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5 08 July 2014 Laarni Arat
The smell is very nice.
5 05 May 2014 Evie Lewis
Love it!
5 23 February 2014 Melanie Oxer
5 05 January 2014 Silviacui
It's reall fantastic,It's good than any other hair product that I used,I have a jar of VSsassoon,and It just beat VSsassoon.
5 29 August 2013 Camila
I loved this product because of my hair being thin and no volume, I used on still-damp hair and then I brush, and give more texture and volume to the hair, the smell is wonderful.
5 13 August 2013 Ana Maria
One of the best! Love it!
5 30 July 2013 leon
Ordered this great product for my wife , she uses it always , but it did not sell anymore in holland over here , looked on the internet and there it was www.beautybay.com !! They got it! My wife absolutely loves this product ! It makes here hair look fantastic, lots of volume, frizz control, shining hair, gonna order it again from beautybay!
4 10 July 2013 Elba
Deixa os cabelos bem modelados e cacheados, o cheiro é maravilhoso. Adorei Translation: Leaves hair well shaped and curly, the smell is wonderful. Loved
5 08 July 2013 mhairi
I love this product!!!! It works miracles with my fine hair. Amazing smell too!!!
5 05 July 2013 Daiane
I am in love with this product, it is the best! Deliveres everything that it promisses, fantastic!
5 03 July 2013 Regina
Wonderfully scented, this product adds body and manageability to my thin, fine hair. And it lasts a lot, resulting in a perfect cost-efficiency ratio.
5 30 June 2013 marie
I love love love this product! Before discovering I used to use a product for volume a product for thickness a product for frizz control a product for shine and wax and hairspray! Now I use only this finished with a bit of hairspray it is the best I have ever used thankyou bedhead
5 14 June 2013 Karen
I just keep coming back to this product - gives volume and texture to short hair without being sticky. Can't beat it.
5 29 May 2013 IRYNA E.
Yes, this cream gives volume to the hair. Yes, it smells like blueberry yogurt. Yes, the hair looks as if they are placed professionally. Yes, I'll order it yet. I put 5 points. Advise! Very effective hair care products.
5 26 May 2013 Mary
Light weight, smells good, very nice!
5 01 May 2013 Stephanie
This is the best hair product I've gotten! I have thin and limp hair and this product does wonders for me! It creates volume without making your hair feel sticky or hard. Plus it smells like bubble gum! Would definitely purchase this again :)
5 24 March 2013 Carolina
It smells wonderful, makes me passionate. My hair is soft, gentle, mild. I use after washing your hair. I can not live without it.
5 16 March 2013 Diane
This product gives volume to my short hair and it smells sooo good !
5 18 February 2013 Maria
Omg! This product is magic ! It gives hair a nice texture and it smells so good. Now my friends are always smelling my hair and it's kind of weird but I love it! I definitely recommend this product ! <3
5 23 January 2013 Déborah
the best product to straighten your hair on a daily basis. Leaves hair looking light and natural. Easy to apply and great length. My darling!
5 19 November 2012 helen
Iv been using this product for about two weeks and i love it.I have think wavy hair and it gives it texture and shine and easyer to style my hair.
5 31 July 2012 Cristina
I love this product, it leaves my hair with loose curls and delineated.
5 10 April 2012 Fam
This is my holy grail hair product. I have very fine hair that rarely wants to do what I tell it, so untill I found this 4-5 years ago, I just let it be. Anyway, it gives my hair nice texture, helps it hold it's shape without hairspray, gives it a nice, natural looking volume, and actually makes my hair hold a curl for more than 5 seconds. So full of win.
4 31 March 2012 Emma C
I have fine curly hair and this product works wonders on it. I get volume and better control without it weighing down my hair. It smells strongly of grape Hubba Bubba bubblegum which I wasn't too keen on. I will definitely continue to use this great product despite the smell though.
5 02 February 2012 Line Rakvåg Malones
This smells so extremely good... Kind of like blueberries! It gives my long, highlighted hair some nice texture and shine, and helps me smooth down those short hairs at the top. Excellent for keeping the bang in its place too.
5 13 August 2011 lara
5 16 February 2011 diana
good product.gives shine and volume.good smell.I am a fan of it!
5 02 February 2011 Emma
Love this!! I have quite thick hair but it's quite heavy so I do find it difficult to ever get volume , or volume that stays without ending up really flat. This helps keep my hair volumed and thick without adding weight, my hair feels clean and light rather than heavy and full of product. Smells lovely too
5 16 October 2010 Dawn
I love this produc and the smell! It defrizzes and gives moisture to my curly, dry hair. Great price too.
5 04 January 2010 Bed_Head_Freak
This is the most effective product i have used so far, it leaves my hair feeling soft and volumised, easy to apply and quiker to dry. I recommend it for thin and dry hair.
5 14 October 2009 Lisa
Very very nice! I got silky thick hair, smells so good ! : D
5 14 October 2009 pauline simmonds
excellent prompt delivery .. value for money ,good products at good prices

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