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Catwalk Curlesque Hydrating Conditioner 250ml

4.5 11 Reviews
Catwalk Curlesque Hydrating Conditioner Zoom
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5 Kate
Really nice conditioner for curly hair.
5 Andrea
I agree, the bottle on this product is pretty woeful, but thankfully the product itself is fantastic. This leaves my hair so soft and hydrated!! I use a lot of heat on my curly hair and it can become quite dry and brittle, but one treatment of this a week really revitalises and restores my hair. Smells great too. All round winner that works well as a weekly treatment.
3 Dennerson
Curly hair is beautiful and a dream to use for many people. But to keep the curls always beautiful, lined, defined and controlled volume often have to resort to a series of products. In this case, the Catwalk Curlesque line technology adds a very special touch to the day care will day curls. This conditioner is really concentrated, so we just need a few drops to let the culs hydrated and defined , with a spectacular shine, and you can see the difference since the first wash.
5 Reidun
Before buying this conditioner, I had had a long period where I had no good conditioner and I straightened my hair a lot, which came to show in the quality of my hair. Using this only one time, my curls became bouncy and soft again, and I will certainly not stop using this product. Smells great too, and the price is very reasonable.
5 Alina
Good air with a very pleasant, delicate scent. Hydrates and vosstanavivaet my curly hair. Makes them soft and manageable. At long enough for my long hair 250ml. enough for 6 months. Very dense and the only negative that it is difficult to get izbanochki. You have to press down on the debt at the bottle and shake it so that to get the right amount of concentration
5 Svetlana
This conditioner is now my must-have. It fits the description perfectly. Love the smell! Only one note - hard to get conditioner out of the bottle, because it is very dense it must be replaced by another form. I am using entire series for my wavy hair.
5 Sara
This is really good, leaves my hair hydrated and very soft.
5 Louise Araujo
Great product, even if the bottle doesn't help. It is indeed tough to get the product out - I decided to leave the bottle upside down and it helped. Other than that, it is an amazing product. I love the smell, the hair gets so soft - and, as I wrote in my review of the shampoo, the bottle lasted 3 months with me. If you have curly hair, this is a must! :)
5 Marian
I can't live without this product, makes my thick curly hair hydrated and soft. The best conditioner I have ever used!
5 Ilaria
I like this product very much. It hydrates my curls very well, and leaves the hair very soft.
4 LillyApril
At first use this conditioner really dissapointed me. I had to squeeze with bouth my hands to get anything out, wich bothered me for weeks! One day I got so sick of it I cut it in haf and removed the conditioner to a new bottle. I guess with the bottle gone, I finally got to love the product itself! It does as promised and leaves my waves soft bouncy! :)

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