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Intelligent Nutrients Harmonic Shampoo

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Intelligent Nutrients Harmonic Shampoo Zoom
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1 Susan
Didn't work for me! Makes my head very itchy few hours after shampoo!
1 Lulu
This shampoo did not work for me: it left my hair dry and brittle. The scent is very intense (peppermint and more peppermint) and my scalp was super itchy after using this product. I prefer Rahua products.
5 Kristen
I thought I would get a reasonably good shampoo because of all the good reviews, but I did not expect to be surprised by the performance. I am not only surprised, this is the only thing I want to use on my hair ever again. I have dry color treated hair, and even without conditioner it leaves the texture so soft. My children both have sensitive scalps with oily hair and this stuff is like magic on their hair. Our hair types are completely different, but everyone in our house is asking me to order this shampoo again, and I will.
5 Adrija
Both shampoo and conditioner are simply amazing!!!
5 Lisa
I have fine hair,long and a lot of it. I was so close to going for the chop when I decided to purchase this shampoo and matching conditioner. Best shampoo I've ever used! My hair is transformed into Jennifer Aniston sleekness. Only slight criticism is my scalp itches just a bit on the second day for some reason but not a reason for not buying again.
5 Michelle
This shampoo is my new 'holy grail' beauty item. I have an oily and sensitive scalp and thick hair that reacts horrendously to my Asian tropical climate, and have wasted a lot of money on professional-grade hair products that did not work for me. This shampoo and its complimentary conditioner works like a dream - I now have soft, glossy and bouncy hair that doesn't fall flat, and my scalp is stabilized and healthy! It also lathers up quite well, has a faint minty fragrance and leaves a tingling sensation on the scalp. Really love this to bits x
5 Sofia
This is my favorite shampoo so far. It's natural yet fully functional. You can also use it to wash you face or body. Perfect for travelling.
5 Ruby
I try to take the best possible care of my hair--this means washing as infrequently as I can handle, never heat styling [I'm lucky in that my hair naturally dries into loose waves], and using the most natural hair care products I can find. This is a very chic 'green' shampoo with an exhilarating tingle and fresh scent from the mint it contains. I shampoo twice as my hair is quite oily and I've never found it to be stripping or over-drying whatsoever. The best shampoo I've used so far!

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