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Catwalk Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier 150ml

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Catwalk Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier Zoom
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5 Andreia
Is the best product for curly hair!
2 Sue
Defines curls but as soon as you step outside the humidity in the air re-hydrates the product, your hair absorbs the outside humidity, and it looks as if you didn't put any product in your hair. Might be okay, if you live in a dry climate. Has a nice scent, although artificial.
4 Charmaine
This product really does define my curls and it smells great too! It does somewhat tame the frizz, but my hair became frizzy a couple of hours later, so still not that ultimate frizz control product.
5 Andrea
This gives the best curl without frizz of any product I have used. It is the best I have used by far. I have fair, fine but lots of hair best described as springy!
5 provvedi roberta
5 Ana Claudia
Excellent product! It defines and holds curls. Love it!!
5 Ana
Best curl enhancing product I have ever used. Makes them bouncy, soft and shiny. Be sure to use it on wet hair, straight after shower, that way it will give the best results!
5 Sarah Beretta
5 Sarah Cheetham
4 Nataå¡A Ravnikar
5 Andrea
I used this product YEARS ago and for some reason abandoned it ... not sure why, because it really is a great product. It defines and holds curls (natural or iron-created) really well without leaving your hair full of heavy product and making it look oily or limp. I find for me it also helps to add volume.
5 Marija
I love this product, it removes frizz and leaves well defined curls. The shipping was super fast, recommendation to all.
5 jane
four years on and still impressed with this product. defines curls, locks them in, feels natural... love it.
5 Marianna
I love this product!!!
4 tiffany
this product gave my curls gorgeous definition without the frizz. my only complaint is that it had a crunchy finish, so I had to crunch my hair to loosen up the curls. Still looked fantastic afterwards!!
Ótimo produto, define os cachos, reduz o frizz, mas deixa um pouco duro. Depois de seco é só dar uma amassadinha que ele perde a rigidez e fica lindo.
5 Catja
first time i used this i went to a party afterwards and all my friends were like "woah, what's up with your curls? they look amazing!". I totally love this product, it really does the trick for my hair and I recommend this to everyone with curly hair.
5 Talia
I started using this product about a year ago and I couldn't be happier. It removes frizz, leaves defined curls and doesn't leave the hair rock hard, dim or limp. I love it!
5 Elsa Gregori
I have had unruly, curly frizzy hair all my life, so I've tried every product on the market to control it. When I found this I called off the search! Great product, doesn't make your hair 'crispy' and feels natural. BeautyBay are excellent at delivering the item almost immediately, so you don't have to panic when you run out. I would recommend this to anyone with curly hair.
5 Svetlana
Convenient bottle with pump. Remedy looks like cream. I use entire series for my curly hair, and I'm happy with the result - my curls look defined and not as lint.
5 Laura
Product really fantastic. Removes frizz and leaves the defined curls. Extremely satisfied.
5 Adriana
I got mine in 22 days, the product is wonderful, shining curls and well defined. Loved! Recebi o meu em 22 dias, o produto é maravilhoso, brilho, cachos diciplinados e bem definidos. Amei!
5 Linsi
Starting using this product a few years ago and I will never go back. It defines curls without leaving them rock solid
5 viviana Martinez
buena textura, tus rulos se ven lindos todo el dia Translation: good texture, your curls look cute all day
5 Gina
I've tried a lot of hair products for curly hair and this is amazing! Only need a small amount as a little goes a long way...ideal to control unruly curls..leaves them bouncy and my curl stays all day and for days after!
5 Chris
Have used this product for years , good price only need one pump of it,a little goes a long way
5 Azzurra
I've been using this product for many years. It is the best product I've ever tried to define my curls. It has the right density to let the hair 'breathe' but, at the same time, it keeps the hair also tidy. Extremely satisfied.
4 Helle Bak
A bit sticky, has a strong but good smell, makes your curls really stand out. But be careful, don't use too much. One pump is enough
5 Louise
A little goes a long way with this product. I have been using this for about a year now and it's the best curl definer I have every used. It really helps define my wavy hair without making it look stringy or look like I have product in my hair. Smells wonderful too!
5 Fabiana Lima
Muito bom, deixa os cachos bem definidos e não desmancha por nada! O cheiro é ótimo, suave e muito gostoso. Translation: Very good, let the curls well defined and not cutting for nothing! The smell is great, smooth and very tasty.
5 francesca
This product is the only that makes my curly hair ! I reccomend it.
4 Juliana
Muito bom, tem um cheiro maravilhoso. Define muito bem os cachos. Translation: Very good, it smells wonderful. Defines curls nicely.
5 Rita de Cassia
I love this product. Do not live without it.
3 Rane
Don't like this at all. You have to be careful and not use too much of you will get some sticky hair. For me it doesn't worked keeping the frizz away, just for give some definition to the curls. Thats all...
5 Edita
Nice smell, curles look naturaly.thanks :)
5 Dayane
O melhor produto para cachos que já usei. Definiu muito bem, e mantem os fios bonitos por um longo período. E o cabelo fica tão macio depois de seco! The best product I've ever used for curls. Defined so much perfectly, and keeps the curls for a pretty long period. And the hair is so soft after it dried!
5 Danubia
Comprei ele no dia 4 de feverreiro e chegou no dia 22 de fevereiro super rapido fiquei muito feliz.ameio produto e tambem o babyliss que vem no kit. ameiiiiiiiiiiii.obrigada beautybay por ser tao rapido. I bought it on 4th and it arrived on February 22 super fast and I was very happy. love also the free gift. love! Thank you for being so fast beautybay.
5 leonor
Quiero comprar Catwalk Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier 150ml y quiero que cuando este disponible me avisen. Catwalk Curlesque Curls want to buy Rock Amplifier 150ml and want me know when it is available.
5 Katerina Fountoukou
Fantastic product and as far as I am concerned it's considered the best curl amplifier in Italy
2 Farah Liyana
Contrary to the other reviews this products did not work for me. The product was too thick and sticky and the pump started leaking after a couple of uses.
5 Karoline
One of the best I have used, my hair looks so shiny and soft. Will bought more often!!!!By the way, Ordered on Dec, 18 and yesterday I got my curls rock :)
5 Steffi
Great product (I've been using it for about three years now). I'm very happy because my curles look natural and defined at the same time. Doesn't like the smell too much though.
3 BeautyBuyer
Middle freeze control, although it's the best I've tried for the time being. Nice smell. Curls last longer. Got to be careful not to use much product or it gets quite sticky.
5 Marti
Love the smell, very fruity and fresh, and lasts for a long time! the product is excellent, very defined and curly hair finish. the best I've ever tried.
5 Lucy Wildman
I have bought this product before due to getting tired of having frizzy hair and have found this product excellent. Now my naturally curly hair looks more curly and less frizzy. Many thanks

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