Catwalk Curlesque Defining Shampoo 300ml

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Catwalk Curlesque Defining Shampoo Zoom
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4 Mateus
It's a good shampoo, does not dry my hair, but gently cleans it. And the smell is really nice, but I have to use more than I'm used to with other professional brands, so I think it might not last as I expected it would.
3 Dennerson
Curly hair is beautiful and a dream to use for many people. But to keep the curls always beautiful, lined, defined and with controlled volume we often have to resort to a series of products. In this case, the Catwalk Curlesque line technology adds a very special touch to the day care of the curls. With a Lightweight texture, the shampoo cleans gently without damaging the wires, leaving the slight feeling of hydration on the wires and still defines curls already in the wash. The smell is very mild, nothing too tought. As result, a clean, hydrated and defined hair. Indicated for all types of curly hair.....Free your Culrs.
5 ?????
A good shampoo smells good. Moisturizes hair. Economical in use. On my long hair, 300 ml. enough for half a year.
5 Svetlana
I liked this shampoo. It washes away the good hair, smells good)) I use entire series for my curly hair and I'm happy with the result - my curls look defined and not as limp.
5 Sara
I love this brand, my curls love this product. Amazing product and smells good, very good.
4 Barbara
I used this shampoo for curly hair of my daughter and I liked it; it is gentle, reduce the frizz and make the hair soft.
5 Azzurra
I use this shampoo together with the Curls Rock amplifier, from the same brand. The results have always been amazing for the health and aspect of my curls, plus the smell is wonderful.
5 Louise
I have wavy to curly hair and this product really helps to enhance the curls which stay defined throughout the whole day. It also smells wonderful lasts forever! Love it :)
5 Louise Araujo
Amazing in every aspect: it has a great smell, makes the hair soft - and the bottle lasted 3 months with me. If you have curly hair, this is a must! :)
5 Ida Radion
My naturally curley hair has always been a curse and I've spent a LOT of money on hair products to try and reduce the frizz - but with no real luck! My hairdresser said I should try the Curls Rock Amplifier, but when I went on BeautyBay to buy it, I figured I might as well buy the shampoo as well. Thank God for that. FRIZZ be GONE!! I can even airdry now :)

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