COLORSMASH Hair Shadow True Royal 4.1g

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COLORSMASH Hair Shadow True Royal Zoom

COLORSMASH Hair Shadow True Royal 4.1g

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1 Emma
I picked up this navy hair chalk as I had been considering putting some more permanent streaks in my gingery hair. The colours went really well together, and for an instant I was impressed. Application can be slightly messy, but the chalk washes easily from skin with some soap and water. I made the mistake of applying my makeup first, but there was a LOT of transfer onto the sides of my face and my neck, so I needed to wipe it away and reapply. When applying, I made sure to shake any excess chalk from my hair. I then "sealed" the product with hairspray. Chalk still came away on my hands and neck. I used more hairspray. No change. I used about 1/4 can of the travel-size Tresemme, and still the product was transferring. I dragged a brush through my now stiff hair, which did not help. I ended up having to tie my hair back, with the streaks barely visible. My hair felt gross from the amount of spray I used, and all in all I was very disappointed. When I let my hair down at the end of the day, more blue chalk transferred to my neck. Complete waste of money. Avoid.

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