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KeraCare Hydrating Detangling Shampoo 240ml

4.5 12 Reviews
KeraCare Hydrating Detangling Shampoo Zoom
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5 Nirvana
This shampoo is absolutely amazing. I was using it when I had relaxed hair and loved it. As a transitioning shampoo it's fabulous as the rich foam gives you lots of slip and and allows you to detangle the relaxed hair effortlessly and without pulling excessively, which is so important. Now I have natural hair and I still use it as I love the feel of my hair afterwards and the ease at which I can detangle when wet. It's probably one of my top 3 hair products!
5 Colleen
This is my favourite shampoo, it leaves my hair hydrated, it has slip. Sulphate free. I used to suffer with dry scalp before using this and this helped combat it. I have type 4a and 4b hair. I would suggest this to all of my friends and family.
5 Vesna
This is so good! I have thick wavy Caucasian hair and this is my favourite shampoo ever! It's so soft and hydrating, smells nice and makes washing hair a really nice experience. It has no sulfates but somehow it manages to clean my hair well. Love love love, repurchased so many times and will keep on repurchasing!
5 Mell
Very good. Excellent seller.
5 Siyam
If you have type 3B curly hair, then this product might become your best friend ! I have used this hydrating shampoo for the first time last week and i was absolutely amazed. At first i didn't think it was going to get rid of build up because the consistency was that of a conditioner, and after i applied it to my wet hair, it foamed lightly so then i thought that it was a regular shampoo that was going to strip yhe natural oils of my hair, I really didn't know what to expect ! But the outcome was great! my scalp my super clean and my prone-to dryness-curly hair felt super soft and bouncy !
4 Yvette Ellison
2 Riina Kã¤Rkkã¤Inen
I didn't like this shampoo at all and used it only a couple of times. The texture was not nice.
1 basil
I am saddened to say it was just the worst shampoo I have ever used, especially disappointed due to the fact my purchase was based on all it's good reviews. Made my hair sticky and tangled - no matter how much I rinsed, used different conditioners etc. It was like greasy, chewing gum hair - I'm at a loss to explain why the bottle of shampoo I received had this effect on me?! definitely would not recommend based on personal experience.
5 Elisabeth
It smells like my old grandmothers soapbars, BUT leaves the hair absolutely detangled and so soft. Best shampoo I have ever used.
5 Antonella from Italy
I have to say that this shampoo is the best I have ever tried in my life! Its texture is like a mousse one, I really never tried a shampoo like this before. The smell is not fantastic but it is really a good product and I am happy with my purchase, definitely will buy it again! My hair type is: very long hair, rich texture and normal hair. This shampoo really works on my hair!
5 Carol
A delight to use! This is my favourite shampoo (let alone non-sulphate shampoo) to-date. It cleansed my hair nicely without leaving it feeling stripped or tangled. Almost as gentle on my hair as a co-wash. My scalp was cleansed but didn't feel tight. Would definitely recommend and purchase again.
5 Paola Mulholland
This sulphate free shampoo left my hair very hydrated and detangled. It really did the job. I love it.

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