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Babyliss Pro Argan Oil Moisturising Conditioner 250ml

4.5 10 Reviews
Babyliss Pro Argan Oil Moisturising Conditioner Zoom
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5 Kristen
I love the whole Babyliss Argan Oil line and the conditioner is no exception. Leaves my color treated hair shiny, silky soft and smelling like cuddly amber vanilla. I would not say this is a heavy conditioner. It is in fact pretty light, and I recommend the Babyliss Argan Oil Mask a few times a week if you need deeper conditioning. The mask is too heavy for daily use, so the two work really well when alternating them. The only caveat is the pump dispenser. I have repurchased the shampoo and conditioner many times and almost always end the bottle with a broken pump. I switch the pump for another that works or I store the bottle upside down and dispense by just removing the top and squeezing it out. I go to the trouble because these products are just THAT good!
3 Cristina
I have so thrilled to use this product that i really have good expectations on it. But unfortunately i got a big dissapointed so far because my hair is dyed and a little bit dry i read this reviews and some other speaking about this conditioner and the shampoo and i didn't get the result that i was looking for. I have been using this product for the 4th time and my hair looks dull and with no frizz which is great but it looks very dark and with no sparks on it....
3 Jasmine
I tried this product as I have damaged hair and I wanted to find a product to help add some moisture. I have not found that this has made much of a difference to the quality of my hair so far but I haven't been using it too long so maybe I need to keep trying it. The scent is lovely and as a normal conditioner it is great but not as a repairing conditioner for badly damaged hair. I would still recommend it for someone with normal hair!
5 Lauren
There is something about the Bayliss Pro Argan Oil products that just smells so earthy and wonderful, I love it! This conditioner is one of the best I've used for my long and easily-tangled hair. As someone else has said the pump isn't the easiest to get lots of the product out at once, but that's easy to forget with the results of this conditioner. Leaves my hair soft and easy to manage without it falling flat. Will definitely buy again.
5 Amy Catalano
This conditioner has done wonders for my hair!! I use it with the joico balancing shampoo and it has been the prefect combo for me, I have been receiving so many comments on the healthiness and shine of my hair, very happy and will defiantly buy again :)
4 np
This is a nice product and seems good value for money. It left my hair soft and was an improvement on other conditioners that I've used, in that it my hair seemed to absorb the moisture, rather than the conditioner just 'coating' it. One of the down-sides (not to do with the product itself) is the hand-pump bottle - I always find it awkward to get the last bit of conditioner out of the bottom!
5 Ana
I had been tried so many products for my split ends, but now i found the really perfect one. There's no words to explain. Ir's really true.
5 Ann
My hair was really dry and full of split ends until I got this and the Babyliss Pro Argan Oil Moisturising Shampoo. I used to avoid washing my hair everyday because my hair only got dryer, frizzier and resulted in more split ends. However, ever since I used the Babyliss Pro Argan Oil Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner, I can wash my hair everyday and my hair feels amazingly soft and nourished everyday. It feels like it has been injected with moisture that it looks and feels healthier.The conditioner is thick and it feels very moisturizing. You do not need very much to condition your hair because it is so nourishing. There is a scent that is noticeable but the scent is pleasant so I don't mind it much. Now I love washing my hair with this and my hair loves it too!
5 Iz
I have madly curly hair and this is the first conditioner that I have come across that really does give results everytime you use it. Other oils tend to over-do it and give different results every wash but this one gives shine and tameness every time used. I couldn't live without it!
5 Aishwariya
If your hair is actually in dire need of moisture therapy to bring back its health, using this in conjunction with the conditioner and leave in oil makes your hair silky smooth and ridiculously soft. I would recommend though, if you intend to keep the volume in your hair, to skip the conditioner and use the shampoo and leave in treatment, and use the conditioner if you're really want to treat yourself. Unless you have really damaged hair, then go for all three! I did and my hair's texture changed within days, and that's not an exaggeration. My hair drank up the nourishment, and now I can't go a day without it.

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