to 60 washes and i thought yeah right, like you will get 60 washes out of that!!! Well, i have been using this shampoo and conditioner since 23rd March (today being 15 June) and i am only half way through the bottle!!! i wash my hair every other day. So i may only have to buy this twice per year. I was spending around per month on my supermarket brand so this would be per year. So even at full price (around £17 per bottle) i will pay for the Bamboo shampoo and conditioner. I have been paying per bottle by using this website so i'm only going to pay per year. Breaking this down into monthly amounts, i will be paying, on average, per month. BARGAIN!!! Please try it, it is amazing and so very worth it. Sorry for the long review, when i look at reviews and i see a long one i think i cant be bothered to read it but i really needed to express how good this is. :) YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!!! X

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