KeraCare Hydrating Detangling Shampoo 240ml

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KeraCare Hydrating Detangling Shampoo Zoom

KeraCare Hydrating Detangling Shampoo 240ml

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5 Colleen
This is my favourite shampoo, it leaves my hair hydrated, it has slip. Sulphate free. I used to suffer with dry scalp before using this and this helped combat it. I have type 4a and 4b hair. I would suggest this to all of my friends and family.
5 Vesna
This is so good! I have thick wavy Caucasian hair and this is my favourite shampoo ever! It's so soft and hydrating, smells nice and makes washing hair a really nice experience. It has no sulfates but somehow it manages to clean my hair well. Love love love, repurchased so many times and will keep on repurchasing!
5 Mell
Very good. Excellent seller.
5 Siyam
If you have type 3B curly hair, then this product might become your best friend ! I have used this hydrating shampoo for the first time last week and i was absolutely amazed. At first i didn't think it was going to get rid of build up because the consistency was that of a conditioner, and after i applied it to my wet hair, it foamed lightly so then i thought that it was a regular shampoo that was going to strip yhe natural oils of my hair, I really didn't know what to expect ! But the outcome was great! my scalp my super clean and my prone-to dryness-curly hair felt super soft and bouncy !
4 Yvette Ellison
2 Riina Kã¤Rkkã¤Inen
I didn't like this shampoo at all and used it only a couple of times. The texture was not nice.
1 basil
I am saddened to say it was just the worst shampoo I have ever used, especially disappointed due to the fact my purchase was based on all it's good reviews. Made my hair sticky and tangled - no matter how much I rinsed, used different conditioners etc. It was like greasy, chewing gum hair - I'm at a loss to explain why the bottle of shampoo I received had this effect on me?! definitely would not recommend based on personal experience.
5 Elisabeth
It smells like my old grandmothers soapbars, BUT leaves the hair absolutely detangled and so soft. Best shampoo I have ever used.
5 Antonella from Italy
I have to say that this shampoo is the best I have ever tried in my life! Its texture is like a mousse one, I really never tried a shampoo like this before. The smell is not fantastic but it is really a good product and I am happy with my purchase, definitely will buy it again! My hair type is: very long hair, rich texture and normal hair. This shampoo really works on my hair!
5 Carol
A delight to use! This is my favourite shampoo (let alone non-sulphate shampoo) to-date. It cleansed my hair nicely without leaving it feeling stripped or tangled. Almost as gentle on my hair as a co-wash. My scalp was cleansed but didn't feel tight. Would definitely recommend and purchase again.
5 Paola Mulholland
This sulphate free shampoo left my hair very hydrated and detangled. It really did the job. I love it.

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