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Bedhead Urban Antidotes Resurrection Shampoo 250ml

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5 Kirsty
I cannot say one bad word about this shampoo. My hair was falling out in clumps from being anemic and from damaged hair. This shampoo seriously did wonders, it has helped my hair not fall out all time. It smells so nice and it works in the space of first use. I now have the Damage level 2 shampoo and it doesn't work at all, so I';m buying this level 3 shampoo again - absolute favourite!
5 Stephanie
Love love love this shampoo! It cleans and moisturises your hair so well. Makes your hair feel healthy and easy to comb
5 Hanna
I wash my hair every third day, I box color dye my hair dark brown and so its sort of overprocessed at the ends. When I started using this shampoo I was extremely impressed. Even shampooing before you use the matching conditioner your hair feels like silk, this is the only product I have ever used that the shampoo alone feels like a conditioner.
Leaves soft and filled with amazing hair. Eliminates frizz. Loved it and recommend it. Deixa o cabelo macio e com um cheio surpreendente. Elimina o frizz. Adorei e recomendo.
4 falia
I highly recommend this shampoo, it has healed my dry and burned hair (litteraly, I have VERY curly hair and I straightened it for 5 years, then I stopped for a year in order to give a break to my overly damaged hair, Got 2b did absolutely nothing to my hair) so I tried this one to repair it and IT WAS AMAZING!! I even got complimented on my hair only a month after I started to use it. I took 3 bottles of the red one until I realized something was bugging me about this shampoo: if you use it daily for a long period of time, it's gonna start to damage your hair, so, you'd better change for the blue one. This is also the reason why I didn't give 5 stars to that shampoo and the conditionner as well.
5 Bernice
I trully love this shampoo! it really does leave my hair feeling moisturized and clean, soft and the scent is just delicious. Trully do recomend it.
5 milena
Miracle!!! Im in love with this product!! Works great for curly hair!!
5 Yin
This is great. You feel the difference within a day or two. The smell is great too :)
5 Anastasiya
Sueeeeerrrr!!!!!it's really best shampoo I ever seen.thank you!!!!!candy smell))
5 Esther
My favourite shampoo ever! Can't describe how perfect it is.
5 Sandra
Amazing shampoo, hair feels soft and smooth after every wash! Remember to top it off with the conditioner for an even better result :-) Big PLUS for the delicious smell!
5 marie
Bought this shampoo with the conditioner and I love these products I have fine hair which is coloured and straightened every day but since discovering these products my hair looks and feels great
5 Carolina
The difference it makes in your hair is unbelievable. Not to mention the smell...But I do not recommend to buy the level 2 or 1 products. It really doesn't matter how damaged your hair is, just buy this one. Hydration is never too much.
5 Macha
The smell of this is incredible but is only a bonus to how much it helped my hair. It's so much softer and looks a lot better since I've started using this.
5 Miriam
My hair was really in bad shape and falling out. When I started using this product everything changed! I really recommend this! You will notice good changes in your hair! 5 stars!
5 Jola
Works wonders when used with a conditioner! Every time when I wash my hair it feels like I just left hairdressers! Love it!!
5 Liz
Yes... just.. yes. Smells delicious (pineapple!) and nourishes like crazy. I use this together with the conditioner and my hair feels and looks healthier as before!
5 Tatiana
I never done online shopping, until I discovered the BeautyBay and decided to take risk, delivery free for everyone, was to enjoy. I bought the Bedhead Urban Antidotes Resurrection Shampoo and my god how I am satisfied. My hair was super damaged and then gain life! Bright and looking wonderful care! I advise anyone who has hair super damaged, because this product really keep your promises.
5 Jéssica
The smell is so lovely <3
3 Rachel
I think this is ok, its cheap but not wonderful and smells like medicine.
5 Fiona
I started using this, along with the conditioner after I got my hair highlighted and am using straighteners regularly, the smell is lovely and it makes my hair super soft and manageable. I am using an intensive conditioning treatment as well for an extra boost.
fantastic and in an amazing prize.
5 Priyanka
MIRACLE product, this shampoo has worked wonders for my bleached hair, I use heat to my hair often so this is definitely a must have product! Highly recommended for you girls with damaged or dry hair.
5 Katy
QUALITY PRODUCT! I wish I could give it 10 stars instead of 5! I used it together with the conditioner and it made my hair really soft and shiny without taking out the volume! It doesn't feel "heavy" either. My hair was destroyed after bleaching I was using flat iron every day, so it got very dry and lost all its shine. But now my hair feels baby soft and looks very healthy! :) Highly recommended!! Also, many thanks to BeautyBay for offering this product at such a great price! Believe it or not, but where I live the price for this is 5 times higher! BeautyBay, you rock!
5 martina de marco
WHY CUT YOUR HAIR IF YOU CAN GET A GREAT REPAIR SHAMPOO? stop to damaged hair, to colour off, double pointed with this miracle line your hair can get a new wonderfull life! from first application actually silky hair, colourfull and healthy.
5 Anne
I am absolut in love with Ressurection! It nourished my coarse hair, and it's got a lovely scent, who stays for a long time!
5 Konkuno
This shampoo is amazing! My damaged hair has really improved after using these products. Especially if your hair is damaged from bleaching as mine was, I recommend them to friends all the time. You will not regret trying these, get a real Bed Head!
5 Ross Guildford
I was sceptical when I first saw this product in my hairdressers. I've got short hair which id naturslly a bit coarse and is bleached within an inch of it's life. This shampoo certainly lives up to it's promise, to resurrect your hair as it certainly does that. It's creamy and rich and hair felt nourished with a healthy shine. You won't be disappointed
5 nicky evans
fantastic! lovely creamy hair is very dry and frizzy and its coloured every 4-6 weeks. this shampoo is gorgeous,makes hair smooth and soft. brings it back to life !

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