Bedhead Styleshots Epic Volume Shampoo 250ml

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Bedhead Styleshots Epic Volume Shampoo Zoom
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1 Katt
First it seemed okay although the smell is awful. Then after couple of weeks I realized that it didn't do any good for my hair, my hair became lifeless.
4 Mafalda
My hair is quite fine and lifeless and this shampoo lives it full and helps with the Volume. I always use this product along with Bedhead Candy Fixations Totally Baked Hair Meringue or the Small Talk to get real volume that lasts for a good part of the day.
5 Nikolina
very nice shampoo. do not grease my hair and i love it :)
1 Tatiana
Oh, what a disappointment! The first TIGI product I am disappointed with. It weighs my hair down and the smell is too swett for me.
1 Mandy
Sadly I am not in agreement with the other reviewers of this product. I bought the shampoo and conditioner but, having used them 3 times, I have found that they either leave my hair sticky or full of static and fly-away. I don't see any difference in volume either. If you want soft, volumised hair, I recommend Ojon Volume Advance but it is a lot more expensive at for shampoo and conditioner, but they definitely do work.
5 Sam
I have used a lot of shampoo's as I started losing my hair and was looking for the best one to achieve volume. Only problem was they all contain SLS which was the problem in the first place. This is by far the best volume shampoo I have ever used and the added benefit is.. it is SLS free!!! I also bought a leave in conditioner which adds to the volume. Thanks Bedhead and BeautyBay... your life savers!! Awesome price too.. you cannot go wrong with this product.
5 mhairi
I bought this shampoo and matching conditioner and all I can say is WOW!! My hair has never felt so thick and voluminous!! I would really recommend this product to anyone with fine hair. Amazing strawberry smell too to top it all off!!
5 Louise
My hair is long and as so, it tends to become limp and lifeless. I do notice that this shampoo paired with the conditioner gave my hair some volume but I do find that it leaves a bit of build up behind if used 3 to 4 times a week as I usually do. But if you pair it with a clarifying shampoo, the results are great!
4 Tiffany
Been using this shampoo for 2 - 3 weeks. It give my hair volumes just after one wash. Love the fruity scent, the scent don't last long though, probably a few hours. However, it did dried out my hair a bit, so conditioning is essential. Also, at times, I get this mild acidic feeling on my scalp, forcing me to alternate my shampoos.
5 Macarena
The best shampoo I've ever used, great volume and gorgeous smell.
3 Mafalda
I don't dislike this shampoo, it's great to give your hair some volume, but it kind of leaves it a little bit dry, so make sure you use a conditioner as well. At first, the smell seems too strong but then it just leaves your hair with a lovely scent like acid strawberry. Nice package. Great price. 3 stars, although.
5 Kath
This shampoo is the best hair product I've ever used, leave my hair beautiful shiny, very clean, strawberry scented and terrific volume. Recommended for people that had very thin hair
4 Ruth
I love this shampoo it has a lovely fruity scent and gives my hair loads of volume and keeps my colour vibrant

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