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5 24 August 2014 Heidi Ali-Kippari
5 16 July 2014 Paula Pennanen
5 26 May 2014 Hanna
It's a great brush.
5 16 April 2014 Eva
Perfect size, does the job pretty well, even to smooth away flyaways. A must for every hair junkie.
5 22 October 2013 Bauner
I love this brush - it is great for teasing and getting that classic 60s hairstyle
4 10 October 2013 Alice
quite like it, easy to use and efficient.
5 06 September 2013 Beanie
Great brush for creating big volumised hair without causing knots and damage!
4 22 August 2013 Polina
It's a great brush. I am actually was very surprised cause it's huge like a typical hair brush. I thought it would be little.
5 16 August 2013 Cara
Good for teasing, smoothing and even combing really fine hair. My first teasing brush and I'm glad I bought this.
5 04 July 2013 Grace
I was prepared to 'cheat' curling and tucking for a poof on the crown for my prenuptial shoot before I got this brush. Easy to tease and surprisingly a breeze to smooth teased hair!!
5 04 May 2013 Sara
Great for both teasing and smoothing hair!
5 08 April 2013 Camilla
I don't use this as a teasing comb, but rather as a finishing/smoothing brush for which it works wonderfully. My fine hair can be hard to arrange with combs, because combs sort of flatten and rake in order to smooth. This one? It grabs all the fine strands, and makes everything come together brilliantly without making my hair look combed.
3 22 March 2013 Helle
This made my hair so static you would not believe it. Had to give it to my sister with thinker hair.
4 21 March 2013 Ivana
Nice brush, very handy and super affordable.
5 20 March 2013 CarolB
Abosolutely love this brush! It's great for teasing and smoothing out strays actually!I have pretty straight asian locks and this teasing brush is awesome! Bye bye little bump-its, hello natural volume hair! Buy it!! and for that price!?
5 06 March 2013 Fenny
I never thought a brush would make a difference to hair teasing. I normally used a regular teasing comb, but this brush really makes a difference. It made teasing more effortless and really stay put.
5 21 February 2013 Mrs T
Good quality and price! I use it for teasing and finishing.
5 19 February 2013 Lina
I've been searching for the perfect brush for brushing out pin curls and this is just that. Also very good for teasing the hair (naturally).
4 05 February 2013 Claire
Very handy tool at a very reasonably price
5 02 February 2013 Seliverstova Ekaterina
very easy to use! beautiful hairstyle! this is my favorite hairbrush now!
5 01 February 2013 Carri
In my search to achieve the big Cheryl Cole hair I looked everywhere for the perfect teasing brush. While browsing Beautybay I came across the "Whats hot" section and there it was! The Head Jog teasing brush, a spritz of hairspray a few strokes and your hair is to the roof! Amazing!
5 30 January 2013 EJ
Easy to use, great price and good results. Had a long time and is lasting well!
5 28 January 2013 Muhina
A great buy. Love this teasing brush, it keeps the hair smooth while teasing the hair gently I'm glad I bought this item.
5 25 January 2013 Dai
Again: like another reviewer, I purchased this on a whim when buying something else. It's awesome! A great brush for a bargain.
5 23 January 2013 Monica Correia
great!! it work very easy, a good purchase.
5 08 January 2013 Sacha
Like another reviewer, I purchased this on a whim when buying something else - decent price and worth a try - glad I did. This is really nice to use and creates the body whilst keeping the tops neat. Really happy with this purchase
5 05 January 2013 Jane
I bought this on a whim when I purchased other items. It's a great price and I'm glad I did. It gets the volume gently and in a much neater way than the brush I had been using did. It gets the look I want and feels like less of the damage too!
4 13 November 2012 Ariana
Great for styling and easy to work with! Excellent :)
5 24 October 2012 anna
Very very useful
5 23 September 2012 Lily
For this price, this is amazing. Teases fairly well, and the bristles don't fall out. If you want a teasing brush, this is great!
5 11 September 2012 Marika Viens
This is exactly what I wanted for my super fine hair, now it takes a fraction of the time it usually would to make my hair subtly teased.

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